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Why do apple user pay far more for far inferior products?

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> (Freezer)
what the actual fuck

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Social status from the name.

Its why people buy name brand.

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Imagine rendering on a fucking laptop lmao, I use a 2700x and 1080ti and it's quick as fuck

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so then you don't get called poorfag

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Ahh to be young and care what the other sheeple think.
Also it just werks, well until a few years after you bought it and you can't upgrade it. Or they keep releasing OS updates and your hardware slowly gets unsupported.

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Cuckolding is a fetish.

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It throttles. The reviewer found a way for it to not throttle. He put it in the freezer.

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I can almost see that in the official instructions.
>Place your MacBook Pro™ i9 into the freezer for optimal performance.*
>*Performing this action voids the warranty.

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Said the redneck watching DBZ

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What did he mean by this?

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You'd need to buy special Apple cooler. But remember not to use it for more than 20 minutes at a time, because it has to cool off.

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really made me think

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Imagine needing to post out-dated benchmarks, to make a brand look bad.

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using it for more than 20 minutes without a 10 min pause voids your warranty

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Nothing inferior about this retina display poorfag

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Because they're not poorfags.

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>not even 4k
oh no no no

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post the updated ones then

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It just works.

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umm... sweaty

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>apple users
Found your problem.

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>it has pro in the name so it must be better than your wierd laptop from a brand i don't know running an obscure OS anon

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Who cares, it gives you time to go fetch a latte at Starbucks, stop hating on Apple cause you can't afford something nice you pleb. You will never get a GF with that attitude. I'd rather wait and not show up with a fucking PC. Do you think expensive fashion clothes are comfy? News flash, they are not but it's the price to pay to not look like a pajeet hobo. Grow up.

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