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Is this a "start" for Freedom Of Speech websites? Not much people likes CloudFlare but

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No, cloudflare has been known to censor and took right wing websites down

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hope so, but cloudflare aren't exactly a neutral and principled actor.

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They are just baiting. Just like Facebook's onion address, which doesn't work without enabling js.
Don't ever trust any of them.

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Yes I think companies are the ones who will build us the new internet

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>needing a gateway
i bet you dont even mount it as a filesystem

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does not compute

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This isn't anything. At the moment it's just an alternative to the ipfs.io gateway, with whatever benefit (and detriment) there might be in using Cloudflare's infrastructure.

The thing is, public gateways aren't distributed. They're a workaround to the fact normalfags aren't likely to install and run IPFS, and big browsers won't run a node natively until there's already widespread adoption.
That said, CloudFlare supporting IPFS might just be them trying to get more people to know about IPFS and install it, so they can later just offload their network load onto everyone else. I can't think of any other reason they would encourage you to have them serve your website for Freeā„¢.

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How do I make ipfs website?

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It's actually really simple.
The URLs aren't that user friendly, but you can fix that by adding a "DNSLink" to your domain, and point it to an IPNS address. Then you can have a link like /ipns/ipfs.io/

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Can I host something like image board?

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It's possible. The plain IPFS commands are just for file storage, but it has other commands for P2P communication, that would make a decentralized imageboard possible.
This here seems to be a couple ways to go about it.
I don't know how well this works, but there's SmugBoard: https://github.com/smugdev/smugboard
Seems to require some setup though.

There's also https://github.com/fazo96/ipfs-boards which seems to work by "seeding" boards, so everyone contributes to hosting and distributing the content.
Doesn't seem to work for me right now, probably because it's being reworked? Dunno.

Otherwise, yes. It should be possible.
Heck, there's already a YouTube clone over at https://d.tube/

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If you use Cloudflare's DNS you can't even access archive.is (that size "nazis" use).
Go figure.

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What prevents people from misusing it host illegal arrangements of 0s and 1s?
Not working for me.

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>What prevents people from misusing it host illegal arrangements of 0s and 1s?
Not much. Individual nodes can block certain content, but the program doesn't really censor anything by default.
It does leak your IP, but this may be mitigated whenever Tor or i2p get support.
>Not working for me.
Yeah, doesn't seem quite stable on my end either.

In either case, the protocol is mostly suited to raw file sharing and distribution. More dynamic content can be built on top of that.

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No, you can't access archive.is because the idiot running archive.is hasn't set up his nameserver properly.


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