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>android 8.1 adoption is practically non-existant
>fandroid fans excited about android 9
fucking why?

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Because daddy Google released it!

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Newer Android updates remove good features and implement shitty sjw inspired ui design

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Using 8.1 with my Moto G5 and it's good

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Justice for Oreo. Oreo deserves better.

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BB10 and SailfishOS both have massively superior gesture controls. Android has always been behind on UI. Its a nonsensical mess. Going through the settings on an Android phone is just opening a heap of shit that explodes in your face.

They're trying to phase out their own stupid buttons now, something they practically demanded all Android handset manufacturers have, so they can be more like BB10 and Sailfish.
Google is just hopeless. Trying to be a trend setter by copying.

Its a shame that Palm's Web OS, and Blackberry's BB10 had to die.. We really need a better alternative. Being stuck between Apple or Google is painful.

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>OP is poorfag on old phone
>people who actually are excited for new androids are on phones that support it

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Rocking 8.1 on my mi4c, welp, you needn't have been in retarded country like USA and have ability to unlock bootloader

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you completely misunderstand the reference you tried to make and as a consequence you look like a massive fucking retard for it. honestly shoot yourself

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>honestly shoot yourself
Why does /g/ keep telling /g/ to kill /g/?

It's like you hate yourself, /g/!

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it's a meme laddy, but if you already knew that then shoot yourself

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>it's a meme laddy, but if you already knew that then shoot yourself

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literally dont know what the stats are on android version adoption. But, my guess is its largely because of all the old abandoned devices? My op3t runs 8.1. I cant be responsible for the dinosaur that bought their first "smart phone" 2 years ago and doesn't know what "upgrading" means.

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The Android market is absurdly segmented. Some manufacturers never release updates even if the chipset powering them would be supported. Some people just buy cheap phones that are already years old. A huge part of this is the fault of India and other foreign poverty markets. People buy old cheap devices and keep using them until they totally fail.

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All of xda is filled with panjeets begging for roms, I think it's mostly bommers

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As a dev it fucking sucks because you cant target only new android os’s without killing potential adoptiob

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this is literally one of the main reasons why I run CFW. I wont buy a device unless I can unlock bootloader (hence why I only buy op).

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Like this every goddamn year. Google just doesn't give a shit. All of the features in 9 could easily be integrated in 8.

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Yeah my S8 will get Android P ~Feb/mach 2019 then by then google will have announced the latest version

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Why wouldn’t I be using Android 9 at this point in time?

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Google still has yet to fix battery problems. No one cares about new features if their fucking phone can barely last a day. It's absolutely disgusting how horrible android battery life is; even when you start disabling data, etc. I'm lucky to get 2 days out of my phone with AKT, CFW, etc. It's quite sad really.

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How? Custom ROM or OTA?

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>google play services drawing battery
>not downloading anything
>clean ROM with no apps installed

Thanks, Google.

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most the time its not even google play services its "phone idle". It's literally the framework.

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Android Poo sucks. I'm happy with 8.1.

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Galaxy S5 with 8.1, also Mi 6 with 8.1
8.1 is trash. Too aggressive power saving. I'll probably revert to 7 on my S5.

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>It's quite sad really.

wew someone bought chink shit, stock battery life is better than any tweaked kernel + shitty unsupported rom.

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>sjw inspired ui design

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First phones with project Treble are getting out now

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I recently went from Lolipop to Oreo and can no longer find the smart rotate option. That thing where if you turn the phone to landscape slow enough, screen won't rotate. It's now painful af to use in bed, perhaps you know of a fix?

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idk what version I even have, all of them are fucking shit. all phone OS's are shit

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Just got 8.1 on my basically abandoned LG G4, quite comfy but for some reason it doesn't want to play opus

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who gives a shit?

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Dude, it's on XDA. It's a soak test, but it only has one issue which is the speakers not sounding all that great. Otherwise mighty fucking fine, to be honest.

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is android a botnet?

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Android peaked at KitKat.

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>look I posted something that made me look retarded!

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Bubbles to pad their safe spaces.
No edge.

Fuck knows.

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I'm running 8.1 on a Note 4X but fucking Google stop releasing new versions, just fucking try to get as many existing devices on the current latest version and just release some patches or something

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Mine run on 6 and the hardware still competes with todays flagships

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Lineage with android 8.1 on a Samsung S5 and desu it's worse than 7. No visible changes, but once in a while it randomly restarts, playing a song has a chance of crashing the phone for 2-3 minutes. Otherwise it's good.

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I just upgraded to Android 9 yesterday. Was only excited bcuz muh security patching.

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at least with the fruitfags you're the customer instead of the product though

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>buy pc in 2008, still has latest software, still receiving updates regularly
>buy smartphone in 2016, will never be updated again

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How I wish I could have meego experience with modern apps

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In Androjeet land, an ‘old’ phone is something you bought 8 months ago.

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>naming your OS releases after foods the majority of your user base have never even eaten or can afford

Android C(urry) & Chicken Feet when?

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Why should I care for other Android users?
I got v9 yesterday.

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so? as long as i can hit the fucking button why would i care what it looks like?

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is that what you really think?

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it's not just /g/. it's everyone.

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One of the main arguments again the android phone is Android ui

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I'm running 8.1, but honestly don't care. All I want are security patches, I don't need new features. The few applications I use work fine and worked fine three years ago.

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Android Unicef Package when?

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Using 8.1 on mine since it was released. Stop getting shit phones.

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Running 8.1 on my Redmi Note 5 Global.

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What the fuck does that have to do with anything you retard?

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I refuse to believe there's people that are excited for Android Pie. It's almost 100% a step backwards from previous versions of Android.

>Looks notably worse than previous Android versions
>heading more and more towards looking like ios
>removes functionality from previous versions of android
>changes multitasking to be less functional and more difficult to use. Not to mention, also looks like ios' shit-tier implementation
>Literally 0 features that are worth an update

My OP3 is going to get an update to Pie and I want to avoid it like the plague.

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File: 2.39 MB, 720x1280, 2018_08_11_02_42_13.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know about you guys but Pie is pretty comfy. This and the new smart rotate are worth the upgrade.

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I'm on 8.1 and I don't even know how it's different from 5 besides some basic looks.

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Did they finally fix the camera bug where it won't open up?

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android 5 doesn't even have a built in flashlight. you're missing out on a ton of features.

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ios but worse

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Tfw on 6 because not a phonefag who updates model every year

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No, you're on 6 because you got a phone from a manufacturer, who doesn't give a rats ass about providing support for their device, once a sale is made.

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These icons at top look like ass. Who greenlit that shit?

>> No.67101670

Per app permissions and Doze.

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built-in flashlight is a big feature to you?

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Pajeet company has a pajeet mindset & pajeet workflow

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Because maybe the os should be separate from the phone. I should be on the newest security patch and have the newest operating system on a 1 year old phone, instead I'm "lucky" that I got oreo and will be lucky whenever I get the newest patch.

Why are these things patches and like weekly fixes that get pushed to every device?

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Dog is pretty comfy

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Looks like shit when compared to Oreo imo. It's like they tried to rip off iOS but somehow managed to make it look even worse.

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Sad thing is this is how Google used to do it. Little updated were always just incremental and part of the same version.
Now they just up a tier every time, I literally lost track and went to Youtube the other day just to see what they've updated in recent Android's. Shit, i'm still running Android 4 or 5 on my Z3 Compact and it's fine

I think the only feature I'd really like from the newer versions of Android is Multiwindow/Split screen. What else is great from then since now?

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Now you can properly manage app permissions

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oh shit its out? since when?

>> No.67102051

What breed is that?

>> No.67102080

Stop getting shit phones then. My Mi A1 has 8.1 already for like 2 weeks. Android 9 planned by end of year.

>> No.67102090

Smart rotate, new adaptive brightness, new volume control, 20% improved battery life and Lockdown mode are all pretty handy.

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Soak test OTA leaked through XDA

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Android Malaria Vaccine

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used to have a piece of shit noia 3 and it was slow as testicles on nu-gat. Oreo made it fly

>> No.67102146

Wheres the update for my galaxy S9+? Still on 8.0.0 here

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Not the one you've quoted, but the newer hi is looking worse as times goes by. Buttons are getting bigger and the contrast is worse than ever. The dial app looks like Fisher Price shit.

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I'm happy on 7 with my chinese T1.
Can't think of a single feature that'd make me jump, features feel complete.

>> No.67102203

I can get 2 days with ease on my Note 5. Maybe you just should've researched better.

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pshhht.. nothin personnel... op

>expecting updates
[email protected] reply, should've gone for a nokia silly

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Maybe don't have an ancient device. It doesn't even need to be flagship tier. My $220 LG Stylo 4 has Android 8.1 out of the box.

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I used a smartphone with 5 on it and looked mostly the same with mine running 8.1. But 5 from 4 was a major upgrade.

>> No.67102271

huh? why do i need to wait for most people to get the current one to be excited about it? (i'm not anyway, i haven't even looked into it)
you think everyone excited for the next cpu/gpu/whatever has the immediate previous model already?

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>android 4 - improved battery life
>android 6 - improved battery life
>android 7 - improved battery life
>android 8 - improved battery life
>android 9 - improved battery life

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Just don't be stupid and buy a device with a good battery

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I still had the best battery life on 4.4
7.1 isn't bad at all, but 4.4 is the best of Android to this day IMO

>> No.67102530

>buy shit device
>complain it has shit battery life


>> No.67102544

Judging by his response, it was a sarcastic one.

>> No.67102575

>updating their devices within a year of Android version release

Late 2019 / early 2020, perhaps.

>> No.67102697

oreo was released less than half year ago...

>> No.67102734

Where's the buttons? How the fuck is any boomer mom expected to operate that? Are they living in their own little world? What happened to intuitive design?

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>install amateur grade Indian botnet keylogging ROM to remove Chinky botnet ROM for an update

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have pixel 2
the new material design 2.0 is fucking shit

white on white everywhere

literally applel cancer

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>install amateur grade Apploo """""update""""""
>1 year old iphone becomes a laggy useless brick

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>Some people just buy cheap phones that are already years old. A huge part of this is the fault of India and other foreign poverty markets. People buy old cheap devices and keep using them until they totally fail.

Is this fucking bait? Are people somehow at fault for getting their money's worth from their hardware? For not being mindless consumers, for resisting slimy marketers? For not contributing to landfills?

How old are you? You know what? Fuck you, boy.

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i'm so fucking mad

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iPhone 7 here working just fine

>> No.67103454

Because they want to be apple and they'll never be

>> No.67103480

At least Android is open source and someone, or a group of people could write their own UI if they put in enough effort. Also, treble is amazing. I tried out the P beta on my OnePlus 5 earlier, and it brings more support to phones which would be generally unsupported.

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Yes goyim it's them minorities making phones worse. Buy this new shiny device with 10% better performance every 365 days.

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>mfw nokia shitter with oreo go
For how fucking little I do with my phone, this is fucking perfect.

>> No.67103547

Because I already have it. Buy a better phone that actually sends you updates

>> No.67103561

>android 8.1 adoption is practically non-existant
No one fucking cares
>fandroid fans excited about android 9
False, no one fucking cares
fuck off

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That image angers me.

>> No.67103677

I agree it sucks having a duopoly like this but the only other competitor was ubuntu and they cucked out so now we just have to see where purism takes this. Having the choice I have chosen the apple way mainly because of google's blatant attempts to subvert white America through disinformation and well literal discrimination. Apple may be a leftist hive as well but at least (until Alex Jones) they aren't so open about it and care enough to want my money.


>> No.67103693

Waiting for android 10 Q. https://www.xda-developers.com/tag/android-q/
RemindMe! 8 Months

About android 9:
DNS over TLS
Volume controls

>> No.67103828

the original isn't any better

>> No.67103840

>bubbles to pad their safe spaces
lmao just accept that UI design changes and phones with rounded corners look better with round UIs. not every piece of software has to look like fucking windows

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>How dare you think something corporations haven't told you to.

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>my iphone 6s will get the next version of iOS
>will, in all likelyhood also get the two after that

>android users have to buy a new phone every 12 months if they want the latest version of Android

>android users say iPhones are designed to make you need to buy a new phone every year

>> No.67104263

you sure drank the fucking koolaid kiddo

>> No.67104408

your phone's newer than mine and mine's running android 8.1

>> No.67104442

my mom has a 5s, a 5 year old phone, which will get the next version of iOS this fall

>> No.67104456

using 9 on the pixel xl larry page sent me
it's gucci

>> No.67104583

that's not a problem anymore because project treble exists

>> No.67104601

Android has been superior than iOS since Nougat though. The notification system in iOS feels archaic for example.

>> No.67104606

Marshmallow was peak android

>> No.67104913

Because most people still use their old devices. Smartphones are dead since about 2014, they reached a peak of performance. Cheap octacores are often slower in singlethread than the Snapdragon 800 series, the highend models overheat. No mentally sane person would purge 600 or more € for those devices. Unfortunately custom ROMs are the only option to get newer Android versions on old devices.

Android 6 is still good though.

>> No.67104929

>>fandroid fans excited about android 9
That's not true for me this time. I dislike 8 and 9. They suck.

>> No.67104945



>> No.67104946

Reminder that your beloved S A M S U N G has only just given Oreo (that is 8.0, not 8.1.0 at that) to their latest high-end models almost year after it was released, and their mid-range and low-end models aren't getting it until 2019.

>people defend this brand like they defend Apple

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File: 42 KB, 512x507, pz7akuq72te11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you even prove those claims?
Every time they say that they've improved battery life, they also add a shitload of bloat to google play services to negate it.

>> No.67105520

It's funny. Having just replaced my Windows 10 phone with an Android phone running Oreo, the notification system in Android feels archaic.

>> No.67105624

Hows the z3 anon?
I literally just bought a new one from ebay for 90 bucks because my redmi note 3 died

>> No.67105638

end it my man

>> No.67105644

Why can't google focus on improving existing versions first?

>> No.67105645

This bait tho

>> No.67105664

New releases also come with new chips, which again qualcomm themselves claims is much more power efficient.
So in theory we should be getting tremendous battery life - but we don't. All of that efficiency just goes towards malware apps, google's bloated digital wellbeing baked in trash, more ios animations, etc.

>> No.67105703

Oreo on mi4c is pure shit. If you left nougat for anything oreo you are retarded.

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No complaints. Well, actually 2.
First off, one of the little flaps that keep it waterproof broke off. This was my fault however.
Second is that the earphone jack just stopped working. I googled it and it seems to be a common issue, but what's really weird is it works if you use a specific app and force sound through earphones. Otherwise, no dice.

Other than that, it's all good. My annoyances more often comes from the apps themselves (I swear all of them turn to shit sooner or later now) rather than my phone

>> No.67106317

Wanted a nice performance phone

>> No.67106350

You know there's no personal info on this screen, right

>> No.67106382

4.4 battery was shit, specially on deep sleep. It could use up to 25% easily over night.

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Seriously how we can fix Android? Most used androids are 2,3 and 4 years old. Why android is so badly designed that phones doesn't get any updates? I even can run latest linux on my 10 years old laptop so how Android managed to make Linux such a mess?

>> No.67106452

like windows
you dont

>> No.67106460

Blame chip manufactures for not making drivers for older SoCs.

>> No.67106492

The people who are excited are on 8/8.1

It just shows the small minority who are really fans of android. Who use it outside of just wanting to text/call/fb/sc

>> No.67106494

You can install Windows 10 on a Pentium III machine with voodoo graphics. This is a non issue on Windows, since installing a new version is totally based on the user choice.

>> No.67106586

Can you downgrade? Android got shittier from version to version. I bought a Z2 refurbished last year for 90 €. These things are really good.

>> No.67106589
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Windows Phone was ahead of its time. You can't compare another mobile OS with it.

>> No.67106740

It's sad, really. It could have been great, but Microsoft just kept on digging the grave deeper until they couldn't dig any further.

>> No.67106836

This desu, Windows Phone was too good for this world.

>> No.67106872

god i wish that were me

>> No.67106907

>Google makes blog posts that mocks Apple and Microsoft for having shit security (slow patch times etc)
>0,002% of all android phones have the latest security patch

fucking kek. Google, if you are reading this. Fuck off and kill yourselves

>> No.67107075

enjoy your "nice performance" on your forever 8.0.0 device. The N8 sirocco has almost the same CPU/GPU btw: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9087&idPhone2=8967

better safe than sorry family

>> No.67107120

Ha said literally the opposite, shill

>> No.67107150

that chinese cartoon any good or nah? I'm about to watch it.

>> No.67107200

Using 8.1 on my Moto G4 Play and enjoying it.

>> No.67108157


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File: 188 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_Termux_20180811-204948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.67108533

>Tfw waiting for custom ROMs
Google not supporting the Nexus 5X past Oreo and LG's nonexistent support with the bootloop problems is pure garbage.

>> No.67109074

camera firmware version doxed ;^)

>> No.67109092


>> No.67109319

Yes. It is trash, but it's fun trash. I wouldn't recommend it to friends, but I enjoy watching it.

>> No.67109357

Was there a baby boom in India after WW2?

>> No.67109363

because reddit

>> No.67109701

This, some markets still sell phones with fucking Marshmallow. With luck, they have official updates to Nougat or Oreo.

>> No.67110012
File: 54 KB, 640x453, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything of worth even added to new versions anymore? Last big feature I remember was app in app stuff, and that has only proven to be more annoying than helpful for me in actual use.

>> No.67110341

That "feature" ended up being absolute garbage.

>> No.67110991

>android changes something i liked to something that i dont like

fuck off idiot

>> No.67112676

Termux has a package manager?

>> No.67112782

Kitkat was peak

>> No.67112866
File: 131 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Settings_20180812-043207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

S5 will eventually get android 9.
But for now enjoy my struggle.
(12.5 hours SoT)

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File: 144 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Settings_20180812-162248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my phone is 4 years old and is on 8.1.
i'm buying a new phone next month, and it will have android 9.
either way, android versions haven't been so diverse one from another, each one introduces some bullshit "unde the hood" improvements, 1 or 2 UI changes and maybe a slightly significant change every 3 versions

>> No.67113900

well, if you buy a 8 year old phone with android froyo on it or an unsupported shinkphone, you are contributing to the problem.
Just buy a phones from manufacturers that update their phones or that at least have good rom support

>> No.67113919
File: 131 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Termux_20180812-162926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, it's there where you fucking open it
>search a package
>install a package
>learn more

>> No.67114000

looks like shit

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>> No.67114119

8.1 on nokia 5 here

>> No.67115815

When nougat came out like 70% of all people were on lollipop or kit kat so I'd say it's improved. Like the other guys said, there's not much incentive to upgrade your phone every year or two years anymore.

>> No.67117299

>Otherwise it's good.
After everything you wrote, you say it's good? Jesus

>> No.67117370

i'm on 6.0.1, only way i'm using something newer is when i upgrade my phone. but i'll probably wait at least 2-3 years to do that, there's nothing interesting that a current phone can do that mine can't. and that's essentially the problem for these phone makers now

funny how people thought computers were doomed when smartphones started getting more popular, but phone upgrades now offer way less benefits and should start slowing down now

>> No.67117990

He was agreeing him by mockingly impersonating a Jew horrified by sensible people.

>> No.67118014

I'm on Android 7 and upgrading to 8 or 9 requires a new recovery with treble support and I don't want to backup and reinstall everything right now

>>you tell me xD

>> No.67118143

8.1 here
Came from 5.whatever
Things I like:
>Fingerprint support everywhere to enter passwords
>Solid background management and push. It really works
>Dank split screen
>Snappy as fuck
>The music notification is fucking gorgeous
Things I don't like
>Shit status bar buttons
>No stock gallery app other than cloud gapp

>> No.67118167

I still have my Nexus 6P and it's not getting Android 9

I'm quite happy with 8.1 though, and I'm keeping this phone until it breaks into a million pieces in my hand

PS: The camera is insanely good in HDR mode

>> No.67118188
File: 110 KB, 1079x902, Screenshot_20180812-152455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aye, another brazil fag around here
Do you know if I can get 8.0 for my s7 via XDA?

>> No.67118214


>> No.67118218

>android 8.1 adoption is practically non-existent
Isn't that mostly because the 7.1 generation of android phones were particularly good in terms of longevity? I think a large number of people just have no reason to upgrade to a new phone and so the version issue is due to companies not updating older models. It's really the fault of the various companies that control updates on their phones.

Personally, I'm still using a Motorola Nexus 6 and it's still fast and snappy for daily use. I have absolutely no reason to upgrade any time soon, because the battery is still fine and performance is good as well. The longer I've had smart phones, the less I've cared about apps. I just use it for reading some stuff while in transit, or checking emails. That's about it. I don't need a 1000 flagship that won't be superior to what I've got as far as that use case is concerned.

>> No.67118358

Gingerbread was peak

>> No.67118467

My LG g5 still on Android 7 with a February security update.

Why? I think it should have 8 by now even if it's not much more efficient

>> No.67118853
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>> No.67121033

It's still a problem because with project treble, because your phone is still not getting updates directly from Google.
As long as updates have to go through a phone's manufacturer this will be a problem. All project treble does is make it easier for manufacturers to release their updates, it doesn't magically make them not lazy.

>> No.67121338
File: 163 KB, 2000x717, 2000px-Android_historical_version_distribution_-_vector.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey google, stop making new Android releases EVERY FUCKING YEAR.

>> No.67121623

>stop making new Android releases
Effectively they have, at least for the low-end stuff.
My 4.2 tablet is "functionally stable".

>> No.67121878

There's nothing wrong with making new Android releases every year, but there's everything wrong with the way they distribute them.
It should never have been left up to manufacturers - or even worse, carriers - to update their own devices. They should never have had anything to do with the fucking OS other than providing drivers. Their fucking bloatware should never have been shipped as goddamn system apps.
System updates should have come from Google itself, just like how you don't go to Dell or Acer or whatever for fucking Windows or Linux updates.

>> No.67122035

Ya go to SYS76 for pop! Os updates

>> No.67122128
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Not a tech guru here but since samsung and android copying ios alot...(even the fucking notch)
What are the chances of them not reducing the battery life to force peope to buy new ones ?

>> No.67122341

Smartphone fags are cancer

>> No.67122404

LG V20 finally got 8.0, Android carriers are a fucking meme

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