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Do you guys still have a reason not to go Apple?

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>small and thin on a desktop computer


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>smaller than any computer in existence

That's gonna be good bait

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fake and trans

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Only if it gets Ryzen

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looks like something that would be constantly throttled because it does not have good cooling

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if you wanna have a small computer, isn't better to just use an imac?

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It's going to be bigger than even the old Mac Mini. Also its going to accept non-proprietary components. Both the new Mac Mini and MacBook Air will be designed to be sold to government and schools as well as consumer with a much lower price point than their more premium offerings.

Also Apple said the Mac Mini will be more of an economically priced "pro" machines with easily swappable HD/RAM as well as have a high bandwidth port for external GPUs.

Its nothing revolutionary, they are just lowering the price to compete with other brands like Dell and Hp. Basically a poorfag Mac.

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probably for women.

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>this will totally not overheat and throttle to shit
So apple now produces a scale with no display that will burn your feet? Nice, such innovation!

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Remind me... just how many versions back is Mavericks?
Has Apple been sitting on this since mid- 2013?

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I might even consider a mac pro if they go back to the tower form factor.

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after that i9 boongaloo?

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so you can put it in your vagina and feel the cpu thermal throttling and cpu fan going at 10000RPM

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So the new Mac Mini will neither be a Mini or a Mac. Instead its just another mass produced piece of shit like a Dell with an Apple label stamped on it. How disappointing.

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Next iPhone = Mobile MacOS

Connect your kekPhone to a screen that supports Cuckbolt and you've got yourself a full MacOS system.

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I don't suck dick.

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i do but still i dont like apple products

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what is dex samsung

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Pretty sure a Raspberry Pi is smaller, and everyone has heard of Raspberry Pi. So right off the bat they are caught in a homosexual lie.

This isn't looking good for Apple.

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Oh great, its going to overheat exactly like the old one.

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>smaller than any computer in existence
>faster than 90% of PC
choose one

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Reminder that this iPajeet shill outed himself.
>makes fake celebrity account
>sends himself messages for "le ebic trole xD"
>forgets to remove his sim
>exposes himself as a literal pajeet on vodafone india
>actually tries to pull a "i-i-i was just PRETENDING to be a pajeet" "i-i-it was just a joke!"
>even tries to hide it with airplane mode

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90% of the performance for 20 seconds, 10% of the performance for the rest of the time you run it.

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Wtf. Samsung already plagiarised apple's future invention before it was even invented. Fucking android pajeets

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>an economically priced "pro" machines
The hell is this supposed to mean? Basically it's not a poorfag Mac but some shitbox for 1k+?

But MacOS yo.

Applel would never do this retarded shit.

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You are mentally ill.

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Rampant homosexuality

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>ipoojeet shits in the street
>calls other people mentally ill

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>faster than 90% of PC
Who the fuck makes these, please sto im dying

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>calls out shill
>has his own collection of pastas and image macros
>"b-but im neither ill nor shill"
Fuck off

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smaller than the raspberry pi zero?

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good luck being smaller than any arduino related objects. especially the ATtiny85

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Original Bloomberg article says that new Air will be both low cost and will have a retina screen. My question is HOW THE FUCK? Macbook is JUST 100$ more than Air, Macbook is literally Air 2.0 as a fucking Air with retina screen. If you put new screen into Air it basically becomes a fucking macbook and Apple won't magically sell it for sub 1000$. This shit doesn't make sense unless Apple changes materials (won't happen) or puts ARM chip inside.
Mac mini with upgradable HD/RAM, ports (at least 4 USB C) and a quad core for around 599$ would be pretty sweet tho.

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Only if I can upgrade the RAM and hard disk myself like on the previous models, and only if I can install an OS that isn't Mac OS. Otherwise I'm not buying it. Honestly the Mac Mini is the only good computer that Apple makes since it's such a portable little desktop machine. But I'm sure they'll find a way to overprice and fuck up the new ones.

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shit bait fag

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Noice. Alas, you missed the most important point:
>new mac mini to be pricier than 90% of pc

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I'm guessing it will be a new product under the MacBook name combining the two and probably be $999 (affordable according to Apple).

>le macs are expensive meme

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You misspelled slower.

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>le macshit is good meme
Enjoy your housefire trash that's slower than a chromebook and a built worse than a fucking Acer.

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NEETs crying about Mac’s, what else is new

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Mac Mini was great back in early and mid 2000s when it was genuinely unique but now there are so many cheaper and better options.

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This desu, and if it's able to sit below 70C.

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What if you need a Mini server?

What if you need Apple Configurator to make your iPhone more secure?

What if you are an app developer who cannot afford a full sized Mac?

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Macshit was never good.

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>faster than 90% of PC

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>What if you need a Mini server?
Any small low power PC or even a single board computer like a Raspberry Pi is better. Linux or BSD will be more secure than Mac OS for ever use, and they have better tools for it.
>What if you need Apple Configurator to make your iPhone more secure?
I'm a Macfaggot but not even I'm gay enough to use an iPhone. iToys are trash.
>What if you are an app developer who cannot afford a full sized Mac?
Hackintosh, or any other used Mac.

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To be fair, Microsoft continuum and Ubuntu Convergence were a thing before Samsung DeX

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>What if you need a Mini server?
You're a retard.

>What if you need Apple Configurator to make your iPhone more secure?
You can never make iShit secure.

>What if you are an app developer who cannot afford a full sized Mac?
No one cares about your fart apps you shit out from your mom's basement Poojeet.

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I didn’t see this on hacker news. FAKE!

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>it's the daily freetard makes a "shill" thread to give himself an excuse to turn it into the usual "apple hate general" thread

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1. Right but when your VPS is meant to connect you with secure iTunes backup system as opposed to using iCloud where Apple shares your metadata, then why have a separate server when you can do it on one machine?

2. That’s your fag opinion so keep it

3. If you use hackingtosh hey can ban you for life from developing, plus hackingtosh never works well enough

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I use an iPhone and Macbook Pro because I need my shit to just fucking work. I have a desktop for when I want to fight my OS.

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Could you stop being so obvious Googlejeet?

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So basically a 2.5" and super thin M2 SSD version like the NUC

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>Any small low power PC or even a single board computer like a Raspberry Pi is better. Linux or BSD will be more secure than Mac OS for ever use, and they have better tools for it.
There are times when a Mac server running macOS are needed, especially when trying to manage them with Apple's own tools. It's not like the only use is a storage server.

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>Do you guys still have a reason not to go Apple?
Yes, I'm heterosexual.

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Can you stop shitting in the street iPajeet?

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Why would a non portable computer need to be that small? Do people shove these in their backpacks?

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>I need my shit to just fucking work
>using a lagPhone and throttlebook

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Can I also toast my bread on it and fry eggs if I run something CPU-intensive?

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garbage, fuck nucs
can make a mini ITX for less money with ryzen

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No silly, they shove it up their ass.

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What is it about Apple users and wanting things shoved up their ass?

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>New Mac Mini to be smaller than any computer in existence

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But they're not gonna be as small as the NUCs.

Get over yourself, you're not better than a real manufacturer, like Intel. Your solution will most likely be bigger and shittier.

At that point, might as well just build a tower, if size is not an issue. Makes no sense to build a mid-sized desktop tower and boast about how much of a hacker you are for that.

Either go small or go big. Not in between.

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Apple fixed it you know.
What a great idea. I would start building racks of these.

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This is what mactoddler subhumans actually believe.

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fuck the air, just drop the price of the m3 MacBook to $999 at. the m3 has come a long way since the 2015 model. it's pretty fitting for a budget MacBook at this point.

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will the CPU be upgradable?

could make a pretty cool Small form factor or GPU dock from the sounds of it.

but I doubt it will take fullsize GPU right?

idknow sounds too good to be true but if its actually that I would prob buy the cheapest one just to run mac exclusive software like Logic/Finalcut/ibooks epub reader. I have a old MacBook that can do logic X and finalcut X I think but I prob need to change thermal paste and fix it up abit n its not really fast enough to use the video editor but fine for the audio... hmm I guess I create no content other than audio I guess ill not buy this shit thing and just try and find one in a dumbster in 5 years time they sound cool.

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>caring about macshit to begin with

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>just to run mac exclusive software like Logic/Finalcut
Why would you do that when even Apple refuses to use those steaming piles of shit?

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it'll be double the size and quadruple the performance.

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>quadruple the performance.
Let's not exaggerate here, we're talking mac, so the NUC should be at least 10x the performance.

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yea, and I'm quadruple the performance of the best NUCs

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When you're right it's hard to see that you're wrong.

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>covering his jew goblin nose and mouth
He's right though

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Fake and gay?

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