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Why aren't you using an anime OS?

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That's Ubuntu 8.

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But I am.

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Because as much as I like anime, I'm not an autistic loser that makes every aspect of my life center around it.

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I need a gaming OS, windows 10.

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I'm not a faggot

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It's literally a reskin of ubuntu.

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>I'm not an autistic loser
>posts on 4chan

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It would be cool if someone made a videogame like Hyperdimension Neptunia except the various goddesses/nations represent different linux distros. Also, the villains would stand in for various proprietary OSs/programs.

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Alright, that's it.

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Debian counts

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anime website

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Rec me some good manga.

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Dragon balls.

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>hides icons

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You can like anime without being a mentally ill moe loving manchild

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>moe is the only kind of anime
Why are all moeshitters this dumb?

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>in denial

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Nah, you are the only pathetic loser here.

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Did I say something socially unacceptable on 4chan?

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>Nah, you are the only pathetic loser here.
>actually believes that shes cooler than her peers.
Anon I have bad news for you. Drinking shoyulent, and wearing short tight pantaloons doesn't make you any better than the rest of us.

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try harder next time

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu though to be honest I've only watched the anime

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This, I'll never get weebs, they are so pathetic

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I've seen the anime. It was enough for me, but thanks for the recommendation. Sorry that I wasn't clear; I was thinking of yuri manga because seeing the entirety of >>67559750's post made me think anon might be specifically signaling that he's into that. Personally, I'm really liking "Yagate Kimi ni Naru" right now, so that's one from me.

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Bokura no Hentai.
No, it's not hentai despite the name (it also means "transformation"/"change" in Japanese. It's bretty gud.

Unfortunately, AFAIK Moebuntu only offers cute wallpapers and a pink theme as a differential. It could have a pre-configured mpv or similar specifically for anime. That being said, nihonjins only watch it on TVs or DVDs, so it probably doesn't matter much to them.

It is useful into making GNU/Linux more popular, though, and thus furthering the idea of free software. Thus, I endorse it.

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>Bokura no Hentai
That looks amazing. Thank you a lot.

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Unironically shingeki no kyojin
Hiatus forever:

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>>moe is the only kind of anime
moe website

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/g/ originally was the guro board.

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tfw no comedy/shonen gf

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I was shitposting on break, at work. I'm not an autistic loser if I make a lot of money... Right?

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I love the feeling of making a post people like. Thanks for making my day anons.

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moe website

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you're welcome, have a good night desu

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Because, while I might be a pathetic loser, I'd rather it's a little less obvious.

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