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>it's basically a larger iPhone X with lower specs priced at $500 or $600

What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?

>Please dont compare this Rolls Royce to your Toyota; we know you can seat 5 people and can almost be as fast

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>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?
There's many.
>fuck notches
>no bezels are retarded for actually using the piece of shit
>it'll likely be made out of glass, which is the most retarded material to make a phone out of
>it's too fucking large for folks without a purse or cargo pants
>yet, it's way too thin to comfortably use or to put anywhere without any fear of bending it
>and also, it's too expensive for some disposable fashion symbol
SE it is, then.

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>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?
it's basically a larger iPhone X with lower specs priced at $500 or $600

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Really don't even feel like upgrading from 7 plus. Really don't give a fuck about spec bumps.

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iPhone 8 -> iPhone 10 -> iPhone 9


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just like the imperial system

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>made of glass
>bending in pocket strain
at this point, its not even about what phone you use, you're just retarded.

this, fuck americans lol all they do is hire pajeets

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I like it, how the ""technology"" board of a ""notorious"" image board is all about smartphones and cpu wars.

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SE or 6 is more functional

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What were you expecting, fuckard?

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>replying without sage
>not reporting for begging and advertising

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cpu wars are for cucks. my i7-920 oc'd by 1ghz has a performace of a 2017 flagship

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ios is the reason enough to not buy any of these.

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fag, it's nothing special, the retarded notch design is easy to clone, your """"premium"""" phone looks and performs the same as a cheap shit chinese phone

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>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?
I'm not a retarded faggot

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the glass is retarded thin idiot, they don't make them with a solid build like the htc one x any more

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LIES; OP here. the iphone 8 has glass as thick as my dick unlike my Xiaomi

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the X is not the sequel to the 8. And the 9 is not gonna be a sequel to the X.

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Fucking applecucks, should've just called it Iphone 8X instead

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World's smallest dick found.

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The price won't be that it's going to be like $1,300.

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Why would I need a new phone?
My old one works just fine.

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>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?

It's made by crapple. They literally never made anything that is worth any amount of money.

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They made a leap into the future of smartphone design last year for the anniversary of the original smartphone, the iPhone. Now they are releasing what's between the gap of the 8 and the X. According to their reasoning, they skipped the 9 to offer a more "future" design sooner than normal, because of the anniversary.

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because work gives me a free latest Samsung phone with unlimited txt, calling and data.

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I dont need a new phone though my lg g4 stylo(although a shit unrootable phone) still works.

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>the original smartphone, the iPhone

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Blackberries weren't true modern smartphones.

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>closed ecosystem garbage
I'll get a note 9.

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>getting closed garbage instead of closed garbage

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Yeah because you'll totally be able to day 1 jailbreak your brand new iPhone Gay and install an magisk and xposed on it.

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Neither will you.

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Try me fag

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I'm still using an iPad Mini 4 with google voice as my only phone. $30 a month data only plan, work great.

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Unless you're getting the yurp version your note 9 will be as locked down as iphones.

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I'll get the least cucked version of the note 9.

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>What's your excuse

im getting the smol 3'' palm smartphone
fuck you tablet niggers
im too old to care about graphics and games
calls/texts/viber/camera/email thats enough for me

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>where did toyota touch your rolls royce?
I like my corolla and will probably get an Iphone se 128gb instead. I like my phones and girls like my car compact and kawaii

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Just an extension of the "fanboy war" mentality that /v/ started that other boards later started to do.

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>>it's basically a larger iPhone X with lower specs priced at $500 or $600
>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?
1. Made by Apple
2. IOS
3. Tim Cock is gay
4. Apple is gay
5. Apple users are gay
6. OP is gay

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I wouldn't be surprised if they remove the speakers.

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No reason to spend more than $150 on a phone

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>comparing applel to rolls royce

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Making use of the apple ecosystem requires me to buy a lot of apple devices, not just an iPhone.

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>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?

I already have an iPhone X, why would I downgrade?

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>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?
apple is pro gay
too much focus on emoticons

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>runs iOS
>will fly apart if it falls off a notebook onto a desk
>shit specs
>my Moto Z2 Force does everything I need it to and is tough as nails

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i don't even know why this deluxe meme is still so prevalent.
most of the people i know have iphones and all of them earn much less than me.

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it's probably the price (more expensive things are always better amirite) and marketing, and some years ago iOS was arguably better than pajeetdroid and the hardware had more tasteful designs than android hardware (even to this day a lot of android phones look like shit imo), but android has matured by now and you can get a better bang for the buck hardware wise, it's well-known that apple has high margins on their hardware

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>What's your excuse for not planning to SPEND $500 FOR A FUCKING PHONE?

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>yet another iPhone car comparison ad
Mods do your fucking jobs, kikes.

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Don't say that out too loud goy or they will release an "update" that breaks your shit.

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>iphone is the only smartphon-

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I don't support Apple. I don't like their business practices or their politics.

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Reminder that this iPajeet shill outed himself.
>makes fake celebrity account
>sends himself messages for "le ebic trole xD"
>forgets to remove his sim
>exposes himself as a literal pajeet on vodafone india
>actually tries to pull a "i-i-i was just PRETENDING to be a pajeet" "i-i-it was just a joke!"
>even tries to hide it with airplane mode

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is it still worth buying in 2018?

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Fucking kek hahahaha

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>worth buying

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Phone sizes are getting ridiculous

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>it's the daily freetard pretends to be a retarded apple fanboy to give himself and /g/ a "legitimate" reason to shit on apple users and turn the thread into an "apple hate general" thread

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at least android has an option to hide it lmfao

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ADL and SPLC are bullshit organizations, i hope trump does something about them

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iOS is shit

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COPE with it itoddler

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I already a iPhone X anon and I am very satisfied with it.

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I'm not really into scat, so I'd rather not get iPhones.

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There is no risk of bending it anon, it's actually pretty solid for an iPhone.

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I already have an iphone X. Honestly no need to upgrade until they make a phone completely bezelless. Plus is trash and too big to hold.

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Can you get that soeyboy shit video out of here

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>it's an itoddler subhuman thinks he belongs on /g/ episode

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itoddlers can't understand that some people just don't like iPhones (iOS). This is not about money it is about freedom.

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because it'll still cost £50 a month or more for a contract and doesnt do anything i give a shit about better than my huawei masterrace p10
also no headphone jack ew

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>im too retarded to jailbreak

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Because I already have a Galaxy S8

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blackberry or fuck off

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kek, it's not even close to have the same functionalities of LineageOS.

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/thread FUCK THAT

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Maybe, but how many of things functionalities are actually useful to you?

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All of them

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Why are droidfags so seething? Just admit the iOS interace is 10x better than lagdroid trash.

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In what way?

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>t. seething itoddler
What's it like to see your fruity fantasy land crumbling before your eyes?

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Why do these disgusting youtube phone video makes always have nasty bandaided up fingers in their vids, jesus so nasty

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COPE with it itoddler
your lagPhone is a fucking joke lmao

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>5 baterry profiles
>run 2 apps at same time(split screen)
>youtube vanced
>built in "f.lux"
>possibility of change screen DPI

Those are the ones I can remember.

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no home button
face camera smacks of surveillance

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>first app launch is couple seconds slowe!!!
>iphone sucks!!!
Droidfags literally post these same webms, doesn't change anything. iphone X interface will continue to be kino while droidfags are stuck in their blocky unappealing OS.

I switched from note to iphone and I couldn't be happier.

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>slower gimped version of lagPhoneX
How much are those going to get BTFO by any SD845 phone considering SD835 phones from two years ago already BTFO the lagPhoneX?

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Galaxy is superior in all ways.

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Most of that shit is actually useless. Literally meme options

>> No.67171713

most of that is incredibly useful and comfy af

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>w-w-w-who even needs features?!?!?
>m-m-my ifone has goybook, why would you need anything else?!?!
The state of iToddler coping.

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>it's an attention whoring dumb anime pedo faggot thinks he belongs anywhere episode again

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For you, but i use this on a daily basis.

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It's a plus but I wouldn't say they are needed features in a phone. You can't deny they are meme features.

Still seething. I already have an android phone so I'm not missing anything.

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Android has been superior than iOS since Nougat. Just look at how far behind Apple in notification management and voice assistant.

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iOS is like Symbian with steroids. Android is a Full capable OS, almost everything what you can do on a PC you can do on Android device.

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I'll probably buy an iphone 9 because i'm sick and tired of google's shit when it comes to software update.

I just won't buy an 8 right now because I want this iphone X and iphone 8 bullshit to be over with.

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>"i-it's only a few seconds slower guis so it's cool to pay for a slower iPhone 2X the price of a faster android smartphone haha"

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i mean the only thing you need is text and calling (i dont do either lmao)
everything else is extra
ngl most sites are unusable without adblock
imo dpi changing is essential, hate shit being too large

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If Samsung doesn't go full retard and instead use stock Android in their phones, Google would have won the battle long ago.

>> No.67171841

Yeah its only a few seconds, who the fuck cares. If you were an actual human being you wouldn't close out the app after opening it, then this delay wouldn't even be a problem.

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Apple has been literal dogshit since the beginning of time.

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What Sony phone is that on the right?

>> No.67171876


Why google doesn't state that if companies want to use android on their devices, they gotta let it stay "pure"
literally everyone rather use stock android than any other custom rom. It just makes everything more complicated and convoluted.

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Imagine saving these same old webms and reposting them every time someone on /g/ mentions iphone.

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Reminder that this iPajeet shill outed himself.
>makes fake celebrity account
>sends himself messages for "le ebic trole xD"
>forgets to remove his sim
>exposes himself as a literal pajeet on vodafone india
>actually tries to pull a "i-i-i was just PRETENDING to be a pajeet" "i-i-it was just a joke!"
>even tries to hide it with airplane mode

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Sometimes I wonder what goes through a Samsung executive's mind because their skin is so unnecessarily complicated. I mean even fucking MIUI is less bloated and runs faster than SE.

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Imagine being a seething iToddler and coping every time someone BTFOs your lagPhone with hard proof.

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Can iPhones even do simple basic elementary grade arithmetic yet?

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Because then most OEMs will literally stop being Android devices. If they pulled that shit on Samsung, they’ll switch to Tizen on phones as soon as possible

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Apple bureaucracy to transfer music (spotify don't have some obscure artists), proprietary ports, absence of audio jack, notch and bad build quality.

>> No.67172045

When's the last time you used a Samsung device? I recently got an S8 Plus and with some tweaking it looks nearly identical to my Nexus 5X.

>download free stock Android skin from the Samsung theme store
>flip the navbar buttons
>use ADB to disable the Samsung apps
>use Nova launcher to make it looks nice

No need to root and comes with a bunch of extra features I don't think I'd be able to live with anymore.

>knox file locker
>Samsung pay, don't even bring my wallet with me anymore when I go biking
>micro SD card slot
>wireless charging
>headphone jack
>cast device display to any DLNA receiver, not forced to use Chromecast
>wired USB HDMI display out
>manually prevent an app from doing anything in the background unless it's in the foreground, McDonalds app can't track me anymore just because I want coupons once in a blue moon

That's on top of being the absolute best hardware, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back.

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You shouldn't need to do all that to get a functional UI out from the box.

>> No.67172142

You shouldn't need to switch to android just to get a functional UI at all.

>> No.67172225

As a i7 920 owner for many years, you are very wrong. My i5 6600 kills your chip. Not to mention I have M.2. and DDR4 support, which triple kills you. Oh also you probably don't even have usb 3.

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Damn, shouldn't have said that

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When will you learn, apple shill?
Must suck living so deep in the third world, where apple, BMW and RR are considered luxury brands.
Maybe next time, pajeet

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My oneplus 6 has dual sim and more ram and storage and faster charging then the iPhone will ever have for the same price.

>> No.67173580

I hate apple more than I hate google

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> fuck apple
> yo I'm gonna buy the most closed source android phone so I can be like yo bixby

>> No.67173609

what is your work to necessitate that?

>> No.67173621

no touch ID. That's basically it (and my iPhone 8 is doing fine). I love having touchid on my iphone, and I like having it on my mac pro.

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where I can get that wallpaper?

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Because iOS notifications are trash and the inability to change default apps is annoying as hell. Because I've had AMOLED phones since 2010 and I'm not about to change that. Because fuck notches.
>not nicer than Rolls Royce

You wouldn't, but iOS would, because most iOS devices don't have enough RAM.

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SE is the peak of iPhones. Keep swapping the battery every few years and you’ll be invincible.

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Look at this virgin poorfag, point and laugh.

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>Wasting money every year to impress the cool kids at lunch

The speed, storage, touch ID, headphone jack, and compact size all make it worthwhile. Enjoy your downgrades.

>> No.67176447

I will never use a phone with a notch.

>> No.67176520

I hope this is satire, but I really no longer care. Ask MS, 9's are such shit, not even they bothered.
Launching a '9' after an X, this is not gonna end well.

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As if. All the fags they got at Apple love slurping aids ridden yurocucks off while proclaiming how they wish America was sweden 2.0 so they use exclusively metric hence why the phones are shit.

>> No.67177226

so they killed the fingerprint scanner..? why?

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because my iphone 7 plus has a matte black finish on the back uwu

>> No.67178945

Aren't there supposed to be 3 models this year? 2 with oled screen and on with the classic iPhone lcd?

>> No.67178984

Why are you replying to yourself iPajeet?
Don't you have a street you're supposed to be shitting in?

>> No.67179037

I'm not op genius. This place needs id tags.

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>launching a 720S after a P1, this is not gonna end well

>> No.67180167

To be fair, the CPU difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is pretty huge. I use Adobe Lightroom a lot with my 20MP camera, and it reduced my export time from 1-2min to less than 30 seconds. Very, very worth it for me.

(I know I can desktop Lightroom instead, but everyone wants pics in MMS nowadays)

>> No.67180186

>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?
because it's basically a larger iPhone X with lower specs priced at $500 or $600

>> No.67181706

>comparing cars
>Rolls Royce
Black poorfag

>> No.67183753

>Please dont compare this Bugatti to your Huracan, we know your car is better in every way

>> No.67183766

I just don't understand why the cheap model that doesn't have OLED, doesn't have a telephoto lens and doesn't have 3D Touch is the middle-sized one and not the smaller one.

>> No.67183805

>>fuck notches
Honestly, the notch doesn't get in the way a majority of the time.
>>no bezels are retarded for actually using the piece of shit
Only on tablets. Lack of bezels on a phone actually seems to make it even better for ergonomics.
>>it'll likely be made out of glass, which is the most retarded material to make a phone out of
Yeah but Qi charging
>>it's too fucking large for folks without a purse or cargo pants
It's literally the same size as an 8 Plus but without bezels.
>>yet, it's way too thin to comfortably use or to put anywhere without any fear of bending it
>>and also, it's too expensive for some disposable fashion symbol
Use it because it's good, not because of what it says about you

>> No.67183841

>Buying a rolls royce
Absolute garbage. Awful body shape, looks like a canoe and a herse combined.

>> No.67183852

>What's your excuse for not planning to buy one?
Money, shit software, shit hardware, shit everything, apple, prefer android, and the list goes on

>> No.67183862

there's a sweet spot, it takes more tech to get the smallest possible size without making other compromises, the redmi note series phones are a bit on the bigger side for instance

>> No.67183938

iToddler subhumans don't care about tech, only the logo on the back.

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Why get a rolls Royce when you can get a Porsche and have exponentially more fun.

>> No.67185134

t. Vodafone India

>> No.67186295

this trend will prove to be a stupid fad and will disappear as quickly as it came

>> No.67186510

if you need non-retractable sensors that take up space in the front, i think it would be possible to make a much nicer looking design by putting the sensors in the corners of the device and the screen having rounder corners that don't extend all the way into the sensors in the corners

>> No.67186545

or, like, get creative, like use optics to redirect the sensors so the actual sensors doesn't need to be front-facing

>> No.67186582

The max I'll ever pay for a phone is $300/$400.
That's my excuse.

>> No.67186631

6S is the same as SE
6 has bendgate, 6Sn't

>> No.67186647

The SE is a manlet poor Phone.

>> No.67186706

I'm probably gonna switch to an iphone when they release a budget model.
Would love to get some proper compatibility with my car's head unit and all the other gear at home.
Android compatibility is absolute dogshit with Android Auto being the worst culprit. My sister's iPhone works amazing with it and CarPlay seemed really comfy to use
Here in Norway iPhones actually have a larger market share than Android phones and most of the consumer tech is mainly targeted at Apple products, which makes it super annoying if you own an android

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>> No.67187204

It's called the iPhone Ecks for a reason

>> No.67187238


>> No.67187581

didn't they say it as iphone ten on the unveil

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Cat can poo in the loo.
Say, Apu, why can't you?

Dog can poo in the loo.
Can you, Apu? Can you?

Monkey, too, can poo in loo.
I say, Apu, why can't you?

Sloth is slow, slow as glue,
Yet even he can poo in loo.

Elephant is big and large,
He needs toilet size of barge.
But he is smart compared to you,
For elephant can poo in loo.

Even Slav who dumb as bricks,
And barely rub together sticks,
When needs to go, what he do?
Unlike you, he poo in loo.

Rat is small and lives on streets,
Feasting on discarded treats,
But when it's time for number two,
Even rat can poo in loo.

Lying Jew who says "Oy vey"
And cheats and steals all the day,
Yet he knows just what to do,
He takes his poo into the loo.

Dirty Frenchman smells so bad,
He thinks that soap is just a fad,
Yet he cries aloud, "Mon Dieu!"
And places poo within the loo.

The time has come for our tale to end
So let's remind our Indian friend,
Unless you're stupid you already knew,
The loo is made for you to poo.

>> No.67187760

because a porsche will kill you

>> No.67187793


>> No.67187794

yeah man, this

>> No.67188265

>Really don't give a fuck about spec bumps.

Because the truth is that there is no noticeable daily usage difference between mid tier and premium phones anymore, but people will try to convince themselves that they really need that 0.01ms advantage from the test they had to slow down and stare straight on to notice a difference because consumerism.

>> No.67189699

imagine saying that iOS is faster on every smartphone thread on /g/ but then changing subject wben someone posts proof that it isn't

>> No.67189721

So will a random drunk driver or a random mass shooter, or a recalled medicine. You can't live your life worrying about death.

>> No.67189728

Samsungfags are as bad as iPajeets

>> No.67189845

Looks nice
Ya I'll pass

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