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Why do people constantly say that the iPhone X is "more powerful" than the Note 9 and other 845 based phones when it significantly outperforms the phone in everything but geekbench CPU?

845 phones double the iPhone's antutu benchmark, real world network speeds are double, and GPU tests favor the 845.

What are people smoking?

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>iToddler subhumans
Found your mistake.

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Which 'people'?
If you just wanna create strawmen, go to /pol/

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I don't know, I don't talk to people very often.

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Muh multi core scores. Fucking AMD fags shilling Qualcomm cpus just like fx
>inb4 forbes.
This is impressive for how compact phones are compared to all other tech

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>there are people out there invested enough in the kind of cell phone to argue online about this kinda shit

It's like when I hear kids debating if PUBG or Fortnite is better. Pathetic.

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Powerful as in it gets optimized apps developed for it's components, utilizes memory more efficiently, and can do more "work" within its ecosystem than an Android in general.

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yet the galaxy lags when you swipe down in a conversation or just browse the internet.

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Wher is the galaxy S9+

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I like how the last pro-apple thread got deleted.

Guess the janitor is a poorfag.

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>itoddler banned AGAIN

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How will he ever recover?

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I don't understand. Why do people even fucking care how fast their phone is at this day and age? What? Are you gonna edit your 4k videos on your iPhone X/Note 9? All I do is browse these Vietnamese sweat shop forums and occasionally small games when I'm bored.

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they wanna use their phones as PC's let them be.
but then they start crying and when "Jamal steals their $1000 "fast phone" and opens a thread in /g/ asking how to unlock it.

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because apple wants to make geekbench aka their own benchmark the only standar so that they can claim they are the best while in reality they arent..

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I don't even know if these memebenchmarks matter, I saw some antutu results and in some iphone CPU beats note 9's in some it loses to it, in Octane iPhone seems to be generally faster but fuck all of this. Only thing I know for sure is that Apple should add more ram, not as much as in Samsung's phones (since it's an Android Java issue) but more then 4.

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What hardware people aren't taking into account in their arbitrary testing is the OS. iOS is significantly less clunky and better designed then Samsung's Android flavor. Aside from the long animation times on the iPhone X, it is a very capable and snappy phone. I currently have an S8+ and I had a Note before that. I feel like Samsung needs to make up for their dogshit OS with an increase in hardware. If you look at real world testing I'd say the Note is just slightly faster in comparison to the iPhone X. That is a funny thing to say since the Note 9 has double the RAM and CPU speeds only to edge of the iPhone X ever so slightly.

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Nothing more true than this post.

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