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6/7 crabbies.

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This kills the crab

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this is wrong

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>the most uneventful video in existence
if one less thing happened in this video, it'd be a picture

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This is the end times.

The establishment will eventually use this technology to rid the humans of this world into nothing but blood and limbs for their own cannibalistic fantasies.

The humans will have no problem with this since they'll be lead to believe that they're lining up for free food or candy or something and so they mindlessly line up like cattle.

Then, one by one, they'll be killed off and processed into various products, such as spare blood and limbs, and whatever's left over will be processed as food (see Onions Green).

Why are they doing this? So that they can reduce the population into a sustainable amount so that they can maintain their New World Order.


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the crabs are already dead so who cares

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Isn't it just predation?

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No they weren't.

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well they die in 0.1 seconds anyway and animals don't feel paint the same way we do

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I find it hard to pass judgement while at the same time being part of society (as someone eating meat several times per week) which both demands this and makes it happen. I also have absolutely no doubt that generations to come will look back at us and be appaled at the way we do industral production of foodstuffs involving animals (i.e. the meat and dairy industry).

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They don't move much for something that's supposedly alive.

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If you truly believe that you are a very sad and deluded individual. Pain is still pain. I have nothing against killing animals for food, preferably if they die quickly and humanely, but to say that they don't experience pain like humans is just incorrect and very human-centric.

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>animals don't feel paint the same way we do
>No they weren't.
>the crabs are already dead

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>animals don't feel paint the same way we do
whatever makes you feel better...

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Pain is extremely hard to objectively quantify, but we definitely know of many animals that react to it similarly to humans.

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I like the webm with a bunch of asians eating frogs that may or may not be alive

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Animals so small aren't even sentient enough to feel pain. They are just organic computers.
A crab losing its leg is is just a software error, its shell a kernel panic. Get over it nerds

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This. Crabs have nociceptors, and will react when pricked with a pin but not presented with any other threat. Those two factors, alone, just mean that crabs feel a physical sensation when pricked, and that they don't want it to happen again. Combined, however, those factors are indicative of a pain response. They have the biological hardware, they give the appropriate response to the stimuli one would expect from something feeling pain. Ergo, crabs most likely do feel pain just the same way we do. That doesn't make their suffering any less delicious though.

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Tastes good man!

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Sentience is not a requirement for pain, dipshit. It's not even a requirement for self preservation from a pain response. Stick to computers where you belong and leave the biology to doctors and bio nerds. Fucks sake.

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Bob Ross also felt paint differently.

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Even insects have characters and emotions, what are you talking about

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With happy little trees. Man... I wish I could have smoked some happy little trees with that dude. Guaranteed he had the best psychedelics.

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Absolute horseshit

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Why? It's just a more efficient method of killing and consuming an animal.

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Yeah man, he died when I was five. I learned he was dead when I decided I wanted to meet him some day.

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>look back at us and be appaled
Will never happen.
The people that are against butchering animals will always be in the minority.

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quads of truth

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This is making it harder for me to not become a vegetarian.

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I don't get it. Do you not understand that meat is murder?

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