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>the salty street shitting Pajeets on /g/ will never, EVER know the great feeling of owning an iPhone XS Max 512 GB
>mfw they have to spend all of their time reverse shilling Apple on /g/
>iPajeet, spamming scat porn in Apple threads etc

Put in my order for the XS Max today, feels fucking great. Can't wait for it to get here.

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Woah ! ! !!!!

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I don't believe you but please give me a use case for 512 GB's on a phone? I don't even have 512 on my Laptop, what are you doing?

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Phones are status symbols. They are like a platinum bracelet, it doesn't do anything, but it's fashionable and signals wealth. People will ask you about your iphone, what model it is, how do you like it, etc. You just don't get it. It makes you cooler.

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Yeah man it's totally not like someone making $7.25/hour could ever afford one.

It also makes you poorer than you already are. You think having all these fancy things outweight you paying multiple 1-5K credit cards off for the rest of your life?

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Not everyone is poor

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If you're making minimum wage and have bills, you'll barely be scraping by... you won't have money for a $50 financed phone on top of your cell phone plan.

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Why you need 512GB?

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>Not everyone is poor
Right but most who buy iPhones are because like you said it's a fashion accessory people desperately get hopelessly into debt so their shitty friends and coworkers at work will be a little bit more jealous of them.

Yes you will because people earning minimum wage 99% of the time still live with mom and pop who probably help them pay their car loan on top of not charging them for utilities.

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4k 60 fps video from the camera
lossless audio library

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So we're talking about high school or college kids?
High school is a shitfest, and in college nobody cares what phone you use.

If you're an adult and still earning $7.25 and living with parents, it's painfully obvious no matter if you have a iPhone XS. I seriously doubt that many adults are having their car note paid by mommy and daddy, in addition to living at home with them and probably eating for free.

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>the salty street shitting Pajeets on /g/ will never, EVER know the great feeling of owning an iPhone XS Max 512 GB
hold on there anon, it's not like an iphone is a fucking ferrari or something
in a few years its gonna be worth $100

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As a t-mobile salesperson who is forced to shill these shitty things and their upgrade program I have to disagree. It's a very common occurrence to see 3-6 person families come in to get iPhones on the program and pay the bill and activation on credit. So not only are they gonna pay ~25% APR on their stupid life choices but they're stuck with whatever shitty iPhone they get for a year before they get permission to get another new one. Said families usually consist of college students trying to coax their senile old parents to get them an iPhone because they "need" it for college so I can only assume they don't pay shit since they have to bed their parents.

I don't get people anymore, even when they know they're gonna fuck themselves and others over with horrible financial decisions they still go ahead and do them anyway.

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Get Google drive.
Who the fuck is impressed by a phone? Maybe I'm just a city dweller who only knows people, who make above the national average income in Canada but I seriously don't know anyone, who could give the slightest shit what phone you own. I know that /g/'s fantasy is that you'll walk into a night club with your phone and check it and suddenly women will pull down their panties because they see your maxed out phone. Newsflash, everyone already has it because carriers subsidize the cost of phones heavily and divide it into montly payment, that anyone can afford. So just buy what you want and stop worrying about others.

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*beg their parents

To be fair there's a lot of whores who sleep with you if you have things like an iPhone and a BMW (which any poorfag can afford desu) in hopes of getting pregnant and putting child support on your dumbass.

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Are there any cases where getting a contract phone is actually better than buying it unlocked + separate plan?

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As far as family plans go it's cheaper since they subsidize the plans to rope you in. Good news is you each just have to pay the 20-50 bucks a month premiums for being a good goy but the bad news is your phone is never yours and you have to wait 12 months before you can exchange it in case you don't like it.

For loners it doesn't seem worth it desu. Probably just better to bite down the ~25% APR credit card bullet and get an unlocked one + cheap MNVO like metroPCS.

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I don't know what type of world you live in but no women WILL EVER sleep with just because you have an iPhone and if they would, they'd fuck anyone.

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>iPhone and if they would, they'd fuck anyone.
That's the point but even dumb whores are getting smarter everyday targeting people with anything they deem to be a sign of high financial security even though irl it isn't. They just want to target males who will probably pay out the most child support.

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The best way to do it is literally just go through the carriers, in the US, T Mobile will provide the device with 0% APR and from what I know, you'll be able to take the device anywhere, $30 a month + a decent $30 a month plan is your best bet. Spending money to outright buy a flagship, when you can buy it and divide it into payments, without interest, is just a no brainer, I wish T Mobile was in Canada.

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depends if you qualify, they want really really really good goys for that else you get put on apple's upgrade program

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Damn nobody I know cares about what phone you have.
I mean obviously if you were to whip out some 2004 flip phone people would probably think it's funny.

I seriously can't imagine begging your parents to go into *more* debt just so you can get a new iPhone that is marginally better than your old one. Like, imagine hanging out with people that will judge you if you don't have the newest iPhone.

Well fuck, if they're willing to be straight retarded and dump their future for stupid shit like that, might as well be there to make the bucks.

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You think it's just a coincidence the number of single mothers has sky rocketed? It's like $600/kid not including all the welfare they get. Point is please be careful where you stick your dick in. Yeah you just got laid because some fucking whore thought she could squeeze child support out of you, best case scenario you just get the clap.

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Enjoy your gay notch, fag.

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IMO the best way to do it is to buy the flagships at 1 year old.
A few months ago I picked up an S8 for like $350 cash. It's a great phone and will last for at least 2 more years to come.

That works out to $15/month, less if you count the fact I'll probably be able to sell it for something when I'm done with it.

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hahaha oh wow that's shitty for those kids.
Joke's on the thots tho, I'm on Zoloft so I literally will never nut unless I power fap one out.

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To add insult to injury when these whores are asked about their fraud they go full feminist and SJW because they know the faggot government will make it rain and won't hold them accountable.

Just reading the first response of the first search query on why there's so many single mothers will make you gawk.

>"The fact that women are no longer willing to tolerate abuse or certain negative conditions from their partner and remain in a toxic partnership/marriage just for the sake of the child. Where women once stayed for the sake of having financial support, providing two parents for the child and maintaining a certain ‘lifestyle’, women are now choosing to walk away and do it on their own as challenging as it is."

>"The fact that the government offers financial support for women suddenly thrust into becoming a single mother or who chooses to be. There are also many agencies who help single mothers and their children in all areas of their lives."

They don't even call it child support anymore lmao.


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>spend 1500 on phone
>have no one to call
>each monthly bill and service make you feel worse
>but i got to look cool at the bar that one time

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Yes I have also ordered an Apple iPhone XS Max™. Can't wait for it to arrive!

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Most Pajeets I know own Iphones. I told one of my indian friends, I thought you guys were supposed to be technologically literate. also
>Buying a Phone that expensive
Phones are one of the worst things you can buy, they are a huge liability. If you bought stock with that money you would be much better off
It is a horrible thing to buy as itt

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Is there anything more patrician than owning Apple stock? My portfolio is 90% AAPL and has earned me $5000 in value over the last year and another $5000 in dividends. After I built my $3000 monster PC in 2015 using iCuck donations I still haven't run into a single reason or need to upgrade it much less replace it.

Apple drones are just giving me their hard earned burgerbucks hand over fist for chink junk mass produced by the lowest bidder for the "privilege" of having a fruit logo on their fragile poorly made toys. With all the money they've generously donated to me, I can build a monster quad CPU quad GPU system every year if I felt like it.

This is what it's like to cuck or dominate someone isn't it? I can call Apple cucks drones, retards, sheep, simps, whatever, and they'll continue to lick my feet and pay tribute to me. Feels good being a true patrician owning the only good Apple product, their stock.

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>the salty street shitting Pajeets on /g/ will never, EVER know the great feeling of owning an iPhone XS Max 512 GB
Neither will you mr. paid shill. Shilling isn't paying up, unless you're a big boy like Linus

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OK so I agree that women shouldn't have to stay in an abusive relationship or crap like that, but do they not realize how hard it is on a kid when mom and dad divorce because they don't like each other??

Or why the fuck women are actually attempting to get pregnant before they are married. I've got a story about my coworker:

>20 year old black female in the Air Force
>works in the network shop with me, literally does nothing all day
>dating some Army retard
>he gets deployed to Germany, cheats on her, they break up
>he gets back, "oh no he's a good guy at heart we're getting back together"
>they fight all the time
>they go on a road trip to his parent's house
>come back, move in with each other
>3 weeks later they both get arrested for domestic assault, no contact order
>dude leaves and takes an assignment far away
>she's now single and pregnant with twin boys
All of this took place over like 5 months

When talking to her, she said that before they broke up that they were "kind of" trying for kids. What the fuck!?! Why?!?
I also see her posting shit on facebook about how being a stepdad is all honorable and "a real nigga will take care of his girl's kids, no matter if he's not the father".

The whole thing is just really stupid and sad.

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I'd diversify soon m8, but yeah owning Apple stock is great because you're essentially taking money from the retards who go into debt to buy their products every year.

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>When talking to her, she said that before they broke up that they were "kind of" trying for kids. What the fuck!?! Why?!?
I've heard of this before, women usually do this to get back at men but it's absolutely deplorable since kids who have nothing to do with them get hurt in the process.

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All women are shallow money grubbing whores, anon. You just haven't been alive along enough to realize that.

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I wonder how wealthy he is. For all his fame, I think he is only just barely a millionaire.

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I'm pretty sure he has a couple million in the bank. Otherwise he wouldn't be so stupid as to buy a 200k camera just for shits and giggles.

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>Or why the fuck women are actually attempting to get pregnant before they are married.
I'm very ashamed to admit my hispanic female cousins are doing this and it just makes me hate my own race so much. One got knocked up during college by some dude in his 40s with a wife and kids but didn't push to put child support on him, she dropped out of college and now works to feed her daughter by herself. Another one got knocked up by some hood rat here 3 times before leaving him and putting child support on him. Another one had a child with a drunk who also has his own kids here and back in his home country, then still had another child with him recently AND then decided to get married. Fuck my family to hell man and you're dammed right they pray to jesus day and night and took their daughters to some retarded night church thing because they think praying to jesus night and day will make them better people.

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My closest friend is a woman, but holy fuck do most of them have no concept of how other people should be treated?
Why do people actively take steps to fuck up their life?

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What's up with all the Apple shilling recently.

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Unironically, all memes aside, why would you realistically need 512 GB of storage on your phone? iJustine doesn't even have more than 100 GB used on her phone, and she's one of the most popular Apple vloggers on Youtube.

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>I enjoy Apple products.

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> niggers
> iphones
a pattern

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women behave like egoist 5yo kids

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So why do pajeets beg for sd card slots in every phone?

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Dude T-Mobiles jump program sounds so nice except you assholes don't tell us we have to pay 15 dollars insurance for the phone. Then when the phone does break there's is a 175 dollar deductible.

So if you get the iPhone SR, you pay 30 bucks plus 15 a month for insurance. You End up paying 1100 for the phone after the two years of payments.

I found that out after paying for a Galaxy S7. Always outright bought a phone from the manufacturer since.

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>fashion accessory
>status symbol

Do you clueless shut-ins really know nothing other than projecting your own mindsets on the general population? Only 3rd worlders see anything as a status symbol but we're not talking about them anyway. As for fashion accessory, that literally makes no sense. Its a phone, not a garment. Are you implying people would buy an Android phone, just for the looks? Of course you're not.

People buy things they want to use, I know this sounds crazy but bear with me. My theory is that people just buy these things because they like them and like using them.

98% satisfaction rating in the product line, industry-leading. The biggest ecosystem and most seamless of home grown products and services, 5 year average usable life WITH updates (5S and SE owner here), pretty much best in class everything, most accessories for any phone.

But no, yeah people only buy it to show other people.

How deep does your delusion run? Does reality upset you THIS much?

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Reminder that this iPajeet shill outed himself.
>makes fake celebrity account
>sends himself messages for "le ebic trole xD"
>forgets to remove his sim
>exposes himself as a literal pajeet on vodafone india
>actually tries to pull a "i-i-i was just PRETENDING to be a pajeet" "i-i-it was just a joke!"
>even tries to hide it with airplane mode

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>But no, yeah people only buy it to show other people.
Of course not. iToddler subhumans aren't people.

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>Reminder Andravindian boyjeet likes to rebrand old memes in the most cringey of manner and say weird shit about some celebrity while collecting some old links about threads he posted in

Absolutely obsessed. How do you always lose with such dedication? This is hilarious.

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One, two, three four five
Parallel digits in a line
Six, seven eight nine ten
Pajeet rage at Apple again

Why does he come to /g/
He can't afford anything he sees
Back he goes to XDA
Pajeet rage at Apple another day

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Pajeet here, why do amerifags project that Indians are all poor? Most amerifags are going to get it on credit because they work a dead end job and can barely afford shit

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You're probably a pajeet in the US, isn't the average wage in India like $600?

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Per annum.

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Unironically based

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Open bobs

Posted from my chinkphone.

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Its over Pradesh. Try again next thread and enjoy your Opoo Find Loo phone.

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Fellow leaf here. I could easily afford whatever new iPhone but then I'd actually have to be careful with it. In mine line of work I mess up my phone after about six months so there is no point spending more than 100 bucks on a phone. But for all the /g/ basement dwellers who will never take their phone out of their room why not eh?

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HELL YAH MAN FUCK GOOGLE AND THEIR ranjit ceo and their streetshitting phoneOS

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This is the most one-sided board on 4chan. Generic "laugh at the itoddlers" threads in which people post the same circle-jerky copypasta and meme .jpgs can last for days on end, meanwhile one slightly pro- or even neutral Apple thread gets spammed with literal shit and and laughing anime girls.
On one hand it's kinda funny that poorfags get THAT mad over just seeing the logo for a brand they don't like on a forum they post on, in any context, but on the other hand, it makes me kinda sad that we're not allowed to have any actual in-depth discussion without this type of this.
I guess 4chan isn't really known for 'discussion,' anyway, so what do it matter?

It's good for if you want to keep your phone for a really long time and never delete anything.

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>Get Google drive
>j-just gimme all yr files, goy
>yeah, just store 'em in (((the cloud))) and stream them whenever you need them

>> No.67614981

>I'm tired of seeing iToddlers everywhere, they need their own containment general
>[iToddlers make their own containment general]
>I hate this general, let's destroy it.

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Just about every board has something they're very one sided about and proud of it.

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A couple of years ago it was possible to have a reasonable discussion of Apple but then people started ironically shitposting. With the influx of redditors/discord fags in the last 2-3 years the ironic shitposting has infact become real shitposting.

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>Not small
>One of the largest phones on the market
It's over the fat acceptance activist have won

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This whole site turned to ironic and then post ironic shitposting a few years ago for just about everything. Sincerity is now considered lame and has been for a while.

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they never learn:

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I haven't been here this long in comparison to some people, started on /g/ back in 2012 but the difference between 2012 /g/ and 2018 /g/ really is quite sad

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Don't forget you can't use it outside when it's summer and hot (you are using it in the wrong season)

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Today I will remind them.

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It IS a status symbol for poorfags. When Samsung went to Nigeria they marketed 3 different phones at 3 different price points. They didn't sell shit. Apple went in with only their most expensive phone and it sold like hotcakes to the Nigerians because the phone being new and expensive matters above all else. Just go to a bingo house to see how well poor people can spend money they don't have.

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>fags think having an iphone makes them look rich

the reality is that the real rich people are looking down on you idiots and laughing

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