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I just got an iPhone 8... Holy shit it's so slow and jittery wtf? I thought android was supposed to be the slow one

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Why didn't you try it out before you bought it idiot

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More money than brains

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I can return it (and I'm going to)

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post dick :3

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Found your problem.

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I tried one out the other day and wasn't impressed. The touch screen is too sensitive. The keyboard doesn't even have swipe

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Nice tights but lmg you are dumb as brick for having buyed a iPhone

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Fuck off shill, it takes more time because it's more secure.

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Low quality bait
Also you have to be 18+ to post here my zoomer (non) friend

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So my 2gb ddr3 laptop is slower than my 8gb ddr4 desktop cause its more secure?

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>so secure there's a massive security breach EVERY year because street shitters at applel can't even figure out how to mitigate brute force attacks

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nice article did you write that yourself?

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Found your problem.

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Apple have unironically been one of the most significant players in the degradation of western society. They became the gateway to degeneracy when the iPhone was created.

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Technology and the power it wields should never have been entrusted to normans.

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Not the iPhone itself.
I don't like Apple as much as you do, but at least get your facts straight or you just look like an idiot.

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Wow, attention whoring AND circlejerking!

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>t. assblasted ipajeet

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this but unironically

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Interesting that theres an image that perfectly encapsulates my thoughts. saved, thanks

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Therein lies the root of your conundrum.

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>he fell for the iphone meme

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>touching floor models


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