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What the fuck, /g/? I'm getting Hiroshimoot's kike cryptominer-installing ads again. I still have uBlock Origin running and haven't changed any settings recently. I wasn't getting these 24-36 hours ago, so what the hell changed on 4chan's end?

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add this to your custom filters
##body > .desktop.adg-rects
then delete this thread because it's the hundredth one we've seen today

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Block third party crap and keep your filter lists up to date idiot

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which one is the /g/-approved filter list?

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See the right window.

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>updated filter today when saw first thread
>a few hours later it's back


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Hiro has embeded the ads into the site's server. These aren't ordinary ads.

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Being a trap doesn't count

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you're pretty helpful for a namefag. i won't filter you.

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Wew. Had this happened under mooticles half the site would have had his balls on a pike.

On the other hand, can anyone confirm these are server side ads embedded on the site?

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They are served from i.4cdn.org

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>use ubo
>can't click an icon
use the element blocker jeez how technically incompetent are you

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that's not the point we're making

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>buy business for profit
>add ads
>be surprised

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>uses dirty methods to bypass people saying no to ads
>be surprised when people backlash against it

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I hear he's at a loss. Or at least he was when he first bought it, I recall reading that he was surprised at how little the site brings in profit wise.

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>do what some anon said
>poof ads disappear
If you're not braindead lazy you can make it disappear like in 20 seconds.

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Expect Hiro to get cucked by Fanboy today.
Remember, always report this crap on:

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>hurr report this shit you can easily block yourself so that it will be blocked by default even for retarded normalfags that can't configure their adblocker, causing the advertisers to try and 'improve' their ads (i.e. make them even more of a pain in the ass) as well as making hiro support these shady third parties even more so he doesn't lose his sweet ad money
great plan.

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But then the "improved" ads get blocked. There's no way to win for these kikes.

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>But then the "improved" ads get blocked
and then they'll make new ones. and even more after that. it will never stop if you keep reporting this shit in an attempt to protect normalfags from their own stupidity and laziness.
it's been over a year since ekansovi and look were we are now.

you have already blocked the ads, just like most /g/ users and non-retards. what do you have to gain from reporting this shit so it gets blocked by default even for the random masses of underage /b/tards and pornboard users you don't even know?

i hope you realize that this will eventually lead to 4chan blocking access for adblock users entirely. maybe not next month, maybe not in 5 years. but it will happen if you keep it up, it's the only logical end result.

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>i hope you realize that this will eventually lead to 4chan blocking access for adblock users entirely. maybe not next month, maybe not in 5 years. but it will happen if you keep it up, it's the only logical end result.

Yeah, like that's ever worked. Nice fear mongering, retard.

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what do you have to gain from reporting this when you have already blocked the ads, troglodyte?

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the bigger problem i've had is the connection error message at the top and my inability to update the thread without refreshing the page.
anyone else have this issue? it's been like this for a few days now.

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I just want to cuck gook moot. It's not even about personal gain, kike, not that you'd understand that.

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>I just want to cuck gook moot
the only one you're "cucking" is the entire community, as you can see in this thread as well as the other 50 threads regarding this issue this week.
so, how did reporting ekansovi, amgload and all that other shit work out for you? who got "cucked" here? the guy that keeps making ad money or the people that keep having to avoid and block ever changing shady scripts manually?

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Idgaf. Get a real job. Ads on the internet MUST be blocked.

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>Get a real job

>Ads on the internet MUST be blocked
you can already do that and people are already doing that, what is the issue? telling daddy easylist about it only makes the situation WORSE not BETTER. get this through your thick skull

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>implying that gook moot will keep change the scrips more than once
Ok, retard.

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Regardless of what happens ads will always get sneakier. The best thing to do is to help block them in mass.

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>implying that gook moot will keep change the scrips more than once

look at this fucking shit:
||idbhsgy.com ^


what are you talking about you complete retard?

no. the best thing is to block them so that you and the people you know are not affected, while idiots keep generating ad money for the admin.

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>no. the best thing is to block them so that you and the people you know are not affected, while idiots keep generating ad money for the admin.
No. The best thing is to mass block them and show them the middle finger. Fanboy already put to shame PornHub here:
Get a grip if you think Hirocucky has any chance.

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call me when you won this lost war, will ya.

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It will never be a lost fight anyway.

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Not an argument.

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The 1080 ti is not going down in price, is it?

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Yesterday people kept going about how the site broke (css not loading) if they turned uBlock on at all, but I've had it enabled always and never had trouble, what gives?

Pic related are current filter lists.

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>unironically browsing 4chan

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Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at http://a.4cdn.org/g/thread/67699180-tail.json. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).

This has been happening to me for a couple of days. Threads won't auto update because of it.

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are you using umatrix?

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thank you a fuckton, i shall show you my bepis

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No, uBlock Origin.

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I don't have this problem using these filters:

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i use AdGuard and i see nothing

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Enabling uBlock breaks the site for me, fuck.

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there's a greasemonkey script which can fix that
there was some other instructions too, about blocking certain domains but here's the script
// ==UserScript==
// @name 4chan Anti-cancer
// @namespace http://4chan.org/
// @version 0.1
// @description Fixes the shady cancer Hiroshimoot added to 4chan on 18/12/2017.
// @include http://boards.4chan.org/*
// @include https://boards.4chan.org/*
// @include http://sys.4chan.org/*
// @include https://sys.4chan.org/*
// @include http://www.4chan.org/*
// @include https://www.4chan.org/*
// @include http://i.4cdn.org/*
// @include https://i.4cdn.org/*
// @include http://is.4chan.org/*
// @include https://is.4chan.org/*
// @include http://is2.4chan.org/*
// @include https://is2.4chan.org/*
// @run-at document-start
// ==/UserScript==
var match = '(function(){var f="to",n="U",u="pper",r="C",t="ase",o="substr"';
window.addEventListener('beforescriptexecute', function(e) {
console.log("Cancer averted.");
}, true);

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Ah. I just needed to update my lists. Works fine now.

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Idiots feel bad already, no need making them feel worse.

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Too bad that doesn't do anything.

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uBlock doesn't break it for me.

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sick repeating integers

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>buy a Polynesian postcard exchange forum propped up by NEETs
>wonder why he isn't making any money

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Alright, I got it, I had one already existing ublock script that broke the CSS, removed that and everything A-OK. Except the way the site is going.

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thanks fren

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>ads appearing despite uBlock
4chan is officially 4shared tier now.

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how many like of this thread you will make, faggot, until you learn how to use uBlock Origin?

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>be surprised when site closes for good

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>people are fine with just hiding the ads while they still work in the background each time you load the site

You're better than this /g/.

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did you not see how many people were interested in buying it when moot was trying to sell?

>> No.67702603

Hell even Notch talked about buying it just so he could have his little vat full of rats running around for his amusement.

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>report report report
>report pol
you were rised in the commie era, libshit?

>> No.67702641

Was going to spoofeeding you but you type like a r*dditor.
There's already a fixing script for that, in the archives.

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You are like little baby

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>spotted the angry merchant
You're going down, fucko. Kot always wins!

>> No.67702679

>winblows 10
lol, is this a joke?

>> No.67702749

That's uBlock Origin, sweetheart.

>> No.67702892

Works on my machine.
Maybe you should git gud faggot

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I purged and updated my ubO and have yet to see any of these ads.

Also using Blokada + Adguard DNS on mobile and not seeing anything either.

>> No.67703043

/g/ told me there's no fix because it is hosted directly by 4chan though

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i already found it a minute after posting that you dumb nerd

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get noscript
make it look like pic related

>> No.67703190

Ho boy.

>> No.67703209

well if you really hate the amusing banner at the top you can disable that one also

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>he doesn't know
The tracking canvas is hosted on i.4cdn.

>> No.67703493

there are other ways to block the canvassing. blocking 4cdn seems to break the site.

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i block it using
boards.4chan.org##script:contains(contentAd) in ublock origin
also blocks the shady shit in pic related

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which looks like this when converted to .bmp
seems to be some kind of garbled javascript

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It's perfect
These ads are precisely targeted at the dumb fucks that browse /pol/ and /biz/

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that seems to get rid of the fingerprint checks, thank you!

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That doesn't work for me and still breaks the site. Could it have to do with the fact I'm using Chrome and so have to use TamperMonkey instead?

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Install AdNauseam, it clicks the ads and blocks them, making them lose their money

>> No.67705464

how can it click the ad if it blocks the ad?

>> No.67706630

I'm getting the "Index refresh failed" message.
I've purged UBlock cache and updated the filter list but the issue still.
What do I do now?

>> No.67706665

From the thumbnail that ear looks like a disgusting roastie cunt.

>> No.67706977

Check your Ublock scripts.

>> No.67707010

set your web browser to clear all its cookies every time you exit

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Thank you. This switched me to use uBlock Origin instead of ABP at long last. I've mostly used ABP out of laziness, since it 'mostly' did the job. I likely could've blocked it with ABP as well, but now that I'm seeing just how much extra bullshit I was seeing with it I don't think I'll be switching back.

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I use adblock plus (refusing non intrusive ads) and ublock origin (using all the filter lists).
I haven't seen any of these ads.

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Can't load catalog, using the latest 4chanX.
What did hiro do this time?

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I've only seen these ads once because I was unblocking-blocking some shit, now they're gone again.
Is it normal for some of these blocked requests to appear randomly, like every 4th or so reload?
How do you fellas block your shit anyways

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update ublock filters
if that doesn't help try loading the catalog with ublock's logger open to see what's being blocked and add an exception rule for it

>> No.67708055

Ok I just went through my Ublock scripts and found the source of my problem so now everything works! Thanks!

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I purged the cache and updated the filters.
I think it started because the filters auto-updated.
Anyway the logger reveals it's related to the easylist blocking this
How do I exclude it?

>> No.67708133

add this in my filters

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Still doesn't work.

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Good. Can't wait until I become free.

>> No.67708183

weird, it does for me. did you save your changes to my filters? is https://a.4cdn.org/g/catalog.json still being blocked?

>> No.67708244

How do I check?
Because it disappeared from the logger.

>> No.67708306

>get filters from previous threads
>purge cache and update filters
>shit worked yesterday
>now ads are back
>purging cache and updating does nothing

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It should show up like in pic related. If it really doesn't I'd try looking for any errors in the browser console (F12, then Console tab) or restart your browser and see if that helps.

>> No.67708474

Did all that, still the same issue.
Disabling the JSON catalog from the 4chanx make it work but that's not a solution.
also @@||a.4cdn.org^$xmlhttprequest,domain=boards.4chan.org allowed ads to bypass the ad block.
unless hiro have implemented some sort of posting censorship

>> No.67708494

I'm not sure I understand this attitude. This site gives you a service for free, but you're against the only viable monetization method it has to pay hosting and bandwith for millions of users a month?

How would you suggest 4chan raises money instead?

>> No.67708544

You don't get people not wanting to be shilled to by parasitic corporations showing them pictures of acorn worms and infected ears?

>> No.67708563

I still haven't seen that crap

>> No.67708668

Okay, so you're suggesting better ads? Or still no ads whatsoever?

>> No.67708769

@@||a.4cdn.org^$xmlhttprequest,domain=boards.4chan.org shouldn't cause any ads to bypass the filters. If it did though I'd be interested in the URLs of those ads.
To block the ads shown in the OP image, make sure you also have this filter >>67703608

>> No.67708771

Is this fucking with youtube embeding now too? I keep getting errors.

>> No.67708918

Bring back j-list

>> No.67708948

>URLs of those ads
I can't seem to reproduce those ads.
But it was probably the same ads in OP image.
I've also noticed that the thread update and posting doesn't work as well unless I disable uBlock origin or disable Easylist filtering.

>> No.67708989

Finally, a real suggestion. Not a 14 year-old "I rebel against ads" tier answer.

I agree, 4chan would be probably better off with native ads, cattered towards its audience.

>> No.67709041

thank you

>> No.67709137

>they still aren't using umatrix

>> No.67709170

Well, I've run out of ideas, sorry I couldn't help. Hope you can figure it out somehow.

>> No.67709213

What do I need to unblock to enable AJAX updating and post submission?

>> No.67709439

not even hiroshimoot that's an actual jap get's this. Fucking moot the little girl was just a fucking weeb and knew what ads where actually clicked

>> No.67709528

Hiro's not dumb, he knows exactly what he's doing and he's doing this on purpose. That's why so many anons are mad.

>> No.67710168

>How would you suggest 4chan raises money instead?
Buy a pass.

>> No.67710185


>> No.67710251

Use ViolentMonkey.

>> No.67710358

can we get that in text form?

>> No.67710359

Wait, I thought /g/ could handle this easily?

>> No.67710373

I thought the same thing. I think it's done on purpose.

>> No.67710388

>blocks the server where the images on an imageboard are hosted
>wonders why it breaks the site

>> No.67710397

you're confusing /g/ and nu-/g/, or as i've recently come to call it: /g/ + /v/ + r/t_d

>> No.67710496

>Donald drumpf strikes again!
Kill yourself faggot this board has been ruined since 2013

>> No.67710551

>since 2013
is that the year you started browsing 4chan?

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File: 47 KB, 496x858, ublock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

still getting them

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File: 305 KB, 1920x1050, oldmatrix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never even noticed this issue yesterday. No ads ever displayed, I use and old umatrix version with uBo 1.13.8, fanboy ad list, 4chanx and oneechan 5.6.1. Those of us using external style sheets have avoided issues in the past as well.

>> No.67711020

orbitfour47 shows up in your umatrix so that means the botnet script is running. if you put boards.4chan.org##script:contains(contentAd) in ublock it will stop it

>> No.67711078

I'm still getting it even with that, as well as /\i\.4cdn\.org\/[a-z]{3}feolite/
##body > .desktop.adg-rects
filtered as well.

>> No.67711152

might be just umatrix being weird. sometimes the numbers get stuck even after a page reload. it shouldn't show up anymore after you restart your browser

>> No.67711203

Restarting fixed it, thanks.

>> No.67711229

>Delete this
No! We should not ignore this betrayal and blatant security issue
Hiroshi has let us down.

>> No.67711260

>has no extensions
>installs 4chanX
>all 4chan ads are blocked
it just werks

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