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>pay $1200 for a "premium" flagship
>still have to buy an headphone adapter separately because Apple needed to save $0.10

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>using wired earbuds
>clearly doesn't even work out

top kek, no no i'm sure this post will ruin apple

I'll wait the 3 months for the 50million phones sold like usual

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>be Apple
>make phones that support fast charging
>make fast charging power adapter
>still includes a slow a shit 5W charger with your $1200 premium flagship
>want fast charging? better pay $60 more, goy

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It's like Apple is a shit company.

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better than your battery losing 50% of it's charge in under a year because samsung puts 9V into it

my s8 battery is trash

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>cracker needs to charge 3 things (phone + 2 earbuds) just to listen to some niggbass on the bus to his wage prison so he can pay the loan he took to "afford" his new "fruity" (read gay) phone
fucking lmao

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Honestly this is more egregious

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Wait until it includes no charger

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The battery is covered by warranty, if you've really lost 50% battery capacity in under one year you should be able to get it replaced free of charge. If find that hard to believe though, Samsung themselves said that the battery should retain 95% of its original capacity after one year:

More likely you've got some shitty app or wakelocks sucking all your battery.

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And normies will keep buying them, even if they cost 3000 bucks and applel makes 2500 bucks profit per unit. The first 10 trillion bucks company, here we coomeee!!!

They're quite cheap after all, just stop drinking coffee for a few weeks. Have you seen the queues on their stores? It's mostly homeless people who buy them, so this clearly shows anyone can afford a $1200 phone that can turn your face into a poop emoji.

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shut up. dont speak this into a possibility.

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Do these phones even come with headphones anymore?
When did the last iPhone that came with headphones come out?

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They'll remove the charging port completely. Wireless charging only (charging pad sold separately of course).

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WTF? Paying $1200 for a fucking phone. Is this like some sort of "status" thing now, who's got the most expensive phone in the room type thing? Just like the whole "women with the water bottles" thing a few years ago. Really it's a phone, long as it works who gives a shit what it costs. My el- cheapo samsung flip phone still kicks and its a 2012 model. Paid a whole $25 for it to. Fucking sick. Just think, instead of blowing $1200 for a damn phone how's about putting that same amount each year in the bank or money market account. Ten years you'd be 12K richer. Forty years, 48K, and that's before interest kicks in. Be nice wouldn't it to have 48K just sitting there when you retire from your daily job.

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the ADA actually mentions the 1/8 headphone jack, that is how entrenched the standard is. An American with a disability should sue Apple for making their device disabled unfriendly.

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hello nintendo

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>doesn't realise how much apple does for accessibility
>actually thinks AD act covers mobile phones

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It's always been about status. My friend just signed herself to a 2 year contract for her iPhone x at like 120 a month and I just bought a redmi note 5 that's larger and has the same camera at 300$ and a 40$ month plan. Some people just like wasting money.

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almost no one pays $1200 outright

phone contracts are 2 years interest free

>same camera

This delusion

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Literally no difference Kevin back to Berkely for you

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>chink phone

hmmm. i wonder which is worse. chink clearly

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Literally made in the same factory on Hong Kong avenue

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If you add the monetary equivalent of all the time you will spend fuming about iPhones and praising your chinkshit on an anime forum in near future to your plan, she probably got the better deal.

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You can remove botnet with your chink phone. You can't with applel.

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$0.1 x milions = a fuckton of money

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I literally make 20x what she makes . Money is not an issue for me but it seems people caught up in iphones and Gucci belts seem to have no money

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apple doesnt have botnet or viruses

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The only difference between iPhones and other phones is one is sold for 80% profit margin and the other for 5%.

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iOS is a botnet and its updates are viruses

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>2017 fiscal year, Apple sold 216.76 million iPhones.
>21.6million in included adapters

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Apple are bigger Jews than intel

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C'mon son

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what is wrong with working out in wired earbuds.

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i could see apple doing this

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Which is literally peanuts when Apple is making tens of billions of dollars in profit each year.

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>b-but I'm a frugal millionaire!
>t-that's why I spend time discussing phone plans on 4chan!

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>why would you make more money if you make a lot already

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>spend ~7billion to operate for 3 months
>make billions in profit
>so you should just throw away more profit
>10c on adapter
>throw in more expensive charging brick too
>think shareholders will applaud you for increasing production costs by 20+ million dollars

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or just no charging altogether
>buy phone
>power runs out
>buy another one

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There's an easy fix for this issue. Don't fucking treat your phone like a goddamn hockey puck. I've seen dumbshits walk into the Apple Store with shattered back glass and front glass with bits sticking out and getting uppity because the store was like, "Yeah nah dude, we're not just doing a battery replacement. That phone's fucked."

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iToddlerism at its finest.

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iSheeps screeching: IT IS OK WHEN APPLE DOES IT!

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>>still have to buy an headphone adapter separately because Apple needed to save $0.10
And they make a fucking tenner on the nonces

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>wireless headphones
>having a literal bomb(lithium batteries) on your ears
No thanks anon.

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someone screenshot this wihth timestamp

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no, there's a point at which your retardation blurts out.

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Apple is literally sitting on a cash pile of 250 billion dollars. They're making so much money they don't know what to do with all of it. This kind of jewishness is just inexcusable.

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>Apple is literally sitting on a cash pile of 250 billion dollars. They're making so much money they don't know what to do with all of it. This kind of jewishness is just inexcusable.

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if you have money for a 1200 dolaroo phone
im sure you have the money for some shit dongles

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>he puts sources of radiation right on opposite sites of his brain
looks like it's started to muddle your thinking already

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>premium flagship

its just another shitty oblong phone that cracks

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good goy buy $200 headphones
when the $8 panasonic k series sounds just as good

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Try $0.01

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earlet detected

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Yeah, let me just put these broken components back into your phone after I take it apart, so you can complain it was broken by me and I then have to repair it for you for free.

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Based. If I were an Apple user I'd be asking you to delet this post.

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Stop making up fake stories faggot shill

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It's not proven that Apple is for brain dead retards

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honestly a good idea. my audio port in my iphone doesnt work properly anymore, idk why, but if it was easily detachable like in OP's pic and just a 9$ replacement....that would be great. instead there is no way to fix this cheaply since its built right into the phone...... pisses me off when they build this shit right in

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Who cares 3.5 ports are not needed anymore, buy the bt earpods and get with the time boomers.

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how come normies spend so much on brand new phones but they never put a case on it?
Then they cry when they have to pay 100+ dollars for a new screen when they drop it a week after they bought it
You'd think they'd have figured it out after the 3rd or 4th time

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my Android came with a nice "TurboCharger" and I only payed 300$ for my phone

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*still buys Apple products*

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>but they never put a case on it?

cases tend to look and feel like shit. If you're not a kid looking to text 24/7 it's not that hard to avoid dropping one's phone. Phones are also moving toward all glass, no edge etc and I'm not sure anything short of a marsh mellow size case is going to do jack shit to save the phone.
They are an item you just should not drop vs thinking a case will save a person.

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iPhone Xs Max
they just use lightning port

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i approve of this

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Nobody uses wired earbuds anymore, in iphones, android devices, etc, Are there people using wired earbuds in his/her windows laptops?

Apparently, based on all these fucking clickbait articles that it seems you can't avoid anywhere on /g/ these days, playing music on bluetooth is a disaster and wired earbuds are infinitely "better"

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>Then they cry when they have to pay 100+ dollars for a new screen when they drop it a week after they bought it

because Iphones no uses Gorilla Glass, I never see cracked screens in Samsung and Moto devices

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Anon I have an s8 and I get through the day easy

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i dont understand how Apple-fags buy a $1000 USD iphone but cannot buy a Bluetooth headphone

>> No.67581987

>infinitely "better"
Infinitely? No. Significantly? Yes. There is only one metric that wireless is better is convenient. Worst, sound quality isn't as good (especially at the same price point).

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during the last 9 months, i've only seen 2 whiggers with wireless headphones. The rest have those big ones "beats" . I'm sure Apple have made a big mistake this time.

>> No.67582045

And any big Beats-like headphones in amazon or physical stores are full bluetooth, think how hilarious is a big headphone with a physical wire

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at a certain point, wireless headphones are actually decent, but they cost significantly more than wired
Also there's the issue of battery life, but on the flipside of that some really good wired headphones have huge cables that aren't exactly convenient (but most headphones now let you swap cables)
For the most part, wired good headphones for at home, decent Bluetooth when out in public
Still if you want good Bluetooth headphones/earbuds, you're going to need $100+, you can get a better pair of wired for around $60 and at $100+ wired is a lot better

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apple users love giving their money to apple. they get a kick out of supporting their brand

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>even if they cost 3000 bucks
Australia is a case in point, they're fucking $2000 here already and people are buying them up.

The roo dollar is fairly worthless at the moment, but even at parity I'm sure people would pay those prices.

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Problem is, if I’m paying 1200$ then I SHOULD be getting every fucking thing In the box, also the phone down not come with a fast charger either.

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t. iToddler

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I would support this, if they'd also forgo including the charger, the cable and the headphones, because everyone nowadays has at least half a dozen of those laying around, but just not shipping the most important part that likely no one has in the dozens is just a money grab.
Fuck them.
Just when I finally decided to switch to iOS, they pull this shit, instead of updatting the only phone worth getting, the SE.

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>using earbuds
Like holy shit itoddlers are fucking hopeless. Paying extra for shitty experience with earbuds when canalphones exist? That's as retarded as it can get.

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Whats that?

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>the state of itoddlers

>> No.67583234


>calling in-ears 'canal-phones'

the fucking autism on this board stg

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>Just when I finally decided to switch to iOS,
You reek of bullshit.

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lol. you just projected too hard

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>>calling in-ears 'canal-phones'
So you just mean regular headphones that everyone that is not a retard already has. And for the record: The new (i.e. not 10 years old as you pic) apple earphones actually are a semi-canal design, to use your terminology, and from what I hear (pun intended) they are actually quite decent.
For those things, audiophile quality and all that crap does not matter. Ambient noise will fuck up your experience anyways, so don't worry about actually hearing the compression artifacts in you shitty weeb music you ripped of youtube.

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>You reek of bullshit.
It's just that my good old Q10 is starting to show it's age, and since BB is dead, iOS is the only option.

>> No.67583495

What? I see the Airpods all the time, literally every time I go out someone's got a pair. Even some of the mowers at my job have them.

>Sound quality
Yeah, no one cares. The real annoyance is the goddamn audio delay when playing videos.

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I'm not a normie, but can someone explain to me why they need super high res cameras for photos? Do normies still print out photos physically? I would assume most people just post shit on social media, that they then view on their tiny screens on their phones, so why the concern for having a super good camera?

When I'm at work I occasionally just take photos of documents etc for record keeping and shit but my shitty xiaomi chinkphones camera is good enough to read all the text.

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>$1200 USD
>no 3.5mm adapter
>5w power supply
what is their fucking problem?

>> No.67583605

Apple is absolutely pathetic. I hope they all lose their jobs and have to put on some kneepads and suck cock for the rest of their lives.

Seriously. Every single day I hear more shit from these idiots. Yesterday I got bothered about someone's iPhone getting really hot and the battery lasting nothing which was caused by an update. Thanks Apple. Thanks for not testing updates before putting them out and completely locking people out of their previous, working ones.

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How is the DAC handled? Does the dongle have a DAC? Can lightning cable send analogue signals?

>> No.67584047

dongle has a DAC

Google charged $12 i think for theirs without a DAC and everyone was complaining because there is fucking nothing in it and costs MORE than apple

>> No.67584307

It will be the norm, for environmental purposes.
I still use the charger from a Sony Xperia L I bought end 2013, it charges slow so it'll not kill a battery in a year

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>> No.67584356

>i am poor
>i don't have enough money for my toys
>here, i'll pay 10$ a month for 839 months

>> No.67584391

The phone comes with headphones ya dingus

>> No.67584401

What if you want to use the headphones you already own?

>> No.67584424

oh is your country so shit you have no good phone plans?

iphone 8 plus is $59 plan + $20 phone, 2 year plan, so only $480 of the phone isn't subsidized but it's interest free

>> No.67584428

Apple is so fucking based. I hope all the poorfags kill themselves once they realize their insignificance next to this unstoppable trillion dollar company.

>> No.67584461

include me in the screngap :D

>> No.67584593

why not just pay the phone in cash straigh away?
are you poor or something?

>> No.67584644

>going to have phone service for 2 years anyway
>phone is subsidized and interest free
>cash baby thinks he's good with money

>> No.67584660

it was never free

>> No.67584666

why do you need a phone plan anyways? every applefag always says "no one uses sms and phone calls grandma, we edgy kids use iMessage. XDDdd it's either blue bubbles or nothing"

>> No.67584686

which uses a phone plan aka data

stop trying to spin it

get rekt poor fag I bet you're one of those losers who post that my $300 phone can do everything yours can posts

>> No.67584736

my phone costs 1200 (note 9).
it just amazes me why pepole have the audacity to "buy" something with stupid plans instead of just paying the money right away

>> No.67584769

>it just amazes me why people have the audacity to get a loan instead of just having that money to begin with

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>phone has no headphone jack? no problem, i'll connect to it via bluetooth
>phone has a headphone jack? no problem, i'll plug a cable onto my bluetooth headphone and use it with that

I don't see the problem?

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>but muh bluetooth audio quality is shit
>what's that? it has a lightning port? no problem, i'll hook it up through that

Seriously, I don't see the problem.

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The future is wireless. Deal with it faggot.

This, but unironically.

Fast charging destroys your battery. You're only supposed to do it in the event of emergencies, not every fucking night.

You only need to charge AirPods like once a month, for an hour.

>> No.67585557

>applel still use 1 amp chargers

>> No.67585579

>people complain no headphone jack
>put adapter on end of headphones
>literally same thing now
>disconnect point is now just 1.5" higher

but muh charge and playing music at the same time which is now the biggest thing ever that every did every night before the headphone left

top fucking kek, also it's like the 4th phone without a headphone jack and cunts still complaining like they have to buy it

>> No.67585596

>The Oneplus 6t Wont Have A Headphone Jack

Top kek another one crumbles to apple's forethought and integrity

>> No.67585616

t. applecuck

>> No.67585644

Do you happen to live in or near the Santa Clara Valley.

>> No.67585660

>The future is wireless
Enjoy your cancer.

>> No.67585747

Non-ionizing radiation doesn't cause cancer, fucktard.
You know what does cause cancer? The sun. Meat. Being alone for too long. Random, normal fucking everyday things cause cancer.
Wifi doesn't.

If you're so concerned with not getting cancer, go live in a dark cave with 10 other people and eat plants. Even then, you might still get cancer, but hey, at least your chances are lower.

>> No.67586077

If the future is about batteries that don't last forever as well as holding less and less charge over time to the point where you'd have to replace it eventually, as well as more things to charge, then a time machine is in order.

>> No.67586334

And you have the right to make that decision how? You're just another nobody so don't pretend you're more than that.

>> No.67586358

Yep, the audio delay is the worst aspect of it, among other connection issues. Something wired doesn't have to deal with.

>> No.67586387

Some may view it on computers I guess.

>> No.67587437

Oh. Then what's the problem? If you're buying a $1200 phone then surely you can afford a $10 dongle, which I'm sure third parties have for less than $2.

>> No.67587491


>> No.67587493

Get a different cable lol.

>> No.67587536

Which you need to buy separately, even when it previously came included in the box.

>> No.67587586

The alternative is not use your headphones, then.

>> No.67587592

Dumb enough to buy Apple? Dumb enough to buy a dongle.

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posting in the ebin :D

>> No.67587761

Better than cables that fray and connectors that snap off inside phones.
Also better than low floor-to-ceiling ratios and silent hiss.

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