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>$1500 iShit XS gets BLOWN THE FUCK OUT by a $500 phone from last year
>apple tards will defend this



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>phones thread
who cares desu

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If you're not a diehard Pixel lover, you need to get your brain checked and be sent mailings from the government to let you know that your urine will be violently tested

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Oh cool the Twitter app opens .5 seconds faster.

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>t. iToddler

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>i paid triple the price for a slower phone
>dat makes me smart

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If you're not a diehard Xiaomi lover, you need to get your brain checked and be sent mailings from the PRC to let you know that you will be places face first against a wall and shot

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>hurrr muh tweedur load fasder :D

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The entire world.

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Quads of truth.

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New meme framework for phone threads

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I don't understand these fruity toddlers.

>You don't need to run that so fast!
>You don't need that good a camera!
>You don't need a screen with that high of a resolution!

You fuckers are missing the point. Precisely because of that, the iPhone should cost less, not more. Cockloving clowns. It should be less features = less price.

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Apple haters are poor faggots, fact.

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Really you're not paying for the hardware. You're paying for iMessage+FaceTime+whatever else is exclusive to iOS. iPhones are like jewelry. You'll get more respect for using a new iPhone, girls will notice you more etc, but once you get past that, Androids are the better product.

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>Siemens has radio
>Nokia has better displays
>SonyEricsson has built-in MP3 Walkman
>muh server grade hardware instagram machine opens twatter 3 milliseconds faster!!1
zoomers were a massive mistake

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iPhone and macbook screen are god tier, idk how they do it but they are better than everything else

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>last year
are you retarded?

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>t. fruit toddler

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by having Samsung make their displays lel

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Still god tier

Im too poor to afford apple

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I still can't understand why would anyone pay 1500 for a phone, besides status (despite being ridiculous).
What can a 1500$ phone make that a 500$ doesn't?
Damn, I wouldn't even pay more than 400$ for a phone,

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Spotted the street shitters.

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Im hungarian

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remember that apple sells image
not necessarily capability

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>Chinese botnet phone
Is cheaper for a reason

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whats the difference?

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>"people buy phones just based on how fast apps open"

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That's one of the reasons you stupid fuck. Speed is important. If I pay 1500$ for a phone, I seriously hope it's the fastest smartphone in the fucking world

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thanks for proving that its just a status symbol or fashion statement

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>Foxconn-Apple isn't Chinese.

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>Taiwain is China

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>the Android phone lags

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>If I pay 1500$ for a phone, I
But you don't. You buy your $300 botnets and then spend $2000 dollars worth of your time SEETHING about Applel on anime forums. Maybe it'd be wiser to just buy an iPhone and stop being obsessed.

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>Features, functions, and capabilities don't matter but I can gloat like a mong on a message board about opening apps less than one second faster
The absolute state of you

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by your logic you have not only payed $1500 to buy an iphone, but also $2000 worth of your "time" to shill Apple on a korean pottery forum, brilliant

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That's not an argument. You still can't explain to me why should I buy a 1500$ phone. There's not 1 reason.
Status is not a reason. We are a technology board, not a fashion one.

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Name them. Please.

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Apple Ecosystem > cardboard box ecosystem

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>company shills its own benchmark to showcase the SPEED of it
>suddenly since its never on top the speed DOESNT MATTER

i bet you buy intel too

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Since all of this is a train wreck, I might as well.

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isn't the Hungarian currency inflated even worse than India.

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That's nothing


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>jailbreak phone
>act surprised when spyware slows it down
>serving up desktop webpapes on a mobile device

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ITT: Seething applefags posting fake benchmarks while seething androidfags post 'real life usage'. Both tests are fake. Both sides of this 'argument' are likely to be full of paid shills. Please try to notice and avoid tribalism. Especially this idiotic garbage where people throw fake benchmarks at each other.

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>real life usage with actual apps just like the typical user would use, is fake

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The typical user really does care about whether or not twitter opens two seconds faster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W68nuVxOXaE&t=706s

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>street shitting THIS hard after your fruity lagPhone chinktrash got BTFO

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CAN'T SWITCH BATTERY (can't disable remove surveillance)

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For all we know, the iPhone in that image could be gimped or some shit. Silly frogposter, I bet that an apple shill could find a video where the iPhone loads twatter faster.

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>brainlet youtubers
>knowing how to do anything but poke at touchscreens

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Because I want to, bumblefuck.
I don't need to justify anything to you.

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kys pajeet

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The performance probably is correct. Although if you don't understand how iOS opens apps, that's okay. He first thing you should note is how nearly all of those apps that open "slower" start up seemingly slower due to the added animations. These are not present on Android. Third party app developers added these because they feel like it adds to he whole experience of their service. Second, on a technical level, iOS does a lot of things when you open an app. It's one of the reasons why "swiping away" apps in the app switcher does not improve battery life, since the OS can determine if the resources are needed or not, and can put apps intelligently in a "cold storage" kind of state and take them out of that. Basically, when you start up an app, without it being loaded in before, it checks for example if you own that app on the App Store, then it does a bunch of other checks for the integrity of it and it's content, etc. What I'm saying is, just opening apps, especially from a "clean" app switcher, is not a good benchmark on usage nor on actual performance in iOS.

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Can't be a pixel lover if the niggers don't sell their phones where I live
it's telling that it's far cheaper to just buy a new samsung flagship than import other phones

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how will itoddlers ever recover?

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Sorry for speaking so casually ESL, I'll make sure to be more by-the-book from now on.

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No one 'casually' mistypes paid, shitskin.
Go poo in the loo.

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All you need to know.

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this. capability is for virgins. and image is for intelligent people.

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it is a status symbol. this is not news. have fun with ur oneplus

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ahahahahahh, literally a braindead sheep.
You have no idea why you want an iPhone besides showing off. Amazing

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Okay. Life's good for me. My phone doesn't define me and is at its core a tool used to text loved ones and friends. It's simply an afterthought when it comes to more important things going on in my life. If you worry all day about phones that's cool. Everyone's different I suppose.

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Having a family of iToddlers this is pretty much them in a nutshell. They probably owe like a million dollars in credit cards combined and probably only pay the minimums.

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Your kind are the reason people are in debt from consumerism. Your choices affects others
>muh fashion
>muh tools
>muh shiny that should cost half but I love it so much that I don't mind prices increasing for everyone

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In debt? My phone was only $750.

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its so easy to fake these kind of "test"anyway.

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But if you don't have an iTurd you're not sophisticated and shit.

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Why do people get so butthurt about iPhones lmao, Steve Jobs in really be lounging in your head rent free bro

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I have the greatest admiration for him because he was the World's greatest con-artist and did everything according to the law.

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>add animations to hide slow loading times
>because an app loads slower by design every single time it's not a good indicator of the speed of opening the apps

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What do you mean did everything according to the law

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how the fuck do people go $-2700 with paypal without the transaction being refused? lowest I've been under zero was less than 20, and that's just because something went wrong with the bank

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I'm not a huge fan of the new iPhone designs but you can't say that that screenshot doesn't look cool with the blue twitter opening screen and the blue table.
Looks "futuristic" in the fake kind of way.

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>implying i proofread my shitposts

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yes, quite the status symbol considering every person on welfare has one, you know they only cost $20 a month right?

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>its so easy to fake these kind of "test"anyway.
Yeah, because these are not benchmarks which every OEM can cheat.

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Every dumb person on welfare has them. Some people are not horrible with money and they buy phones that are at the same time better and cheaper. The iPhone is a status symbol all right, a status symbol stating that you're an idiot and fall for marketing instead of doing any research.

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What if i told you people do research and like iphones? Face it not everyone wants a lagdroid

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>open link
>some commie with a shit grasp of English

No ta

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>What if i told you people do research and like iphones? Face it not everyone wants a lagdroid
Are you 12? It's either that or you're actually serious with this and consider these good arguments.

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I can't stand Android, hate both but prefer iOS. I use macOS because I'm too lazy to get WINE running normally.

I can't justify that price though, and would never buy it at that price.

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>calling the faster alternative lagdroid
Even the applefag's memes are several years behind, not to mention the features. Hilarious.

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Should matter at that price tag.

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>Although if you don't understand how iOS opens apps, that's okay. He first thing you should note is how nearly all of those apps that open "slower" start up seemingly slower due to the added animations.

iphone traditionally since the SE has the same 256kb private l2 memory on its cores because its FAST
that coincidentally helps geekbench run its minibatches of benchmarks not on RAM as it does on every android but on the cache of it giving a massive boost of perfomance on paper that never shows up in real life world..

besides that no animations arent a problem they are too granural anyway iphone always is on par with android on first time launch because the cache can handle up to 5 open apps
but if you try to reopen them the cache flush constantly the data hence why it takes literally the same amount of time to reopen them

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>Features, functions, and capabilities
Something iPhones are still lacking?

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>girls will notice you more
stop lying iRetard.

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cant be pixel lover because they dont have jack.

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According to themselves, yes.

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it's like the weirdos who whine about boot times

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they literally buy their screens from samsung

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if i wanted to prove my status as a street shitter, i would buy applel

if i wanted to prove my status as a rich person, i would buy a vertu phone

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