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What is /g/'s opinion on Google Chrome's new "material" design? Is it an improvement, or a bad decision?

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You know exactly what /g/'s opinions are on material design. Fuck off and stop looking for attention.

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change for the sake of change is... pic related

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>not running gentoo
wow faggio

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Yeah, we like it

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>new material
As if old material was not shit.

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I love it. But people aren't allowed to like it here so I'll get downvoted.

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How do I bring back the old shortcut/most visited new tab page?

It looks shit with crappy icons instead of massive squares

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As with all Google design choices, they lacks consistency across products.

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I don't care because I don't use chrome

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It's all shit until they implement a scrolling tab list like Firefox rather than having tab buttons shrink to unusable sizes with no room for text.

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Wtf now it looks like Firefox

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my flash applications dont work anymore this update is epic

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Switched to firefuchs

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Looks like even shittier wersion of australis.

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can you?

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I don't like the decision to put the new tab button on the right side of the tabs. This continues the tradition of having to "chase" the new tab button with your mouse if you don't have a lot of tabs open and you want to open quite a few at once.
Yes, I know what keyboard shortcuts are, but in terms of design it's just a bad choice.
I also don't like the fact that they now display your Google profile right next to the omnibox at all times. I remember the days where having your first name next to the navigation icons was optional and could be disabled, this shit just isn't cool.
Also, the design is generally just a bit close to Firefox, isn't it?

Other than that, it's OK I guess.

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Yeah, but it's a flag. Whenever a standard becomes relegated to a flag in Chrome, you just know it's going to disappear entirely in a few versions.
The ability to revert to the previous look won't be around for long.

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what is this called?

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go to chrome://flags

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Why is everything so fucking round nowadays?

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Homofag design.

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> don't fix it if ain't broken
that old mantra should be applied more often in our current times

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a poorly rendered fillet

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border radius in web design

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Here's how to revert back to the original design, you autistic fucks that can't accept change.
Go to chrome://flags and set this setting to Default.
You're welcome.

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im using it just to try it out, but i really dont like it. if i still hate it in a week im switching back to the old design

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I meant Normal.

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What great criticism.

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they're brainlet newfags at design, they see a blog article that says rounded corners are better, they try to put rounded corners everywhere, also the recent tech advancements in smartphone displays which allowed rounded corners and notches, it's a stupid fad, hopefully they will figure out a more balanced use of sharp vs soft and not go full queer like apple did, microsoft seems to stick with their squared design which has grown on me

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>brainlet in charge of catching logical fallacies

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the new shit is just older old shit
we're just going in circles at this point

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here is it how it should be

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I'm fine with the redesign.
>plus button on the left
That didn't happen.
I wish they would add a decent dark mode though, along with google.com darkmode.

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sharp knee

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my sides

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For the most part I like it.

>Is it an improvement, or a bad decision?

Also I use Firefox

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Like... Tears. In Rain

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This is not reddit

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Hate it. Looks like a cheap knock-off, especially on a high dpi display. The round look clashes with the sharp features. The sizes also look off (e.g tabs to high).
But I also didn't like the switch from the round to the triangle shape.

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>unironically using chrome
nigga what

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>you autistic fucks that can't accept change
read >>67589777

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RIP gtk2 theme.

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that's bullshit, the new tab button is on the same place as before

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It's okay but I had to make my own theme because the default doesn't have enough contrast.

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It pretty much is these days

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>not using https for 4chan
what the fuck is wrong with you

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>see-through tabs on 7

Will anything ever reach the aesthetics of aero? Doubtful

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>be google
>fix something that was never broken
>consistently ruin your own software since ics
time to abandoned ship

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No one on /g/ uses Chrome unironically

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Will https protect me from low content posts or something? 4chan is already compromised so what's the point?

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It's basically Firefox's old design.

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Mine just switched today. I feel kind of uncomfortable with it since it's so different from what I've been using for years but I think I'll get used to it.

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>gOoGle ChRomE
fuck off normalfag

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the state of /g/

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Civilization won't last much longer, mate. My internet privacy is far down the list of my worries.
Check out this menu, it's pretty nice now.

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Goddammit this may just be what pushes me to linux. Tired of this shit and I might as well learn to modify source code to get the behavior I want out of these stupid fucking computer programs.

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do it

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Fucking watch me. I'm going to fork it and call it some kind of gay anime name and it'll be great.

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Eh, its okay.

I don't really have a preference.

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i can see you glow from here cianigger

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I don't use chrome but at least visually I see an improvement. The new tab button on the left for example is more intuitive. The rounded address bar is more modern too. Also, it's more seamless thanks to the inverted color scheme. I never liked the sharp edges on the old layout, even if it gave it some personality.
As a whole it feels updated and more in tune with the rest of google's design.

so basically itt: people complaining about change who don't know shit about design.

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>more modern put forward as a positive
>claims to know anything about design
At this point browsers should just have user customizable UIs, OH WAIT WE HAD THAT AND IT WORKED FINE ON FIREFOX
Chrome was a goddamn mistake.

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well, I am an active graphic designer, so I know a thing or two. But we're on 4chan and I could be a NEET instead and no one would ever know, so I made actual points.

Yes, modern is good when executed correctly. Please tell my how it's bad.

Then again, I've always used FF for its customization so we do agree on some things.

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its ok. i dont see the big fuss. only autists really care

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>well, I am an active graphic designer, so I know a thing or two.
Actually quite the opposite. You know nothing and think you know everything.

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it's better

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It's weird how the leftmost tab doesn't hit the left of the screen.

I might just switch to Firefox now that Firefox has gotten good again.

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OP's pic is outdated, they have the new tab button on the right now, but it still looks like shit

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>The new tab button on the left for example is more intuitive.

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Who gives a shit about a closed source GOOGLE product, you zoomer faggot?

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New update made all of my extensions stop responding/working and nuked my fucking onetab data. Christ I'm livid

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It's a pointless change for the sake of a change, but I don't hate it. It's similar enough to the old design to not be distracting.

What I do hate is the new tab page that shows small icons instead of webpage thumbnails (thankfully, this can be disabled).

I also hate the new video player that completely lacks ability to control volume. I will never understand how could anyone think that removing volume control from a video player would be a good idea. Can be disabled too (for now).

And I absolutely hate their attempts to obfuscate/hide full URLs from the address bar, because Chrome's target audience is retarded.
(Disabled in Chromium by default)

But most importantly, I don't really care, because I'm going to switch back to Firefox soon.

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>/g/ mad over a fucking chrome redesign
We really are reddit now aren't we

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Here is what bothers me. Previously this space was used for the non-removable Google account button, which they now moved down to the toolbar. But the empty space is still there, instead of being used to fit more tabs.

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>having the new tab button in a different place depending on the number of other open tabs instead of having it in a fixed position closer to the address bar.


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the true redpill

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you absolute brainlet
new tabs go on the right
we read from left to right
with the old style the tabs weren't indistinguishable blobs so you could easily see where the rightmost tab was
putting the button in the far left corner would require a retarded amount of mouse movement
placing the button on the next to the rightmost tab obviously makes more sense and it is no surprise that google has placed it there

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i hate rounded corners. all of them. there, i said it

>> No.67599312

based and redpilled

>> No.67599342

the old new tab button was even shaped like an "imaginary" tab that you could click on to create/expand, intuitive as fuck

>> No.67599345

an app

>> No.67599373

fuck google
don't pay for g-suite just for custom domain emails, use yandex, it's completely free and it works perfectly

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>My internet privacy is far down the list of my worries.
then why the fuck do you use duckduckgo? Fucking liar

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I do

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>use yandex
Fuck off ivan

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>google and NSA are more trustworthy
>implying you're doing anything that requires hard secrecy anyway

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if google had custom domain email for free, i'd use it, i don't give a fuck, but it costs money, and on principle i will avoid giving them money, when they can't even leave the UI design alone on their browser, the new UI is fucking terrible

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Speak for yourself

>> No.67599543

>muh minimalism
Looks like a firefucks knockoff now
Looks retarded

>> No.67599554

Terrible. I can't even tell which tab is the active one and the little dip provides extremely poor distinction between tabs.

>> No.67599562

> b-but muh burgers
seethe, ivan

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The AKM is a severely outdated an dunderperforming rifle and needs change desparately

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I like it, feels like a more polished design. I do wish they had left the user icon on the tab bar or made it possible to hide it entirely but perhaps that will come in time.

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your paid service is obsolete thanks to based putin, get fucked kike

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No, I just have a bias against Russians

>> No.67599671

biased and redpilled
and checked

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"Design" has become fashion. People aren't trying to design anything, they're only re-designing existing things, and they're not even doing that, they're simply changing it.

>here is my square tab
>I textured that tab
>I made that tab look like a thing in real life
>I made the tab look unrealistic
>I rounded the tab
>I removed the textures
>I squared the edges of the tab
>the x is on the left now
This is a sham of a career.

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yep, those goddamn russians

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oooh burn

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I accept only this.

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well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

>> No.67599702

Funny memes, right ivan?

>> No.67599703

Yeah whatever suck my dick.

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Again just because it looks different doesn't mean it has any less utility mong. Nobody gives a shit about how your fucking tabs look in between your open porn.

>> No.67599715

Oh no, someone might sniff the text that I'm about to post publicly. Or worse, read text others have posted publicly. Won't someone respect my privacy!

>> No.67599722

you must be 18 to post on 4chan.

also, the fuck do you know about it, faggot? you're a sham of a human.

>> No.67599725

Much more acceptable than stackoverflow devs

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They're all shit. I want my programs to be compact and display as much information as possible in a small area. White space triggers and angers me.

>> No.67599733

based and redpilled

>> No.67599772

I don't even know what you're trying to imply. Sorry you got upset I guess but that's not really my fault.

>> No.67599779

Now you've made Roy feel sad.

>> No.67599811

border-radius: 20px;


>> No.67599812

Not an argument.
HTTPS on 4chan is a waste of cycles since everything is already public.

>> No.67599820

>waste of cycles

>> No.67599836

I remain unconvinced.

>> No.67599860

You’re a waste of cycles

>> No.67599904

Your ironic humor isn't that funny.

>> No.67599908

you posted about "design," and i asked what the fuck do you know about it?

>i've seen so many websites before i know EVERYTHING about design hurrddurur

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It looks and feels bad, chrome devs dont know how to make good designs or good usability just look at the "new media controls" which wont let you control volume any longer and they still havent fixed that and now theyre coming up with this ugly interface, this browser is lost, its still fast but the more shitty it looks the less I am willing to use this anymore, still firefox is the greatest browser of all in my opinion.

>> No.67599937

Your interpretation is not what was said, and just because you took it personally doesn't make it any different. You've constructed a straw man to attack, which doesn't resemble myself.

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File: 2.12 MB, 640x480, css is perfect.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

border-radius: 5,9px;

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Your ISP reads your shitposts

>> No.67600188

I think most people intend for their post to be read anyway. By more than just their ISP.

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It's fucking shit and the transgender faggots at Google making these "improvements" should unironically off themselves.

chrome://flags search for "design" and disable all four flags + set "UI Layout for the browser's top chrome" to "Normal".

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Looks like shit

>> No.67600263

looks much better
still not perfect rectangular tabs

>> No.67600287


You sure are trying hard to appear mature. Fuck off.

>> No.67600342

Always wondered how nobody picked up on this. It's Australis, but manages to waste even more space.

>> No.67600354

Well duckduckgo is less censored than Google, type talmud quotes in both search engines and compare the results

>> No.67600377

My biggest complaint is that it made the top bar taller. I could deal with the rounded square design if it was the same height or shorter, and if the new tab button was on the right. If they take away the option to go back entirely, I'll just stick with an outdated chromium version until I decide to switch browser

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Yeah dude, typing is really hard.

You're trying "real hard" to be aggressive. I'm not even sure why. Angry literally, because of my typing style, meant to be clear and reasonable. Ironic.

Also, are you implying we can't be mature? Why the fuck not?

>> No.67600680

yeah, i forgot about that, but i doubt it's the case here, assuming we're on /g/

>> No.67600800

They could bind your identity to these posts, other readers in this site won't know your identity

>> No.67600811

True. I guess I have nothing to hide in that regard though. At worst, someone finds out I like ladyboys. I'd have to own that publicly.

>> No.67600962

the blockchain

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A notch

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