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You don't need more.

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>needing a browser

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doesn't block the countless fingerprinting attempts

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Not him, I use other extensions but you don't really need one specifically for antifingerprinting.

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I want uMatrix too

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yes i need https everywhere because http is a meme

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*smart https

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Modern browsers use HTTPS automatically when sites are meant to use it. uBlock's complimentary uMatrix can handle blocking of mixed content.

HTTPS Everywhere is a literal botnet.

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This, browsers are bloat. Use wget.

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uBlock Origin + piHole and no more ads anywhere

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>Not using curl
I want nu/g/ out

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>not using pfBlockerNG

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If you're in Chrome you need it's companion addon "uBlock Origin Extra" https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin-extra/pgdnlhfefecpicbbihgmbmffkjpaplco

made by the same Asperger guy gorhill

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You need a non-shit browser too.

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>not using ab-solution with merlin firmware on your asus gaming router

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>believing that two addons approved to the chrome store is going to keep jewgle from stealing your data

yes goy, do exactly that.

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it has coc

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No need to waste money on some meme device when you can block ads on your router.

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the only problem with resistFingerprinting is that it causes the browser to forget your preferred zoom (I keep 4chan at 133%).

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Just increase the dpi geez

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I know you were talking about reducing extensions, but you could use Stylus and just make a style that sets the zoom using CSS.

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Why are you lying? I just disabled it and went to 4chan.org and I don't get the https version.

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i also use umatrix for that double condom safety

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4chan is not meant to use HTTPS by default even if it is available. Consider editing your bookmarks and complaining to the webmaster.

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HTTPS everywhere eats more RAM than the actual browser it runs on. Only a degenerate is unable to check an URL for S on the end.

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>Installing botnet on your computer

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Which can be read out with Javascript again uniquely identifying you idiot.

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the original one also works on Safari

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pfBlockerNG is used on your router though.

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in other words I need https everywhere because there's a shitton of sites out there that don't use it by default.

gotcha, thanks.

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You only think HTTPS is necessary because you've been conditioned to think privacy is always necessary. An agenda pushed by pedos who want to blend in amongst a sea of encrypted connections.

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Exactly. WPA2 is also a pedo tool, who want to pour their offensive child abuse filth through the fucking airways

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using the fork

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Origin is the Original.
gorhill did a stupid thing early on and gave the project to someone else who fucked it up so bad he had to take it back, but the dude who fucked it up wouldn't let go of it, hence the need to fork his own code and rename it.

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I'm still upset that he threw away the name like that. I don't know what came over him, I'm sure it was pressure and stress from the project but still it really sucks. uBlock Origin is a terrible name.

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> Origin is the Original.
no it's a fork of original line

> gorhill did a stupid thing early on and gave the project to someone else who fucked it up so bad he had to take it back,
but he did not take it back

> hence the need to fork his own code and rename it.

he does not even own the uBlock trademark rights

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RAMlet detected

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based as fuck

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in the end, what is the ubo regex to deny the new 4c ads?

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A botnet? Explain please.

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Okay then it's just that all pf* niggers I know of usually buy a dedicated device and install it because for some reason they think it'll be better than using the router.

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HTTPS Everywhere reports the certs you encounter to the politically motivated EFF organization. The option to opt-out was removed last year.

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how about using it with chromium ungoogled?

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>HTTPS Everywhere reports the certs you encounter to the politically motivated EFF organization. The option to opt-out was removed last year.


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EFF is not safe?

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Is Proper Blocker trusted?

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nope. eff is a bunch of fucked in the head wannabe nerds. remember these are the same idiots who thought the repeal of net neutrality would end the internet. even though historically in every other case deregulation has expanded service and competition

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*blocks your path*

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WTF is up with pifags? You could have just bought a sansa clip and gotten superior sound and superior everything without downloading linux or another bloated OS, and you wouldn't have even needed a DAC.

Its like you guys like to do everything as inefficiently as possible, downloading this-does-everything-but-shittily software instead of getting a real music player or using a netbook you already have instead of falling for more jewish tricks to buy more hardware you will never use.

You are like arduinofags but use heavier software, have to add an SD card to you 'real computer' and waste more money on crappy hardware and software when superior versions exist that even cost less.

ESP8266 is all I need to deauth wifi and control my lights.

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Https everywhere, decentraleyes, privacy bagder

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um.. ok, but why did you quote me?

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Wtf aretalking about? pfblockerng is used on pfsense. And pfsense is a router/firewall.

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Why do you say HTTPS Everywhere is a botnet ?
Why is Smart HTTPS better than HTTPS Everywhere?

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How does it work?

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um... no sweetie...
you actually do

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pretty sure decentraleyes does what https everywhere does already

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this shit just wiped my fucking cookies FUCK

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You meant to say "I don't need more".

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no. decentraleyes replaces some frameworks and shit that are normally served from CDNs with local versions. Regardless of if the connections to those CDNs would or would not have been HTTPS. HTTPS Everywhere is basically a big list of a gorillion sites that support HTTPS but don't redirect to it, regardless of what the content on those sites is. It ensures that if you do connect to those sites, it goes over HTTPS.

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Adguard DNS on router = no more ads.

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For example piratebay will enable miners to work on your pc while you are on the site.
Decentraleyes blocks specific requests. It is meant to be used together with other blockers
Has nothing to do with https everywhere

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It's been letting youtube and twitch ads through lately though

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>watching youtube and twitch

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twitch, while it claims to be for streaming games, it's also a treasure trove for people in search of asmr

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>I only need 1 layer of protection

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>watching asmr

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use mpv+youtube-dl or streamlink.

no ads, no shitty 6gb ram, 80% cpu resource hog shit memewebsite, no aids chat.

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id also want to know

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what about Smart HTTPS?

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just change the font size
body {
font-size: 14px;

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>historically in every other case deregulation has expanded service and competition
which literally won't happen currently in terms of American ISPs, making it a moot point

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jesus i thought you were memeing but nope, ~100MB for HE in chrome
just installed SH and it only consumes like 25MB

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>even though historically in every other case deregulation has expanded service and competition

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>he thinks this will protect him from fingerprinting

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adnauseam is cool and all but its way slower than ubo. If anything it actually slows down pages, not speed them up.

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No, it can't. It's a client side modification to the CSS. No one can see that other than your browser.

If it did, there would be a way for sites to block custom CSS - which they can't and probably would because you can use CSS to block adds (stupid way of doing it but it is possible).

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decentraleyes needs a workaround to work along with HTTPS Everywhere.

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Is decentraleyes safe/trusted?

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You can trust that it'll make your captcha 5 times more tedious to solve because Google will think you're a bot, just like with every other placebo tier "privacy" autismshit addon.

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