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>supposedly you have to recompile the kernel every time there's a problem
>and yet I never had to do this, even when I used Arch
What the fuck are you guys doing that screws up the computer so bad to the point where you have to do this? Or is this just an exaggeration to discredit Linux?

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What the fuck are you even talking about

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He’s talking about anti-Free Software shills who post greentexts about their “experience” with Loonix and how “awful” it was. Usually they mention that they had to “recompile the kernel” to fix something.

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>he doesn't recompile his kernel every week

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>not using gentoo
>not recompiling new kernels with different features enabled for fun

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>install debian stable
>it Just Works™

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Recompiling the kernel doesn't take too much time tho. That being said I've never had to recompile a kernel unless I was adding a feature I didn't install initially

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>recompile the kernel everytime you have a problem

Is this literally the mindset of Linux users? How retarded are you?

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