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Thank you based NVIDIA!!

Have your pre-ordered yours today? You don't want people to think you're antisemitic, right?

Do you even have GigaRays? Lmao, how do you expect to ever find a girlfriend?

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Hold my beer.

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I have a boyfriend. If the performance becomes reasonable for 4K gayming over my 1080 Ti I'll order one, receive it with my BF on my legs in my chair, sniff all the electronics smell and then receive his seed while benchmarking it.


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A thread died for this.

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6/10 I chuckled

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why bother with fancy gpus when you can run the best game on a chromebook? :^)

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They should all die for this

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they can't die soon enough.
>full of dumb generals
>muh autism tranny socks
>muh thinkpads
>dude applel is shit

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Hold my beer.

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>generals are bad because generals
>no fun allowed
>(can't argue with this)
>apple isn't shit

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>nvidia graphs
2100 what?

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>>generals are bad because generals
because the subjects are usually garbage and barely ontopic.
>>no fun allowed
tranny LARPing is not /g/ related, but is somehow allowed by faggot mods
>>(can't argue with this)
>>apple isn't shit
it is, but making the same dumb memes or arguments about the same shit over and over again to "fit in" is just retarded.

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>>no fun allowed
fuck off to your mental illness containment board: https://boards.4chan.org/lqbt

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>>no fun allowed
fuck off to your mental illness containment board: >>>/lgbt/

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>2100 watts

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What ever all new game sucks anyways and are for ps4

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>all new games suck
this is such fucking bullshit. dumb /v/eddit meme.

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Someone post that R9 290 vs GTX 780 that showed a 0.2 difference but the graph made it look like it was 2 times as fast

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how about you post it?

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>Have your pre-ordered yours today?
I'm a poorfag so I will stick to my 1070Ti for a while.

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>non-zero x-axis

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Name a new game that doesn't suck then.

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Dead Cells
Yakuza 0
Persona 5 (ending is just very slow)
Watch Dogs 2 (forget the first one)

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You're easy to please.

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are you shitting on Dead Cells? you better kys fampai

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Never tried it. Read the flavor text and saw a screenshot, though, and that's enough to know it sucks. "Metroidvania" means they have no ideas of their own and "roguelite" means shallow procedural generators that become predictable and boring after 3 hours instead of (more expensive) game design.

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>Read the flavor text and saw a screenshot, though, and that's enough to know it sucks.

holy shit, literally kill yourself you waste of oxygen.

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Let me add: mandatory indie pixelshit. Obviously going strong for that retrohipster demographic. Cringeworthy.

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add bleach to your stomach you absolute faggot.

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somebody post that apple 0 1 2 graph

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Still waiting for some new game that doesn't suck, though.

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Go and actually play Dead Cells, and if it truly sucks, you can claim your brain dead claim was right.

but let me translate reality for you:
>I'm too much of a stuck up piece of shit to give anything a chance at all, so I go around whining and crying like a /v/edditor that everything sucks!

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Nah. I don't need retro pixelhipster indie game nr. 9000 in my life. The thing about "roguelites" is that they seem fun, but in reality they're not. The idea of random generation gives you the idea that there's endless content, but in reality it ends up actually being less. You know this is true.

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do you wipe after you talk this much diarrhea?

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I'm not going to buy your pixelshit so just give up.

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>random generation
except the levels aren't randomly generated at all....

>clueless kid tries to act tough and talks shit about things irrelevant to the game he's trying to bash
lmoa pathetic.

pirate the gog version you mongoloid

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>except the levels aren't randomly generated at all
It's the devs who say their levels are procedurally generated, I can only go by what the people who make the shit say. But if you're right that's even worse. Just another straight forward "metroidvania" clone then?

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play it you homo

>this scared of actually trying something and liking it
your life must be miserable

here you miserable cuck, I'll even spoonfeed you the gog version

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You've literally said nothing that makes me want to try it. Instead of just calling me homo and retarded for not being enthusiastic about the 900th "metroidvania" pixel indie game, why don't you try explaining what makes this one so special?

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why the fuck do you even waste time replying to that insufferable cunt?

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>t. triggered pixelshit retrosoi

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>Thank you based NVIDIA!!

There, I fixed it for you.

They cut of half of the graph because you kids will never question anything.

Manipulation of graphs should be a federal offense.

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>make the difference look smaller
are you mentally challenged?

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nah mate >>67267080

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>1080 -> 1080
>2080 -> 2080
are you retarded?

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>Persona 5
Opinion discarded.

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AMD should be in red part of the graph

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>Introducing "a new way of benchmarking"

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literally the shittiest possible graph you could make

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is it hard being so dumb anon?

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the jew is strong with this on

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How can AMD even compete?

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Is a GTX9800 better than a GTX1080?

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Why do people buy these overpriced gimmick if graphics look the same as it did 10 years ago?

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Swap Galax/EVGA/SNSV to average and drop Zotac and we're good

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This fucking thread holy shit

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high degrees of autism

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That's cute, but.

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This thread:
Pick 2.

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They're all shit so it doesnt matter

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He wont answer cuz hes a brainlet

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