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Transgenderism is a mental disorder and these lunatics who don't even know how to code themselves are invading open source spaces as the shock troops for the corporate hijacking of Free Software. Real contributors like myself are now leaving because of this thought policing

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thanks for the blogpost
go back to pol now

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Don’t forget to take your meds anon.

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I like this Cory, way nicer guy than the other one.

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you tell em Cory

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t. Cory

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Okay, pol

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Takes one to know one

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Not really

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Mental disorder?

Unfortunately, the rest is spot on.

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Either you have more experience than me or you're newer than me

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>everyone i don't like is a /pol/ack

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if I said that I was black or asian, even though I'm white
would you say I have a mental disorder?

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>corporate hijacking of Free Software
You missed the key point

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Nah, man, you're just nigger cattle

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Yes. Duh.

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So why is it different if I say that I'm a woman even though I'm a bearded man?

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Transgenderism is not a mental disorder.

Check the DSM.

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>a bunch of kikes got together and decided that cutting off your penis doesn't make you insane
please give me arguments
not these fallacious arguments to authority

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yeah but playing too many video games is. you think the trannies didn't fix the DSM before they went after everything else? you're fucked.

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>>67692717 >>67692734
Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder in DSM

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>cutting your dick off: perfectly fine
>playing vidya: mental illness
kikery 101 the book

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>is literally organising a political attack
>isn't a /pol/ack

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Autism Spectrum Disorders in Gender Dysphoric Children and Adolescents:



Autism in trans adults:


Living between genders, links between autism and gender dysphoria:


Increased gender variance in autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder:


Psychiatric Axis I Comorbidities among Patients with Gender Dysphoria:


Personality Disorders in Persons with Gender Identity Disorder:


The frequency of personality disorders in patients with gender identity disorder:


Dissociative symptoms in individuals with gender dysphoria: is the elevated prevalence real?


Borderline personality disorder is more frequent in the mothers of children with GID:


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I already said I don't give a damn about what the (((DSM))) says.
I think my argument of
>You will call me crazy if I say I'm of a different race
>But it's perfectly ok if I say I'm of a different sex
sums up my position well, and I'm awaiting a response.

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But race is declared to be a social construct, by the same particular group of individuals that declared biological sex to be a social construct.

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I can't help but feel this some sort of corporate espionage. I mean the year of the Linux Desktop was within the next 3-5 years for sure.

Windows was about to be BTFO by a FOSS project. Then this happens? Fuck it what's stopping Linus T from just continuing with his kernel where he left off without any CoC?

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People like Coraline are the reason /pol/tards exist.
Don't attack the symptom of the problem, attack the cause.

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>don't let Coraline shove his CoCk down Linus' throat

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>>67692642 >>67692811
Shaun King, One of leaders of "Black Lives Matter" movement say He is Black, but He was born white.


Rachel Dolezal, a woman activist, say she is black, but she was born white.

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Why is Cory so based, /g/?

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both are jews, who are known to disguise themselves as different races

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For a glimpse into the "why" of SJW entryism and why corporate seemingly acts in symbiosis with it, read Biological Leninism, posted on The Bloody Shovel.


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>>67692811 >>67692642
The Youtuber Woah Vicky says she is black.
Every sane person say she is White


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his name is Cory Dale Ehmke

not coraline

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Cory Dale yo

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What happened to his wife?

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So much for the kike-free first posts...

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>What happened to his wife?
They're usually the enabler of such delusions, in the case of middle age trannyism

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Gender identity disorder on DSM-4 or Gender dysphoria on DSM-5.
t. psychiatrist

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Shut the fuck up you fucking frick I swear to god you virgin fucker mother fucker fuck

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still takes care of her offspring, he actually decided to leave her and the child to be a full time whatever he is now. if permanently leaving your child to pursue your dream of being an online jerk does not classify as legit mental illness i dont know what does

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Trannie alert

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He was a normal person? That's sad actually. It's like the whole Terry thing, guy was a successful programmer until the schizophrenia got him

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which is funny because they end up leaving the husband after he follows his gay tranny dreams, methinks they only encourage this shit to speed it up and get out of there sooner (smart strategy)

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Why you niggas are so obsessed with this shit? Sroo giving IRL (you)s to oeipke you don't like.
I swear 99% of the shitshow only exists because retards like op gave them attention. You guys are your worst enemies, more than da jooz you think about so much.

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Can you imagine being so fucked that you actually make posts like this? For free?

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>if you kill your enemies, then win!

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not fair. schizo got terry and he tried his best to still functional. the fat guy in drag depicted in the op decided to be the shit person he is now. and he wasn't very "normal" before anyway, plenty of public meltdowns and worshiping satan and whatnot. quite the opposite of terry

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>if you kill your enemies, then win!

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how did we both make the same typo, anon?

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this. evil people always hide their true nature. terry was so honest he LITERALLY DIED FOR HIS OWN SINS.

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>if you kill your enemies, they win!


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you just know his fetishes are revolting

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well hes like 1/8 black or something i think and i think hes just "we wuzzing" just like the 56 percenters in america like to pretend they are white

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Do you think chopping their dicks off is the best way to treat them?

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Not really, but we do what we are told to do. Also, it increase the suicide rates, it seems, so why not

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My favorite thing about Corey is that he Peter principled his way to a vice president job then tumbled down for the next couple decades. It is no wonder he escaped to troondom

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Cory for new Linux CEO!

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would bang

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>Why you niggas are so obsessed with this shit?
Because your a facist and should be executed if you :
don't care about their cause
don't care ENOUGH about their cause
are cis white male and are not ashamed of it
vote right wing
try to discuss points in CoC you don't fully agree with
are white and reject a bad commit of someone from a minority (anything else than ciswhite male really)
have hobbies they don't like (anything that has cis white males in it)

They will harrass you, call your employer, try to get fired, blacklist you from shitload of things.

All these things already happened and will happen in the future too.
I don't want to work in this kind of crazy world.
I'm seriously considering learning advanced networking/sysadmin stuff to stay as far away as possible to things like this.
I can deal with corporate bullying and shitness but this ideological crusade is a no for me.
These people are insane and should seek for help asap.

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