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>Be Victor Stinner
>Be so good a programmer you get to work on the Python programming language itself from the backend
>Decide to remove the terms "Slave" and "Master" because it hurts fee fees
>Literally everyone else working on Python unanimously think this is retarded and makes no sense
>"Yeah well... I heard a bunch of random people didn't like it and they told me privately so I removed it. You can use terms like Childs now."
>Goes on 3 week vacation to avoid the fuss of the internet backlash

Fuck you Victor Stinner. You're the enemy of /g/ now. Eat shit. I'll probably make a video about this gay shit.

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nice blog faggot

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He literally wrote that

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I think you all are children throwing a fit over this, what a coincidence.

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Can't wait to kill child processes.

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>/g/ cares about python

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>good enough to work on Python itself
That's not what Python is all about, anon.

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Whoa a namefag. Okay Niseb, sorry about calling you anon.

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What's crazy is if you look at the push requests and people's comments pretty much everyone was against this Victor stinner guy.

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>I speak for /g/
No, you do not.

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he just did a find and replace on the source code

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Proving once again that my instincts are in a healthy and robust state. Python is a forced meme. The indentation thing is plain stupid. The "community" are a bunch of smug faggots who are unable to supply information that has any practical bent when an abstract demonstration can be shoehorned in. I'd managed to suppress that recently, but it's all boiling out now. I was right all along.

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If you have a mac this doesn't matter because they don't bundle python updates with system updates.

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I always said Perl was superior to python.

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Kind of this. I felt that I was obliged to get onto python. And it is used a fair bit in some places. Fact is, I prefer perl way more.

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assembly > perl every time

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The worst part is it's just one guy. It's not a team of people or a bunch of cancer. It's one guy.
Victor Stinner. Look up at the push requests and every other programmer is like: "WTF"

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>the indentation thing is plain stupid
This is seriously the shittiest argument against python you could come up with. Even if a language lets you have dogshit inconsistent indentation you shouldn't because your code will unreadable trash

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cum !!!

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I adhere to indentation religiously. As you're pointing out, for readability and the bit of craftsmanship it introduces in how you deliver loops and braces and so on. But I don't it rammed down my throat like Johnny's first training wheels. It's ridiculous when you're trying to hammer out some detail in initial stages and you get tripped up by something like that.

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are you sure you are using that word correctly? you should have used the word "obliged" in this context only with more context, which you did not provide. fuck you, retarded "programmer". can you even tie your own shoes?

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It's analogous to the move they've just performed on the master/slave terminology. They've removed the ability for you do something. Just like all the other social justice manoeuvres. You no longer enjoy that small measure of free will. It's the Ludovico technique in the programming domain. Burgess predicted this.

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The problem is there are far more people who like to moan about this stuff compared to people who want to develop a fork. And given 3 weeks we'll all have moved onto the next drama anyway.

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I only got into programming recently (biochem grad student) to help out with my research. I know a bit of R now which I use for statistical analysis and making graphs and such. I was going to learn Python next for image analysis and writing stuff to work with imageJ. Is Python not the best option for this?

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dude, we're talking about python here; of course he's not a programmer

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I use Perl everyday

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There are literally tons of python threads out there people use all the time.

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Exactly, Python is a meme language at best.

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Dude whats frustrating is it's one guy. Every other python programmer is telling him to get out of there with this shit. They got more important shit to do but it's this one guy who gets extra onions in his latte every morning posting this garbage. Fuck this guy. Fuck Victor Stinner.

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Didn't you meant "childs"?

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As a black man with no parents I find this just as offensive

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if you want someone to bitch about, then bitch about Guido. he's the one who decided to make this change despite literally everyone else disagreeing. SJWs try to push this kind of shit all the fucking time. what usually happens is that person gets laughed out of the room, which was exactly what was happening in that PR. then Guido shows up, locks off the discussion, and decides to make the change anyway despite hundreds of thumbs-down.

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As a person of non-color I find the slave thing offensive

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To be fair, it is a shitty naming. I'm not even a leftist anymore, but I'm not nazi scam either.

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I consider it to have a perfect naming convention. It immediately conveys a meaning that makes sense. A function that is subservient to a master giving orders. Makes a lot of sense.

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I make a good point anon

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It's a retarded change but the sheer mass of rage from /g/ and even non-programmer /pol/-types is even more fucking retarded. You witness people doing dumb shit every single fucking day (well maybe not you basement dwelling autists but you get the point), why is this so particularly enraging to you?

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Didn’t Guido retire? Who the fuck takes this meme language seriously when the former king can swoop in and declare whatever bullshit he wants?

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Because it's one fucking guy having drank too much onions for his head and is now spewing propoganda putting in actual politics in a fucking programming language. At no point did I consider that someone would consider master/slave as offensive when it has very clear uses in computing technology through multiple fields.

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How does this change effect you any more than any other breaking change in a language? Who even uses the latest python versions to begin with?

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It promotes an overall deadly opinion favoring censorship. It must be discouraged at all costs as the result of this type of thinking is infinitely harmful.

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It probably is. People here seem to be way too retarded to distinguish between this being a retarded decision and the actual language being good or not.

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Someone tell him that their child died young, and that those constant references are triggering you

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Retard here. So what's stopping them from reversing the change ?

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I'm surprised the bdsm community hasn't lashed out at this. This is kink shaming, literally nothing wrong with master slave relationships.

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I would hope they can but from what I've seen this person sent the push request and finalized it and denied any debate on it.

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I would like him dead.

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Fork python
Call it snek
Fetch only sane updates from python
Bring back Masters and slaves

Easy. I like python because it has so many books and use case, but if some other language would do same, I'd like it more.

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Find and replace

This can be scripted...

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>Fetch only sane updates


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we all would. I am sick of virtue signaling morons. He still isn't going to get laid.

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Python btfo once again

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Imagine getting this butthurt over terms, while simultaneously mocking people for getting butthurt over terms.
No, really. Think about it. Imagine having THAT little self-awareness.

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Imagine being fine with imbeciles pushing their propaganda.

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Im more butthurt over backwards compatibility...

>> No.67588055

Seriously this! It was bullshit that he swooped back in after "retiring" to force this bullshit down everyone's throat after the overwhelming opinion was to leave the terms alone.

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Frankly I don't give a shit either way. If your language uses master/slave terms, I don't care. We all know it's metaphorical, not racial.
But if you want to change it because some people find it offensive, fine. I still don't give a shit. It's not that big of a deal.
This whole thing doesn't matter.

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Welcome to the new batch of retards on the Internet. Much like the old except instead of being on Tumblr, this time they're on 4chan

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Yeah, but do you use Perl 6?

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Reminder that even though you are a beta programmer that sits at his computer all day, you should still workout and eat well to avoid lowering your testosterone to unsafe levels.

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Nice dubs... Victor.

>> No.67588130

This. I work out ESPECIALLY because my work is sedentary and I because never had any interest in sports. It's very easy and very dangerous to forget that you have a body to look after.

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I just hit auto-format on my glorious C style code and it ends up looking beautiful. You literally can't have a general auto-formatter for python since the formatting is syntax, not style.

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Your mom is metaphorical.
>parent one
>doesn't matter!

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We can do this.

I want to program in snek.

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Why is this SJW stuff everywhere now?

I remember back in 2005 or so there was none of this crap. If you'd said this stuff then you'd have been laughed at.

What changed?

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When you're as good of a programmer as Stinner, you can rename things to make things more PC. It's a gradient, and dropping words like "slave" is fine. Just get back to the code and stop freaking out over superficial nonsense. When they start saying "all programmers have to refer to themselves as xe/xem" or something, then you can freak out, little nerd. ;)

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Yes, he does. Faggot.

>> No.67588428

Python is an awful language (as are all dynamically typed languages) that has crystalized in the industry. In another decade, it will just be an ossified artifact that legacy maintainers have to grapple with.

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captcha fails.

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Is this a copypasta from the GitHub comments?

>> No.67588488

As i said:
We should script this. is there a free VPS or something we can use?

>> No.67588505

>uh, if you don't let us censor your and force political correctness on everyone I guess ur the just like us lmao
poor bait

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No, 5 is maximum comfy and you can find jobs

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I'll offer a VPS host for this cause if one is needed and if this actually goes anywhere

>> No.67589362

If you don't use a package manager to update that shit, you're a fucking idiot

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These are WAY to high expectations...

>> No.67589583

An anon can dream

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>Call it snek
I actually like this a lot.

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it's because we let our guard down and they never let up. this attitude has existed for a long time. around bill clinton's administration they invaded the white house to change "policeman" to "police officers" and stuff like that. they always start with language.

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this is 100% accurate and why Ruby is relatively clean of this. the creator of ruby is japanese so he has 0 sympathy for any of this SJW behavior.

>> No.67589741

Ive got some stuff to do atm but i will look into a small script that does these things!
*Download the Cpython code from GH
*Find and replace the child/parent stuff and replace them with the original
*Upload this to another Git repo
*Run the script every time an update is made

Some extra stuff would be
*Compile it
*Create a repo or similar

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Who are you calling a slave, faggot?

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couldn't you make a revert of the pull request as a new commit and then merge that commit to all new commits?

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>> No.67590181

Stinner more like (((Steiner)))

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Unironically great logo.

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This is a good idea, except for the fact that future commits that make use of the modified API would fuck you up.
It's not that simple.
You may as well fork Python and make something completely different. Go break backwards compatiblity, fix the GIL, drop support for anything other than Gentoo, etc.
Nobody other than the most obsessed political neets would use "Python but with master/slave terminology", and then you would be left making a [weak] political statement but with the burden of supporting another AyoJS.

>> No.67591087

This is true, but what if we just wrap the wrapped the "modified" API that simply calls the equivalent in the original.

I'm not sure if functionality changed, but if just function names changed, then wrapping it shouldn't be to hard..

>> No.67591143

My idea was just to make a statement version.
I do not expect any usage of it so replacing the words in the source code would suffice.
And isnt this only about the Cpython version? not Python as a whole?

>> No.67591174

Link? I want to read the shitshow!

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its getting easier to see these small changes every day, social precedent being set all the time this happens

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fuck python

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thanks to murican SJW "education" tech is being poisoned with shitters like this

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Fuck off Stinner you faggot

>> No.67591611

>you should have used the word "obliged" in this context only with more context, which you did not provide

We all know what he meant. He should have used the more general 'obligated'

>> No.67591630

uh, but letting them change it means agreeing that it does matter. Are you really this retarded?

>> No.67591674

>uh, but letting them change it means agreeing that it does matter.
Because it doesn't matter. So if they want to change it, fine. I don't care. Doesn't matter to me.

>> No.67591692

>thing matters to you
>but not to me
>standard changes
>we both are fine with the outcome
what's the problem here?

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No. Whether or not the terms change does matter, because it does not matter what they're called. Understand yet my little rhetorician? Or are you just feigning ignorance to try and persuade people to let you misshape the world as you see fit?

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File: 2.29 MB, 250x142, 1505748283509.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>idiots throwing fit over master/slave terminology, and harassing developers to waste time on nothing but terminology.
>perfectly fine choice of action

>getting pissed at this waste of time and resources over feigned outrage
>hurr durr, why would you even care? jeez
This level of hypocrisy can only be mustered up by a progressive.

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>Whether or not the terms change does matter, because it does not matter what they're called.
Not to me. I personally don't care either way. If the terms change, fine. If not, fine. It's really that simple.
I'm really only in this thread for the salt.

>> No.67591939

Then you're a moron. Plain and simple. You claim to believe something, and yet refuse to act on that belief. Who cares what a quadriplegic Janus thinks?

>> No.67591950

is the childs autist?

>> No.67592055

If you can do all of that, while keeping compatibility with upstream Python, then you would still have the issue of documentation-implementation mismatch. Even if you went the extra mile and corrected that issue, all you would offer would be "Python with master/slave terminology" as I said. Not worth it.

cpython is what compiles to the `python` command, anon. It's the default Python interpreter.
Regarding "making an statement", I don't know what do you expect from that; the change will not be reverted at this point, it's merged already, and the only time somebody reverted some bullshit like this it ended with serious threats and insults to that person, and his later departure from the project: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6845286
That, together with antirez getting called a fascist and other things because he wasn't 100% in with changing master/slave in Redis really shows you that those people are tolerant only if you share their opinions wholly.
I would focus in getting involved in another non-compromised community and get ready to stand your ground when they bring this US political crap into it. If worse comes to happen, then you can fork the project with other sympathetic contributors.
Finally, if you REALLY want to go through with your statement, then just pull cpython and git reset --hard to 23e65b25 which is the last commit before the shitstorm.

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File: 84 KB, 651x664, autism and opinions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you don't care about this stupid little thing that only SJW's care about, you're a moron
You only give this whole situation significance if you put up a fight, anon. The feeling of progress is earned after having prevailed in the face of resistance.
If the SJWs want to change some stupid little bit of code, let them. It's really not a big deal. This is not one of those things to get all riled up over.

>> No.67592081

goddamn what a faggot holy fuck.
you're not gandhi for bitching anonymously on a hungarian basket-weaving forum, you utter faggot

>> No.67592091

>You claim to believe something, and yet refuse to act on that belief.
I never claimed to believe in anything. As I said, I'm only here for the salt.

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>This whole thing doesn't matter, which is exactly why we must fight to ensure everything stays exactly the same; the way I like it.
>Because, you know, it doesn't matter.
Looks like you're the moron here.

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File: 299 KB, 1400x814, 1524521987710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you're not gandhi
when did i claim I was you dumb motherfucker? In fact, what does indian nationalism have to do with anything, you complete and utter mong?

like I said, then you're a cunt, so fuck you. That's a shitty way to act, grow up

>if you don't care about this stupid little thing that only SJW's care about, you're a moron
your dumb fucking fallacy has been addressed a million times, both by myself and others in this thread. Either respond to it or piss off. You restating your ill-informed opinion isn't a conversation. Aren't you late for a hormone treatment or something?

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File: 2.71 MB, 263x150, laughing_sluts.jpg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"That's a shitty way to act, grow up"

>> No.67592237

are you angry?
you seem angry.

>> No.67592250

Anon don't you believe in meme magic?

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File: 102 KB, 941x960, how butthurt are you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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lovely, restating my words in a way obfuscates their original logic, and then pointing out it doesn't make sense.
Take that smug 'painting' of yours and shove it up your low-IQ ass.

good point, now go back

samefag, get a hobby

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Irony: Gandhi hated niggers

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I can't imagine getting as mad as you are right now over something that won't matter in a week

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File: 96 KB, 1280x720, delete yourself completely from the internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the love of God, stop posting. You're making yourself look exponentially worse with each seething block of text you submit.

>> No.67592311

Nobody cares about you two faggot's sissy fight.

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File: 65 KB, 195x200, look how hard this fag is raging.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.01 MB, 1274x686, terryfinger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're coming for our guns.

>> No.67592455

>Whether or not the terms change does matter, because it does not matter what they're called. Understand yet my little rhetorician?
where exactly is the logic there? you're directly conflicting yourself. if what the terms are called bares no significance to you, and some randoms want to change it, why would you put so much energy into keeping it the same?

>> No.67592513

You're right. I'm sorry. Thank you.

>> No.67592631

>letting them change it means agreeing that it does matter.
No, it doesn't? If you allow the terms to be changed, especially without putting up much of a fight, it solidifies the fact that this small detail doesn't necessarily matter to you and is largely interchangeable.

>> No.67592856

is blue snek the slave and yellow the master?

>> No.67592898

Ruby is a SJW cesspool though.

>> No.67593038

This is underrated y does no one care about how this break backwards compatibility

>> No.67593043

Imagine getting called butthurt when you don’t like making changes to code purely on the basis of extreme mental gymnastics and the far-fetched potential for hurt feelings. 50% of code “fixes” actually introduce additional bugs, and discarding well-established technical metaphors in favor of whatever entry in your thesaurus doesn’t remind you of one country’s historical misdeeds will likely degrade readability. There’s no technical merit to the change, only risk.

>> No.67593141

Sren't those guys masters of backasswards incompatibility though? I jumped through hoops setting up shit to try out some python code recently, env this env that. Sucks.

>> No.67593373

That's a reasonable thing to get mad about, but a majority of people are really only frothing at the mouth because muh sjws

>> No.67593444

It really hurts bruvs, you don't understand.
I am black and I always wanted a tech job, I was top of my class in math, and I really wanted to be a programmer.
At some point Google offered me 120k starting, but I just couldn't take it, the culture was just too racist.
So I had to take a job at a supermarket, those racist words really fucked my life.

>> No.67593987

Jesus fuck lol

wat explain your story.

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File: 154 KB, 413x318, cold gamur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's going on with tanpants? that shit's legitimately disgusting

>> No.67594353

Its the only way this shit will end!

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>Using a cucked language like python instead of C

>> No.67595372

the reasons this happens is because of California. it's all California's fault. these companies are located there and they hire SJW's.

>> No.67595429

it is but there's 1 infamous faggot krainboltgreene who keeps complaining about ruby's terminology and that jap has shut his down every time. the japanese do not give 1 single fuck about white SJW's

>> No.67596524

Don't worry, they haven't forgotten about low level development. Mozilla is pushing Rust hard, not as bad as Google does with Go, but still.
Performant, systems programming, is the final frontier for those people.
It would be no problem if the insanity was contained to web dev, but soon it won't.

>> No.67596807

>You can use terms like Childs now
As someone who has legitimately experienced childhood trauma as the result of bad parenting, this new parent-child terminology is offensive to me.

>> No.67597214

It's amusing how easily triggered they are about any possibility of change - it's no wonder they're so depressed and conservative they were easily radicalised by the far-right.

You can make one little change to a terminology people barely use and that isn't very descriptive or useful in the first place, and they lose their minds and start autistically screeching.

/g/'s a worthless cesspool.

>> No.67597448

Can it have a snekscript (.ss) extension and keep a stable version

>> No.67598180

>hmm I want to have a shot with black chicks and I have some power over python
>I know, I'll make some token pc gesture at the expense of everyone using python in order to look more virtuous

>> No.67598194


>> No.67598251


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child slaves in china thanks to python

we've come full circle

>> No.67598285

nobody likes black chicks. it's probably some liberal white girl.

>> No.67598292

Absolutely this. I was an overweight office jockey that did fuck all and my beliefs were far left. My workmate who's a health nut got me working out with him 4 days a week doing boxing and fitness and now I'm down to under 100kg at the moment and I no longer give a fuck about refugees and feel better then I ever have.

>> No.67598299

ITT: a bunch of whiny /pol/tards

Sorry guys, but expect way more of this in the future. Change is coming, you can't stop it. Progress is being made, you can't stop it. The world will work to be more inclusive with or without you. Go back and whine on /pol/ if you don't like it

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Why havent anyone put up a petition to get this clown fired?

>> No.67598316

>Change is coming, you can't stop it. Progress is being made
progress is one thing, but change for the sake of change is bad.

>> No.67598336

It's a good change. Fuck master/slave, it's clearly rooted in racism.


Fucking kill yourself or go back to /pol/

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Why would anyone ever use Python for anything when objectively superior languages like Ruby exist?

>> No.67598347

>master/slave is clearly rooted in racism
>The US of A is the only country that has ever existed and will ever exist

>> No.67598351

wew lad

>> No.67598358

Use C to script serverside stuff
Use C to make a backend for homepages
Use C to make things like small network utilities like network user adding and setup.
"Yea of course i compile my server scripts!"

>> No.67598360

>it's clearly rooted in racism
how fucking stupid are you to believe this? those terms are also used in BDSM with a completely different connotation. No, what's really happening here is you and this cuck found a way to virtue signal that you're "an ally" and are "helping" when in reality it helps no one and makes things more confusing than needed.
You onions cuck

>> No.67598365

>biggest slavery usage
I see you brought your /pol/tard friend

Stay mad whiny crybabies

>> No.67598372

I hope he gets murdered on his vacation trip to whatever 3rd world country he went to.

>> No.67598374
File: 14 KB, 311x313, lowquality.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>objectively superior = my opinion / me trolling

>> No.67598377


You need to go back to /pol/ lmao

>> No.67598379

>US of A
>biggest slavery usage in hitory
>USA is still the only country that has ever existed

>> No.67598382

you need to go back with your s oy spacing

>> No.67598389
File: 55 KB, 640x640, 1536903614827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

name one (1) thing pajeethon does better than ruby

>> No.67598404

holy shit man, ive voted blue in every election since i was 18, you're just a redditor faggot who wants to be right more than they want to help anybody. that makes you a scumbag, get the fuck off my board

>> No.67598420


Fuck off. You aren't a dem

>> No.67598440

You're historically illiterate, and histrionic

>> No.67598447

and you're just a ledditor that managed to stumble upon this website
if you really want an echo chamber to circle jerk about your """liberal""" college ideas, why don't you just go back?

>> No.67598459


Reporting you both btw

>> No.67598471

You're the one flaming here, m8. And so far, you've done nothing but flame.

>> No.67598475

Announcing a report is against global rules. Also, why? I didn't say anything /pol/ tier, I'm just pointing out that you personally are wrong about your perception of the situation.

>> No.67598486

Its more versitile.
Ruby: OOP
Python: OOP Imperative, functional, procedual

Python has the PEP standards making it more portable globally

Python has multiple inheritance

Python has a larger userbase making the community more stable.

Pythons focus isnt Web dev and isnt hype driven as the cancerous webdev scene / ruby

Choose one Anon!

>> No.67598500

Remember to report /pol/ posters. Keep /pol/ in /pol/

>> No.67598512


>> No.67598536

Being outraged that it changed makes you just as bad as the SJW's.

Who the fuck cares.

>> No.67598542

I wish some desperate dude with nothing to lose went out and shot this guy in the face if simply out of spite. How would the community react to it?

>> No.67598581

i hate it when the master hangs all the child slaves

>> No.67598591

If you kill your enemies, they win.

>> No.67598597


>> No.67598726

look at this smug so y face

>> No.67598871

Is parent and child not already used to describe processes or web elements for instance?
The term remains self explanatory.
You are making a big fuss about out of nothing.

All that matters in the end of the day is that the functionality is there and that the terminology used is not confusing.
The only issue I can see here is that time and effort is being wasted revising terminology with no added benefit.

I can understand if ambiguous terminology is used intentionally when there are better words to describe a specific concept.
Or if a dev suddenly had beef with a large list of terms that they wanted to change for the sake of change leading to confusion for people familiar with the previous terminology or even newcomers with no added benefit.

>> No.67598904

>Its more versitile.
>Ruby: OOP
>Python: OOP Imperative, functional, procedual
ruby: focused
python: a mess
>Python has the PEP standards making it more portable globally
>Python has multiple inheritance
which is a bad meme
>Python has a larger userbase making the community more stable.
more pajeets
>Pythons focus isnt Web dev and isnt hype driven as the cancerous webdev scene / ruby
>Choose one Anon!
i choose the superior language design i.e. ruby

>> No.67599087

>I just hit auto-format on my glorious C style code and it ends up looking beautiful
You should write so your code looks beautiful from the beginning. But I get what you say.

>> No.67599299

>Enemy of /g/
More like enemy of /pol/

>> No.67599440

what's your opinion on kotlin?

>> No.67600949

You're right, C is not adequate for this. This is where C++ truly shines.

>> No.67600983
File: 232 KB, 1024x611, 1502367050077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67601003
File: 58 KB, 879x657, 1521307830375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67601640

Latter part would be too obvious, but ".ss" is something you could argue for with a straight face.
Alternatively ".snk"

>> No.67601792

fpbp always

No exceptions

>> No.67602443

>You're the enemy of /g/ now
>/g/ is one person
How do I unfollow your twitter?

>> No.67602490

>bring up divisive politics in an inappropriate context
>surprised people start responding cry hypocrisy because you have no arguments
"The personal is political" is one of the main slogans of retard leftists. Better swallow the cancer that you yourselves have unleashed.

>> No.67602553


Victor confirmed for pedo

>> No.67602592

Oh look an Elon Cuck fan

>> No.67602620

I like that you had to make an image macro because you can't adequately explain your point without feeling like an idiot.

>> No.67602644

Negatory anon, both are awful

>> No.67602672

make sure they are not older than 2 weeks

>> No.67602697

Sorry I doubted you anon.

>> No.67602823

Provided you fight the good fight, all shall be well

>> No.67603468

Do you even use Python?
It is a imperative language with some functional and oop features tacked on, but it's a exaggeration to call it functional, and it's kinda pointless to go full Java with it too, due to how the import system works, due to duck typing, and due to the fact that you can't even constraint what types a function can take without hacks. Everything fails at runtime.
It's really a shit language, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful. Fortunately, Python isn't the only "expressive language" out there anymore.

>> No.67604448
File: 2.48 MB, 200x153, 1530568986257.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Use it as its meant to be used idiot!
Everything you say here can be turned around to be positives about the language!
What do you want? show me the way you make a language that is
100% OOP and 100% Functional at the same time... sacrifices has to be made

People dont get it. Python is much more than the syntax its a cult of agreed ways to work
This makes python stand out among the rest.

This argument is so dumb from the start!
Different languages for different uses!
Human time is more expensive than computer power in most cases making the lighter but harder to use languages not growing.

And yes i use Python even if i learnt Java in school and have tried other languages.
Python as a concept makes sense, ruby and pearl does not...
I dont care about your autistic cries about fringe uses that works better in other languages. Im working in networking and Server hosting where Python is king. Learning another language instead of it would be me actively closing doors for myself.

This is the end of my interest. your view on this matter have no value for me so im leaving you with this

No one care about Code purity people care about results

>> No.67604536
File: 18 KB, 300x428, dn23107-1_300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is just sad anon...
Behave yourself! being an idiot ist something to strive for...

>> No.67604825

I care to disagree in this case.

>> No.67604831

>the solution for all problems is attacking people
op is a faggot

>> No.67604986

not him, but those smuggies (that's what they're called btw) are not new

>> No.67605291
File: 48 KB, 499x563, 1520451283123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, I also like Python, and I like it despite it being shit (for bigger projects). I was correcting you on that it's not a fully OOP language, nor a fully functional language but something else. And that, in fact, does wonderful things in Python land for actual productivity.

I didn't say Python is *useless*, just that's a bad language, which *was* revolutionary in its day due to it's expressiveness. I use it daily, in fact, and that's why I say that.

Also, a relevant video regarding the abuse of OOP in Python: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9pEzgHorH0

And finally, you should stop getting so attached to programming languages, it really shows.

>> No.67605440

could look a lot worse tbf

>> No.67605936

Forking is a terrible idea, especially if it was created for anti-SJW reasons. Normal programs slowly get infected with SJWs, but at least you can use them and just say you're apolitical. A fork created specifically for anti-SJW reasons will be considered racist/right-wing/etc. and be censored immediately and all contributers will be forever outcasts for ever supporting it.

Pick your battles.

>> No.67606053

The idea about this would be creating an anonymous github account and post a find/replace version of the source just to poke people and then the SJW-crowd would carry it. i dont think anyone would keep the repo updated

>> No.67606233

Woah reality's dark

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