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>Try to play a video in Firefox
>No hardware acceleration, CPU usage 100%
>Bug report open for 3 years: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1210726

>Try to play a video in Chromium
>No hardware acceleration, CPU usage 100%
>Bug report open for 6 years: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=137247
>Status: WontFix

>Have to download a special build of Chromium from the AUR called chromium-vaapi
>Have to enable special settings in chrome://flags on that special build
>Finally get video acceleration
>Video is still not perfectly smooth and now I'm caught in Google's botnet

What the fuck? How can you use Linux like this when it's lacking such basic functionality? I know there's shit like youtube-dl but that doesn't cover every use case. The web browser is the thing everyone uses all day every day, and video playback is very common. How the fuck does Linux not have this yet? It's never going to be the year of the Linux desktop if they can't get this shit under control.

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How does this have anything to do with Linux? Using Linux doesn't prevent you from installing browsers like Chrome (I'm just going to assume that Chrome has hardware accelerated video playback; I wouldn't know).

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Video acceleration in the browser works just fine on Windows. Nobody gives a shit on Linux.

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It's your rig, bro

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Yeah, I know. It's because this rig has Linux installed.

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What is “video acceleration”, and why should I give a shit? First time hearing about this as someone who has used both Windows and Loonix. I have noticed no difference.

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Video acceleration is short for hardware video acceleration. It means using the GPU to decode video instead of the CPU. It's faster and leaves the CPU free to do other things instead of slowing down the entire computer and making it unresponsive.

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>using a browser to watch videos
It is embarrassing the way you choose to exist.

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Learn from your failure instead of being bitter.

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T. Boomer

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Reminder that linux was stuck playing 360p for a long time on youtube.
It's still a shitshow.

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>slowing down the entire computer
This never happens

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this shit's exaggerated, noone cares
t. boomer

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Depends on your hardware and the video. Try playing a 4K video with an older CPU and you'll definitely notice it.

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I guarantee you it doesn’t actually exist and it’s just a placebo to trick useds into thinking they “need” “acceleration”

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

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I guess i’ll give that a go next time I have an opportunity. Can’t say i’ve manually set anything to 4K, as I only have a 1080p monitor, but my ivybridge has no issues handling video in general

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Welcome to the reality of Linux.

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Sounds more like you have no idea what you're doing as opposed to this being Linux's fault. Just go back to Windows kid. You're just not cut out for this.

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>he said, on a site where users can post videos

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It does for me on my shitty laptop. The entire thing literally freezes up and goes to shit, and the video is a slideshow.

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Actually it's GNOME/Linux, or just GNOME. GNOME is the OS and Linux is just a small part of that.

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Even if your monitor is 1080p your CPU still has to decode 4K footage. It also depends on the codec being used. E.g. H.265 takes more resources to decode than H.264.

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Keep digging.

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>not using smtube + smplayer/mpv
how are you even breathing OP?

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its almost like you're too retarded to google the answer anon...

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>i have no idea what i'm doing so when i have a problem with something it therefore must logically follow that every single other user must have the same exact problem thereby rendering the product inferior:
>the post

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what did he mean by this?

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>naming your video player after a shock-buttplug

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He's not talking about general hardware decoding, but browsers not supporting it. The arch wiki also clearly states that FF doesn't support VAAPI, VDPAU or NVDEC and Chromium only supports VAAPI when using a special version (which OP claims doesn't work perfectly).

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>thinking youtube is the only reason to ever play a video in your browser

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What the fuck kind of hardware do you use OP?
FF works perf on my dedicated card on linux even with proprietary nvidia drivers.

Also my integrated intel laptop gpu has acceleration.
Are you using windows?

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not my problem
who said I was playing anything in my browser?

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I want to watch a video on youtube, okay lemme google how to hardware accelerate video playback first.
Absolute state of this...you know maybe this was exciting in the 90's

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Prove that you're getting hardware acceleration on videos in Firefox. I'll wait.

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Welcome to the shitshow that's GNU/Linux as Desktop OS anon. You stay will be more or less fine unless you dare to make legit criticism of GNU/Linux. You probably experience strawman attacks, blaming the user, poisioning the well and many other types of fallacies and attacks. Please, stay away for LKML and other places like that. Should these indications be followed, you stay will be more or less fine.

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The best thing that could happen to linux is some millionaire who doesn't like apple or microsoft taking an interest in developing a CLOSED source OS that isn't called a fucking DISTRO.

you are all pathetic incels at this point

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So that explains why I can play 720p 60fps in mpv just fine but 480p stutters in Firefox constantly.

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>CLOSED source
Great, you just killed the entire fucking point of it.

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the point of linux is not to be open source, it's to fucking work.

I take that back, it's to be open source.

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This is not Linux's fault. There's several APIs for getting video acceleration on both Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

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When Linux became stained with GNU shit it became contamined with their "philosophy"

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It might not be Linux's fault, but it still significantly impacts Linux's usability and usefulness.

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Why is it that these issues have been open for years? Surely it can't be that hard to implement when video players like mpv can do it just fine?

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It does work though.
Why does the idea of removing spyware from our lives make you respond with such autistic screeching?

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I was also curious as well and thought maybe it is because modern browsers are bloat
Unexpectedly actually it was that browsers aren't bloaty enough

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if windows is attacked by spyware and adware is because there's billions of people using it.

Are you telling me that only being used by 15 people is a feature?

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>but browsers not supporting it.
then that's not the OS' fault then, is it?

its clear the problem is with your browser, aso if you took the effort to install arch, the linux distro that works the least, then you should have the courtesy to also install working drivers instead of bitching and pinning the problem on the fucking kernel.

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>removing spyware
Its there distros that doesn't use X.org in any form finally?

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Windows IS the spyware you shill
How much does Microsoft pay you to be this dense?

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And linux is worse than a spyware.

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Many are defaulting to Wayland for GNOME installs. As KDE continues to develop support, those installs may be Wayland by default too.

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>be me
>using comfy af 1000% /just werks/ debian with wayland
>see this fag make this statement

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>What the fuck? How can you use Linux like this when it's lacking such basic functionality?

you don't

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>then that's not the OS' fault then, is it?
No, definitely not. Problem is, it still counts as a reason against using Linux (if it's important to the user).

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My 420 chinkpad also slows down and fan goes to 7k rpm and cpu to 90C cleaned it and changed thermal paste 3 days ago

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>muh Linux
>muh chromium
>muh other meme OS

Face it, windows and iOS are the only feasiable operating systems because they have million dollar businesses supporting them unlike the meme OS that some brainlets use. You can even play a 1080p video on YouTube with Linux on a single chrome tab. Moreover, it's easy to get viruses. You guys are brainlets I swear.

>muh privacy

Who cares if you're not a terrorist, pedo, whistleblower?

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I guess the work isn't worth $400.

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>be me
>instantly have better programs actually created with my OS in mind.

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>Try to play a video in Firefox
>No hardware acceleration, CPU usage 100%
Never had that happen to me on either 1090t, 2700x or Pentium 4.

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1/10 made me respond, shit bait either way

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Does they use xwayland?

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Most Linux users are pedophiles especially the ones here.

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>be you
>a niggercattle

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That dance scares luminiscent federal dark skinned agents.

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Play it in brave, it's fine. If you're not using Firefox then brave is your best option anyway.

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and you think the iGPU on your ancient shitbook will have a better job at handling 4K video?

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you know it.

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Excellent post, Rajesh. Your continued support is noted and appreciated. 15INR have been deposited in your account.

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I'm not watching 4k video. It works perfectly fine on Windows. Low CPU usage, completely smooth. On Linux it's a total shitshow.

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Anon... Brave uses Chromium, so it suffers from the same issues.
Also fuck Chromium browsers for not having autoscroll on Linux.

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>Depends on your hardware and the video. Try playing a 4K video with an older CPU and you'll definitely notice it.
Cool. Surely that matters on all the 4K consumer monitors everyone and their mother has.

>> No.67189182

Let's see some videos of that in your machine. This couldn't be just another worthless thread that amounts to nothing and leaves people wondering how incompetent can posters possibly be.

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I get this with 1080p 60fps video

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>you're just using it wrong

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>Brave uses Chromium
Except it performs significantly better than chromium which means that they probably do enable hardware acceleration as explained in OP
>Have to download a special build of Chromium from the AUR called chromium-vaapi
>Have to enable special settings in chrome://flags on that special build
>Finally get video acceleration

>not having autoscroll on Linux.
Why haven't they added this? What could possibly be an issue? Firefox had this for years on all systems.

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>I am not willing to provide a feature that the vast majority of the human population make use of
>yet I still expect my choice of operating system to dominate the worldwide market share out of pure hatred of the software competing against my software of choice

>> No.67189689

It has the feature you need you just don't know what the fuck you're doing, and literally nobody expects that fucking normie get >>>/out/ rrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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>Why haven't they added this? What could possibly be an issue? Firefox had this for years on all systems.
Reported 9 years ago https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=17689
>Autoscroll is considered not standard Linux behavior, so nobody could possibly want it
>Middle mouse button is used for the clipboard so there's nothing we can do, sorry

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>launch chromium (qutebrowser) with --ignore-gpu-blacklist flag
>it works
>tfw you're not a brainlet

>> No.67189953

fuck you for reminding me that's a thing. now i need it.

>> No.67190064

>He doesn't know
>He thinks he's not a brainlet
People say that but ignoring the blacklist doesn't fix the problem anon. It's a placebo effect. Check chrome://media-internals while something is playing to see if it's using the GPU decoder or not. Hint: It isn't.

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Firefox has it :^)

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I didn't know Tony Danza was a hacker.

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so i have to pick between autoscroll or video playback?

>> No.67190117

Yes (no)

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Who are retards like this allowed to exist? I dare you to play any 4k60 youtube video using any of the mobile pentiums.

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>my mouse batteries are empty, must be that lienacks acting up again

>> No.67190226

it can, it's usually the rendering that's the problem, not the decoding. A gpu isn't just a GPU, it has a fuckton of chips designed for different things and one of those things is the multimedia engine. An ASIC dedicated solely decoding or encoding videos. Decoding performance should be exactly the same regardless of how powerful the shaders are. The only bottleneck would be how fast the disk and the RAM or VRAM can feed the frames to the multimedia engine. You might not notice it with your gaymur shit but it's an abdolute must for lower end systems and laptops where power efficiency is important. If you don' know basic shit like this, you should stop posting.

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hwdec produces low quality video than software decoding, stop trying to eat shit.

>> No.67190270

downscaling 4k to 1080p and throwing the pixels at the screen isn't that hard when you have a dedicated asic for decoding.

>> No.67190283

>literally nobody expects that
I don't disagree, but it's pretty hypocritical when you have anons shoving linux down the throats of everyone they find or jerking themselves off in year of the linux desktop threads on how much easier it is to use over windows and shit

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hwdec should produce an identical output to software decoding
It's what comes after the decoding in the pipeline the reason why people think hwdex is "low quality". Shit like converting your color spaces without you telling it but this rarely happens with modern hardware because all that post processing can be skipped. Don't be a retard. hwdec=vaapi is different from vo=vaapi

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You confuse it with hardware accelerated encoding.

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Sure, we shill it on 4chan, because it's pretty great. For non-brainlets. It's the short of shit we degenerate autistic freaks love. And with this being 4chan, you generally expect that to be your typical audience, not your aunt Gladys wondering why her "modem" won't turn on.

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if it's using ffmpeg to decode, would it be possible to enable hardware decoding for ffmpeg instead as a workaround?

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This. Linux is the perfect OS for high IQ people, autists, powerusers, and the types that like to *notice bulges*

Note that the above categories are not mutually exclusive.

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Hi there! ^.^

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I guess I'll just stick to VMs then...

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Linux is for neckbeards

>> No.67191129

my mom and dad run Debian and my dad watches lots of top 10 vids on youtube in firefox every night and has never mentioned an issue.

>> No.67191232

If you care so much about GNU/Linux and you consider this a basic functionality, why don't you get involved and try to implement it yourself? That is the fun of using it. If this is bothersome and you just want something with everything out of the box, go back to Windows or macOS

>> No.67191248

It's always either a driver or codec issue... Of course nobody ever checks whether or not their hardware is compatible first, or if they even have all the right software installed, they just come on here to make asinine threads like this blaming the entire operating system when it's really just a SUAK/RTFM problem.

>> No.67191292

I laugh at Tony Danza

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>that damage control

>> No.67191360

>mobile circumcised processors

>> No.67191386

Hardware compatibility shouldn’t even be a problem. The fact that you brought that up just proves how inferior loonix is.

>> No.67191514

lol no
Why do freetards outright ignore the issue and focus on "UR DOIN IT WRONG"? Literal gay fruit cult behavior.

>> No.67191608

ever heard of vlc you useless sack of shit? fuck off

>> No.67191624

What meme is this?
I use a 8400 core 2 duo, Ubuntu 14.04, a 750ti and can stream 1080 videos just fine.

>> No.67191631

How do you figure that? It's not Linux's fault when a manufacturer doesn't release decent open-source drivers, if at all. What a retarded statement.

>> No.67191635

only nvidia has problems with hardware
vaapi works flawlessly for both intel and amd chips. This time, it's just a matter of devs not being lazy and actually calling vaapi for videos. Even Chrome on Windows 10 is stubborn about supporting vp9 decoding only with software.

>> No.67191652

>manufacturer produces a closed source proprietary piece of hardware
>they're the only ones that can actually make drivers for it because they know how the hardware works inside-out
>open source hobbyist have to reverse-engineer the shit out of the hardware just to get it working on Linux
How is this even the fault of Linux?

>> No.67191654

... and how is this the operating system's fault? Go bitch at Google.

>> No.67191655

>excuses, excuses
Windows manages to not have such issues. You can play the blame game all you want but I think we both know it’s simply because Windows is the superior product

>> No.67191660

In what browser?

>> No.67191670

How does that help me watch videos in the browser?

>> No.67191679

Did you even read the OP? It doesn't have anything to do with hardware compatibility, but Linux software being shit and not bothering to use the hardware, no matter what hardware you have. There's no code to use the hardware. Those bug reports exist for a reason, and have been open for years with no interest from the developers.

>> No.67191680

So install Chrome. Not a fork.

>> No.67191681

Right, because Windows supports all hardware and software out of the box and never requires extra driver or codec installation... The fuckin' brain on this guy.

>> No.67191693

>Windows manages to not have such issues
An obscure device that doesn't have drivers for a certain operating system will not work on those operating systems regardless of the operating system. Go ahead and try to use a parallel port scanner that was made way before Windows Image Acquisition became standard.

>> No.67191701

tl;dr, didn't need to, it's the same shit time and time again, with stupid fucks that can't do a 5-second google search to fix a simple problem.

>> No.67191714

that setting in about:config does not work, you absolute retard. That's the reason why it's a bug in the first place

>> No.67191725

>Go ahead and use this dinosaur
Go to bed, grandpa

>> No.67191734

Only a special one-distro exclusive build has this.
Linux is a silo.

>> No.67191735

Both firefox and chromium.

>> No.67191738

Read the thread.

>> No.67191749

lmao, that old hardware example is just an extreme case
I'd like to see you try getting a USB hygrometer/thermomoeter on Windows

>> No.67191759

Huh. Sorry to pull a "works on my machine", here, but I use chrome on Linux for Netflix, Plex, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime Video and not once have I had my CPU usage spike to 100% for more than a second or two as playback begins, and then it's perfectly smooth from there on out.

2013 macbook air 13" with 1.3GHz i5 (turboboost to 2.6GHz i believe, maybe 2.9) 4GB RAM, Intel HD5000 graphics, 1080p on external OLED display over thunderbolt to HDMI. If I don't have problems on a glorified netbook running an OS it wasn't meant to run, wtf is wrong with your machine dude?

>> No.67191775

We're talking about hardware video decoding here

>> No.67191830

Why can't niggers learn to read?
Where did you steal all those, tyrone?

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>> No.67191983

I haven't seen those two things cross paths ever

>> No.67192042

>developers should reverse engineer every jew closed source software in the world!
>its their duty, even tho Im not paying, they should pay for it just like daddy microsoft and apple do!, this totally proves thay Linux is not a true OS

>> No.67192225

You can literally find people trying to meme their relatives into using linux, with justifications like how it's safer and shit. Fair enough though, I feel a large majority of you have no idea how most shit works, especially stuff outside your college lectures and ricing tools and instructions, but you guys are still mostly fit for linux usage if not the perfect fit for linux

>> No.67192462

> install play-with-mpv
> edit play-with-mpv python file so links go to a bashscript
> youtube links now open a rofi menu with quality choices before playing in mpv

>> No.67192479

>How can you use Linux like this
bindsym $mod+m exec mpv -- $(sselp)
ur welcum

>> No.67192490

It's never ok to put video in a browser. Developers are wrong. Content providers are wrong. You are wrong. Fix your behavior.

>> No.67192539

Normies wouldn't have this problem because they use Chrome without Adblocking

Your ego is too big to join the botnet, but you are too lazy to work for it.

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File: 428 KB, 1920x1080, 2018-08-17-235846_1920x1080_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm downloading the Linux kernel right now and streaming video and I'm between 20% and 60% CPU usage.

Your example is completely anecdotal, just like mine, and in my experience is exemplary of someone using Arch with the experimental repository enabled or without much Linux experience.

>> No.67193130

gentoo doesn't have this issue

>> No.67193684

>falling for an obvious bait this hard

>> No.67193688

>Only a special one-distro exclusive build has this.
Only a special one-distro exclusive build had Chrome? What are you smoking?

>> No.67193985
File: 352 KB, 731x720, 1533984866622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck your mother. I was being serious. Well partially. Using Mpv and youtube-dl is way more comfy to watch videos.

>> No.67194155

there is an extension for it

>> No.67194664

You are a retard, but you can enforce hw acceleration in chromium even if it's considered unsafe and unstable on some chips. But then again, you are a retard, so go on.

>> No.67194799

Fuck me, so this explains why nothing plays at 60fps above 720p on Youtube. Sometimes using Linux as a desktop operating system is such a pain in the ass. I love it for doing work and running software, but there's still a lot of genuine bullshit you have to deal with if you intend to use it as your simple desktop OS to do simple shit.

>> No.67196557

Just switch from Linux to Windows LTSB or macOS, Linux on desktops is a meme.

>> No.67196571

>best desktop OS
Makes sense

>> No.67196592


>> No.67196606

>vsync is also broken

>> No.67196619

>Who cares if you're not a terrorist, pedo, whistleblower?

Implying that they are not pedos

>> No.67196678

well said

>> No.67196702

>look mom I posted it again

>> No.67196715

>best OS
Need to do workarounds for everything.

>> No.67196778

I will only go back to Linux when google or microsoft makes a distro with decent usability. The reason the incels of this board use linux is purely ideological, has nothing to do with performance or be a better system. If linux becomes a decent system and becomes mainstream they will migrate to something obscure like GNU / HURD or OpenBSD.

>> No.67196786

I have been using Linux for 10 years and have never encountered issues with hardware video acceleration. Everything just worked save for the time I bought an ATI graphics card and had no drivers for 3 months.

>> No.67196789

Use chrome, yep that's right. It's the best browser by far. Chromium is shit.

>> No.67196852

Another pajeet shitstain that can't read the thread. How surprising.

>> No.67196871

So exactly the same situation as described in OP.
Are all lintards all mudslime shitskins? Explains their failure to read.

>> No.67197001

1. google web store
2. open in mpv
3. install mpv
4. done

>> No.67197049

I have a sneaking suspicion that hardware decoding is in fact working on my x220, at least when I'm decoding h264. Doesn't matter most of the time anyway, YouTube almost always serves vp9 now, which my Sandy Bridge deals with easily.

>> No.67197101

Compared to? The entire windows is just a big pile of workarounds and trash.

>> No.67197151

If it wants to use the GPU then I can understand why nobody wants to bother supporting it. GPU drivers are hell on Linux, especially on laptops.

>> No.67197178

I don't even watch videos in my browser on Linux or Windows. I stream with mpv+youtube-dl. And yes it works on more sites than just youtube. It so much better.

>> No.67197904
File: 1.65 MB, 500x500, 1515956215678.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but muh opensores AMD and Intel drivesrs
>being a dumbfuck retard

>> No.67198085

>have 4k monitor
>but can't afford a decent CPU
lmao my dude
just go back to windows

>> No.67198361

My thinkpad t61 has no problems playing youtube videos or even twitch streams in firefox
I have gentoo installed and the processor is a intel core 2 duo. some mobile nvidia graphics card as well

>> No.67198408

How the fuck is your hardware so shitty that you actually need hardware acceleration for bitstarved streams?

>> No.67198451

>Video acceleration in the browser works just fine on Windows. Nobody gives a shit on Linux.
It crashes frequently on my windows 10 machine (GeForce MX150+Firefox+scrolling 9Gag = guaranteed crash)

>> No.67199078
File: 966 KB, 381x216, 1525208046218.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If this is the same for you then you are a fucktard. It's also a driver issue, but it's ok to be a tech illiterate on /g/.

>> No.67199280

ITT retards who can't read
>OP clearly states that hardware video acceleration does not work in web browsers on Linux
>OP links to bug reports where the devs acknowledge this issue but keep putting it off
>Retards say it's a user issue
>Retards say it's a driver issue
>Retards say it's a hardware incompatibility issue
>Retards say "it werks fine for me", which does not mean that hardware acceleration is functioning, just that they don't notice any issues
>Retards say to use mpv to play YouTube videos instead, as if YouTube is the only reason you could possibly have for playing a video in the browser
The absolute state of /g/

>> No.67199359

mpv+youtube-dl works on over 1000 officially supported sites but works on any site you can capture a stream. Not sure what you're getting at.

>> No.67199374

Meant for >>67199280

>> No.67199485

Ive recently began calling it systemd+Gnome

>> No.67199661

Some fizzbuzz is more useful, than your comment or OP's tech knowledge.
From arch wiki:
If OpenGL OMTC is disabled for a specific hardware, it may be due to stability issues, high system resources consumption, driver bugs or a number of different variables, and so instead of speeding things up it might slow them down. Proceed with force-enabling it at your own risk, benchmark if you aren’t sure.

That's it. Now go fuck yourself.

>> No.67199701

>CPU usage 100% for firefox video stream
Are you using a pre-iphone era CPU?

>> No.67199816

>How can you use Linux like this when it's lacking such basic functionality?
Don't have any hobbie that require you to use a computer.
Most diehard linux fans I know have hobbies in the real world like sports, craftmanship, travels, whatever but no video games, no movies or anything of the sort.
As soon as you need advanced audio, advanced graphics or just want to use cutting-edge hardware/software, you're fucked.

Blame companies if you want to blame someone, the linux community is doing its best but without help from upstream, it's usually a chore to write drivers, APIs/ABIs, etc.

>> No.67199820

>complains about google botnet
>inclined towards using microsoft botnet instead

>> No.67200531

Having been using Linux for the last two decades, I can safely tell you that you're full of shit.

>> No.67200659

USE=“vaapi libva” emerge -av firefox

>> No.67200876

Based and redpiled. Why you think they are called "freetards"? Because the are retards.

>> No.67201497

I'll need to do the Solus equivalent of this eventually. I already did it for mpv but I didn't bother learning how to do it with eopkg, and I care more about doing it the right way for something as important as Firefox.

>> No.67202870

Fuck you. Made me laugh. My stepfather, who is an actual *real* boomer blames everything on "the lineucks" when something goes wrong with his computer and calls me to fix it. Granted, it's rare that anything actually goes wrong because all he does with it is his fantasy football and baseball leagues and his NASCAR pool, so it's usually just the adblocker or one of the sites he uses adds a new script and I have to go over there and whitelist it for him, but it's always "the lineucks" acting up again. (Never mind that they're always problems that he would have had in Windows too, he just refuses to get a new computer and Windows is painful to use on it, while lubuntu with a Windows theme for familiarity is fast af)

>> No.67204751

-The thread

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