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Microsoft is officially unveiling the name for its next major Windows 10 update today. Previously codenamed Redstone 5, the “Windows 10 October 2018 Update” will arrive at some point in October.

It will include a number of new features for devices, like a new cloud clipboard that syncs across machines, a dark File Explorer, an updated snipping tool, improvements to Microsoft Edge, and performance information in the Xbox Game Bar.

>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad

Microsoft’s naming follows the Windows 10 April 2018 Update that was released earlier this year. Microsoft is expected to conclude development of the October update by the end of September, and it should be available to Windows Insiders by early October followed by regular consumers.

Microsoft is now focusing on its next Windows 10 update, codenamed 19H1. This update will likely arrive in April 2019, and the company has not yet revealed which major features will be included. Testing for 19H1 began in late July, and it’s possible we might see the return of the Sets feature that won’t be included in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

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so prepare your anus windows 10 users

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I will continue to use my faithful Debian however

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>explorer still doesn't have tabs
All these retarded, useless, or misguided features, and they still can't get one fucking thing right.

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Hopefully this doesn't break everything as usual or it's time for my annual win10 reinstall. Bullshit that I have to use this shit software for work.

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Dark theme only took 2 years since it was announced.
What a feat of pure engineering.

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>I'm gay BTW

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How this is relevant to anything regarding this discussion?

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Here's ya' blacked theme, scrubs :^) Enjoy

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But is it fete?

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>windows 10

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>using windows update

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good lord it looks like such fuckinig disgusting messy clusterfuck

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Wait so it does not actually work for things other than file explorer?
Jesus christ microsoft how many decades until there is a uniform dark theme?

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what in the fuck

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>cloud connected notepad

what the FUCK

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Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Now drink your onions, goy.

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>Internet notepad
Fuck you fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU every day you push me closer to Linux. Lucky fucks better count their blessings I'm a retarded fucking gamer

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what the fuck are these poojeets doing?

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>implying anyone ever used notepad and not notepad++
Spotted the plebs

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I've been thinking about making something similar to Dark Reader browser addon but for whole windows.
Should I put effort into it or it will fail?

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>using bloated software

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Blotware or not, notepad++ it's made by a leftypoltard, which is enough of a reason not to use it.

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>Deciding whether to use something by authors, not value
Sounds like you're the /pol/tard here

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leftypoltard detected

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Uh oh you caught me

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>cloud clipboard

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I liked notepad because it was so tiny and efficient for temporarily copypastaing stuff into. Of course MS had to ruin it with botnet garbage.

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Install notepad2-mod

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LTSB 2018 when?

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why haven't you downgraded to 8.1 with classic shell yet? that is if you must use windows.

support for 8.1 will last to january 10, 2023

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Still work in progress.

At least it's not black but darker gray which is way better than the current "dark" that is pitch black.

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In 2019

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> modern notepad
Still no ribbon, wtf!

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>insulting windows
Stop it.

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Just run a script just before the installation to remove all the aids
How is \g\ this incompetent?

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>Redstone 5

Sounds like the MInecraft-Microsoft partnership is really showing

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sharting in a threat

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>so prepare your anus windows 10 users
Nigger, do you even LTSB?

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Do people who say it breaks everything use old hardware or something? I've never had issues.

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Good thing I jumped ship early this year.

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Windows and customization don't fit well together.

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You just need more dedication and skill. For example reverse-engineering the gui stuff (user32) and hooking some internals lets you entirely redesign or redraw buttons, recolor windows and a lot more...

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Daily reminder to pitch in some effort into a distro which is similar to windows 7 to increase the popularity of linux.

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Unironically looking forward to it.

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>It will include a number of new features
>basically just a new dark theme for one app
wew a whole major update for one theme

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> all ur data is belong to us

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what a great reason to stop using windows completely.
fuck you microsoft you're not getting consumer support by implimenting the next new "feature".

pay for solitaire
notepad botnet
activate windows for themes
cortana you can't turn off
obfuscation of important menus and features

really not doing anything for their brand and product besides turning people away.

you don't hear Macbook users complaining that their new version of photoshop is sending all of their pictures of nude traps to the cloud every day .
anyone smart enough to figure out how to install linux never even have that problem.

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>hey lets shit and ruin everything that isn't metro

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here's a pro tip
>arc dark/er theme

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>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad

Wonderful. So glad I ditched windows over 10 years ago

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the funny thing is in 7 and earlier you could make a dark theme via the classic theme for a few minutes
there was also a high contrast theme but it was cancer

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no im not gay or lesbian

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>not using notepad++

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it's called anything with lxde

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>let's be good goyim and work for free for RedHat and valve
And so the lincuckoldry continues

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But any programs but file explorer look completely disgusting.

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also rather than focusing on the real problems that the os has(lol something went wrong) they just try to make new ways to mine data or use your computer in some way. what's next cpu/gpu mining for microsoft?

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>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad
It literally says that nowhere in the article and by the looks of it so many retards on /g/ don't bother checking the source and fall for the bait.
Good job, OP.

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>all this shit for literally one gpedit option

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KDE has had a complete dark UI for years now, and it's developed by a few guys in their spare time

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oh,I got a good laugh too

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Ah yes, disabling Ethernet, an activity I do on a daily basis.

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If you gay your opinion is discarded. Because you have mental illness.

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i see you've never heard of xp gold

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Why wouldn't you? You should disabled Ethernet when you're not using internet.
It's a common sense.
Just like pulling out power plugs when you turn off your PC.

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win xp > 7 > vista(pos) all had very nice themes you where able to change and customize everything.

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Give me one reason why I should.

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You're exposing yourself to hackers!
You should be always offline when not on the internet!

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browsing their website for the proper way to configure it just gave me a new screenshot too

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Just use Notepad++

>> No.67438665

>Why wouldn't you? You should disabled Ethernet when you're not using internet.
Imagine being this autistic.

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>the page for businesses it more detailed than the one for consumers
Nice one retard. There is literally nothing stopping consumers from reading it anyway, as evidenced by your own post.

Also, since when is delivery optimization the same thing as disabling updates you fucking retard?
Did you actually read it before posting?

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File: 97 KB, 1477x972, Disable_Windows_10_Automatic_Updates_Group_Policy-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this retarded

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>cloud clipboard
I'm actually jealous. It will probably be a few years before Ubuntu has this. Also,


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>cloud notepad
Fuck this shit. I'll keep my old notepad exe or use notepad++

>> No.67438889

>one setting
>literally did not disable anything i highlighted
have fun with your stuxnet

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>internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad

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>Dark file explorer
>Still can't preview Adobe files
>Still can't case sensitive

>> No.67438964

>to disable updates you have to modify delivery optimization settings
>being this retarded

>> No.67438974

it's not disabling updates retard it's disabling delivery "optimizations" my pc is still up to date

>> No.67438984

Literally why?

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>win7 user
>use notepad daily because of how light and simple it is
>see thise proposed update for win10
>glad i never downgraded to that shitpile
>moving to linux after support ends, thanks to improved support for gaming

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And still being a fucking inconsistent shit!

>> No.67439009

Windows 10 is becoming very fragmented with all these updates. There is even a Wikipedia article dedicated to it.
When Windows 7 ends support there will be the October 2019 update with April 2020 on the way. How will Microsoft cope 10 years down the line where "Windows 10" has over 20 incarnations.

>> No.67439026

>Ubuntu is becoming very fragmented with all these updates. There is even a Wikipedia article dedicated to it.
What a horrible fucking argument.

>> No.67439033

i shouldn't need to argue the importance of keeping a computer you use on the internet up to date.
also after 1000000x updates it finally stopped crashing when i load all 8 gb of my ram up

>> No.67439037

No, I mean why are you fucking around with the delivery optimization shit?
There is literally no point.

>> No.67439074

>>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad
Where in the article does it say that? "Notepad" isn't even on the entire page.

>> No.67439097

Its bait that several retards fell for because they can't check the source.

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To be fair the onus is on the OP. They linked to the article directly instead of via an archive. It's not fair to assume people are going to click the original link for various reasons. The source should be sanitized by the poster, not the lurker.

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>cloud clipboard
literally spying on every single thing you copy

fuck win 10, fuck microsoft

>> No.67439227

>why haven't you downgraded to 8.1 with classic shell yet? that is if you must use windows.
I'm considering "upgrading" to 8.1 from Win 7 when I build a new PC soon. With classic start/shell will I even notice the difference?

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>he owns a smartphone
>muh privacy

looking forward to the new update desu. they're also removing the ugly accent color border around windows.

>> No.67439251

>he owns a smartphone
I don't though.

>> No.67439255

i wonder if they'll completely brick remote desktop for 3 months and even push to slow ring before fixing it again

>> No.67439262

>removing the ugly accent color border around windows
Elaborate my dude.

>> No.67439263

GTK has had a complete dark UI for years now, and it's developed by a few guys in their spare time

>> No.67439276

>just got over the April update fucking my shit up

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what is with gold and sand niggers

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>> No.67439329

What's it replaced with? Nothing?
Is the actual title bar accent still there?

>> No.67439349

>use notepad for scanlation since it's light and doesn't have any bells and whistles
>this announcement


>> No.67439359

read the thread you stupid fucking retard

>> No.67439363

Oh fuck this better not brick my PC again

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yeah nothing will be there. it looks like this which imo is a lot better

>> No.67439408

Looks better but they better fucking make all the title bars have the transparency effect or its going to look like ass if you've changed it from the default color.

>> No.67439416

Notepad++ fucking sucks, I'm not coding on it, I'm copy-pasting a script to a manga page.

>> No.67439446

no you dumb fuck >>67438254

>> No.67439450

Wait wait wait, they are removing Notepad?? What the FUCK

>> No.67439475


>> No.67439482

so that i notice it less when it's doing shit in the background

>> No.67439490

p sure that'll be in next year's spring update. they're slowly incorporating the fluent design.

>> No.67439505


>> No.67439509

Is it possible to turn off telemetry? I don't just mean setting it to "basic". Someone has to have figured out a way to stop it entirely by now.

>> No.67439522

block through external device (ie pihole)

>> No.67439536

just use enterprise

>> No.67439547

that still doesn't turn off all telemetry

>> No.67439558

don't use windows then

>> No.67439567

I'm just switching back to linux fuck it dude
Realizing that not even pure Notepad will stay pure is the anvil that broke the elephants back.

>> No.67439586

Just realized sets aren't even coming in October, oh well.

Holy shit are you seriously this retarded?
You're changing OS because of some unsourced bait in a /g/ thread.

>> No.67439589

>because one thing is shit I cannot complain about another thing being shit
Wow, the absolute state of Win users.

>> No.67439601

can you show the source code in every part software you use that says your linux distro isn't sending much of the same? or packages you install on it?

>> No.67439610

Stay mad MS fag.
Some people actually care about the software they run on their machines.

>> No.67439619

nigger, I use windows 10, im telling them not to use windows if they're that concerned about "muh telemetry"

>> No.67439631

>requests Bing-enabled Bluescreen

>> No.67439637

I'm not the one changing OS because of literal bait, faggot.
You're probably just falseflagging in the first place.

>> No.67439642

>cloud clipboard
>more cloud!
This is last straw.
I'm installing Linux.

>> No.67439645

I'm not that anon, lel. I'm not using Windows because I'm not fucking retarded.

>> No.67439647

>facebook recording every number and piece of information you ever type into your phone
>even on other apps
uhhhh no

>> No.67439655

Oh, so you just can't read a reply chain before replying.


>> No.67439662

unironically, Amen to this
those fuckin pajeets lost the plot a while back, its all too far gone now

>> No.67439675

what i'm saying is it literally happened with the facebook shit. how thicc are you?

>> No.67439686

Well I've never used Facebook in my life, how is that relevant?

>> No.67439693

Fag I looked it up and saw that the bing shit was true, it's not like everything I do on Windows I can't do on Linux nor is it it like I'm not experienced with both. It's not that big of a deal to me to switch

>> No.67439707

Provide a source or you're full of shit.

>> No.67439712

Ebin strawman. Where does one even begin here, ls won't recommend a fucking bing search unlike a certain shitty file explorer.
Also to where should most Distros phone home? They're not even commercial, what would they gain?

>> No.67439713

you don't have even have had to use it. any app or website or script that's ever been connected to facebook or any datamine affiliated.....

>> No.67439718

Blocked at a router level you faggot.

>> No.67439724

>hurrdurr every day user subbosed to know how to do this

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File: 250 KB, 1439x1333, Capture+_2018-09-03-09-20-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67439732

Literally why should I care about normalfags?

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File: 396 KB, 250x250, ifn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 826 KB, 1293x1062, sipzoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67439885

You like bing being crammed into shit?

>> No.67439893


>> No.67439967

>dark explorer
I hope that doesn't stop people from making custom themes. I like how everything based on explorer's elements also becomes dark.

>> No.67439997
File: 1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 1525359500359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my biggest issue with the dark theme is how they made it literally #000000 instead of making it a dark gun metal like apple did with macos

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File: 2.86 MB, 1280x720, time for your (You)s.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at all these dumbasses, either stupid or just pretending to be stupid to get people to move to loonix.

The new Notepad feature is in the newest beta "insider" version of Windows 10.
Literally all it does is open a new tab on your DEFAULT BROWSER leading to Bing.

So much butthurt and frustration over nothing.
You "people" are pathetic

>> No.67440018

>Nigger, do you even LTSB?
Not him, but i got a WMR headset and I had to move over to current build. I did go for education edition though so not too bad.

>> No.67440022

Black > retarded puke gray

>> No.67440032

triple dubs confirms

>> No.67440046

>WMR headset
For what purpose, 3d lolis?

>> No.67440064

but is it useful idea?

>> No.67440066

based and redpilled

>> No.67440070
File: 46 KB, 294x663, yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, obviously.

>> No.67440078

Why are you quoting me, faggot?
I literally said it was nothing.

>> No.67440105

Notepad++ has had a "Search On Internet" button in their right-click context menu for what, a decade?

>> No.67440107

how can loonix even compete?

>> No.67440124

>VR gayms

>> No.67440125

Only way loonix can compete is by uninstalling itself and installing windows so you can use WMR.

>> No.67440132

Next time you make up a quote maybe try not to fuck the English up.

>> No.67440138

>hurrrrr I've never used VR before
Try it. WMR is literally the cheapest and best experience I'll say. I was against it till I pulled the plug on one and tried it. Every monday I us it with the family.

>> No.67440163

>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad
if true then this is the only real problem
notepad is great for quick edits or viewing of small files
win10 apps take forever to open and frequently fuck up, the photos app is a great example
>takes a lot of time to load the app
>another 15 seconds to load the image
>if you close it before it loads the image it throws an error that it couldn't access filesystem or some shit
>in some rare cases if you close the directory window before the app loads the photo it was from it will also throw the same error
>if the image is huge, viewing it in original dimensions takes forever to render
photo viewer from older windows versions didn't have these issues
notepad was versatile and low impact and present on every Windows machine so this is really going to suck knowing how awful the "modern" apps perform in comparison to traditional programs
it's not that notepad doesnt have any issues, but they could just leave it there for people who want to use it instead of replacing it, the notepad executable is so tiny in size it doesn't matter next to all the 32-bit cruft they still keep around

>> No.67440167

what kind of file browsing are you doing where you need tabs?

>> No.67440181

The 10 photo viewer is dogshit, but it isn't THAT bad. How dogshit is your PC?
Regardless, use Irfanview.

>> No.67440206

tabbed file managers are a meme used by faggots who like to feel like hackers but are too stupid to use mc

>> No.67440261

>wanting tabs
I'd rather see every open folder on taskbar than having to open it and then switch to the tab I need.

>> No.67440278

This is the price we pay for working vsync and scroll wheels in 2018.

>> No.67440314
File: 21 KB, 328x353, 1517483975801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't just just defer it until its more polished if you're concerned about it?
I know you can defer feature updates for up to a year on pro or just change your release cycle to something else.

>> No.67440384

>Cant you just not update?

Enjoy your non-Microsoft botnet when you get hit with a 200-day vulnerability that was patched long ago for people who update.

If you use Windows 10, lube up and enable automatic updates, and be prepared for things changing on you (for better or worse). If you want a stable system use Windows 7 (deprecated) or a stable version of Linux.

>> No.67440413
File: 81 KB, 700x773, delay-or-defer-updates-in-Windows-10-up-to-365-days_thumb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can defer feature updates while retaining security updates, faggot.

>> No.67440436

>deferring updates for Software-as-a-Service

You're getting botnets installed, now or later. Might as well enjoy the new features Anon, because you're getting raped no matter what.

>> No.67440445


>> No.67440452

>look at me quote the whole thread and spout nonsensical whimsical bullshit and completely miss the point.
nice try

>> No.67440459

idi nahui, pidor, ti zaebal.

totally unrelated.

>> No.67440475


>> No.67440487

No, I will never fall to the oonips meme.

>> No.67440498

>look at me spout insane tirades that have nothing to do with the actual features being implemented and miss the point worse than the Mars Climate Orbiter

>> No.67440508

t. bydlo

>> No.67440511

I can't wait to increase my text size again. Fucking microshit remove it on old control panel in 1803 but reintroduce it again in the next iteration.
Fucking hell.

>> No.67440525
File: 35 KB, 640x368, update.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.67440570

Hello! It looks like you want to use Notepad!
And that looks like a phone number we hadnt already logged.
Would you like us to fire up your DEFAULT BROWSER, because, fuck why not?
is 'DB' = Edge.exe?
set 'DB' = Edge.exe
Launch Notepad.exe + 'DB -www.bing.com'
print 'Hello! It looks like you have switched off Telemetry.exe. Are you sure? We have now corrected your error automatically. There is no need to contact Microsoft about this error. Enjoy your day with DEFAULT BROWSER '

>> No.67440582

>How dogshit is your PC?
the apps are bloated garbage and defending them by saying "hurr durr your pc just bad" is misguided and makes you look like a retard
Windows Photo Viewer performed great on single core PCs with 2 GB of RAM, there's absolutely NO reason why a photo viewing app should perform like shit on hardware better than that

>> No.67440589

>It will include a number of new features for devices
>like a new cloud clipboard that syncs across machines
>a dark File Explorer
Could care less
>an updated snipping tool
Don't use, useless
>improvements to Microsoft Edge
Don't use, useless
> and performance information in the Xbox Game Bar.
Worthless junk

>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad
Don't use, don't care

>> No.67440611

>The 10 photo viewer is dogshit
>s-stop defending them!
Are you actually retarded?

>> No.67440621

niggas never happy but also never willing to say what they want Microsoft to do
>inb4 open source
if this is what you want then it's already set in stone that you'll never be happy for the rest of your life

>> No.67440630

>Could care less

>> No.67440646


>new telemetry settings will be added somewhere in the control panel where you cannot find them and they'll be even more confusing than the current settings
>all your old telemetry settings will be reset to default
>new telemetry service running hidden and only when there is an internet connection in order to not distract the average bot from their daily gayming activities

>> No.67440651

etc - fuck, its not difficult

>> No.67440664

epic larp

>> No.67440675

>it's not that bad
>your pc is just shit lol
kys yourself

>> No.67440682

>only when there is an internet connection
anon, I...

>> No.67440698

How in the flying fuck did you get
>it's not that bad
>The 10 photo viewer is dogshit
Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.67440705

>stop forcing useless updates on people
that just shows a striking lack of understanding of how a software company that ships mission critical software works
You're the kind of person who would just never update and then get infected by Heartbleed.
Microsoft doesn't have time to waste PR money to un-fuck you after you inevitably fuck yourself over.

>> No.67440728

Well Gee, I wonder why tech-savvy people would avoid MS 'Updates'..'>>67440646

>> No.67440772

tech savvy just means "somewhere along the curve of mt. stupid"
If you were "tech savvy" then nothing could stop you from doing anything you want and there's nothing Microsoft could do about it.
There's no point in trying to secure or obscure your software from the end-user you're giving your software to. DRMfags constantly try and never succeed.

Instead we hit this nice inflection point where people who are too stupid to set up a router-level firewall and DNS but are smart enough to spout shit they parroted from other dumb birds who only know to sing

>> No.67440780


>> No.67440808

>'mission critical updates'
>'.. a new cloud clipboard that syncs across machines, a dark File Explorer, an updated snipping tool, improvements to Microsoft Edge, and performance information in the Xbox Game Bar..'
pick one

>> No.67440816

Is windows 10 Enterprise worth using?

>> No.67440837

>what is a service pack update
Bureaucracy. Microsoft isn't a startup. Middle-managers can't get away with "just" changing their update system.

>> No.67440847

All of the benefits of Enterprise LTSB but also with the option of getting feature updates without re-installing the entire OS.
Go for it.

>> No.67440859

>Previously codenamed Redstone 5, the “Windows 10 October 2018 Update”
wow, how creative. hiring all the pooskins really had results

>> No.67440870

>next time on Android update CandyCoveredCocks

>> No.67440916

>next time on fedora 69, ubuntu 29.10 and gnu/linux mint 34

>> No.67440999

>improvements to Microsoft Edge
a functional uninstaller ?

>> No.67441019
File: 54 KB, 858x469, img_5abefcae7e262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go my dude
or you can rename the folder to .bak

>> No.67441065

Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_42_etc suddenly appears from nowhere..

>> No.67441183

Surely you joke

>> No.67441368

>have to update the whole distro to get an updated browser or media player without breaking the entire system.

>> No.67441404

all running Linux kernel 38.18.04

>> No.67441422

>running unpatched software
>tech savvy

>> No.67441458

With steams latest update, you probably now only need windows 10 if you have it for work

>> No.67441475

If the software you want isn't in the default repo you must wade through 20 years of outdated documentation and authorize a few possibly malicious repos to find what you want but OMG PACKAGEMANAGER LET ME SUCK RMS BALLS GFHFOPFISDHFS

>> No.67441497

/quotes thread calling out loonix neets for suddenly doing a 180 on gaming now that its viable on Linux

>> No.67441604

>missing the point, October 2018 Update Edition (yours for only 4.8Gb and several frustrating hours afterwards, second-guessing and fixing whatever shit they've fucked up now

The point is, MS is, for 'tech savvy' people, simply no longer worth the bother. Its the law of diminshing returns, its beyond the stage where its worth the bother of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Because, its all fucking chaff.

MS shills and fanboys on places where the average user can be assumned not be a complete retard, and also here, is, 'you know what you are doing - so fix it all, block it at the router, disable this and that..' - like, fucking why? To maybe make the POS 'secure' for another few weeks? Windows fell over, buried under their own mountain of pajeet-tier BS. Its simply no longer worth the bother of having to jump through endless fucking hoops to keep it how YOU want, not how fucking Microsoft thinks it should be. tldr, stick a fork in it already

>> No.67441616

Can't wait for dark mode and clipboard history desu

>> No.67441662


>> No.67441675

This doesn't even work anymore, any update they consider important will be installed anyway, whether you have this policy enabled or not.

>> No.67441710

werks on my machine

>> No.67441717

what update?

gaming has honestly gone downhill now that it's mired in normie bullshit. Haven't played a video game in like a year.

>> No.67441724

I guess the same goes for you tranny.

>> No.67441739

show us

>> No.67441741
File: 24 KB, 563x494, windowscuckdate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you on LTSB? I think this shit came on the 1703 update, but you can't hold all updates anymore

>> No.67441753
File: 75 KB, 750x732, 124846269597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might be buying a new pc soon and will try and install w10.
Is it just buy from shady site, download program to usb, put it in new pc and run?

And is there a /g/ manual to new w10 users?

>> No.67441756

Works on my machine

>> No.67441757

>we're going to save everything you copy+paste to our servers
>we're saving all of your notepad documents to our servers

>> No.67441758

>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad
For what fucking reason. I just want a simple, lightweight text editor that isn't np++. Don't touch my notepad you fucks.

>> No.67441778

I can't, I keep my shit fully up to date, I just like choosing when to install them myself.

Damn, I've never noticed that message before, I'll keep an eye out for it.
Fortunately it still doesn't install automatically anyway.

>> No.67441784

Download an .iso from a reputable source, use Rufus to put it on a USB, use a KMS activator to activate it.

>> No.67441792

>>>/g/sqt has pastebin links/guides for it.

>> No.67441805


>> No.67441806

>Well 'ask' you
>Then, we'll do whatever tf we like
Windows in a nutshell

>> No.67441823

Why do /v/ and /g/ have such a difficult time disabling automatic updates in Win10?

It's literally one group policy setting, it's plastered all over the internet. How do they still manage to fuck it up on 9/3/2018?

>> No.67441866

Like I said before, that GP doesn't work like it did before, some updates are still auto installed. >>67441741

This is of course if you don't disable Windows Update completely.

>> No.67441943

How does it not work anymore? I'm looking at mine right now, Configure Automatic Updates is still set to 'Disabled', I still have to click 'check for updates' manually to get updates.

>> No.67441960

>tfw been using GNU/Linux distros for over three years now
>tfw don't have to deal with Winblows bullshit
I use 10 at work and it blows. Search sucks, every feature update things break, photo viewer is shit. Explorer is pretty good though, I'll give Microsoft that.

>> No.67441975

Is there still a way to disable all the bad shit in win10?

>> No.67442002
File: 1.02 MB, 1000x1475, beta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Download KMSPico from "thepiratebay.org"
>it's full of malware because the version of TPB you visited was compromised at the time

the absolute state of windows fags

>> No.67442008

Have you installed any updates? I can see it working for the first time, but after you install updates, I'd imagine it'd work like the pic where some updates are going to auto install regardless of that policy as of 1703 or 1709.

>> No.67442029

I literally didnt mention thepiratebay anywhere in my post. God job nigger.

>> No.67442049

ok, show me the official download for kmspico that isn't full of malware too

because i googled it and the first result gave me malware when i was trying to install windows 10

ended up cracking 8.1 and upgrading to 10 to get a legit 10 digital entitlement

>> No.67442068

>update is called Redstone
>assistant is called Cortana
So is Windows for professional work or for epic gayming

>> No.67442078

i thought macos and their office suite were free updates these days?

>> No.67442079

I've installed every update and they've all been done manually.

>> No.67442099

You get them from Mydigitallife, you knob. https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/kmspico-official-thread.65739/ You need an account though.

That's KMSPico, there's also MS Toolkit, KMS_VL_ALL, Tool Ghost KMS, or open source shit, like WindSLIC.

>> No.67442101
File: 88 KB, 1024x1024, 1443409170739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah it's an old comic

macOS OS updates are free

It's every other program you have to pay for

>> No.67442121
File: 151 KB, 1000x1169, 1371695216722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he needs to pay $129 or rely on sketchy/shady "tools" to activate his OS

>> No.67442126

Do you not see that same message on your update page?

>> No.67442133
File: 8 KB, 235x214, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a dark file explorer
>improved snipping tool
>improvements to edge
>information in the xbox game bar

This has been developed by 1000+(?) developers for months.

>> No.67442138
File: 79 KB, 293x212, 9fQiQI8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his OS is free

>> No.67442139


is this safe?

>> No.67442149

Because it's a unix most freedumbs software works just fine

>> No.67442162

idk senpai, just make an account on MDL and get it from there.

>> No.67442221

most command line stuff works pretty well, and homebrew makes it easier

graphical stuff not so much, unless there's a macOS version (there usually is)

>> No.67442333
File: 629 KB, 320x240, 1530458501507.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad

dude, what?

>> No.67442376

the windows dev team is the smallest team microsoft has

>> No.67442400

A thorough step above x Creators Update.
But of course, that won't stop your bitching.

>> No.67442416

Try a racing sim and wheel with a VR headset, if you say VR isnt dank after that you're retarded

>> No.67442427

why 129$?

>> No.67442449

For what? Every single update has installed without incident for my machine.
I don't know what the fuck everyone else is doing on their systems to make the updates go so horribly wrong. Maybe it has to do with the programs they have since I only have the browser, video drivers, and audio drivers installed on mine.

>> No.67442462

el bhop scrit
>ebin XD

>> No.67442464

my bad, the *Home* version is $139.00

You're looking at $200 for the pro version if you want to delay (not disable) updates

>> No.67442487
File: 49 KB, 640x368, 1535995282028FIXD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67442491

> Internet connected notepad trying to push the one drive crap
Yet it can't handle tabs and spaces correctly.

>> No.67442501

Or you can just go to school and get it free
You know that thing you dropped out of because you were too autistic and incompetent?

>> No.67442510

so, you be sayin.. you didn't REQUEST this ?

>> No.67442513

>note just using notepad++

>> No.67442541
File: 103 KB, 859x452, edge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not working at all mate

They basically say u might be able to deactivate it, but you totally won't be able to uninstall it.

>> No.67442544

Explorer is the worst part about windows.

>> No.67442551


>> No.67442559

>>Old notepad originally from the year 1993 have been replaced with internet and cloud connected, Bing search capable modern notepad

>> No.67442570

>implying everyone except ol' autistic me can just go back to school
>implying you want Windows 10 for Education


>> No.67442582

I have updates disabled on pro. Why are you spreading FUD?

>> No.67442602

>implying you don't want windows 10 education
Stay mad there are a million ways to get windows 10 free and you fucked yourself out of ALL of them.

>> No.67442623
File: 27 KB, 290x350, wow-its-fucking-nothing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> botnet clipboard
> botnet notepad
> pointless screen capture changes
> the color black
> minor tweaks

So more shit I have to disable and other shit I don't care about.

>> No.67442624

>'I'm Sorry Fritz, I can't do that..'
I actually brute-forced an Edge removal on an ealry Win10. Wasn't pretty, and quite a lot of OS collateral damage fell by the wayside. It also took a fucking age, total autisto mission. Gor rid of the bastard tho, but its literally herpes-tier.

>> No.67442640

>M$ literally wants everyone to be on Windows 10
>M$ offers to make all previous windows owners, regardless if they pirated, into legitimate windows 10 users
>Anons bitch in 2018 that they have to pay for windows 10 because they were too lazy in 2015-2017

>> No.67442651
File: 122 KB, 600x600, 1367088626947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One day you will get updated whether you like it not. It's Windows 10, it's not software you own it's a service you are (not) paying for.

I got Windows 10 for free, it was a hassle. I don't even really want it anymore, but I keep it around for certain games, which I never play.

>> No.67442653

You just fucking know the game bar will be back on by default after the update.

>> No.67442671

ofc a fatass like you would consider everything a hassle
protip: spend less time shitposting and gaming, more time hitting the gym :)

>> No.67442696
File: 188 KB, 927x585, Gaming-Performance-video.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using the game bar
pls dont tell me you use trash like shadowplay lmao

>> No.67442726

wow i'm fat AND autistic and incompetent apparently, I learned a lot about myself from the spurious personal attacks in this thread.

Getting Windows 10 for free is a hassle with many extra steps compared to a decent OS. Not saying that it isn't easy for the average /g/ denizen, just that it's a hassle.

>> No.67442733

Tell me what the game bar does for me that I can't do with in game settings or general windows settings.

>> No.67442751

More FUD, nice job!

>> No.67442786

you're welcome sweetie, oh you're also incredibly insecure and pretend to be otherwise online
reply another time and reveal some more of your personality

>> No.67442796

Use Microsoft Toolkit mah dude

>> No.67442808

record footage, control mic settings
Not all game settings show FPS
there's no need to alt tab into task explorer (or to desktop and then to volume manager) when it's all right there

but i get it, most people on /g/ prefer to do things the old inconvenient way

>> No.67442871

It will be broken and uncustomizable guaranteed.

>> No.67442883


what's going on big guy?

>> No.67443125

man I think if windows was like $40 or $60 microsoft would make more money from it

you think I'm right?

>> No.67443146

I'm sure there's a graph that could be made

more sales at less price might be more money than less sales at high price

but that's why Microsoft has business people figure stuff out

>> No.67443198

Not when the alternative is nothing or literal dogshit.

>> No.67443231

idk, personally I never paid for windows and i've been using computers since 1993

if it was $40 I might have bought 2-3 versions by now

>> No.67443306

The only people (non-business/oem) that actually pay full price for Windows are retards, they're going to pay regardless of the cost and OEMs already pay those lower prices.

>> No.67443431

It’s 20 bucks for the pro version retard.

If you’re not smart enough to figure out how to get a legit copy for 20 bucks then you don’t deserve the low price.

>> No.67443459

>retard for not knowing the sketchy key distribution sites

Show us your ways, oh wise man. We are but lowly peasants ready to bask in the glow of your cheap proprietary software.

>> No.67443553

>looks up dictionary

>> No.67443604

Not them but as long as you're buying OEM keys (normally ~$30 minimum nowadays) you'll have a fully functioning legitimate license.
Or you could just use random 7/8 keys from old machines or whatever, I've done it before with no problems.

>> No.67443892

nu UWP explorer in development

>> No.67443958

you mean upgraded to 8.1?

>> No.67444019

The only thing we need to do now is to create meme that win 10 is unsafe. If normies get hold of it year of the linux is guaranteed. Inb4 normalfags ruining my fav distro, you can still enjoy your obscure distro or fork whatever you want...

>> No.67444046

New LTSB when?

>> No.67444109

2019. Which is bad news for people relying on an unfucked Windows + Adobe, because Adobe just announced, CC would no longer support 1607 (current LTSB) as 'outdated'. Go figure that shit out.

>> No.67444136

Still better than win10 powerpoint shithack

>> No.67444782

t. MCT

>> No.67445021
File: 127 KB, 1600x933, fileexplorerdarkmode_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Microsoft has business people figure stuff out

>nu Explorer is UWP crap

>> No.67445767

>I got Windows 10 for free, it was a hassle
You can literally download the .iso from microsoft.com and install Win10 unactivated for free what are you talking about lmao

>> No.67445783

...your point is?

It wouldn't be activated.

Activation is a hassle, it has been forever.

>> No.67445792

Why would you want to activate it, it works literally the same unactivated

>> No.67445803

>he likes having a watermark on his desktop after 30 days

>> No.67445849

Why are you looking at your desktop so much?

>> No.67445870

because i have a large monitor and don't use a tiling window manager, so i usually put a cute anime character there instead of "PLS ACTIVATE"

>> No.67445947

>Cloud Notepad
Better not copy past anything personal temporarily to Notepad then.

>> No.67445960

Better backup your notepad.exe boys.

>> No.67446477

>Better not copy paste anything to Notepad then
FTFY. annoying fucking pajeet personal data thiief bandit cunts cannot leave anything the fuck alone. No stone unturned.

>> No.67446819

>cloud clipboard
Pajeet is about to monitor A LOT of navy seals copypastas

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