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>He found that the app creates a password-protected archive called history.zip. It then uploads that file to a server which appears to be based in China. Wardle found that the password was hard-coded, enabling him to open the zip file and examine its contents. He found that it contained browser history from Chrome, Firefox and – yes – Safari


Just a warning for all you people.

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>implying sane person on /g/ uses a fucking mac

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I'm working on my next app called "Botnet Physician" which will install adware on your Macintosh computer. Please anticipate it.

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Found your problem

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>using FagOS

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t. assmad that their anime ganoo builds don’t just work
stay poor

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>appletoddlers PAY to get spied on and LIKE it

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t.buttmad iToddler
Hey m8, what's a computer?

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Why would someone install an app by named "YONGMING ZHANG" it just sounds fishy

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openBSD doesn't have this problem.

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some do

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>mactoddler subhumans

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>ITT : gullible people
Every software scanning your pc will send a fuckload of data aobut you to distant servers.

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>>ITT : gullible people

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I was talking about every user of this kind of software, windows and GNU/Linux fags too.
You just proved that you're gullible.

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>trusting any application made by a zhang
Kill yourself

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>using iShit
Kill yourself

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Go to /b/ you fucking NEET

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Back to /pol/ with you

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Go to /lgbt/ you cocksmoking faggot.

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How is my browsing history used to make profit?

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Unfortunately, all the gay porn sites they collect can't be accessed from within china

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What's a computer?

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this but unironically

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your brain interacts with the smartphone aka computer.
the computer collects data as you use it.
marketing companies buy that data in order to better read consumer's minds in order to find out the best way to get their product stuck in your head.
It's annoying and intrusive, enjoy your stay in the botnet.

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They don't necessarily use it to make profit.

Every Chinese company is state-owned. That state is the Chinese Communist Party. They could use that data to monitor what sites westerners flock to and that could be used to their advantage, such as spying or technology theft.

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>downloading an app by YONGMING ZHANG
Never trust the Chinese. I don't trust the Chinese and I'm Chinese.

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Owned by CHICOMS! Alex Jones was right yet again!

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How will mactoddlers ever recover?

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Opera browser still the best chinese botnet, it's free.

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speak for yourself retard

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Some of us have jobs.

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I'll take any mac user over a /v/eddit windows user.

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Cuck jobs that is. Sane and completely normal people use Windows.

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This honestly. I refuse to install any app made by the chinks in my chink phone. Even apps made by pajeets are more reliable.

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>Just a warning for all you people.
Thanks for the warning. No one here needs it, though.

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So naïve

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>implying anyone here can afford a mac let alone paying for mac apps

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I work at a hospital zero macs around, I look at NASA and CERN zero macs around, I look at engineers zero macs around. What the fuck do you do?

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>college student part time barista
If you had a real career, it'd be on Windows.

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Please no bully

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But mac dont have viruses why would you need a anti malware? also MINGCHONGWANG sounds a little fishy

I mean is loonix cucks dumb enough to install THAT?

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i suck dicks 24/7

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>hardcoded password
should have used a public key

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by asking the chinese for their backup

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I look at all audio studios only macs around. I like at all post audio studio only macs around. I look at all animation 3d and 2d only macs around. I like at anybody using anything autodesk besides 3ds max and Mac only. I look at Pixar and mostly macs except Linux servers. I look at all studios using Adobe and wow macs again

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>>hardcoded password
>should have used a public key
Sure. Doesn't matter though as you can see the reads of the contents that get written to the zip anyway.

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art doesn't matter

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> art doesn't matter guys
> audio doesn't matter guys
> architecture doesn't matter guys
> yet I can't go anywhere without looking at it, listening to it, or walking into a building
Great logic jelly bro

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yea, but a hardcoded password is zero-effort, at least with a pubkey you'd need to put a bit of effort into modifying the program to spit out the data before it gets passed on for encryption, while a password can just be identified and used on the regular output
there's also the security of not being able to decrypt other peoples' zip files, though in this case that's probably not a concern

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>first it's Wincucks with their telemetry shit
>now it's Macintoddlers paying to be spied on
Proprietary cuckolds eternally BTFO.

Maximum damage control.

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You know for engineering and architecture they use windows right. And yeah art doesn't matter.

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What are you poor? Macs arent even that expensive.

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>afford a mac
Reminder that the only people with this mindset that only the "wealthy" can afford fruit toys are street shitters making $2/day, making $1000 seem like some kind of serious financial investment. Meanwhile any age 15+ kid can go into McDonald's in a first world country and make that in two weeks.

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yeah we so jelly of having our info stolen and sent to chinks

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>Downloads app
>Googles "how to assassinate people", "location of Chinese leader", "flights to wherever"

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>don’t just work
implying computers are hard
go back to reddot you cuck

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Unlike windows, there’s no ad api in macos. So it will be very hard!

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Talking about code, you know, the wordy stuff the pajeets made windows with

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Those are like, not ads?

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>Twitter in start menu that you can remove
>Twitter in share menu that you can't remove
not ads

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>20 dollar silver rounds
>hey guys i'm rich

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you cant remove cause its not software you dipshit

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so ads integrated into the system

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in windows yes.

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Well, at least you play Civ V.

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delusional, no wonder both winshits and ipajeets are toddlers

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Wow that iPajeet has $600, he must be really wealthy, in India.

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You need macshit and Dr Dre beats to master the latest rap shit for the masses

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its not ad dude its like button to check so u can share of fecesbook and some other shit of media, just like right click on image and google search it.
on windows it is preinstaled UWP app which is completely garbage. worst part is you can uninstall them but some of them keep autodownloading.

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>its not ad dude its like button to check so u can share of fecesbook and some other shit of media, just like right click on image and google search it.
so advertisement and promotion to third party social media
>on windows it is preinstaled UWP app which is completely garbage.
*shortcuts to install applications
most of them are not installed
>worst part is you can uninstall them but some of them keep autodownloading.
fixed many versions ago

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Uh let's remind you a bit about minimum wages, and allow me to communicate in no uncertain terms how retarded you are
7.25 * 40 * 2 (working full time minimum wage for two weeks on American federal minimum wage) = 580.
Working at 14.50 an hour would get you there but you'd be working full time still. No 15 y/o can work full time because of school even if they're not American. Further, you would have a hard time getting 40 hours scheduled by your asshole shift manager anyway, unless and even then only maybe if your McDonald's or whatever was hurting for people
t. Former wagecuck

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whatever you say they are not nearly half as annoying and inconvenient as they are on windows in fact they are almost unoticable

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>all my best clients are chinese and pay me shitloads

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only companies you listen off are kikes that spy on people

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You were saying?
Also: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/05/malware-found-in-ubuntu-snap-store.html

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>implying anyone of /g/ would use a mac ON TOP OF using an antivirus
is /g/ just all winbabbys that run the antivirus meme now?

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What is your solution? FIscher-Price Windows 10?

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I never understood why people with even a little basic understanding of computers ever took macbooks seriously. Their OS is essentially swiss cheese.

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Never trust app stores.

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>software by a third party that is paid and requires you to download it first
>implying people are going to pay 5$ for a fucking "anti-malware" when most normies don't have anti viruses installed on their macs because they think it's virus free
>implying most normies just don't download a well know antivirus like kaspersky anyways
>patched ages ago
>affected only 2 specific versions of high sierra and worked only on APFS volumes
/g/ stills spams it

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Oh it's that redstar faggot again
Now I've figured out why akari and a ton of other posters filtered your trip...
how old are you anyways?

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You can tell me I'm a doctor

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It's a feature, goy.

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He wrote MC D, not minimum wage job.

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Not that it matters. Macs break too frequently for their browsers to even work.

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>Macs don't get viruses
-some normalfag in my class

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This is my favorite artist desu senpai

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Is that a guy stocking up on silver to try and look loaded for some reason?

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Last time I checked McDonalds was a minimum wage job, unless it's gone up for some ungodly reason

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My little brother works there, he's making $13 an hour as a first job.

>> No.67519582

The poverty line here in Seattle is around 70k a year. Everything is expensive here.

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WOW this actually happened

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>Americans think $13 an hour is decent
I pity your country so much.

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I'm just surprised since my first job was $5.25 an hour.
Inflation outran wages here long ago.

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