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Macos is the best OS,
>it just werks ™
>the power of unix
>aestethiccs out of the box
>that font rendering
>virtually compatible with all linux programs
>parallels is the closest thing to having windows in a Linux environment
Not talking about mac/apple hardware

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>font rendering
from what i've seen, the macos font rendering looks all smudgy and unsharp

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>power of outdated unix tools
>y2k-tier filesystems
>bad clone of BSD with mismatched kernel
>8000% markup on last generation hardware
>still no mac mini refresh

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Member of the fruit cult found.

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>vendor lock-in
>apple id requires all personal data about yourself
>walled garden (to some extent)
otherwise its light years ahead of windows and kilometers ahead of linux

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You're using the wrong display. It looks great on HiDPI displays.

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That you need a high-dpi for fonts to look okay is NOT a quality of the macos font rendering
In fact it demonstrates how poor it is

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I think anyone reasonable will agree that it's leagues ahead of Windows, but calling it the best is a stretch.

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Any OS renders great fonts in 4K, poo in the loo iPoojeet.

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>>it just werks ™
Citation needed. Mine sucks at connecting to jewtooth. Sometimes USB drivers crash and have to restart. Begs for system updates all the time. Xcode, not even once. .DS_Store files up in my directories, fuck finder DESU. Program minimize and close buttons are on the stupid side. SIGN INTO APPLE ANON, IF YOU DONT SIGN INTO APPLE ITS A CRISIS. Hurrr Safari yes use our browse goy. "pip install awscli"?, lol fuck you we have uninstallable .py packages justfor your INCONVENIENCE.

I mean I still use MacOS but its definitely not the best OS. I vote for Fedora tbph familam, *tips Fedora*. But I also havent used Fedora in a long time. Windows 10 is ok for some things but god damn does windows piss me off sometimes.

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>Mine sucks at connecting to jewtooth.
>DS_Store files up in my directories
>fuck finder DESU

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>smudgy and unsharp
There's a setting for that, turn it off. Though to be fair it's the high pixel density more than anything that gives the good fonts, that and the god-tier helvetica-neue font variations.


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Even windows font rendering looks great on HiDPI displays. It is the most trivial way to increase font rendering quality, add more pixels.
If your fonts look only good on HiDPI displays then the font rendering is infact pretty shitty.

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seriously what's the deal with finder? this is by far the worst file explorer I've ever used since the new millenium.

well maybe old nautilus back when clicking a folder was opening a new window was worse... but that's all I can think about.

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What are peoples' problems with finder? I find it easier to navigate than windows explorer, only fault I can see is the lack of a shown file path.

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>only fault I can see is the lack of a shown file path
guess theres no faults in your eyes now

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>command™ key where literally everyone else uses control
>stinkpad tier fn key where the left control key should be
>no function keys
>no esc key
>no left delete

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>breadcrumbs are a good substitute for a path bar

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thank you

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>implying im a fagbook user
>implying i use the apple shitboard instead of a real keyboard
>implying you cant change the hotkeys in system preferences

dispatch yourself.

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lack of a shown file path is one
Everything is too small. It kind of fit with the rest of the UI but it makes browsing files unpleasant. In comparison Nautilus and Windows Explorer use a lot more space and it breathe. It feels like they forgot to adapt Finder to bigger screens as their products evolved.
I don't understand the views or I can't configure it to how I like. I remember searching how to display folders first and I don't think I succeeded.
Can't cut only copy
Can't delete
I think they expect me to use their search function to locate my files instead of browsing directories like an ancient dinosaur but I'm kind of used to it.
Anyway if I could swap Finder with Nautilus on my mac I would do it in an instant

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The size issue is much worse not with large screens, but with small high-DPI screens. With a retina macbook this is often an issue with third-party software more than anything. Cut is just the equivalent of drag-and-drop, but often one is more convenient than the other. But I dislike cut solely because people use it as a delete.

Years ago there was a "pathfinder" application (Power PC days) that improved some things.

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>That a projector looks like shit on a screen door is NOT a quality of the projector
>In fact it demonstrates how poor it is
This is what it looks like you are saying.
High-DPI displays are cheap and plentiful now, pony up and enjoy the nice text.

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>never using macOS but still saying what is wrong with it

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I used to think like you

>expensive as fuck hardware
>glitchy as fuck if you don't buy the hardware
>everything costs money
>seriously the best irc client is like 10 bux
>a DRIVER so you can use your back/forward buttons on your mouse is $20

I liked it back around 2010 when i had an iMac. Hackintosh is just not worth it when alternatives exist that don't break on updates (basically anything except Arch and Hackintosh).

For me, I dual boot Windows and today i just installed FreeBSD.

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>you're using it wrong
my GOD it's actually not a meme and people ACTUALLY say these things

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>i used to think like you
>im poor, the post

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Why is it that wangtards only ever complain about an OS based on trivial defaults?

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>virtually compatible with all linux programs
Factually wrong
>parallels is the closest thing to having windows in a Linux environment
What is qemu/kvm+pci passthrough?

Also having to "bless" your shit and having to modify manually your fstab to properly use msdos formatted devices is bullshit.

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>Factually wrong
No it isn't.

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try and run a linux mpv build on macos. It could theorically work if you install and resolve every dependency by hand but that wouldn't really count as being """linux compatible"""

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>try and
It's try to, not try and.
>run a linux mpv build on macos
I'd rather run a Mac OS build of mpv on Mac OS.

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ok sure buddy you're obviously in denial mode. Shit thread.

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You wanna buy my 2016 MBP off me then?

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Name GNU/Linux software that will not run on Mac OS.

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>virtually compatible with all linux programs
>not compatible with mighty systemd
no thanks

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so macfags are basically linux fags on steroids.

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Can run fine with X11.

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