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What is their secret?

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Stupid negro.

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wish I could legally make a couch out of that

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I wonder if her titty milk has a hint of peach. I could eat a peach for hours.

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I don't care for the company. I only like apples that nobody has taken a bite out of yet.

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>muh nubian kween muhfuggin bixnood

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There's no secret. They only maintain popularity on markets where they grabbed their share before Android appeared. Billions of dollars yet they can't even expand their current markets, let alone penetrate new ones. Absolute shame.

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Make cringey ads, pay celebrities to use your iToys and make it look smooth like a dildo.
The paid celebrity shills part is basically the biggest reason why aplel is as popular as it is.

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They normie-fied technology and made fuckin bank doing it what else is there to say

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Good marketing, aimed at stupid people

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>plug video card into motherboard

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Poor people use Androids more than anyone. This is fact and there is nothing you can do about it.

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The iPhone came out over a decade ago. And they still haven't figured out that they would benefit greatly from a fucking back button.

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Using an android doesn't make you poor, using an iPhone doesn't make you rich. Your fact means absolutely nothing.

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ignorance, stupidity, presumed exclusivity

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This doesn't even make sense in the context of iOS. What would a constant back button even do? What's the point? Apart from taking up space when it isn't needed.

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Sounds like someone is a little upset about it though.

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>he thinks pressing a back button is more intuitive than swiping right

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>What would a constant back button even do?
Take you back. I use it way more than home and recents.

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On iOS you just swipe from the left of the screen to go back, or from the bottom of the screen to go home. Swipe from the left of the screen at the bottom to switch between apps. Doesn't take up any space on the screen, is incredibly natural and quick to do. The button is deprecated, man.

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Just install those gestures if you like them so much. On android you at least have a choice to do that. I prefer buttons with secondary actions on long press.

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>What is their secret?
it just werks®
But seriously, they used to be miles ahead of anything else in UI and UX, as well as stability and no-viruses, so all the "cool" professions (audio, video, graphics, science…) used it, adding to their image.
Nowadays, apple abondoned them, and there are just a few holdouts left, but the image is still there.
also, at any science or tech conference, you still see 30-50+% macbooks (though mostly the older models, so that helps too, and it still is a unix with minor fiddling needed, so I kinda see the appeal.
And iOS?
Well, that one is easy.
Yes, its shit and yes, its mostly branding and plebs using it as a status symbol, but beisdes this literally have no competition if you have those two simply requirements:
>value your privacy
>value your time
Sure, if you don't care about google tracking your every move, android ain't a bad OS, and yeah, you can fiddle about to make it safe to use, but most folks don't have the time for that.
so iOS it is.

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>But seriously, they used to be miles ahead of anything else in UI and UX, as well as stability and no-viruses, so all the "cool" professions (audio, video, graphics, science…) used it, adding to their image.
Utter horseshit. Apple's operating system has a long history of warnings against it in the science community.

The operating system is based on BSD, which makes it as good as it is. But Apple's contributions make it worse, up to the point where the OS itself is becoming unsuitable for some tasks.

There are timing issues with certain video cards which make it unsuitable for precise tasks. Quite a few software vendors have issued warnings against the latest OsX versions.

I've encountered them in my work with computer vision as applied to robotic CNC-cell control. My wife has encountered them in her work in research psychology. This is, for example, a direct quote from http://psychtoolbox.org/requirements [psychtoolbox.org] for Psychtoolbox-3, one of the foremost tools for vision and neuroscience research:

>Use on Apple Mac OS X is still supported but strongly discouraged if you need any kind of reliable timing for visual stimulus presentation or trustworthy visual stimulation at all, due to the large number of bugs in the Apple operating system.

There was a time where I would happily convert my wife's Apple laptops into Linux boxes. I really liked the hardware. Now, even the hardware is becoming substandard.

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When the 15" MacBook Pro had a frame with hinges attached to it instead of them sensibly being attached to a backplate, so they constantly broke like paperclips.

When the graphics chips were dying on all the Apple computers. Apple was forced to help by a class action lawsuit. How that worked? They put an Apple diagnostic disc into your computer to decide whether they may or may not help you, based on whether the test passes. Of course, it can't work if you don't have a functional graphics chip.

"Unibody" 15" MacBook Pro. Except it was made out of 2 pieces stuck together with adhesive. Not only that, it was so well designed with such build quality, the fan exhausting the heat these MacTurd Pros built up, was positioned to exhaust into the adhesive directly. End result: Computers falling apart everywhere.

A1286 model with the 2850 board, which was failing because the sensors would keep the fans at 1000 RPM when FinalCut Pro was rendering and running a video for 20 minutes straight.

iPhone 4 comes out. $600 phone that you could not hold in your hand without dropping a call. Apple is not at fault, it's your fault for not holding the phone correctly on your fucking face!!!

820-2915 board comes out. Throttling the CPU out of the box with no dust, at 70 fahrenheit room temp. A $2000 machine, throttling and functioning worse than a shitty $300 Acer at that time.

Apple TrashCan Pro gets released. 2015 models start having major graphical issues that may cause distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, shut downs, or may prevent system start up. AMD's FirePro D500 (high-end model) and D700 (built-to-order) GPUs are affected. Apple launches repair program in Feb 2016...

-2011-2013 line of MacBook Pros including Rentina line between 2012-2013 having premature death caused by design flaw with the GPU, which lead to a Class Action Suit, which lead to a repair program only 4 years after the facts.

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just facts

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Apple shitPhone 6 and 6 Plus with the "Touch Disease" due to shitty soldering system of the Touch IC chips.

MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard design flaws which only get a repair program officiated 8 months after mass complaints.

T2 Chips causing failure in MacBook Pro and iMac Pro series, even leading to complete loss of information on SSD's in iMac Pro, and Siri coincidentally also runs on T2's.

I can keep going and going and going as there's still quite a few fuckups still coming out this year.

Apple experience and quality.

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>warnings against the latest OsX versions.
Hence I said
>they used to be miles ahead of anything else in UI and UX, as well as stability and no-viruses
in my original statement, referring to the pre 10.6 or so times.
I don't know about bugs and such issues, but large calculations mostly do not happen on laptops and desktop PCs, but they tended to make folks lifes easier for analysis and the like. Alas, these times are long gone, but the spectre of the "professional" image still is there. And aparently, having a unix box with a still good-ish UI is good in webdesign and the like. Plus, iOS development probably also pushes a few boxes out of the mac factory.

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Thats odd. My 2013 still works like a champ. If it died tomorrow, at least I got 5 good years out of her. She still seems to work fine. Then again, I only use it for work.

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Instead of asking why is Apple popular you should be asking why is Apple popular in America. Because everywhere else people haven't even heard about Apple until 2008 and the whole "ecosystem" and "status symbol" thing haven't really caught on.

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>American company
>Started in an American Garage
>is popular in America
Its like stupid people fail at thinking.

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Most people have the mentality that foreign things are better.

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Have you ever left your bubble?
Yeah, america is extreme, but apple is everywhere on this planet, and has been since quite some time. Even back in the good old PPC days #crack #sip… you always saw apple laptops in every lecture here in Germany for example.

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Since you speak for most people, what on this planet makes something foreign? Its all from the same molded rock.

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iphones are rare, macbooks and ipods are non-existant.

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I know a few unis that give Macs to students but I'm yet to meet a single person who bought one himself.

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In what country? I travel a lot, and everywhere I go I see the same products. Apple is no stranger to most places.

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>iphones are rare,
What? On what planet? I'm pretty sure even the rich kids in CAR or similar shitholes have iphones.
>macbooks and ipods are non-existant.
OK, macbooks are not super common as for example acer or similar shit, but besides us thinkpad autists, its the go-to laptop for everyone that wants to spend money on their shit. There's no way they are non-existant. where the fuck are you?
And ipods, yeah, OK, those really are non existant. All have been replaced by iphones…

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Everywhere but America iphones are sub 20% market share and macbooks are lower single digits.

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Gonna need to see some proof on this one dude. No offense, I think you might be somewhere that doesn't have a fairly large tech scene.

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Apple products are not tech tho.

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OK. But than any android phone maybe apart from a blob fee AOSP (does htat even exist) are also not technology, just as GPUs and CPUs, if we are just discussing them from a user standpoint, and most certainly any PC that does not run linux from scratch, instead of some non-tech easymode crap like gentoo with all its shortcuts for dumb people.

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Fuck she's hot

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