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How do i fucking hide this shit?

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For once these all seem interesting. I'd click em.

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select the address bar in your browser
type in facebook.com
press enter
the ads should now be hidden

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What is that last image? who makes these?

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Evil AI

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wtf is this shit?

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Wow, they go straight for the people with significant flaws. Smart targeting

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Use noscript + addblock.

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the adblock stuff worked last night, but now it's back. HELP. I use Brave.

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Use the fucking waterpick tool from Ublock. This is /g/, nigga, for real?

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Add this to your filter list

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>the absolute state of /g/

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ublock origin and use the hide element function

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adnauseam woks for me

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Enable cosmetic filtering or block those specific elements, why is everyone retarded here?

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Serious question: Where does this stuff get from? Who makes it? How do they prove efficiency?

Very interested in answer.

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Set up a pihole box on your local network that you use as dns for your router. Alternatively, set up pihole on your linux laptop so that you have dns level ad blocking regardless of which network you're connected to.

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These ads are called Native Ads. 4chan uses Revcontent.

Taboola and Outbrain are the other two big native ad networks.

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I can't believe that this thread is real.
/g/ is dead.

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the absolute state of this board

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I tried the old standard:
- install ublock origin
- right click on the ads
- click "Block Elements"
- refresh page

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It has been like this forever my dude.

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It hasn't

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He may also be using Yavli.

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>Enable cosmetic filtering
where do i find that at? i dont see it in ublock origin

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It's the Eye of Providence along the bottom right.

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I find the ads themselves a kind of fascinating critique of the current cross-section of 4chan users. Man. Fuck the past few years of this site.

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It was foolish of him not to limit them to the fast boards to start w/, or even just to mobile users. We've got so many ways to thwart them now, and all this intel on how he's doing it. You'd think the founder of 2ch would know better. Or maybe that's what he wants. People engaged in making the site more usable receiving praise from other users. Hard to tell how an Ivy League educated Japanese man thinks.

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see >>67703608

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I don't use uBylat Origin.

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Nothing on my end with updated uBO and 4chanX.
Am I fine?

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I take that back, the shit just appeared when going to a new thread.
Fuck this jewy gook.

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Total brainlets like you shouldn't be allowed to post on here.

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None of the solutions actually remove the botnet you stupid faggot, they just hide it.

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enjoy your AiDs

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if you care that much about getting datamined on the internet, uninstall your browser already.

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dude.... they are tea bags

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>actually defending the gook
going to be a yikes from me

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Ublock + Umatrix, haven't seen a single thing and don't know what the fuck you guys are talking about

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>remove all adguard's shit
>purge list cache

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Actually, >>67703742 stops the botnet from executing.
Only works in Firefox though.

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why are you still using this website if it bothers you so much?

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Install GNUplus Ubuntu.

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What does the working uMatrix configuration look like?

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Get firefox

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I've actually started using other imageboards since December, which is when the gook pulled this shit last time. Also, pic related.

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Continually evolving as you find new pages that don't work and fix them.

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I meant just for 4chan.

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This is mine, the google/gstatic things are necessary to load the captcha, but optional if you don't want to actually post.

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install ublock origins click it's icon and select the eyedropper and then hover where the ad is and click when all of the ad is marked in red and select "create" in the popup. done.

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>The scientists hate him!

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shit if i know, mine just stoped

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wtf i created a bunch of filters yesterday for this shit and now it's back? fucking hirokike

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install uBlock Origin and allow a.4cdn.org

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Chamomile tea is anti-inflamatory so the bags in the eyes are medicinal.

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