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>Oh hey, you liked being able to listen to videos with the screen off? Lol, let's take that away and put it behind a pay wall
Is there any way to get around this trash? Video app thread.

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lol telephone apps

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Hi newfriend (or shill), yes there is! What software should we plug? Newpipe, vance?

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>Oh hey company, you want to make money? Lol, fuck you, give me dat for free!

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>being a smartphone used
Only use payphones or a friend's phone to make phone calls when absolutely necessary.

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Lol how about you don't run an online service in the first place if you'll complain when people want to use the service for free

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I don't know if anybody knows this yet, I found it out like a year ago for iPhones
Download chrome from the app store, open the video in chrome and select view page in desktop mode. Select the vid, it will play, press home button to return to your home and slide up to unpause the vid while at your home. Then turn ur iPhone off. Ta-da.

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1) buy a phone with an oled screen
2) install an app that locks the screen and turns it off with a gesture based move like double tap
3) you now have the option to lock your phone and have yt videos in the background

why am i the only cunt to think here?

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Use NewPipe..?

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Use Newpipe or something

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>Get something for free as a basic feature of the service. Costs them nothing.
>Worked for years.
>"Haha, now you pay for it"

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>some random thing in a video looks interesting
>put first letter of thing in search bar
>first result is the thing


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kek people always act so fucking confused when I'm able to play youtube videos in the background or with screen off

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Fuck you. I had AdBlock turned off on YouTube until they pulled this shit.

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How does that even relate to OP?

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What do you use?

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Suggest me one of these apps

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YouTube costs billions annually to run, they need ways to make it profitable. Right now they are losing money

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Cannot you just hack your phone to trick the app into thinking the screen's still open?

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You can either grab a modded YouTube APK from somewhere, or you could use something like NewPipe. NewPipe isn't as convenient as the official YouTube application, but it does support playback with the screen off, PiP, and downloads.

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>Right now they are losing money
Next news broadscast in another ten years

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ssh into pc at home and connect to a local vnc server

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Can we delete this thread now

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>download TubiFun
>it does the same thing but better
>you can even login and make playlists

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>he believes this

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Maybe don't pay millions of dollars a year to people who play video games?

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That sounds like a gay dating app for ethnic people

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That's a weird way to say niggers.

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No because new pipe sucks.

Huh. I'll try it.

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yeah that's because it helps me FUCK the system haha

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what about WhatsApp?

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>iOS only
into the trash it goes

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>all that shit just to listen to music

Why are people not using computers for basic shit like this?

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>iOS only

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>hurr durr newpipe sucks
It doesn't
>please spoonfeed me more
Eh, I'll go for it. There's a Youtube mod called "Youtube vanced" on xda where they pretty much give you premium for free and some extra features. It's available as a module for Magisk, too. The playstore will update it automatically and override it with the default youtube, but that shouldn't be an issue in the glorious time of microg where you can use Yalp store instead of googles malware

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On the go shit. Personally I say either download your music or just use a service like Spotify if you can't be bothered.

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YouTube isn't even meant to make money, it's about creating a source of unlimited power to sway public opinion and even determine the results of elections. You can't put a price tag on that sort of power.

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Thanks, I'll look into it

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proprietary botnet. Use xmpp instead, it's what whatsapp uses but not as locked down and not owned by Facebook

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How about myTube on Windows 10 computer/phone/xbox?

>obliterates video ads as if they never existed
>picture-in-picture mode
>touch just anywhere on screen and swipe forward/back to fine-seek the video
>repeat button
>play videos with just music if you want, saves bandwidth and improves starting time

Just some stuff off the top of my head. I have started using it for my Windows Phone. Then I realized how crippled YouTube webapp is, most definitely due to Google actively crippling it on any non-Chrome browser/user-agent. This turned out to be a fact than just my conspiracy theory with the recent news on YouTube using some deprecated (i.e. non-standard) HTML "feature", only present in Chrome.

>pic related

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I don't understand what is unbelievable about it. People stram 1 billion hours of Youtube videos every day, the infrastructure needed for that is almost unimaginable

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>reply to a comment about iOS
>wtf iOS only
Uhhh okay.

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Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

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>in the year 2018
holy shit neck yourself asap fucking degenerate

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My browser on BBOS10 used to be exempt from this until recently.

Now I use a dedicated third party app that allows precaching/downloading videos and screen off.

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I would rather them run ads when you're playing shit in the background than have them charge a monthly fee for it.

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Eh. Didn't notice.
Still, fuck Apple and their garbage.

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Some browsers don't stop playback in background(yuzu for example). As for the apps, youtube vanced, skytube, newpipe.

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what about my friends? nobody uses it

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Also you can use lucky patcher or an xposed module to enable background playback and disable ads in the official app.

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If you don't care enough to get youtube vanced, it's your own fault.

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Make them. Things won't change of you don't change them. They don't have any motivation to use it right now, so give them one

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He might not have enough sway in the group to force a switch.

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Intentional ignorance is worse than plain ignorance

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>Using windows phone

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How new are you?
NewPipe and SkyTube are objectively better than stock JewTube.

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Not my main board.

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It's their fault for not stopping people from getting around their ads.

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It amazes me they haven't made AdBlockers impossible yet.

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Use modified app, YouTube Vanced

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Youtubes strategy to trying to make people pay them was gimping their App so it did not operate like a normal app should and would.

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Then stop being a fucking beta, loser

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Nah fuck that Apple Music is cheap

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or you just stop using it

they will miss you, i'm sure

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>Billions of ad money

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>they’re a private business they can do what they want
Ignore the fact that corporations fit the model of a governments and should be treated as such Google’s parent company is literally a front for the US government.

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I use Ogyoutube. It can lock screen has black theme and you can downoad from app videos in mp3 or mp4 + i can use background function to surf web while beats are going in background or use PIP mode

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[Ciatation Needed]

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There's a cracked version of youtube out there called Youtube Vanced, i got it working in like 2 hours and it removes the adservice and give you all the premium features for free. it's not in the google apps store, of course, but it doesn't require root access either.

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>i got it working in like 2 hours
Are you retarded?
You literally have to install two apks.
One if you don't want to Sign In.

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It's like everyone in this thread is retarded.

Get Newpipe or YouTube Vanced(if you want to use your account). Stop being such a whining bitch btw.

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I was researching on and off, mostly. Trying to figure out if signing into an app with such malicious competency was safe. Turns out it's not some data-pusher's phishing app. and I had lots of time at work.

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>Youtube Vanced
Where's the source code of this?

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Download Fdroid and then download NewPipe. It's really easy.

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They failed to get shillary crookton elected.

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