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My gf got vacations and took my notebook with her without telling me. I know that bitch is cheating on me, so I wonder if I can access my notebook with my smart phone to somehow catch her with the webcan. all know is my IP and I have an iphone. Pls guys help me troll that bitch

Pic related, it's her

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Activate the hardware backdoor

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Can't you ssh into your notebook?

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Forgot to add that you could also find some terminal emulator to ssh from your phone. Would recommend to just use another computer though.

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Install gentoo

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If you don't trust her, why not just break up?

Also unless your device is running some shit that let's you actually access it, NAT or otherwise, there isn't anything you can really do.

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Pls guys I need help here

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What is ssh

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When the bitch comes back, break up with her immediately. Take your property back, tell her to get the fuck out. And no, you should've had remote access software pre-installed.

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just accept that you're a cuck and move on like a little loser beta you are

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>Too much of a bitch to just break up
Grow a pair if you're done, fucking be done.

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But I dont want to break up with her
I love her so much
I just want to show that bitch that she can't hide stuff from me

Btw I think I have remote stuff installed in my notebook from the last time I asked here
I installed a remote app in my phone as well

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>IP from the notebook
>IP from the notebook she carries with her

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>all know is my IP
>doesnt know what ssh is

I'm guessing anon knows the ip address for his comcast router or ran ipconfig /all once and knows his local ip. Also I'd bet bucks that he hasn't set up a static ip or ever even done any sort of remote desktop desu

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You're fucked.

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This. Wtf.

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Tell me the IP address and we can talk.

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>>67379005 I think

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I'm in. She's being fucked by an african american male.

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I knew you wont help me you bastards
I will try with hackforums, at least they seem more competent than you

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oh no

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>my gf cheats on me and I love her for it
by chance are you white?

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yes please go!
she may be cheating on you right now!!!

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believe me you don't want to catch her being creampied on webcam, just dump that bitch

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not her fault or his fault your dick isn't big enough white boi

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Right now I'm handling oyur bitch. Her pussy is all wet

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right or left?
this is a serious question

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what the fuck am I looking at

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I know this is a bait thread but I will bite. You would have had to set something up beforehand for this to work. A way to either remote into the machine and monitor activity or a way to stream a live feed from the webcam and microphone. you're either a retard or just shitposting either way you must go back to where to came from ASAP. this board is for /g/amers and consumers who masquerade as technology enthusiasts not cuckhold brainlet larpers

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>what's a gf that doesn't cheat
>doesn't know what SSH is
this lad rite here lamo

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how is he going to know the IP when it's on a random network somewhere? lmfao

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are you speaking from experience?

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> My gf got vacations and took my notebook with her without telling me
When skimming I read vacations as vaccinations and was interested for a second

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Left one. The other one is her best friend, they went on vacations togheter

Stfu I'm already discovering it by myself. When I get to access my webcan I will post it here to show how a bunch of loosers you all are faggets

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>this board is for /g/amers
(not true, by the way)

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>not true
Exactly, it's for larpers and idiots. There's only a few that actually know what they're talking about.

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is this for real or is it an ironic comic?

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you wouldn't necessarily need to know the IP. for something like SSH or RDP you would but there are out of the box solutions out there (think teamviewer) that could allow access without actually knowing the IP assuming the program is set to run at startup.

>not true
majority of threads here shift towards gaymes at some point in the discussion. Intel vs AMD, Nvidia, even Linux threads end up there. /pcbg/ is all larping fa/g/gots saying how they are planning to do "dev' work or some light video editing as justification to why they are including the latest GPU in their build. /g/ should be renamed to /tc/ or something similar, technology consumerism.

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there is literally nothing wrong with being a cuck. It is actually not that uncommon where I'm from (London).

don't knock it till you've tried it.

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based and blackpilled

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Think the original was about a guy's bike getting stolen but most of the text is the same.. so it's just as cuck/cringy..

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