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>buy an iPad it's great for art
>Can barely run art apps.
How does Apple keep selling their products?

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Fashion accessory and badge for being a member of the cool kids club.

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wish i had money for an ipad tbqh

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It's great for "art" made by people that don't make good art.

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I can't do actual graphic design on that.

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this so I could spend it on something else.

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Fuck an iPad. Get a surface pro.

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Surface has a lousy pen and is $500 more for a comparable version to an ipad

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>that home button placement
>that camera placement
that's not an ipad, 0/10 bait

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I had a Surface and let me tell you, it is absolutely not good for art. The palm detection on it is an absolute joke.

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Damn, I was actually considering switching from an intuos to one of the normie pads because display tablets have always been tempting to me. Is the cintiq still over price bullshit? I'm pretty sure that ever since wacom has been ousted for being shitty now there has been some new competition with much more reasonably priced art-oriented display tablets

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Ama freetard and use corebooted x220 tablet + Gentoo+IPS screen and MyPaint/Gimp.

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muh edge case

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>falling for an old troll
how stupid are you?

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ipad pro with 120hz screen btfo everything on the market.

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The ipad is okay if you just want to use Procreate.
The Affinity apps for photoshop like editing and vectors don't run to well and you'd be best waiting for the new ipad pro to come out in November or so.
The Cintiq is overprices but does have a lot of subtle luxuries that make it better than the competition. The new Huion tablet has tilt though so who knows about the future.

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go ahead and show me which ipad has the home button and camera on the vertical bezels

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How long has it been since you have seen an iPad?

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>he cant tell that the video has been stretched vertically
Oh, it's retarded.

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notice how the home button and camera are on the shorter bezels, not the longer ones
now, look at the webm in the op
the home button and camera are clearly on the longer bezels
thus, not an ipad

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even if it has, it hasn't been stretched to such a degree that it would distort the aspect ratio that much without making the hand (and all the subsequent ui of whatever app is onscreen) seem unnaturally distorted

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I've been debating between the iPad and Surface Go, they sort of do different things well, and different drawbacks depending upon usage, and i fit into that awkward middle ground in my intended usage.

Plus it sorta annoys me that on the iPad if i want games, etc. i might end up re-buying stuff i already own.

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The only thing its good for is watching youtube or looking at porn while you are doing something else

The only time they are good is when you are on the plane. Thats the only time when a tablet is ideal

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Here we go, I fixed it for you.

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nobody draws with such big ass lines dumbass

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It's the 12 inch

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>>buy an iPad it's great for art
>>Can barely run art apps.
>unclear on what art means

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That's not how you draw, dingus. I've drawn a couple of things on my iPad (2018) and it never lagged on me during that. Perhaps you're just using complex brushes.

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ok so yes it looks like the hardware is not enough to keep up with many instructions to display the lines where the pen is drawing them. but I seriously doubt someone is starting a painting this way, or even in an extreme case of abstract not doing it in one long continued motion like that.

so nice troll thread, go fucking kill yourself you're worthless

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itoddlers have defended this

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>getting full photoshop
>ios only
>android tablets basically dead industry

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If you're not painting like this then you're not confident enough in your brush strokes

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>you're doing it wrong
kek, classic itoddler excuse

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Every artist that draws will tell you you're drawing incorrectly.

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fuck off retards

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>app has bug

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if you don't buy Apple products, it means you're poor, nobody wants to look poor even if he is

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Everyone who has ever owned a phone will tell you that you are holding it incorrectly

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Everyone who's holding their phone incorrectly can get a free case that negates the loss of signal, or get a full refund if you bring it back in within 30 days of purchase.

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>I seriously doubt someone is starting a painting this way
dude, op just posted a video of someone starting a painting that way
does that no count? what the fuck counts as a 'correct' way to start a painting?

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At the end of the day, the iPad can only do so much before productivity stops at 80% design wise. I won't be able to get that 90% output enough for a client presentation. I'll be damned if I ever see one of my design team use that stupid excuse for a tablet.

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>Adobe will release a full version of its Photoshop imaging application on iPads next year, with all the features of its desktop counterpart, but with a more user-friendly, made-for-tablet OS, the company has revealed.

another nail in the coffin of android

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Because people think if something it's easy to use and costs a lot of money then it's the best

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>cpu cant keep up

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What a fucking joke.

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>nobody wants to look poor
Why would anybody care to pretend to be rich?

To be accepted in a group?

Why would someone even talk to people with that low self-esteem?

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>with all the features of its desktop counterpart, but with a more user-friendly, made-for-tablet OS
So it will replace iOS?
Pretty ballsy move, honestly.

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this is like "why would anybdoy pretend to be happy all the time on instagram?"

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Yes, in both cases they are disigenous.

Once you know them IRL the facade falls and they look like idiots.

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>and input device with no pressure sensitivity on a platform with no notable art programs is good for art

Do Apple fags really think this?

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they aren't a minority, these are the majority especially of young people known here as normies, they go out and eat in expensive places, own iphones, buy unnecessary stupid expensive things just to be socially acceptable and look normal according to today's world

Apple (and many others tbqh) is just a shitty overrated company and its management knows more than anybody else that everybody buys their product for psychological reasons and not real need or technical superiority

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Apple Pencil has pressure sensitivity, as well as orientation detection.

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They don't tell you how much though. It's probably only 5 levels of pressure sensitivity and 10 degrees of tilt

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Samshit Lagaxy Tab S4 doesn't have this problem

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Ethics of Apple is that you shouldn't have to care about specs. Although it is somewhat annoying if you do want to compare different implementations of digital drawing utensils. Personally, I've used Wacom Bamboo pens, Surface pen, and an Apple Pencil. Accuracy is best on the Apple Pencil, tilt is definitely more than just 10 degrees, you can see the eraser shape (in the notes app) enlarge as you tilt it with the slightest differences. Pressure levels are way more to 5, I'd compare it to the Wacom's.

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Compared to non-existant palm detection on the iPad?

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The iPad has palm rejection.
When I connect the apple pen it doesn't even detect half my finger swipes

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It doesn't, it just automatically undos strokes or setting adjustment if the palm touches the screen before the pen does. You can turn off finger paint on Procreate, but you can also do it on a Windows tablet so you don't win any points there.

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I have both the Surface Pro (2017) and the iPad (2018). Both are decent at palm rejection while drawing from my experience. The only issues I've had with them are: on the surface, if I draw in the ink center section, it sometimes picks up my palm as a single drawn dot while i'm drawing a stroke with the pencil, even if i disabled touch drawing, never had this issue in photoshop. on the ipad, if you have the zoom setting enabled at all, you don't have to be zoomed in at all, just have the option be there, and if you draw a line, if you hand lifts up or you rest it down the ipad will freak out and your line will be converted to interrupted points. Overall both tablets have decent palm rejection nowadays.

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That's an issue with Accessibility's zoom. Disable it and that shouldn't happen anymore.

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I recall CLIP Studio doing that on my Surface, the newest update seemed to fix it but it added a new issue with free transform, where you have to move the pen a bit before it registers it as a drag.

In app or OS?

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In the Settings app, General > Accessibility > Zoom.

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That was never on. Never needed a magnify glass on mine.

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Never knew that was a feature

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what app is that

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> >cpu cant keep up
Maybe it's because the app is written poorly?

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Maybe because iOS has been loaded down with bloat.

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Affinity Design

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Clip studio is garbage on tablets. But still the best option for most normal folks who arent buying into the Adobe saas scam. I got this year's HP spectre and found an art glove helps a bit with palm rejection but the best option is to just turn off touch when the pen is down

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most people are stupid

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If you are a serious artist the cintiq is miles above anything else. I owned for a while but eventually sold it because I no longer needed it. Even something like the 13” HD is excellent for workflow.

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Tbf even photoshop does this on a desktop, storing the information for one continuos line like this is harder than you think.

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Not unless you have a literal toaster

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Just tested this on Procreate, MediBand Paint, Pixelmator and Artstudio Pro. None of them lag doing this on an iPad 2018.

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I'm still baffled that they chose the name "procreate", it's like they just slap "pro" to everything, fuck the meaning (pun intended)

>> No.67127833

Procreating is creating.
You create in the app, so procreate

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its fun to pretend

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Name a better Android tablet.

>> No.67128004

I hope whoever came up with "Pro motion" got fired.

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>blame shit software/app on hardware

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Nigger there are a lot of different tablet computers now. Microsoft Surface is great, expect it has ridiculous failure rates and is expensive up the ass. But if money is no object then go right for it. Wacom also makes really nice tables but they're even more expensive, don't know about the failure rates.

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>Microsoft Surface is great
>runs windows
Yeah, no.

>> No.67128062

Depends on the resolution. But I wouldn't expect you to have ever tried or have any idea what you're talking about.

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Exactly, I've tried this before in Photoshop on my i5 6600k rig and the exact same thing happens as in OP's webm, not even an applefag by the way, I don't own any Apple devices

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>you're holding it wrong

>> No.67129784

>genuine artists draw like OP

>> No.67129817

It's obviously an ipad.

I get that you might like apple products but let's be real here, the ipad pro is great for light sketching and some basic scribbles but for multi layered art and demanding work it's shit.

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>ipad pro is shit at multi layered sketches
Then how come my regular ipad can handle it without a hassle?

>> No.67130664

>spend five minutes setting the resolution in an insanely high number in a very deliberate attempt to induce noticeable lag
>"g-guys look! it's lagging lmao BTFO"
same thing happens on surface and pretty much every other device with a touch display and pen compatibility, faggot.

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How can you have such feminine hands yet such hairy arms?

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It runa fine at first, nobody draws this fast.
>hurr it starts to lag when you scribble random spirals
I've tested it and it works fine when you draw like a human and not like a fucking monkey.

>> No.67130879

It's not about long lines or anything. It's about the canvas size. You can draw lines and random spirals as long as you want as long as the canvas size is within reasonable size.
The problem is that you can set custom canvas sizes, so some people will try to make paintings the size of the empire state building, which in turn makes it really hard for the cpu to keep up. This isn't Apple's fault because it pretty much applies to everything, even desktops.
The higher res the canvas is, the higher the latency.

>> No.67130934

I didn't say it was the lines, I was talking about the drawing speed in the webm. This is an additional factor together with canvas size that causes the lag.
And yeah, this applies to my desktop aswell, if I make a 8k canvas and draw really fast it starts to lag.

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I hate that onions art style

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This. The lagPad """Pro""" is a fucking joke.

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What a dumb comparison

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surface pro can't even smooth scroll properly in the fucking browser how the hell do you expect it to run graphics apps fluidly ffs

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>this $650 tablet is worse at art than a $2000 drawing tablet
yeah, good point, I'll be sure to keep that in mind

>> No.67132110

>comparing an all-purpose tablet to a pro-range drawing tablet
come on now, apple is retarded but you're really giving them a run for their money

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Get a loan like all Apple users

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What about one of those Wacom tablet things, they any good?

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Found your problem.

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what does Android have to do with this discussion?

>> No.67132751

Wtf it runs android??

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Lag os is android?

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>samefagging this hard
At least you tried iToddler.

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Did you notice that the video is stretched vertically? You can see it very clearly on the circles in the UI

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>every opinion i don't like is the same person!
i use an S8 you fuckwit

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Dont use garbage apps ported from pc.
Use procreate

>> No.67133105

It's a good sketchpad. Though a notepad and pencil does just as well.

>> No.67133113

MyPaint is fine but what you need GIMP for?
Also have you tried Krita?

>> No.67133126

>he doesn't know how to check samefags
Fuck off newfag

>> No.67133155

>runs Windows
>every worthwhile program is on Windows
Yeah, better than Android.

>> No.67133258

Oh yeah, I love running W32 programs that are not designed for touchscreens on my tablet.

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Add in GestureSign and using the full version of Photoshop becomes a breeze.

>> No.67133816

>photoshop is all w32 programs

>> No.67133840

>buy an iPad it's great for art

Said no one ever. You have to go for at least one of those $1500 dollar Surface Pros if you want to even consider doing art on the thing.

>> No.67133919

Who the fuck says that? I've been hanging around digital artists in online spaces for 12 years and I haven't seen anyone say that shit. I used to see people say Apple displays were probably the best in terms of color vibrance and calibration, but you can just buy a high end monitor and/or a little calibration device and you'll get the accurate colors you're looking for.

Wait. Did you mean to buy a graphics tablet instead of a tablet computer?

They're fantastic. I love how Wacom pens don't require batteries. Biggest issue I've seen is that newer Wacom products have absolutely shit drivers and you'll encounter problems which require you to reinstall the software and whatnot frequently. Gets annoying as hell fast.

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You're retarded

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Not a Macfag but even implying that a surface is good for art is just plain fucking retarded. It's even worse than the iPad.

>> No.67135400

Brad Colbow likes them

>> No.67135454

Brad Colbow likes everything.

>> No.67135877

that's because you didn't get academical art knowledge.
You just learned to make shapes and divide them on illustrator.
So yeah you're a graphic designer

>> No.67136136

Sure if you draw in 1024x768 resolution. Good luck drawing in A4 300dpi (3500x2500) or bigger, it will choke like a piece of shit.

>> No.67136186

Have you uh

Not heard of drawing programs on windows?
Many of them are designed to either be used with a cintiq pad or just with mouse and keyboard along with stylus input

>> No.67136237

Try reading the full chain next time before replying.

>> No.67136249

Surface pro master race. I like real processors, not riced out phone shit.

>> No.67136267

thats not even an ipad though you sneekyjew u

>> No.67136275

>you're drawing wrong!
holy shit

>> No.67136286

there we go, more proof that it isnt an ipad

literally all reviews are positive on its performance anon

>> No.67136314

>Apple Pencil
>not an iPad
Off yourselves retards.

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How the fuck isn't it an iPad?

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>> No.67136674

That's not even the way you use it when drawing lineart man, you go stroke for stroke. I can't think of anytime i was drawing or rendering and kept waving my pen like an arse

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File: 14 KB, 650x382, Pencil_Pen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's funny that the best drawing technology is also the cheapest

>> No.67136707

>$500 more
dafuq, it doesn't run fruitos, has a real processor, a lot more ram, a lot more memory generally.

>> No.67136764

Friendly reminder to filter itoddler

>> No.67136804

I have experienced zero latency issues as the ones seen in the video. It's pretty great if you're not a professional artist and just draw as a hobby.
I think it is enough for most people. Although if I had the money, I'd buy a cintiq.

>> No.67136815

It has a worse cpu and runs an OS that is not only unresponsive and not touch oriented but is a metric ton more bloated and buggy than iOS, complete with browsers leaking gigabytes worth of memory. Also it has laughably worse battery life. Like 6 fucking hours benchmarked in reviews. It’s laughable.

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Found your problem.

>> No.67136973

neck yourself

>> No.67137307

>How does Apple keep selling their products?
Because people don't ever use it for that, they buy it for art and creative shit then it just gets used for insta, netflix and youtube

>> No.67137449

ThinkPad yoga

>> No.67137488

the driver thing is actually a plus for Linux quite a few distros have native wacom support and it just werks desu

>> No.67137539

you nimrod, it’s an iPad that’s in landscape

the video is a 16:9 video stretched to 4:3, and it showcases an entry level iPad

>> No.67137554

Pen is actual shit for drawing. Nib is a bendy piece of crap. The pencil is great for sketching but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to actual painting on the ipad.

conclusion: ipad is fine for drafting/inking but really loses out on finer, more ambitious art. comic book artists like it for penciling and inking and sure some artists will show off that they do art just fine with it but its honestly not fine enough and borderline frustrating to paint with on CSP/procreate/artstudio (yes i've tried all of them)

>> No.67137559


The name isn’t from apple. procreate comes from an australian company savage interactive

>> No.67137566

when doing art do you typically just scribble all over the screen?

>> No.67137721

>Youre drawing wrongly!

>> No.67137738

In this case that's true you fucking moron.

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>You cant draw like this, because its wrong as stated by apple™ drawing guidelines! Your artistic expression needs to be expressed through shorter strokes, otherwise youre gonna void the warranty through external modification of long continuous strokes!

>> No.67137802 [DELETED] 

>t. iToddler

>> No.67137811

Seething or in this case iCurrying

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t. Upset incels who can't even draw stick figures if they tried whose only solace in life is shitting on consumer products on a vietnamese knitting forum

>> No.67137845

>thinks lag = drawing skill
The absolute state of iToddlers

>> No.67137853 [DELETED] 

t. Upset iNcels who can't even draw stick figures if they tried whose only solace in life is shilling consumer products on a vietnamese knitting forum

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>Post your drawings so i can take you seriously!

You'd just keep cartwheeling backwards into infinity even if andrew jones posted here.

>> No.67137883

ipads are basically facebook machines for boomers and kids under 10

>> No.67137896

I still don't own a single Apple product but it's fun seeing that none of you know what you're talking about. Beyond pathetic.

>> No.67137921

The one that has no idea what they're talking about here is you, iToddler

>> No.67137933


I rather be a boomer than a starving millennial that's can't even afford an Apple product

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Get a job Neet

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How good are the dell and hps 2 in 1s for this kind of stuff? I see they're both using some sort of walcom software.

>> No.67137988

Youre advocating the fact that holding down the pen for an extended period of time is somehow inadequate behaviour. Which is pants on head retarded. What if he was drawing a spiral? Is your visual imagination so poor that you cant see beyond a webm posted, how rapidly decaying performance is unacceptable in a creative environment since its such a flexible medium?

>> No.67138029

>spends his entire existance on the internet defending Applel
>tells others to get a job
Either that or you just outed yourself as an iPajeet

>> No.67138042

Use a drawing tablet with a real PC instead.

>> No.67138048

Because the webm is still cherrypicked by using an extremely large canvas. The same thing happens on desktops and Wacoma tablets. The one time I tried a friends ipad pro this didn't occur because I don't draw like a monkey.

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File: 616 KB, 832x1003, 1503693567097.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being SO POOR that you think buying a fruit toy on a $2/day contract is a symbol of "wealth."

>> No.67138066

Well, fuck people who need to draw in resolutions greater than 1024x768 I guess?

>> No.67138112

>The one time I tried a friends ipad pro this didn't occur because I don't draw like a monkey.

So youre a chicken scratching scrub. Im sorry, but until you post your signed work with a reputable gallery certificate i can't take your opinion more serious than the ramblings of underachieving art student dropout.

>> No.67138134

apple pencil doesn't work on anything else though

>> No.67138159

You're giving him too much credit, the garbage that Art students and graduates shit out is truly terrible low grade garbage.

>> No.67138221

using an ipad for art is like using a laptop for gaming

just buy a intuos

>> No.67138251

>great for art
nobody said that..buy a goddamn wacom cintix if you're serious about your digital art

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>> No.67138932

>get an iPad
>rotate 90 degrees
>not an iPad anymore

>> No.67138965

he's just confused because the video is stretched

>> No.67138996

Just goes to show how retarded iToddlers are.

>> No.67139040

>apple shit
>for artists
i fucking hate this meme

>> No.67139087

What is a computer?

>> No.67139369

I know you do.

>> No.67140127

>Buy Ipad Pro and the pencil
>Just draw with no issues, palm rejection works great, it's smooth and just werks

What exactly is the issue here

>> No.67140402

The issue here is that you are a lying piece of shit iPajeet

>> No.67140459

Why not having a pencil, an eraser and a scanner?

>> No.67140584

No undo function, no colors, no consistent tip size, no pressure-based tip size, deteriorates with use, deteriorates canvas with use, creates filth and debris, drawings smear

>> No.67140879

Oh god. Those cum stains.

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>> No.67141146


Every single one of those is a feature. fucking kids.

>> No.67141175

It's not cum but it is lube

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>the state of itoddlers

>> No.67145804

>recognizing cum stains

>> No.67145939

Is anyone falling for it? I'm not remotely artistically inclined, but I thought it was fairly common knowledge that artists usually use an actual graphic tablet like Wacom + Illustrator

>> No.67146007
File: 781 KB, 1063x1500, __fujita_akane_izumi_sagiri_and_sistine_fiber_eromanga_sensei_and_rokudenashi_majutsu_koushi_to_akashic_record_drawn_by_hika_cross_angel__0e8129fb59571e290921908b9a67cc02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try the iOS 12 beta, aside from the glitching in the lock screen sometimes it really works extremely smooth compared to iOS 11 desu.

>> No.67146036

/ic/ is

>> No.67146165 [DELETED] 

Even Sagiri recognizes lagPads are fucking trash used only by losers and soibois. Thus she uses only professional art tools like the Wacom® MobileStudio® Pro 13.


>> No.67146190



>> No.67146202 [DELETED] 

You can't /thread your own post.

>> No.67146221

Oh, I didn't know that. Which ones?

>> No.67146658


>> No.67148031 [DELETED] 


>> No.67148110

sagiri is like 12 y/o you mong what the fuck does she know? dumb chick is probably missing chromosomes too since fucking your siblings seems to be a common thing in her family tree

>> No.67148182

>t. itoddler

>> No.67148394 [DELETED] 

Imagine being jealous of an anime girl.

>> No.67148414

you're holding the pen wrong

>> No.67148577

If you want to draw on tablet then buy one made for drawing. The software shown is fine for doodles or typical webcomic shit

>> No.67148611

I have always called it executive bling. When they first came out every mid level manager on up needed one, with a giant ass case, and they basically used them to read the news. Fucking waste.

>> No.67148758

Could the original iPad even run the internet well?

>> No.67149173

t. someone who doesn't know anything

iPad pro is literally becoming the industry standard and there's nothing any of you guys can do about it

>> No.67149233

Asbestos was an industry standard for quite some time.

>> No.67149361

It's still industry standard in the US lol

>> No.67149963 [DELETED] 

>t. delusional itoddler

>> No.67149997

Don't worry guys, gnome3 will be ready soon, to finally replace all iPads altogether!

>> No.67150041

At least asbestos is still useful (albeit cancerous) for a great deal of appliances like breaks. Asbestos breaks are better than any shit break slippers they produce today. Unlike applel shit

>> No.67150169

Why spend 56$ for month for endless months when you can get a cheaper phone that does the same job and is less fragile?

>> No.67150175

Applel is for "artists" like shitty liberal arts college students

>> No.67150451 [DELETED] 


>> No.67150460

Surface is an actual computer running x86 programs, not just mobile toy shit apps.

>> No.67150462

>it's great for ( )
pick one

>> No.67150502

Watch it in slow motion, you can notice on the right the round home button that only ipads have.

>> No.67150796

>apple anything besides maybe (emphasis on maybe) the macbook being good for art, let alone being the industry standard
stop talking out of your ass, wacom is still king

>> No.67150924
File: 701 KB, 697x643, 1531775944781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Apple toddlers trying to defend their shit products
Why are you even in a board for tech, you clearly don't know anything about tech.

>> No.67151007

This never happened to my iPad.

>> No.67151367

the best thing about the iPad isn't using it, it's telling everyone online that you did

>> No.67152753

Might as well get regular pen and paper at this point. Far cheaper and 100% no lag.

>> No.67152761

Modern "artists" can't even draw a fucking picture without a painting program.

>> No.67152982
File: 28 KB, 480x254, get.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This piece of shit (ATIV Tab 3), this worthless, pathetic, unfixable garbage, doesn't have that issue. How come? How come a Clover Trail tablet with an unfixable slow memory and astoundingly bad performance is better at this?

>> No.67153044

Digital is the future

>> No.67153069

Oh man, I had the Thinkpad Tablet 2 with the same Clovertrail SoC, it really was a piece of shit and despite that can still handle my 3000x2000 canvases with around 35 layers. My current surface breezes through that shit.

>> No.67153072
File: 2.11 MB, 330x166, 1527802208041.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since when do real artists give a fuck about industry standards?

>> No.67153083

Not that the iShit is the industry standard anyway, studios are still using Wacom.

>> No.67153253

Which software did you use back then?

>> No.67153453

Clip Studio. Drawing was fine but saving took really fucking long though.

>> No.67153555

Many thanks. I'm just trying to find some software that's not very laggy for this, as I only want to use it for drawing. The w10 sketchpad (on that windows ink workspace thing) is surprisingly responsive but sort of limited.

>> No.67153719

My iPad’s not lagging? It’s even the first gen.

>> No.67154295

First gen ipad from 10 years ago???

>> No.67154761

Nah, first gen iPad with Apple pencil support.

>> No.67156277

as always, fpbp

>> No.67156490

Exactly why I use chinkphones

>> No.67158850

>t. itoddler

>> No.67158944

Sometimes it's truly hard to not be elitist and think that normies are negative IQ.

>> No.67160033


>> No.67161047

Because Gardenscapes and Farmville

>> No.67161560

No one plays those anymore

>> No.67161651

but my gf draws some real nice cum inflation and anal birth art on my ipad pro

>> No.67161923
File: 16 KB, 633x758, 318271da980706f7a18a811c3456a77d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67162141
File: 57 KB, 852x778, 1526761811640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my iPad non pro works perfectly fine and doesn't lag with the apple pencil at all
>probably because I use procreate and not that bloated piece of shit affinity
Even synced my adobe cloud so I can do further modifications on my windows PC

>> No.67162504

>not wanting to work with vectors

>> No.67162638
File: 101 KB, 600x792, 1525696097482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vectors are for design fags who can't draw

>> No.67162670 [DELETED] 

>doesn't lag
There's no need to lie on the internet.

>> No.67162673

What app is that? I use procreate and it works fine.

>> No.67162686
File: 93 KB, 630x460, 2146851278561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only have Procreate and Adobe Creative Cloud on it. I don't load it up with a bunch of malware games like most casuals do.

>> No.67162700 [DELETED] 
File: 256 KB, 1536x2048, 1505995439692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found your malware.

>> No.67162719
File: 36 KB, 483x399, 6454164658341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>updating anything when it works
I don't even let Windows 10 do this buy having a dummy file fill up my boot drive to prevent it from even downloading an update.

>> No.67162825

What happened to Linus?

>> No.67163201


>> No.67163269
File: 428 KB, 1296x968, 1526150159703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are Apple users "cool"?

>> No.67163416

Android and portable Windows users can’t do this as they don’t have families.

>> No.67163560

Find the professional artists circles and you'll find good iPad pencil art

>> No.67163665 [DELETED] 

>professional artists circles

>> No.67163764

I don't know what else to tell you. There are really rich patreon artists that like the iPad pencil.

>> No.67163861

in the end even a bamboo is better

>> No.67163885

>acquire iPad
>acquire drawing app with custom canvas sizes
>canvas size: 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
>visible and ridiculous lag
>replies galore, from butthurt iToddlers and idiot freetards alike who have no idea what the fuck you're doing

>> No.67163921

>DIE cause your car didn t have cancer brakes
>die cause you car had cancer brakes

>> No.67164842

The brush size is 24 so it's pretty much the native resolution of the ipad. Nice try damage controlling iPajeet.

>> No.67164869

That's not even an iPad! This is low quality b8. Fuck off apple is King.

>> No.67164880

>"Fuck off apple is King."
>false flagging this hard

>> No.67164898

1.) That was only a problem for like 4 days before Adobe fixed it with an update.
2.) Nobody should ever be using Adobe's bloated-ass products under any circumstances, anyway. You should be using Procreate.

>> No.67164964

It's an ipad pro but the aspect ratio is skewed in the webm.

>> No.67165048

>7c has been added to your Procreate account which can be used towards unlocking brushes and other features. Thank you for participating in this Programme, Rasheed. M!

>> No.67165075

>t. assblasted itoddler

>> No.67165240

Not happening on mine.

>> No.67165251
File: 25 KB, 595x279, high paintings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

k, so someone posts a video of a product fucking up bad, and when I say you shouldn't be using said product because it fucks up bad, I'M the shill?

>> No.67165257

see >>67165075

>> No.67165259

You should't be using an iProduct ever.

>> No.67165270

It's common knowledge that Adobe makes glitchy, bloated software.
e.g. Photoshop, Flash, Affinity, Audition, etc. All glitchy pieces of shit.

>> No.67165283

Right. We should all be using Android tablets, then?

>> No.67165295

I think it says something where in a world where thousands of OEMs are free to do whatever the fuck they want with Android, nowadays the only serious competitor to iPad is Surface.

>> No.67165487
File: 22 KB, 346x450, 1518995484628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67165538
File: 2.77 MB, 1280x720, AD.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The app that OP is using is Affinity Designer, a vector based app like Illustrator or Inkscape. I own it, and it's probably the best vector app on iPad, but it's not great. The performance is meh, it's workflow substandard, but it certainly does everything you want from a vector app.

I recorded a video doing the same thing OP is doing in the same app but this is 2018 iPad, not the pro.

Here's the thing. I hate Apple products, but the iPad is weird, it's actually the best Budget graphics tablet on the market. There's nothing else at it's price point that does everything it does. You could by a low res Huion for like $450, but then you still need to hook it up to a PC, and the experience isn't great. For about $450 you can get the 2018 iPad and you can paint while traveling, you have great gesture control, proper palm rejection, and the pencil is good despite the retarded recharging design.

Really the best competitor is a wacom and the price difference is insane. The Surface pro runs like garbage, and windows updates for the Surface created driver issues for other tablets. In other words doing this work on windows is a pain.

Lastly, the iPad apps are sold at about 50% the price of their windows versions. So the hardware is cheaper, the software cheaper, the experience is better.

It's not that Apple is doing it right, as much as Wacom and Microsoft have been shitting the bed for years with graphics tablets.

For good apps, you want Artstudio pro or Procreate.

>> No.67165572 [DELETED] 
File: 37 KB, 484x461, 1503134986552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that lag
Christ Apple is a fucking joke.

>> No.67165578

But I don't experience this?

>> No.67165596 [DELETED] 

>at it's price point
So only good for poorfag hipster soibois who don't actually work in the creative industry and can't afford a proper professional tablet like a Wacom Studio, gotcha.

>> No.67165598
File: 1.77 MB, 320x180, applestore.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67165620

It's really obvious you've never worked on this graphic tablets before. Trust me you are making compromises with whatever you use. I still use my Wacom for 3D work and vector design. But Sketches and painting are just worlds better on the iPad.

>> No.67166277

Absolutely. But considering how portable an iPad is compared to a wacom or Huion product. An artist WANTS to opt for the iPad. Especially if they are traveling. Also currently iOS has the superior app selection for drawing software. And that apple pencil is damn good.

70% and up of an artists time is honing their skills. Watercolor painting and inkwash are some of the most portable traditional mediums. Imagine having an entire studio in the palm of your hand, without even getting dirty. Plenaire painting is suddenly very possible. /g/ is right 99% of the time but the value and convenience here for a painter is legit.

>> No.67166958

It uses EMR, which is the god tier drawing tech that everyone is dropping for the "active stylus" meme.

I blame Microsoft for pushing ntrig, but I also blame wacom for putting their EMR tech behind a patent wall.

>> No.67167295


>> No.67168146

>Pay for positive reviews
>Get positive reviews
>"Oh my god have you seen all these positive reviews?!"

>> No.67168667

That iPad looks too square.

>> No.67168687

>tfw Asus convertible with Windows ink support, an 8520, and swapped HDD for an SSD
>$450 total investment


>> No.67169753

>Asus convertible with Windows ink support
>>$450 total investment

Where is this? I've been using an ipad for on the go, I'd like to have a pc option as well?

How good is the pen and tracking?

>> No.67171247

>thinks he understands how people make art
>what is shading

>> No.67171270

That's the art apps fault. It should put down parts of the line as pixel data after a certain point rather than keep redrawing the whole thing.

>> No.67171280
File: 57 KB, 677x126, 1523710129960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67171311

>Why does a 330$ ipad not outperform a cintiq display with a 4k$ computer
Apple is done lmao

>> No.67171336

Spotted the poorfag iToddler.

>> No.67171453

Im not an artist but theres zero substance to your argument. Maybe youre the toddler

>> No.67172503

Full disclosure, bought it used, from a pawn shop. HDD was starting to go, and stuck at 100% usage constantly.

But the tracking is spot-on, and windows ink is underrated, as fuck.
The only bit I hate is that the palm rejection is hit or miss, sometimes, but one of those two fingered drawing gloves works like a charm

>> No.67173754

Drawing on a screen is actually awful. Sure the art some do is terrific. But personally I just can't cross the bridge, I'd rather draw in paper and scan it.

>> No.67174183

Cant even post the right fucking animal

>> No.67174298

>from a pawn shop
And it still had the pen?!

I'm just not a fan of windows Ink. The driver support is so messy. Some programs only support Wintab, others only support Ink. The hardware is always random with what feature works and to what extent.

It's like if you don't go with a surface or Cintiq, you're fucked.

I use to have an old bamboo, nothing wrong with it, but I had to fuck with INI files and toggle driver options to get it to work every time i switched apps because INK fucked up driver support. Mind you I paid $270 when I got it, now i could get a cheap Chinese tablet for $60 bucks.

>> No.67174758

Apples aren't animals

>> No.67174843

you know damn well software doesn't make you magically draw better, but it is much more practical and it makes you more efficient

>> No.67174880
File: 1.15 MB, 500x281, 1514017522433.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

iToddlers have D E F E N D E D this.

>> No.67174897

for facebook, twitter and instagram

>> No.67174924

Fuck an Ipad just draw on paper like a normal person.

>> No.67174937

that means you get hard for them since you're into children

>> No.67175646

>t. itoddler

>> No.67175733

Is it possible that the app is just poorly programmed? Like, legit asking. Could bad programming cause something like that to happen, or would it only be the fault of the hardware?

I only ask because it seems as though the iPad is tracking the pencil just fine, but the app is being slow as dog piss to respond to it. But I'm no programmer, so I may be missing something entirely.

>> No.67176003 [DELETED] 
File: 934 KB, 513x1117, 1533819570925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jee let it die.

>> No.67176127

nah, if MacToddlers cant to continue shooting their toes let them

>> No.67176227

It's technology related

>> No.67177134

That's what children do?

>> No.67177202
File: 778 KB, 640x480, IMG_3308.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe think before you give advice next time hombre.

>> No.67177594 [DELETED] 

>$100 pencil
>can't even draw on paper
iToddlers will defend this.

>> No.67177835

It was a bug that was patched. The app is affinity designer and is fairly new, like a month old.

It's still a bit laggy, but no where near as bad as OPs video. See here >>67165538

I'm more butt hurt that the pencil is perfectly round and rolls off my table when ever I set it down.

>> No.67177872

Pick one, they'll by shit just because their friends have it or because it's "cute"

>> No.67178604

Most of the women I know have surfaces.
Apple seems to be the nerds that are desperate for social acceptance.

>> No.67178701

You can use just about any pen supported by windows ink. I can use a surface pen with it (yes, I've tried)

>> No.67178739

Pretty much this, Surface and pen/paper dominate all artist alleys. Maybe 1 or 2 ipads and they're just used to accept payments rather than artwork.

>> No.67178752

What kind of women do you know?

Most of the people I know have Macs to go along with their iPhone

>> No.67178790

>appletoddler subhumans
Pick one.

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