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Why are Apple products so prone to exploding and catching fire? How has this company managed to shit out exploding flaming deathtraps for THREE DECADES and still not made a single improvement?

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Found your problem.

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Because people tried to make nuclear weapons surely.
Only Apple can do that.

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You are holding it wrong

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You are typing with the wrong fingers

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You're turning it on wrong.

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You're supposed to slam it down on a hard surface before you turn it on.

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>Why are Apple products so prone to exploding and catching fire?
Chink batteries

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>Apple has reportedly changed its battery suppliers for the iPad and MacBook lines to Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery, both Chinese firms, after Samsung SDI (Samsung's battery-producing subsidiary) stopped supplying Apple

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>samsung drops note 7 battery supplier
>apple picks up that supplier because "muh profits"

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>apple products
found your problem

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careful not to leave your macbook with low battery for too long, or this will happen

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Literally plastic explosives.

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You're just made because you can't afford the iBoom!

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works on my machineā„¢

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This was clearly written by an angry Linux user.

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>t. ipajeet

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He was using it wrong, for sure.

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I severly doubt that is a macbook

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The state of iPajeet delusion.

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here it is 4 days earlier

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No, its plastic you mong.

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Oh shit that's just the battery pack, misunderstood

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Apple quality has been equally shit for decades. Therefore I'm assuming that people who buy their products are either too young to have learned it or too stupid to stop doing harmful things. Young people might just pick the most well-known brand and not know anything about it, but anyone older using Apple products is immediately labeled as a brainlet.

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All these mad, broke virgins. The state of /g/

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The absolute anal devastation of street shitting iPajeets.

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That's one of the recent ones too.
Tim cock is doing his thing as the least competent CEO of a tech company ever.
Maybe someday Apple will either die or release a decent pro laptop that doesn't thermal throttle, is comparable in performance to alternate options and doesn't do shit like venting the air through the hinge right onto the glued together screen joint. Or keyboards semi-permanently mounted into the frame.
A retarded dog could do better than this.

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>tells what happened
>here's what happened
the media need to be gassed

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Airbags deployed

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they are not, however the media is prone to report it when it does happen to feed the schadenfreude of the great unwashed.

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>t. ipajeet

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Because Apple engineers reject heatsinks and fans because "muh-design", lithium batteries explode when are over 80 C because this.

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>Apple products

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>Lithium batteries explode when are over 80 C
You're qualified to say this, based upon your mail in order degree pajeet?

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they use the cheapest ricenigger components on the planet and then markup the price by a factor of 10

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It seems like every apple product has some kind of hardware flaw without exception.

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How else you gonna get those repeat sales and high profit margins?

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>i was lying on my bed browsing the internet
I bet he had the laptop on his bed, if it had vents they were completely blocked by blankets and it couldn't deal with the heat. Battery got too hot and then you had issues.

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umm... sweaty

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You can see fans in the photo, it must have vents somewhere.
Even if they are in the hinge a fluffy duvet can pretty much completely block it.

Also, you're retarded.

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I have never had a single Apple product (laptop, phone, tablet) that didn't die from the battery expanding. Thankfully never had one explode before I stopped using their products.

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Put me in the crop too

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>windows sticker

>Also, you're retarded.

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>I have never had a single Apple product (laptop, phone, tablet) that didn't die from the battery expanding.
So you've ignored the warning messages about your battery condition on the old Wallstreet Powerbook that's the only Apple thing you ever used?

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>you didn't come in to get "service" when we told you goyim! now you'll pay the price for your disobedience

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Why is she so happy?

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dunno. lol.

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What was exploding in the 90s?

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G4s, G5s and HousefireBooks.

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better command of the english language than you, you horrible little faggot.

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Fucking clickbait shit titles these days.

Picture looks barely scorched, not fucking exploded.

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>Here's what happened
What else would the article be about?

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expected bahaviour

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Can actually confirm, repaired the macbook of my brother some time a go and the battery started swelling and eventually became like >>67215454
luckily was using the spare parts from another mac and just used that battery as substitute.

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>Why are Apple products so prone to exploding and catching fire?
they're full of potential..

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Expected something to explode in the lill fucks face

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ol' Steve wants to take a couple of souls with him

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So this explains why I got an iPad 2017 with a dead cell.
I tried contacting support several times, and even went to an authorized Apple repair service shop, they all said there was nothing wrong with the battery because their diagnostics tool showed it with 100% health. Even on Apple's discord people were trying to gaslight me into believing the battery was fine.

I got a jailbreak app to show the battery graph and low and behold, 50% of it was magically disappearing through sudden drops and shutdowns. Even after showing them the graph they denied that anything was wrong with the battery. Ended up selling the iPad.

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>Here's why.

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Legitimate iToddler caught in the wild.

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>the 1990s was 10 years ago

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>>the 1990s was 20 years ago

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