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>womyn finds class of android malware
>calls it wedding cake
Why do female developers even exist?

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better than vagina
because it's a security hole

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Yeah Cupcake, Oreo or Ice Cream Sandwich would have been more fitting desu

fucking incel end yourself

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fat cunt lmfao

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sounds like one lonely woman

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>Yeah Cupcake, Oreo or Ice Cream Sandwich would have been more fitting desu
>fucking incel end yourself

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The only reason why this is incorrect is the people who name android versions aren't fat

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could called it onion
that has layers

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I thought it was funny. Go back to r/braincels you retard

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why you tryin to bust her balls anon ?

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odd, don't wedding cakes have tiers?
a cake with lots of layers is, well, a layer cake

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I mean, women are literally memes, but this isn't something I would pick at.
Women do enough genuinely stupid shit that you don't need to go fishing for shit to bash them for.
>onion browser
>onion viruses
>onion meme news network
enough is enough

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It'll never be enough.
It'll never be ogre.

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Why busting someone's balls is a bad thing?

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This. Cakes can be single tier with multiple layers. Wedding cakes are calling tiered cakes because they basically have multiple cakes stacked on top of bigger cakes.

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Moden women no nothing about cakes anymore.

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Women in the workforce is the biggest meme ever. They'd rather get married and have kids. This just proves it
Look to any other video on blackhat. Names are normal stuff. Speakers are mostly male, and the two I saw that were female named something "WeddingCake" and the other talked about rape

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This is how you know she has never been married, and probably never had anything to do with a wedding.

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Because the malware pwns you much like a wedding does.

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I wanna penetrate her security holes

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>incel finds Android vulnerability
>calls it "Stagefright"
Like pottery.

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Woman here. I have been working as a software engineer for ten years now. I have worked on game engines, machine learning, data science, pretty much anything fun.

There’s a push because it honestly is a lot harder grtting into tech as a woman. There’s all these weird hoops like I have to be “one of the guys” to fit in and any sign of femininity is taken as a weakness. For example, most women who have worked in nonfrontend programming I’ve seen over the years avoid makeup or use minimal. They also speek like an octave deeper around teammates than around me. Most women just weren’t encouraged like a lot of men are to get into tech when they do show an interest. I know like some men I had to fight tooth and nail to get where I am today—there’s a disparity here with how accessible tech is made to men vs women. Heck, even on IRC most of the women I know on freenode and the like go to great lengths to conceal the fact that they’re women because people will automatically treat them with less respect.

I have a trans woman friend who confirmed what she experienced as a male in tech and what she experiences passing as a woman in tech. Its very interesting how insecure or jusf plain shitty men get about women doing intellectual things, almost as if it threatens some of them.

All in all I’ve worked with mostly pleasant people but its stupid to pretend this reality doesnt exist and that women have less opportunity to succeed in tech than men om average.

Like my male friend who I just taught to code just got a high paying job which took me years ro get to that point when i was on my own.

Yes there are womens reachout orgs that help women get into tech, but the reason they exist is because texh is currently an extremely masculine space. I know that sounds absurd but if uve ever worked with a mostly female team vs a mostly male team ull notice differences. I wish tech to be more accessible and pleasant for all.

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Is this the daily incel thread?

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It's layered and Android names things based on sugary foods.
It's a perfect name, kill yourself incel

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deep down inside she's salty no one will marry her

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i like where this is going

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This is a tricky one. I am in tech and I have two kids.. A boy (9) and a girl (16). I'm just as Tech with both of them but the boy has far excelled in what he can do just because he is more interested.

I'm hiring 5 people right now and I work for a big institution where diversity matters. I've interviewed about 15 people in the last two weeks and only guys came with the skills I need (more guys applied though so more likely).

Maybe the latter example is more due to the fact that current workforce were skewed towards men working tech when they were educated but it doesn't explain how my daughter - with the same upbringing - just has less of an interest in technology.

On the other side I do know some excellent female coders. The shittest coders I have ever worked with were men but for the most part the men excel because there is more of them.

I don't think a time will come when it isn't a male dominated industry, just because more men in my experience are interested in it. I think there shouldn't be bias against the women in it though because to be a woman in the industry shows real determination.

FYI, right now I am making lunch for everyone and the kids are doing what they want. My son is coding a side scrolling platform game and my daughter is playing fortnite.

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Is this copypasta?

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>to be part of a group you have to be part of the group
no shit and here's the push - you want the group to change for you
fuck you

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Incels are right about everything you privileged cunt.

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You should talk with a deeper pitch because no one likes a whiny bitch

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>getting this mad over a name

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fat americans name everything after food

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T. Jealous maleoid

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>any sign of femininity is taken as a weakness
This is true because it is a weakness

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