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Aww man I wish they'd have this offer here in the west as well

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99% of the items in my home are japanese imports, the remaining 1% is german, because tojos can't make steel.

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Is this real
I want it

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another reason to drop intel

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just bought a 2600 in johor.
does that count?

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It is real. These two were in another mousemat already in winter


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How can I get one in the States?

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Sakura version available at my local store, but you need to purchase their GPU. Well, actually I'm just thinking about upgrading my R7 260X.

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You can print your own using /csg/ and >>67418993

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Why intel/Nvdia dont have cute anime waifu mascotes? :(

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>german steel
Believe me, it's chink. You couldn't afford german steel.

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>Sim Lim Square
fuck me that's a half an hour drive

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They would have 80% marketshare overnight. What are they doing?

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>Sim Lim Square

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>On 24 September, a Chinese citizen, Miss Zhou, bought an iPhone 6 Plus from the store, but unknowingly signed a contract for two years of "insurance" costing $2,400, bringing the price of the phone to $4,000. After haggling, Zhou paid $3,000. At the time, online Apple stores were selling a similar product for less than $1,500. The next day, Zhou filed a complaint with the Small Claims Tribunal, which ruled that the shop should refund her $1,010. On 28 October, Mobile Air returned Zhou and her aunt the $1,010, however, the money was returned in coins of all denominations, including five cents, weighing a total of 18 kg. Zhou and her aunt had to pick up the coins from the floor and count them.[18] Mobile Air owner Jover Chew Chiew Loon refused to answer why he had paid in coins, instead blaming Zhou and her aunt for being difficult customers.

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>On 3 November, Mr Pham Van Thoai, a Vietnamese tourist, paid S$950 for an iPhone 6 (...). Pham said that his monthly earnings as a factory worker amounted to about $200.

Imagine being SO FUCKING DUMB that you spend five wages on a fucking phone

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Dunno… I've tried to find a way to get them here in Yurop too

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Different but was ripped from their mobile game and upscaled.

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What are you poor?

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based and redpilled

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