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I'm trying to share a file over the Bittorrent protocol. I need to use a tracker if I'm not seeding 100% of the time. What are some or a one trackers that I can just announce to so I don't need to seed all the time? General file, 300MB .zip file.

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Nice try, Hillary Clinton's IT guy

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sorry, im drunk
anyway, unless somebody else is seeding, a tracker isn't going to help you. Someone needs to be seeding 100% of the time for your torrent to be available 100% of the time
The tracker just helps you connect with the people that are online at the moment

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get a seedbox

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Does it have to be BitTorrent? You could try using 7-zip to split the file and upload to mixtape.moe instead.

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that's annoying and I'm not dealing with the most technically proficient people here
yeah, I know

I have an always-on server for private trackers but DHT is disabled on that so I can't use that

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if you share the .torrent file won't it incorporate any tracker you associate with it?

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yeah but the question is, what trackers CAN I associate it with?

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>that's annoying and I'm not dealing with the most technically proficient people here
If they're using Wangblows then you can make a self-extracting archive. Better to make something they can double-click than teach them how2torrent.

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just google torrent tracker list

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I would recommend DHT, honestly, but I have read what you wrote in the thread.
Not sure what to tell ya, sorry

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So I have a server that's running qbittorrent 24/7, seeding around the clock for private trackers. Because private trackers, DHT is disabled. Can I still use this? If someone downloads off of this, can they still seed?

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I'm not really a /ptg/ guy, but why do you need to disable DHT?

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so people who aren't members of the tracker can't grab a .torrent and download shit, and see who's seeding; it's for security

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Well. Most public trackers use DHT, but you could try making an account for 1337x and uploading there, I think they have their own tracker

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