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What's a normal age to grow out of Windows?

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18. By that time you should have moved onto Mac or Xubuntu.

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Whatever age you are now.
The last thing Windows had going for it was games, and now with proton support will just get better.
But wine still sucks for the majority of titles without incessant tweaking.

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It's just Ubuntu with XFCE. Stop placing undue emphasis on the default DE.

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Games are for children.

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It's normal to experiment a bit in elementary or middle school, but I think most people are a little older when they switch for good.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to grow out of linux freetard bullshit and actually do some work on windwows?

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There is nothing you can do on wangblows that you can't do more efficiently on a free OS.

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Not everyone grows up and becomes gay.

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>do some work on windwows
It's sad that people can become so obsessed with a form of entertainment that, in their minds, they actually think it's "work".

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Dunno, it was 21 for me
But Im sure the proper age is 19 or 18 since I was a bit autistic and failed at college before moving to Linux

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Usually when you start masturbating you get a sense of privacy and get rid of windows'

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So Mac users are gay, Windows users are pajeets and Linux users are real men?

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mac < windows < linux < android
phoneposters will win anon.

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But Android uses Linux.

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Great choice for a pic, OP!
Ritsu Tainaka is my favorite.

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but is it gentoo?

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Based OP

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I don't think you even need Linux for Gentoo.

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>stop using the proper name of this thing!

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Found the NEETs

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that's not very accurate. while it's true that most office workers use windows, it changes with IT personnel
have you ever been on networking? I'm no gnu lover but most emterprises use non-free distros for their servers and whatnot

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what os do girls (male) use?

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Ritsu is a cute boy desu senpai

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is macOS fine? or does it have to be GNU/linux

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>does it have to be GNU/linux
Yes, and Arch GNU/Linux seems to be the most popular among that group.

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The main difference between almost all distros is the software you get out of the box, which is what separates Xubuntu from Ubuntu.
So I don't see the issue with specifying which Ubuntu flavor you're using.

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Fuck this question. After 10 years it gets old.

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