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>He boots up Windows 10
>10 minutes later, after the system finishes booting, he immediately gets 3 notification adverts of useless apps
>Blue box appears onscreen
>Your computer isn't up to date!
>System updates itself without him doing anything
>20 minutes later, he finally gets to use his system.
>He launches Chrome
>Instant BSOD
>Launches Chrome again.
>After about 30 seconds, he can finally use muh interwebz.
>Gets a virus almost instantly.
>Anti-Virus detects it.
>Anti-Virus tells him he needs to pay 59.99$ to remove the virus
>Virus begins to delete his files and system
>He reinstalls the system
>He wants to play muh videao gamez
>Installs steam
>Launches... crashes... Launches again
>Installs game
>Networking speeds throttled due to hundreds of gigs of personal information being shipped off to Microsoft every second
>Game finally installs after 9 hours
>Finally gets to play
>Gets horrible performance
>aw fuck now I need graphics drivers
>There are 400 different drivers to choose from, but only one works
>Thing is, it doesn't tell him which one works
>After about 3 days, he finally finds the working one
>Plays game
>Gets moderate performance
>99% of CPU is being used up by Spyware.exe
>The other 1% is being used up by SystemBlurs.exe
>His computer sounds like a jet engine, regardless of playing a game or not, due to the constant spyware apps running in the background.
>Computer's fans being 100%'d all the time causes them to fry
>Fried fans cause CPU to overheat and die
>Sir Winfaggot is now out of a computer, and a lot of money
This is the average day in the life of a Windows faggot.

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Um, sweetie, where did Windows touch you?

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imagine being a buttblasted lincuck

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This is the average day of a lincucks user:

>spend entire day trying to make the OS recognize your basic peripherals
>install a real OS such as Windows and actually get work done

Sleek and straight to the point.

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>Sir Winfaggot gets fed up with Windows and tries Linux
>Blazing fast performance
>Amazing thermals
>Better FPS in games
>Can actually write documents without the system crashing
>Firefox doesn't rape his system
>Hasn't gotten a single virus
>But fuck, there's one application he needs that only works on Windows, regardless of WINE.
>Tries to dual-boot Windows 10
>Partitions correctly
>Tries to install Windows 10 64 bi-
>Microsoft only supplies 32-bit on their site
>Tries to install Windows 10 32-bit
>Windows 10 becomes a faggot and wipes whole drive and installs itself there
>MFW this actually happened to me

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>t. SEETHING mactoddler

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I literally had windows 10 become irrecoverably broken after installing synaptics touchpad drivers on an older laptop. It wouldn't even boot, restarting endlessly. Linux automatically detected the same touchpad without any issues.

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u spelled wincuck wrong

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isnt the entire point of a dual boot to isolate the two partitions and treat them as seperate drives
How the fuck did windows even do that

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>A laptop from 2012

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I literally have no idea but it actually wiped my other partition without me doing anything.
>Windows faggot has to deal with retarded drivers in a CD, while the LMR just plugs and plays
>implying Windows is competent enough to actually get anything more than scribblings on MS paint done.

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>Install Windows once
>Updates once every six months because I told it to
>Never have a BSOD
>Chrome works fine 99% of the time
>Steam never crashes
>CPU usage hovering between 2 and 6% idle
>60FPS on every game

I can't be the only one, right?

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Same for me except I never go above 60fps or maybe 35 because my GPU is from 2006

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>Being this retarded ever.

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Note that the memory usage is because I have like twenty Chrome tabs, an IDE and Microsoft Word open.

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Nobody gives a fuck about your GPU or it's performance, and it wasn't relevant to anything being discussed you fucking autistic retard.

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>Boots up Windows 10
>hits login screen in 1.2 seconds
>Logs in, immediately has full desktop ready to go the second I hit enter
>system update is ready to be downloaded, starts working in the background, only visual change is 'update and shutdown' instead of shutdown
>Spools up vm for visiting questionable sites, lol woops got a virus, nuke the vm and start again in 10 sec
>Wants to play some vidya
>Boots up steam, launches game with no issues
>Spent one minute looking for a script to turn off telemetry and block domains in hostfile, so speeds are fine
>Game installs in seconds after download
>Easy 150 FPS with a three generation old card in a modern game
>Driver installs without any issues or problems
>Not being an autist and not downloading anything and everything like the old limewire days means 99% of my 8700k is free when I'm not doing anything
>Homebuilt PC is whisper quiet because fan curves are set up and I don't install a shitton of bloatware

ohai, I'm a Windows/Ubuntu faggot, how ya doin

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Once I was booting Windows 10 in a VM and the power went out. It never booted again, had to reinstall.

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>he thinks he can remove all windows spyware with a simple application

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Fugg the image didn't attach

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Windows 10 is the only OS that I've had just "break" and require a full reinstall. Never had that problem with any previous version of Windows, nor Linux.

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>he's a paranoia fag

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>Works on my machine

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top kek 10/10
would read again

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See, it just works.

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As a wincuck I can confirm this is how my life is.

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Accurate for the most part, it legitimately takes 5 minutes to load this shit OS, reminds me of using XP on my old Dell prebuilt in the early 2000's.

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you must be really buttblasted to type all this shit out lmao

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Jesus christ why wincuks hate themselves so much?

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>make Windows install disk so to fix Windows boot loader I buggered up installing Linux
>plug in, reboot system
>straight to grub2
>reboot again, sweet bios to boot usb drive first
>straight to grub2 again
>reboot, mash function keys till get to boot option menu
>pick usb drive
>straight to grub2 again
>reboot again
>won't go past motherboard logo
>all function keys do nothing
>can't even into bios
>have to pull hard drive out for it to enter bios
>end up using Linux install usb to reinstall
>never touch Windows again

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What I'm supposed to do OP?
I'm too much of a brainlet for lunix

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>use linux
>still get chucked by windows

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If you're a newfag to Linux, go elementaryOS. It's easy to use and it's what I started out with.
Here's a simple guide if something goes wrong
>I can't install a .deb
Type "sudo apt-get install gdebi" in Terminal, this will install an application to allow you to use .debs
>It's erroring when I try to install something via Terminal!
Search engines are your friends, look up the issue, 99% of times it will have a solution
>But I have Windows apps I wanna use!
WINE exists, and try to force yourself to use Linux alternatives, and try not to touch Windows if at all possible.
Doing these will make your Linux experience the best ever.
Also be sure to customize your system to make it your own. I recommend the Moka icon pack.

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thanks to that anon for recommending windows embedded 8.1 industry pro so I don't have to suffer like OP.

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You freetards all tell bullshit like this, but the real problems begun when I tried Gnu/gentoo/autism/loonix, I couldn't set up the internet connection unless I installed a specific driver, which I'd have to get from the site, so I had to do that on Windows, then reboot into loonex and figure out how to activate it. The drivers rely on a shitty script that works 30% of the time, can't even make that up. This wasn't a problem on my netbook, but performance was even worse than windows 8, fuck. Constant lag, CPU overload, long responses, ugh.

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cute samefagging.

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>he blames his autism on linux
Linux literally installs the drivers for you. How do you fuck that up?

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windows is salty about you installing other OS' on the system.

One time i tried installing Debian but because i forgot to DBAN the hard drive, despite overwriting the windows partition, the windows kernel promptly bricked the entire computer and gave me a big "fuck you" blue screen with a ":^)" face.

I managed to remove it after i DBAN'ed the drive, but somehow the remaining header byte is still slightly corrupt and won't let me update the system.

Fuck windows, cancer is preferable to that dog shit.

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I once got a simple cheap laptop from online to install Linux on it, I did everything right but Windows got pissy and destroyed the SSD

>> No.67351601

>he trusts windows corp
>he things windows corp is that dumb

>> No.67351657

remember anon: always nuke the drive with DBAN before installing linux, otherwise winshit will fuck ur shit up

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>butthurt about windows 10
>install ubuntu
>work alright out of the box
>lot of screwing around to fix tearing and mouse acceleration
>figure out how to do it
>no more problems for a month
>update system
>can't use mouse and keyboard
>pulseaudio randomly stop working
>xorg frozen until i switch to another tty and back
>can't unfuck half of this bullshit
>reinstall windows 10
Next time i'll use either debian, centos or slackware, fuck updating the OS almost nothing good ever come from doing this.

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>winfaggot tries out linux mint
>noevau erros plaster the screen
>winfaggot has to hard reboot

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>Linux literally installs the drivers for you
No it doesn't, you laptop cuck. On windows I plug shit in and it just works, here I have to summon demons for basic functionality, only for freetards to then come and tell me what I went through wasn't real. Stallman, Torvalds and others behind linux are abysmal autists who refuse to use the power and opportunities that capitalism gives them in a capitalistic society just because "muh free software". Linux would not be such a mess if there was a team of devs behind it with consistent paychecks because the software that they produce is given out at value that is enough to compensate their spendings/work. And with a marketing team, Linux would actually take off and would get wide support across all industries.

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>On windows I plug shit in and it just works
fuck off you micro$hill, literally anyone who has used windows for more than a week knows that's false

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If you're running supported hardware the drivers are baked into the kernel and should just werk, the only exception is probably proprietary graphics drivers which still get installed by any normie distro.
If you have some obscure unsupported wireless chipset too bad, use windows then.

>Linux would not be such a mess if there was a team of devs behind it with consistent paychecks
Pretty sure the vast majority of kernel devs are paid.

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>get fresh ssd
>it needs an OS
>install windows 10
>literally every driver that was needed was auto installed
>everything works
Drivers aren’t hard now nor where they ever hard. Only people who complain about drivers are idiots who haven’t used modern windows 10 or are too fucking dumb to know what’s inside of there PC

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>win 10 slow as fuck 1.5gb bloat at start
>move to linux
>quick starts
>no random lag
>no pop ups telling me to try windows "apps"
>one big problem
>pen stylus doesn't work because intel jew proprietary
>have to go back to bloat bullshit intrusive windows 10 because drawing
fuck windows 10

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>on windows i plug shit in and it just works
At least try to make your lies believable, microjew employee.
I never realized how much Linux babied me until I reinstalled windows and I spent half an hour testing cables until I realized ethernet drivers don't just werk

>> No.67352040

None of this shit ever happened to me, you're just too much of a brainlet to use Windows

>> No.67352049

Okay give me a singe example of Windows 10 failing you. I have a disc of unusual type and sometimes, it causes a black screen when pulled out before a proper error message is given, in case the DVD drive does not support certain rare formats. That is how specific you have to get for Windows to fuck up.

>> No.67352062

>I’m too retarded to know what Ethernet chipset I have so I can go to the venders site to get drivers

>> No.67352079

Didn't windows "just work", jew? What's the problem?

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I don't know what happens after 8.1. I guess I'll probably just kill myself.

>> No.67352137

Don't kill yourself, buy a Window 365 subscription instead.

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Literally if I walk away from the system for about 15 minutes it will crash itself, causing me to force reboot.
The fact that it doesn't like dual-booting any system that isn't Windows
The thermals are horrible. Windows 10 idling sounds the same as the same machine with elementaryOS playing a game.
Not to mention it lags like crazy
The UI is horribly designed.
The stock applications suck like ass
It's slow
>no fullscreen notifications
Missing simple features that every modern OS has
Literally the built-in unactivated mode has obvious ways around supposedly locked down stuff
>paying for an OS
Stop defending this piece of shit, I'm certain you poomen would know a lot about shit.

>> No.67352151

Had a similar problem the other day.
>back up all my data to an external HDD I got after my grandma passed away
>after encountering issues installing Debian I finally got everything I wanted setup
>go to copy data off of HDD all to find out the unlocking software on the device is Windows and MacOS only
>can't figure out how to get data off the device because of being a massive retard
>say fuck it and get rid of Debian partition and go back to Windows for some dumb reason
This time I plan on trying every piece of major software in a VM before going for a VM.

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>half of the replies ITT are OP larping

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Faggot, all my posts usually have a reaction image with them, and they all start with
Plus, I have a very unique writing style.

>> No.67352180

Worked for me just fucking fine but even when it doesn’t work it’s not difficult to find proper updated drivers wether it be Windows 10, 7, XP or even 98. I’ve never failed at finding drivers for any PC as long as I knew what was inside of it

>> No.67352195

You're doing great.
t. NSA

>> No.67352203

>hes still going on

>> No.67352227

Linux has better driver support, sometimes it's freedums can be annoying though
>Buy $1500 gaming laptop with no OS
>It actually comes with the Endless distro
>Boot it up, it's in fucking 640x480
>After some troubleshooting remember I have to install nvidia graphics
>mfw most people would just send it back or BUY windows over this

>> No.67352274

Found the pajeet wincuck

>> No.67352286

Same except I wake up from the fantasy

>> No.67352458

>hur dur windunga crash on me. me feel anger, me see crash every much
Bullshit? Exaggeration? For me it works fine even if I keep the shit on for days. What kind of machine are you even using, I have a toaster from 2010 and it works without an error.
>big metal smart rock make loud scary noise. grug not like
I have no idea how Windows is directly responsible for "louder" idling, since it's the hardware heating up and fans making the noise. It is true that Windows has more background processes, but so it has wider functionality. And I bet TempleOS games would beat both W10 and Linux in terms of loading the hardware, but that just proves that for more functionality and/or graphical quality you have to pay with more computations.
>The UI is horribly designed.
Alright, here's a good one. If they ditched this whole Xbox colored square bullshit and just went with the "win 7 but more minimalistic and modern" theme, it'd be perfect.
>The stock applications suck like ass
Kinda. Paint 3D is pretty good though.
>It's slow
Define slow. To me it seems fast enough. Definitely faster than linux with its drivers I have to set up each time over USB to get a slower connection because the other Wifi connector just won't work.

>> No.67352610

> have no internet, need drivers
> the drivers are in the internet

>> No.67352683

>what is your motherboard's driver CD
>what is having the drivers before hand
>what is putting those drivers on the boot media you use to install windows
>what is having another PC if somehow you forget and fuck up everything

>> No.67352747

>I have no idea how Windows is directly responsible for "louder" idling, since it's the hardware heating up and fans making the noise.
Post discarded.

>> No.67352766

>not running windows in a virtual machine
It's only way that the virus can be properly quarantined

>> No.67352779

>Boots up Windows 10
>Only takes 25 seconds so no time to get coffee
>Clean desktop with bullshit because he turned it off
>Launches Visual Studio, the best IDE ever created
>Gets paid $120/hour because he uses whatever tools and languages are required
>Everything just works
>Finishes work early, time for some world class games
>Since windows has the best performance he gets 120 FPS

>> No.67352788

5 minutes ago you were saying you would go to "venders" site and that you were not retarded.

>> No.67352800

all 6 of my computers had every driver just work with windows 10. 5 of 6 required fucking around for hours in linux.

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Sadly, the tool I wanted to use (Hammer map editor) doesn't run well when virtualized.

>Windows has the best performance
Yeah no, my machine gets so much better performance running Linux than it does running Windows.
Not having a bloated, spyware infested operating system does wonders to performance.

>> No.67352822

>boot up Windows
>loads pretty quickly
>desktop loads pretty quickly
>click on firefox
>4 hours later it launches
Can someone explain why this happens, I never have this problem on Linux

>> No.67352881

Aside from the 60FPS part, literally this.

>> No.67352891

it's obvious, it's because windows is unoptimized as hell.

>> No.67352924

>if there was a team of devs behind it with consistent paychecks
But anon, Google and other corporations that use Linux literally pay people to work on the kernel

>> No.67352929

I'm pretty sure the desktop load "cheats", it tries to get something on your screen long before it's actually done loading. You're just waiting for the desktop to really load first.

>> No.67353178

the motherboards driver CD is enough to get up and running and connected to the internet and when your OS is setup then go get updated drivers or you could just have those drivers on hand when you install windows
There is hundreds of things you can do so you won't be stuck without internet if for some reason your Windows install media doesn't have the networking drivers you need.
Its only really an issue when you do shit like install Windows 7 on skylake or something

>> No.67353273

You fucker, I just wasted my time checking if it was true that they only offer 32 bits installs, just because it sounded retarded and I was already laughing, they actually offer 64 bits, why would you lie on the internet? The buttons are like 1cm appart on my screen.

>> No.67353295

Sure is LARP in here...

>> No.67353321

good bait, ill bite
>not using LTSB
>le bsod meme which is outdated now, unless you have an unstable dust for a computer
>viruses aren't even that common anymore, plus you have common sense and adblocks
>le terabytes of telemetry, which IS valid but massively overexaggerated
>never happens unless youre a pre-built illiterste
>task manager kills spyware.exe
>blaming software for your chink "cooling systems"

>> No.67353375

It's a shame your windows copy was illegally downloaded so you can't let windows update get the drivers automagically for you, anon

>> No.67353489

My machine does have a good performance when there's no software to run, I'm not just making screen fetches for meme threads

>> No.67353561

This fucking board, I've never before felt like defending windows, but look at this shit, I though you knew how to use a computer, and then these fags can't even install a fucking driver, also, there's no such shit as Linux working oob, there's always a lot of stuff needing attention, and every update is a risk click, be real, there's no one getting paid to shill Linux here, it's okay if your OS of choice is a pain to install and maintain, no one could care less

>> No.67353838

>tfw windows 7 master race

feels good being able to have control over my system while not having to manually do all the menial bullshit
its the perfect compromise between linux and apple, enough freedom to enjoy what you want while enough automation to have a reliably operating computer, macfags and lincucks eternally BTFO

>> No.67353866

Enjoy your <2 years of remaining support

>mfw in same position as you

>> No.67353876

Windows 8.1 Embedded doesn't have this problem.

>> No.67354007

i mean its superior to every windows version after in that they all try to mimic macs by separating everything into random places and taking away your control
with windows 7 its all relatively centralized via windows button
and on top of that you can download other programs to give you an even higher degree of control and efficiency
truly the master race OS

>> No.67354615

>they actually offer 64 bits
Not when I checked it. The download hadn't existed for a long time. Maybe they do now, but it's nearly impossible to install on any system due to it's file size

>> No.67354731

Why are pepecopters flying through wojaks head hole?

>> No.67354791

Cause why the fuck not

>> No.67354878

So is this the technology board or just a place retards go to tell each other false and exaggerated stories that make it obvious they have no idea what they're talking about?

>> No.67355065

Is it wacom? That shit has drivers you can install.

>> No.67355076

Imagine being an insecure Archbabby.

>> No.67355130

>going any further than Windows 7
People that do that actually deserve what they're getting

>> No.67355183

I thought about installing Linux for a long time but never bothered to do it. Until I bought a laptop that had Windows 10 pre-installed, that is. As soon as Windows 10 launched and I realized just how disrespectful it was of my privacy (which happened about one minute later), I decided to install Linux. Now I dual-boot that computer, and am thinking of completely wiping Windows 10 off it.

>> No.67355283

Just be sur to use DBAn after wiping Windows from your drive. I'm not 100% sure on how it works, but it's good at helping with anything Windows can do to fuck up your linux after you uninstall it

>> No.67355351
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>tfw doing an interview test on a laptop with windows 7
>when I'm 90% done and already gone over the loose time limit it closes everything and starts a windows update

>> No.67356719

No use preaching here son. These manbabies are actually incompetent enough to fuck up a windows installation. They lack any common sense to not browse suspicious pages and fuck up to the point that it gives worse fps for games in windows than linux. Had there been no manuals, these lincucks would become an endangered species.

Everytime anyone complains about viruses and slow PC, I install elementary/ubuntu for them and they never run into any problem anymore. Linux for everyday use is for retards and technologically incompetent fucks. Anyone who doesn't use their linux machine as a server or headless workstation should be sterilized, but then they are incapable of breeding with their shriveled up tools.

>> No.67356734

What type of potato are you running if W10 takes 10 minutes to boot up?

>> No.67356858

10 LTSB is a diamond in a world of coal

>> No.67356925

A thinkpad

>> No.67357417


I am this way, until I do something stupid like messing with registries, changing my boot drive with a cloning tool, or something dumb like that.

>> No.67357440


I've never had a 10 minute boot, not even on my tech-retarded parent's pc that runs on a WD Green HDD

>> No.67357475

I agree linux is nice, but you have to have some high level of autism to believe this is true.

>> No.67357708

man I love me some windows vs linux threads

the bread and butter of /g/

>> No.67357842

so this is the just werks TM microsoft experience?

>> No.67357966

Thanks for the tip, anon

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>> No.67358197

Dont believe thats ever happened to me before. Im going to guess you're an iToddler?

>> No.67358368


>> No.67358406

works on my machine

>> No.67358484

Lincuck virgin

>> No.67358592

windtards seething

>> No.67358788

>He is too brainlet to make his own, custom ISO free of all of the bullshit
OP comfirmed for faggot, once again

>> No.67358822


>spend entire day trying to make the OS recognize your basic peripherals

wot? Mate this isn't 2008, you know linux works out of the box on 99.99% of hardware?

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>Use windows
>Boots up in 30s
>takes 10mins for muh botnet to initialize
>basically cannot rely on it for shit until it sits for around 10-15mins
>Finally finishes waking up
>winders needs to update
>Restarts the system automatically

How the fuck do you wincucks defend this shit?

>> No.67358914

Okay, I get it. You may not like windows 10, I'm not very fond of it too. But how do you retards not turn auto updates off?

>> No.67358980

>install ubuntu
>works nicely
>try out some other DEs
>they work well too
>one day GRUB randomly has a MATE skin
>1/2 chance of seeing "YOUR SYSTEM IS RUNNING IN LOW GRAPHICS MODE" when booting
>visuals are not impacted at all, but wifi doesn't work
>decide to try KDE once
>decide i don't like it, log out and uninstall it
>no desktop manager, boots to CLI
>reconfigure desktop manager
>try lubuntu's LxQT session
>doesn't fucking work, seems to only be basic openbox
>no way to logout so need to modify conf files to switch to another DE that works
>go back to mate
>tray icons and global menu randomly crash
Loonie is nice and all, but it's also nice to use Windows and not have to spend half of the time fixing shit that's broken

>> No.67359016
File: 72 KB, 1366x768, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>updating winblows
>purposely letting them use you as a test subject for terrible """"security patches"""" that make your system less secure

>> No.67359037

Same shit happened to me but with Windows 8.1, I think it's happened since then.

>> No.67359083

fuck windows i wish i could use other os but i cant.
>sudde bios update popup
>click continue
>the new bios is fucked
>cant pass the user part without the screen going suddenly black.
fuck this reeeeee

>> No.67359552
File: 294 KB, 1024x768, 1502514574460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I reckon that there is software in windows that detects non-window software and deletes it.

Once my friend used a workspace laptop with win7 but needes win10, so he made a live Bootable. It booted and all worked fine until the next user turned the laptop on: it would not boot and there was a BIOS error reporting that an OS could not be found. Win10 had deleted win7.

>> No.67359621

I'm a brainlet and I use linix. It's not that hard.

>> No.67359664

I'm actually experiencing the reverse. I needed to reinstall the win bootmgr because somehow kubuntu removed it.

>> No.67359665

>install windows 7
>it just works
>7 years since installation, still no problems
end of story

>> No.67359678
File: 123 KB, 572x303, 1534570192810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cmd prompt flashing on screen for half a second and computer starts revving up menacingly. disappears when i open up task manager. did i install a bitminer on my pc

>> No.67359709

>>get fresh ssd
>>it needs an OS
>>install windows 10
>>literally every driver that was needed was auto installed
>>everything works
>Drivers aren’t hard now nor where they ever hard. Only people who complain about drivers are idiots who haven’t used modern windows 10 or are too fucking dumb to know what’s inside of there PC

and to learn basic English.

>> No.67359908

if you install several end-to-end DEs with all their extras at the same time of course this will happen because they are all trying to set everything up for you and conflict. if you just want to try a DE use a live disk or a vm

>> No.67359924
File: 347 KB, 500x500, 1534460840484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm on Windows 10 pro with an SSD. It boots up instantly and I get no ads ANYWHERE. I also haven't had a system update in like 2 weeks, or a BSOD since I got a new motherboard and CPU and was testing out overclocks.

>> No.67361273

My biggest problem non paranoid freetard with Windows was Nvidia drivers and that problem followed my to Linux. I imagine now that I can install an Ubuntu terminal on Windows 10 I'd be able to do my work just as easily, but my current distro, Solus is a dream to use and I don't play games so I don't have a reason to go back. Also I'm a paranoid freetard that shares a birthday with Richard Stallman.

>> No.67361495
File: 74 KB, 256x252, 1484925281089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Boot up linux
>NSA wants to spy on you
>ThinkPad camera has no driver

>> No.67361522

>on work computer with winshit 10
>run ancile script
>some shit like ms teams breaks
>cpu running high
>ram nearly maxed
>try to close the cpu eating tasks
>realize its because winshit can't phone home so it eats all the resources it can to do so
>have to clear routing table
>have to clear hosts file
>everything goes back to normal
I hate this telementry ridden piece of shit operating system. I want to go back to win7 if it means I can still get work done and have more resources to run GNU/Linux in a VM.

>> No.67361623

This. I have experienced all of this with a gaming laptop of all things. Lincucks must be installing 10 on potato machines.

>> No.67362147

windows 10 demands more resources than the previous windows versions did. Of course these gaymen laptops will be able to handle sending telementary and personalized info all the time, because the retards that buy them have enough of a disposable income to also buy good internet service to speed up those telementary services.

>> No.67362168

When my students ask for help with their weird terminal emulators (MobaXterm, Putty). I haven't used a Windows OS myself since the late 90s and the new versions overhauled the interface a lot so I can't help them too much.

>> No.67363159

The amount of FUD in this itt is ubelievable.

>> No.67363355
File: 69 KB, 638x746, 1532022282218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>install linux
>.. done
>boot linux
>blank screen and mouse cursor
>30min of Googling
>ctrl alt 2
>LOG in
>startx - - - depth=24
>boots to gui
>go to connect to wifi
>no adapter available
>connect a network cable
>try all my wireless adapters, neighbors adapters, all the ones at bestbuy, find one that works
>have to change the os to non free and install Broadcom firmware?
>wireless works
>ethernet now works too after more Google
>install some things
>apt get somehow breaks
>try to watch a video on it
>it plays 1fps and there is no sound
>fix aptitude
>install some kind of gpu firmware from some shady third party
>spend about 2 weeks of time to get sound to work
>now trying to install some kind of software and it won't work because it's 32 bit only?
>follow a guide to add 32bit multi support whatever so it can run 32bit software as well
>after typing in the comand, the computer tells me to type in "yes, do as I say" or something
>do that
>it immediately starts removing everything
>screen eventually goes blank
>wait 30min
>force restart
>no longer boots

>> No.67363433

>he boots up linux
>it fails to initialise video drivers
>freezes on black screen

>> No.67363449

The funniest joke in your post is thinking windows only takes 20 minutes to update. I've got an NVMe 960 Pro on skylake-x and it takes an hour on the major updates. How anyone on the Windows Update team still has a job is beyond me.

>windows system restore copies the entire windows directory (about 30GB of IO) for every update
>just so you can rollback (because these updates are that poorly tested)
>all this IO runs through the windows defender service, even though it's being performed by trusted services.

If they're going to pull shit like this at least make ReeeeeeFS bootable so you can instantly instantly snapshot the system directory, like my BSD installs have been doing for decades.

>> No.67364084

sounds like arch

>> No.67364166

>on the major updates
literally twice a year and are often actually substantial

>> No.67364289
File: 90 KB, 953x1236, IMG-20180730-WA0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm high as fuck and this made me laugh out loud

>> No.67364536

Is that why updates are so slow? I'm using Win7 and installing 3 "important" updates took like a half hour on a fast pc.
It's staggering when you think of how much a modern pc can actually do in that time. And that's not even the "creating restore point" step, it was mostly spent installing some .net update. What the fuck are they doing to take so long.

>> No.67364632

>CPU usage hovering between 2 and 6% idle

If it's idle, it should be 0.1%

what the fuck is the computer doing 24/7 that it idles at 6% cpu usage

>> No.67364679

>what is your motherboard's driver CD
it's 2018 nobody has a cd drive anymore gramps

>> No.67364718

Not him but when my computer idles all the usage % comes from Task Manager and Antimalware Service Executable.

>> No.67364744

When I had that happen to me I immediately turned off my computer, booted into linux, pulled important (but loseable) files over to the linux partition as backup, as well as moved them to a laptop via usb, unplugged the ethernet, then rebooted into windows to see what would happen.

It was ransomeware and encrypted my windows files

>> No.67364755

>NSA installs driver for you
thanks nsa

>> No.67365075

did MS actually invest any effort at all on windows 10 usb install creation? like jesus christ linux had this down 10 years ago

>> No.67365343

Yes because shit-tier case manufacturers decided that a pane of glass is somehow more useful

>> No.67365358

Its so simple. When you got the willpower and the average IQ to learn about the machine you're using and manage every piece of software on it the way you really want,linux installation wont be hard. Hiccups and mistakes can happen in any new OS installation and now there is one big , BIG difference. Installing linux and smth goes wrong? You either fcked smthing urself cause u are used to download shit without noticing what it really is as a windowsfag. Have software problem with gnu/linux? Blame the software and how it supports the kernel, dont blame the kernel. But..windows installation and software went bad? Shit OS development,fully bloated and with spyware.

>> No.67365401

I know.
Windows is fucking garbage.
Thank you based Stallman.

>> No.67365411

I had similar, tried to dual boot Ubuntu with windows and ubunut keeps crashing on install even after 4 hours or tech support. I gave up.
Windows 10 for lyfe

>> No.67365456

Turn off "fast startup" in windows power settings

>> No.67365970

He wouldn't boot into a screen with a mouse cursor or startx available on arch.
>apt get
>sounds like arch

>> No.67366045

As someone who used windows 10 for a few years, I can say that's wrong. Even if Windows 10 is an unstable and annoying to use piece of gargabe

>> No.67367675

Despite what people say you cant deny that windows 10 is literally the easiest OS to install ever not loading screens, no driver issues, no bullshit just pop a USB in and go !

>> No.67368249

vm's can be exploited stupid

>> No.67368334

Imagine being autistic about operating systems. If you can't handle literally everything on the market and make it useable you are a brainlet.
If you care what other people use, you are a brainlet.

>> No.67368809

but how the fuck do you get it on usb?

>> No.67368972

>spend entire day trying to make the OS recognize your basic peripherals
But you're describing Windows anon. Basically everything including your toaster Just Werks on Linux without installing extra drivers, whereas you have to go download drivers for even the simplest things on Windows, like a network adapter. Extra fun, you can't access the Internet to download drivers since the network adapter doesn't work.

>> No.67369583

Windows 7 doesn't do that, your PC is fucked

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