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Post your IQ Score/IQ Level and how much of a brainlet you really are

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bout three fiddy

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pity reply

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>150 IQ
>very brainlet

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>Begin using Python
>Average result drops to about 110
Seriously what the fuck happened

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I think my score would be negative desu.

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>apple hater
>negative IQ
All makes sense now tbqh

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115 IQ
graduated high school with a 3.2 GPA and passed 3 AP exams *dabs*

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I always assumed the only kids who have real clinical IQ tests are ones fucked up by upper middle class parents sure that their son must be a unique genius.
>ITT people act like inflated IQ scores aren't a bread and butter racket to get kids into gifted programs aka away from poor minorities

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Shoulda gone Idris

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literally all you need to do to get a 4.0 in highschool is do your homework and not sleep in class

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t. 90 iq

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No, no. You don't understand, I'm the anti-intelligence of intelligence. I actually cause others around me to lose IQ points. You should be feeling the effects right now.

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IQ: 2

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>158 averaging the big three
>breeze through even esoteric maths
>can't program for shit
>lazy fucker
>considering a doctorate just to avoid working

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>continuing in academia just to avoid working
I see you're a man of culture as well

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> doing my homework
Um no sweetie, I'd rather shitpost on /g/

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>154 iq

I exclusively use apple products too.

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It's more of a panicked desperation. My NEET brain still screams "IF YOU WORK YOU DIE" whenever someone talks about career options ot even internships.

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>tfw slept in class, never paid attention or did homework

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Because you're dumb as fuck and can't understand the long term benefit of putting in hard work. Don't pretend you're smart because you're not.

Even IF you used to be smart you deliberately caused intellectual degradation (drugs, lack of sleep, booze) for whatever reason but now you've lost that for good.

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H-h-how did you know

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60 IQ
Nonbrainlet because I use slackware on my Thinkpad x60 and gentoo on my TI-83

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Intelligence is not conscientiousness nigga

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>At least I can tell this is yet another datamining thread

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Because I was forced to face that realization after a decade of drug use/lack of sleep and in-and-out rehab. People are better off accepting their real situations instead of clinging to idealistic bullshit people spew to get attention.

Life sucks, we fucked up. But it's good that we recognize that so we can move on in life.

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real IQ 130,

havnt done anything with life

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It's not but that's a part of intelligence. It's something you lose when you do drugs or anything that damages your already low intellectual capacity.

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>Took an actual federal IQ test while in college for a Psychology major
>130 IQ, but I sucked at the parts involving decoding scrambled letters because English isn’t my first language
>Took an online test for fun one day that didn’t have bs language limitations
>112 IQ
What happened?

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Online test are literally worthless. Why would

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>129, probably less now
>struggling a bit to understand how Haskell's monad transformers work

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Big warning to all of you: be very VERY extra careful to never do recreational drugs if you value your brain at all.

All it took for me was a broken neck from an ATV accident, 6 months in bed on oxy, and higher oxy doses when I got out to ruin my entire life. Looking back I wish the accident would have killed me instead.

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I was about to do an marijuana but your post stopped me

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My IQ at young age was 120ish based on 90th percentil on PSAT/SAT. (USA)

My IQ now is around 100, what happened was watching fucking ANIME AND BROWSING 4CHAN. But realistically, it's because my father has genes for dementia, and my bother has bipolar. So my genetics are fucking me over.

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>Take offline test
>Score 153
>Weakest area is numbers
>Take memory test
>Weakest area is numbers

It's pretty neat. I can understand a lot of abstract theory easily, but I can't put together numbers particularly well.

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It honestly shouldn't, I'm just saying you should be aware it's going to cost you. BUT in all honestly you should be free to choose how you live and if you prefer being high than getting nobel prize then go ahead and rip that bong up. Weed is as far as recreational drugs go pretty tame and controllable unlike the oxy that fucked me up.

I just hate how much people say "lel weed/dmt/acid/bleach makes me so smert XD". It's encouraging use for the wrong reasons.

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Another anon that can confirm this, had an appendix burst (not appendicitis, an actual burst, not the same thing) after a mix of food poisoning and an injury, had to be put on some variation of morphine via a daily IV for a solid month and was bound to a wheelchair for that year. Fucked up my head in ways unimaginable, lost the drive to do school assignments and had to battle with depression ever since after that.

Forget just recreational drugs, medical drugs will do it to you too. Just don’t even fuck with anything.

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192 yes I'm vampire

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Dam sorry to hear that, life sure can be a bitch. My brothers had appendicitis in their 20s.

*gulp* Does it fucking hurt mate?

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140 according to some online iq test

When it comes to technology nothing really seems to be overwhelming for me. When it comes to talking to people however, it's a different story.

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>Does it fucking hurt mate?
Not really. I lost some use of my body from the waist-down, but nothing too notable. Really I’m just not ticklish anymore, look a little weird when I run, and have a bit of a difficult time getting hard down there.
Your brothers are fuckin troopers. That shit hurts. It started as appendicitis for me (the food poisoning caused that), and then went full rupture after an injury (fell in the restroom while vomiting). Watch your offspring, if you’re biologically related to your siblings, your kids may be susceptible to the same thing as them and potentially as me.

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>Name: Brainlet anon
>IQ: 0
>Brainlet level: 999999999999999999999999

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>180 IQ
>bad with people
>get invited to social event
>full blown panic attack
Average people (in any aspect) can't comprehend how good they get it

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>according to some online iq test
In which situation would you be most likely to suggest said test to your friends? If you scored insanely high, average or insanely low?

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I never did an actual IQ test, but when I was 13 my middle school made us do a test to see which areas of thought we were strong in, then suggested a type of high school (we don't have general high shool in my country, so we have to choose our path at 13).
Most of my classmates had one strong area or two, while I had all of them.
I was apparently blessed with a brain that could do anything, and apparently this is super rare because the lady asked my teacher about what kind of genius I must be, to which my teacher responded that I was actually the worst student.
I never studied a day in my life, was the class clown, and never behaved.
Dropped out the second time I did the 1st year of high school (went to an IT one instead of the scientific I was suggested) and now I'm the biggest failure I know.

Despite being a generally smart and wise person, I'm somehow so fucked in the head that I'm also the biggest moron I know.
I always have good advice for everyone, but then I make the worst choices for myself while knowing perfectly well that they're bad.

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>94 IQ

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sounds about right

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Get diagnosed for assburgers and live off neetbux, that's what I did and in little more than four years I went from my parents finding me laying unconscious on the floor with a broken noose around my neck to having lost my virginity and being happier than ever. I'm dead fucking serious with this, do it before it gets worse, and get therapy. It'll really help.

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130 iq

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What's a respectable test I can take that won't try to make me shell out ₪100 to get the results?

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>live off neetbux
I don't need it. Sold company and built passive income from money. My issues are deeper than that. I tolerate my family 2 times a year when we meet and that is pretty much all interaction I have. Had to fire 7 business assistants, move 3 times because of overly friendly neighbors etc. I cant stand anyone. I met person similar to me 2 years ago. It was great having someone to talk to. He killed himself because he was in great pain (PC). I now feel like only human in world of cats. I like sailboats, always found them fascinating. Im thinking of buying a sailboat and trying to circumnavigate. If it doesn't get better I might just sail straight to the storm.

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140 IQ

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Oh, so you're just a rich brat, you don't have any actual disorders. I'd definitely go sailing around the world if I had enough money to do it. Don't kill yourself, though. Get some family therapy or something if you get to the point of wanting to kys. Or at least if you're going to kill yourself, put me in your will.

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