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Is there anything more patrician than owning Apple stock? My portfolio is 90% AAPL and has earned me $5000 in value over the last year and another $5000 in dividends. After I built my $3000 monster PC in 2015 I still haven't run into a single reason or need to upgrade it much less replace it.

Apple drones are just giving me their hard earned burgerbucks hand over fist for chink junk mass produced by the lowest bidder for the "privilege" of having a fruit logo on their fragile poorly made toys. With all the money they've generously donated to me, I can build a monster quad CPU quad GPU system every year if I felt like it.

This is what it's like to cuck or dominate someone isn't it? I can call Apple cucks drones, retards, sheep, simps, whatever, and they'll continue to lick my feet and pay tribute to me. Feels good being a true patrician owning the only good Apple product, their stock.

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Go back to your containment board >>>/biz/

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>t. SEETHING iCuck

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hey im kinda broke can you buy me a cheap walmart lenovo pc to play nes roms on?

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Think of the innocent chinese children slaving in Applecorps sweatshops.

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If your computer can post on 4chan, it can emulate NES roms perfectly already.

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Only having ~$2k in securities. Fucking poorfags

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Pay more tribute goy.

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based and redpilled

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>t. poorfag

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how will itoddlers ever recover?

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>Earn virtual unbacked money
Patricians buy gold, guns and drugs, not stocks in fashion company for homosexuals.

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Back to the retirement home grandpa.

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>buy gold, guns and drugs

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Imagine being cattle for beaners.

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ITT seething mactoddlers

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>being this mad

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Fuck you I'm posting this from an Atari 400.

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>2000 + 18
>having empathy/morals

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Fake news.

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>Wage slave
>Trusts corporations with his money
>Spends 3k on a hd shit perceptor
>Posting about how "patrician" he is on the internets bunghole

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>t. seething ipajeet

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nice self portrait fatty

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>blows hish cash on chink junk addiction machines
You are a severely autistic and deluded oroboros snake

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spotted the cianigger

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sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll that's all i need fellow boomer

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>t. boomers

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itoddlers will worship this post

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ITT boomers

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Apple babbies are literally seething that their cult is used as what it really is, a money-milking scheme.

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Based and redpilled.

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What the fuck is wrong with white people?

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>white people
Anon, I don't hold any faith in any races but don't embarass yourself.

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I do the same thing but with microsoft stock. It has been treating me quite well, and I think it will weather a consumer spending crash better than apple, as apple is dependent on consumers while microsoft is dependent on businesses and producers more.

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>tfw can't get cucked because linux is free

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Honestly seeing people redirect these posts to /biz/ just makes me want to visit /biz/ even though it doesn't seem to interest me at all.

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Biz is just a containment board for coincucks, no actual business or investment discussion ever happens there.

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I can't stand apple products but singling them out for paying their factory workers nothing is unfair, there's literally not a single consumer electronics company putting out products not manufactured in China/Taiwan

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Other companies are forced to because otherwise they become unprofitable and go bankrupt overnight. Apple chooses to when they don't have to because fuck human rights.

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>mfw buying $AMD at $1.90

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>tfw missed the amd boat

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You should see what my Amazon stocks are doing.

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>he fell for the amazon meme

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>he thinks linux is free

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>Is there anything more patrician than owning Apple stock? My portfolio is 90% AAPL and has earned me $5000 in value over the last year and another $5000 in dividends.

woah bro $10,000 in a mere year from investments go brag on /biz/ i'm sure they'll be impressed there's clearly no better way to make money than buying apple stocks!!!!

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>t. anally annihilated icuck

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dude u have to try /biz/ for like 1 week ull be addicted 4ever. i was a /g/entleman until i found my true home, now i barely ever come here. just get used to the atmosphere it's a lot like /g/, but replace programming languages / software environments with coins and exchanges, and add 100x shilling
otherwise mostly the same socially inept ppl with much more lenient topics. 'off'topic stuff that gets deleted on /g/ in a heartbeat generally survives on /biz/, even if it has nothing to do with 'business and finance', just interesting to discuss it with like-minded individuals. mods are just much much cooler.

it's so much fun.

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>t. shill

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/biz/ 100k EOY

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>monopoly money

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i think you mean "homosexual"

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were u this guy in 2010? keep it up

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forgot link

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so just about inflation level? such win

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>1.22% dividend yield

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How much money do you have in apple right now?

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Living the dream, anon.

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