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I'm looking to become a Sysadmin or deal with networking. What kind of laptop would you recommend. Macbook?

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>What kind of laptop would you recommend. Macbook?
nice b8 m8

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Unironically, a ThinkPad. Lots of connections, sturdy in the field, and you'll probably have to deal with Windows Active Directory at some point.

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Are you trying to sysadmin in a Windows or Unix-based environment?

If Unix-based, thinkpad is fine. Macbook if you like that sort of thing (I enjoy mine, expensive though).

Windows? Dell XPS13.

The hardware matters less than what you do with it. You could literally just throw Ubuntu on Chromebook with Crouton and ssh into servers.

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>buy mac
>look like a clueless hipster retard that just buys whatever his tv tells him to like a good sheep
>buy business laptop
>recruiter takes you seriously and gives you job + raise on the spot with a private office

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Nice Pepe you got there

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Whatever your work provides you, faggot.

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There are actually some idiots who believe this adolescent bullshit.

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If you can pay the premium, MacBook is a great choice. I would maybe wait until the 2018 air is released, though -- doubt you need the power of a MBP for sysadmin stuff.

Plus, you know, bootcamp and stuff if you need windows.

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>power of a MBP

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thinkpad x220

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