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Why are modern so soulless and why are they so rare, i just want a tiny laptop with a 5-7 inch screen, i dont even want that much processor power.

what are your thoughs about UMPC's? also Whats your favorite UMPC?

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also i hate the trend of "the thinner the better" why wouldnt they make the GPD Pocket (right) half an inch thiccer so it dosnt overheat?, for me the PC 110 is the perfect thick but it is hard as fuck to find and is expensive af

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it's called an iPhone.

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Sony Vaio's are nice, but they are way too w i d e and not that comfy

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the gpd pocket is 10/10

spilled beer on it and fucked the keyboard a few days ago, only cost me 27 dollars and an hour of work to replace it. having a celebratory drink right now while shitposting and its comfy as fuck

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Raspberry pi's umpc's are comfy but they look way too fragile (the screen flex for example) and i hate 3d printers (because i dont have one)

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thanks for the pic, but is really that good? it looks way too "apple" for my heart ;-;

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way too thin

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but is a concept so we will see when i comes out (if it has some succes)

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normies won't buy it if it won't fit in their pocket, and even an extra bit of thickness can make a huge difference

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i know, i may sound like a boomer but i hate normies and apple-kids

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GPD Pocket2

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oh, i fucked up, i said half an inch but thats actually a lot (i use centimeters) so yeah, i actually though about 0.20 inches

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it has a usb3 and usb c port
it has active cooling and a quad core 2.6ghz processor
sound is shit
keyboard is amazing and beautifully clicky. i'm a cherry green kind of man, i like high actuation force and click and this is ok in my book

it plays FTL, duskers, sc1 and other nice old games in a portable form factor

the design may be a shameless apple knock off but the implementation far surpasses it. if you've ever seen autist man rossman rant about how shit macbook keyboards are because they're not replaceable you'll appreciate how easy it is to take the gpd pocket apart and unfuck it when you break the keyboard with an unlucky spill.

still at the bar downing sake bombs and dominion cherry lager but i will answer any questions about it while i drink

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oh i forgot another important part it has a trackpoint just like muh old thinkpads

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What makes you think GPD shitcket won't overheat if it was a half inch thiccer

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that actually sounds nice, the 2 thinghs i dont like is the 1920x1200 screen (is a waste of battery life in a 7 inch screen, i would be perfectly fine with 1366x768 or something like that)

and the apple-like design

but yeah, i dont have that many alternatives, i may end getting one

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bigger heatsinks + more space for airflow= better temperatures and maybe some extra feature (like bigger battery)

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Battery impact on the Core m3 is negligible when running at 1920x1200. The Surface Pro runs at almost 3k and the battery still lasts 12 hours easy

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you shut the fuck up you want as high a resolution as you can get you can always downscale

i forgot to add that i've done some additional maintenance to it:

replaced the thermal paste with a graphite pad. its not really for increased cooling as much as it is to prevent thermal pumping. I've also added a fuck ton of thermal pad to the heatpipe so it presses firmly against the aluminum backplate for increased cooling. as long as you're not maintaining prime95 it will keep its 2.56ghz turbo on all 4 cores

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damn, calm down, i actually said it looks nice, also, i like the idea if the thermal pads to the aluminium backplate

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i'm sorry anon i'm just stressed out and drinking. my droid turbo 2 died this morning and i just managed to fix the gpd pocket and droid phone before making it to the bar. poor phone just has to last 8 more days and it can go sleep

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The MR-1 looks cool, it has military grade materials, so, if for some reason someone puts a bomb under your desk, your infromation and riced linux would probably be safe

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It's called a phone, thanks.

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if you have a x86 phone, yes, otherwise, fuck off

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"sent from my apple fuckphone which cost 1/3 more than a proper umpc with less capabilities and more notches"

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seeing how options on the market are limited, how hard would it be to just stick a raspberry pi in an old umpc and get the old hardware working with it?

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raspi all have shit power consumption. they are not meant to be mobile sadly

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also, rasbpis are ARM, if you want x86 check other alternatives

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it should be thin and portable at the expense of performance
if i want performance ill get a gaming laptop

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we arent talking about performance, we a re talking about overheating, if i want something to heat i buy a stove, but we want a functional umpc even if it has to be 0.20 inches thicker

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Are you getting Pocket 2?

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>That random SD card shoved in the bottom unit not attached to anything
u wot

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I am a UMPC hobbyist. I know about almost every UMPC that's still sold these days or on Japanese auction/ebay type sites. What are your minimum requirements and size?

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What's the overall best one out there?

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If you don't care about the price: any of the GPD's that most suit your needs.
If you want a barebones CHEAP Arch/Void/OpenBSD/NetBSD machine which has maintained support even today try a Sharp Zaurus. They go for 20 bucks on yahoo auctions.

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The reason they overheat is the terrible heatsink, there are videos of people modding theirs with a tiny piece of copper which they put between the heatsink and CPU and it turns out those modded ones run like 10 degrees colder.

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I can't type on anything narrower than about eleven inches display. Even that is not fun after a little bit.

I imagine you'll have to hunt and peck or use telekinesis somehow

Pic unrelated

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I have no real reason or need to get one, but the GPD pocket 2 is so tempting. though it just looks that little bit too awkward for a lot of things. Unlike the GPD Win you can't hold the screen close if you want to game, and it looks awkwardly small for text editing in some of the videos i've seen...

But still, a really cool concept.

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>not using your phone as laptop

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Smallest youll ever come by are 11' and 12' screens. Anything smaller would have to be custom made or be a limited time project by the company.

>Most of these seem to be running on old OS'.
>Having a Non-Mobile os is a must.

Have any of you found one with a touch screen integrated? That would be a huge upgrade from the mouse.

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Yea but the problem with this is the mobile os'.

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What's wrong with it?
You can do on it anything you want, even running windows.

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>what are your thoughs about UMPC's
It's a niche between phone and laptop that has literally no reason to exist.

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Can I just have a netbook form factor? A nice 8-10 inch screen with not disgusting specs?

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Doesn't Android have a pretty decent QEMU port? Couldn't you just run an ARM Linux distro in KVM or do something like x86 Lubuntu in TCG? Phones have pretty fast processors now with 6-8GB of RAM and 128GB storage.

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I unironically want this. Theres a couple out there. One called superbook that had a kickstarter and some other one. Idk if they ever hit market though.

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Just get something like pic related for your phone.

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just press buttons lol

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eventually yes. I decided to buy a pocket 1 because it has a trackpoint mouse, and because it has 2 years of community support and knowledgebase built up already.

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X86 computer with a physical keyboard that fits in your pocket has a lot of uses

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Any mobile version software of a desktop version software is stripped down a lot of the time.

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Thumbs nigger, thumbs

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I unironically use KDE so that I can write my code on my laptop using Keyboard69 from my phone

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Legit question.
How the fuck do you even type on these things?
Ergonomics are up in the ass, or not?

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OOOOHH OP here again, i actually forgot about the Pyra, for me, is the comfyest "modern" UMPC, and i want one so bad, but they are rare.

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Thumbs, like in a horizontal phone, fuck, have you never seen a Blackberry? they have the tiniest keyboards and they arent unconfortable at all

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this but with a keyboard

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if you want to share some cool information or some weird umpc you know, it would be cool

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>11 inch shitposting and animu watching net book
>10-13 hours battery life
>throw in my bag with a 2TB external HDD which i rsync from desktop.

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Thats not in the laptop form factor

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I want netbooks to make a comeback.

>> No.67079167

probably some SD adapter only put in there to hold the board above it in place

>> No.67079213

I wonder if in the near future we'll see good cpus that fit into the power requirements for those things, not just really shitty and slow stuff

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the GPD pocket 2 gets close, but yeah, there isnt a big market for umpc so big companys arent interested

>> No.67079270

same, theres still some new chink netbooks but most of them are ARM (a tablet with a keyboard basically) and if i want to do ARM things i have a phone, 7-10 x86 netbooks are rare

>> No.67079281

It sure is. However as the neofetch print says, this is an openpandora, which can be purchased for as little as 120€ on German eBay now.

>> No.67079313

How much performance and battery life could someone realistically get if they used an old netbook chassis but with modern hardware and batteries? those things used to be really thick, so you could pack a lot of battery and cooling inside

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All gpd models have been confirmed to come bundled with spyware
I hope you're all following SOP and doing fresh installs

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oh, the Pyra is the succesor, but do you have a link to the pandora at 120e? i cant find anything

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obviously im not using win10, if i get a umpc i install something lighter like debian or gentoo

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Will steam ever come to arm? I think we might see a umpc revival if that happens

>> No.67079484

i think windows 10 ARM can run steam, but i dont really know.

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umpc's weren't made for gaming tho, they are little bussines laptops to take notes and send emails.

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technically it can emulate x86 software, but obviously it runs like dogshit

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Hardware improvments will allow them to. People want to play AAA desktop games on their phones. Just slap a keyboard or game controls on a large phone and youve got a umpc.
We already have gpd doing this but their devices arent phones and intel is unable to compete with atom. It needs to happen on ARM.

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I think they're cool as a novelty sort of thing, but I sadly cannot imagine any practical use I'd have for a device this small.

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Do you know any power efficient x86 single board xomputers?

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agree man. chromebooks are doing well nowadays atleast until ipad and surface hit the market.
it's downhill for now.

nowadays, even on arm and x86, they have secure start admin locked from user. you are stuck on windows.
normies cannot flash and dont care for it, but i think it would get much better reception if it didnt try to lock out OSes

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A friend of mine bought a surface.

Honestly, anyone that pays 1300 bucks for that should be checked for downs.

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agree but it's pure brand value nowadays. you dont know how important it was to these people to get that surface or ipad.

one of my lab matesis middle class and can barely afford it.he bought it and it's crashing on 1080p videos or if there are more than 10 apps open. he's still smiling looking at it.

that brand value just doesn't go away.

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I would just buy a ThinkPad x220 over that.

To make it even better, this stupid bitch just uses it for basic office stuff and checking the mail.

I guess you can't expect any better from someone that didn't even know what an SSD is.

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>Ultra mobile

Unless it comes with a rocket pack or teleportation device, every laptop that fits in your backpack is exactly equally mobile.

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UMPC use leads to this



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From a general usability standpoint, how is something like the GPD pocket? Just for stuff like text editing, maybe watching videos, light gaming - screen scaling seems essential in something like word usage.

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I am.

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for proper screen scaling they'd need to build it with either a 720p display or 1440p, since windows only scales properly at 100, 200, 300, etc

>> No.67081142

I guess they went with the higher resolution for them premium feels. But practically a 1200x800 display probably would have been better.

>> No.67081190

a 1920x1200 screen at 100% scale would be really difficult to read, and at 200% windows won't work properly

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no, because you can put most umpcs in your pockets, which makes them easier to transport

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the mom one is sad, but why does she care thaat much, let your kid fuck stuffed ponys

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lmao, look at this lenovo pocket concept design, is way too W I D E even more than the sony vaio pocket

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i know of their dock thing but do they actually make this laptop thing? im so fucking down to get a S9 if they do

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My phone has about reached the end of its lifespan, so I was thinking about getting a Gemini PDA as a replacement. What are you’re thoughts on it?

I don’t really use the actual “phone” services that much, so any inconvenience of its design won’t be any problem. I’m thinking a tiling window manager on that little linux machine would be perfect. SSH from anywhere on a physical keyboard that can fit in a pocket, man that would be something!
I’ve read that the Linux support for it is still a little rough around the edges, but as long it can run containers, like with Docker, then that I don’t forsee too many hiccups. And I’ve delt with ARM not playing nice with Linux before by respining the ISO (http://linuxiumcomau.blogspot.com/2017/06/customizing-ubuntu-isos-documentation.html?m=0).
So what do you think Anon? Worth it?

>> No.67081824

Im strongly considering it.
apparently you have to flash distros to it and you cant install it by traditional means. i assume that means there is no easy way to have full disk encryption if you use desktop linux. im mostly fine with just android anyway.
it doesnt support all of verizons frequencies.
desktop linux runs on top of libhybris which is a compatibility layer between it and the android kernel and drivers. performance isnt great.
it's arm, so no steam games or other x86 stuff
if you are okay with all of those, i think it's worth it

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if my J7 neo dies i will get the gemini pda, is not a good UMPC but it isnt a bad phone, and i prefer fisical keys

>> No.67081934

what do you need a umpc for if you never leave the basement

>> No.67081948

so i can use a little comfy pc while fucking your mom

>> No.67081964

writing "your mom" on your hand doesnt count

>> No.67082012

I'd have one now if the clit were in the right place.

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>what are your thoughs about UMPC's?
A waste of time when we have 5-7" phones that are about as powerful.

>> No.67082046

That thing is a complete fucking scam and never going to deliver.

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Phones support Bluetooth and Android ones at least support USB-HID.

>> No.67082452

1/4 the size, 1/2 performance, 2/1 the price

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Gemini PDA owner here

As of right now if you go with Gemini PDA then you're better of using SailFish OS than Linux. I only use SFOS myself.

Linux runs poorly, we're awaiting CPU drivers (MediaTek) But don't hold your breathe. chroot Linux under Android gets you the same performance.

SailFish is Linux w/ Wayland.

I write code often on my Gemini PDA. Keyboard is 10/10 for me.

Also you can dual boot (via button keys) and triple boot (with CLI commands)

>> No.67082515

>Gemini PDA owner here
Is the spacebar as shit people say it is?

>> No.67082536

Why is /g/ obsessed with this kind of niche product that has no real market for it?
I can't think of any reason to own a UMPC. It looks downright uncomfortable to type with.

>> No.67082575

I have no issues with it, you're the first to bring anything up about it to me actually.

Whats the complaint?
It always registers my press, even if I don't press the center of the key.

Willing to do a demo gif

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What's the point of them porting it to ARM if their games won't run on it?

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>whats x86

>> No.67082725

>1/4 the size
you said it

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B.s., I could buy two nice ThinkPads with that money or a decent used gaming laptop, il save my cash then.

>> No.67082878

Something about the spacebar not registering presses half the time when pressed off-center and some other keys getting stuck occasionally. Did you buy yours recently or is it one of the crowdfunding reward units?

>> No.67082917

Backer 5xxx

I got the x27 CPU but am one of the first backers. Got mine at least 3 months ago now.

My spacebar does not have that issue- if anything it is the most sturdy key on the device since the other keys have some wobble.

>> No.67082987

Aw yisss
Passport is still my favorite phone by far

>> No.67083030

>i dont need one so they are trash lol

cry harder, they are little bussiness computers, not for gamer kids

>> No.67083031

A shitty instruction set.

>> No.67083047


>Most likely a code monkey.

I think you meant to say job instead of business. I've never seen an actual businessman with shit like that.

>> No.67083082

because you have never seen a bussinessman.

>> No.67083093

no one in its right mind would seriously code more than 20 lines of code in a sub 10 inch UMPC, dont say shit

>> No.67083109

show me a good bluetooth keyboard (not folding) with buttons like this >>67080997
and i will concede to you that umpcs are a meme

>> No.67083288

lmao, he died or something

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My UMPC setup

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I wish there was just a umpc type keyboard you could buy to use with your phone
that way I wouldn't have to buy another device, but still be able to use text intensive programs without having to bring my laptop with me

>> No.67083560

He's not even trying

>> No.67083577

How hard would it be to make a palmtop with an i7 8550u, 16gb ram and 512gb ssd?

>> No.67083657

its not that expensive for what it is

>> No.67083684

the problem would be the heat and price, it could be done, but it isnt worth it for big companys and is too hard to do for a normal person

>> No.67083686

>He thinks he repaired it by replacing the keyboard

Youve set a time limit on youre GPD Win

Expect it to fail out of nowhere soon

>> No.67083699

also, i'll wait for ryzen 7nm technology in 2019 and the optimized version in 2020, which will have less heat, less energy consuption and amd can make processor half the size with the same power, it would be perfect for laptop processors

>> No.67083700

does anyone have the wallpaper on the right?

>> No.67083711

source of your claims? what a moron

>> No.67083735

Last i checked motherboards aren't beer

>> No.67083751

idk, searched but i cant find it

>> No.67083816

My top picks:

Fujitsu u810/u820

the u810 is usually somewhat cheap on ebay.

acer aspire one ZG5

poorfag tier but decent

Asus 1015pn

atom dual core with HT, Nvidia ION graphics, decent specs for a 10.1 class netbook

>> No.67083940

why would anyone want x86?

>> No.67083946

they do make slide out keyboard cases but i could only find them for iphones

>> No.67083952

All the modern ones have touchscreens, and they are custom-made.

>> No.67086133


>> No.67086245

Why would you want a shitty keyboard?

>> No.67086273

Termux and aFreeRDP solve that nicely.

>> No.67086280

My phone is USB2 despite being USB-C. Maybe next time I update, if I can find anything newer that still has a removable battery.

>> No.67086306

not a umpc if its running an arm arch cpu, its a phone with a keyboard. and a shitty phone at that.

>> No.67087004

Nothing stopping you from taking the PCB out and put it in 3D printed case.

>> No.67087031

How do you see on such small screen?

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File: 110 KB, 854x480, mpv-shot0224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UMPC are dying because smartphones are getting more efficient.

>> No.67087432
File: 52 KB, 660x599, 660px-GMOpen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The same way you type on your phone in landscape.

>> No.67087519

My weapons of choice are:
>GPD Win 2
For Light internet browsing and playing lighter end games. I also have a GPD Win 1 I managed to tame and I use sometimes for game streaming from my main gaming PC using Parsec.
>HTC 10 Phone
For web browsing on the go and listening to music with my wireless earphones
>Xduuo X2 with 2x 128gb micro SD and rockboxed
For listening to music for hours.
>Chuwi Hi 13 tablet
For watching video on, heavy web browsing and reading manga/comic books
> Kobo Aura Edition 2 modded with 32gb microSD and Koreader
For reading books. Especially handy on holiday when I play less videogames and binge read
I like having different tools for different jobs. Sure you can do everything with a phone but its less than ideal. Im a bit of a power user who tries to get the most out of my stuff.
I remember I once made a 128gb modded PSP 2000 with battery from a 1000 and a battery grip. It turned out plain unweildy but it had like 10 hours of battery life.

>> No.67087577

>smartphones are getting more efficent
BUAHAHAHHA with every update they install more and more bloatware

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>Kobo Aura Edition 2 modded with 32gb microSD and Koreader
Do you recommend getting one?
I want something for reading LN.

Currently using Note 8 with chromecast in mirroring mode and pic related, and to be honest it's quite comfy, the only issue is the screen lag, but that was solved by switching to 5GHz network, this way I can turn nearly any screen into laptop.
Also it seems there's a Desktop mode, but I think the dex station is over priced.

>> No.67087832

I heard the GPD Win 2's current batch is complete shit with screens that fuck up. Is this true?

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File: 89 KB, 628x472, 51f421f7e37d92faf2445c9b54124af4_preview_featured.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My UMPC is RPi0 in my keychain.

>> No.67087888
File: 71 KB, 1020x680, VAIO VGN-UX90PS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There needs to be a Neo 900-like kit for the VAIO UX

>> No.67087900

I have one of those too anon. The bluetooth model. It kind of sucks because the range is poor and the connection drops. Really wished I had the model with the dongle. I hear its way better.
As for the Kobo. The edition 2 is actually worse than its predecessor and the Glo due to its lower pixel density and backlight, hardware wise. I bought it because it was there in the shol and I needed on for my holiday.
Theres a new Kobo Clara thats basically its successor but Im not sure how good it is, how hackable it is, and whether or not you can upgrade the memory. (The Aura literally has a 4gb microSD you can just clone to another bigger SD and then just expand the partition and pop back in, takes like an hour to do at most)
But for a 6 inch ereader I like it a lot. Easy to use and add stuff to, comfortable reading, decent battery life, and you can get a cheap flip-case for it that adds hardly any bulk. I like to stash it in my inside- jacket pocket to read at work and it fits nice in a flight bag. Koreader is a nice bonus because you can customise the reading a little more and you can just access your books as a file browser and find exactly the file you put there without having to type into a search box or flick through a list of covers. The latest version also has little icons that show you the book cover next to the file.
It was definitely worth the 100 quid I got it for brand new.

>> No.67087943


>> No.67088808

>the Glo
So you think the glo is better?
Especially to mod it, since I found someone offering it for 15$.

>> No.67088846
File: 506 KB, 2000x1200, zero-stem-big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, I want to get zerostem.
But my soldering skills isn't that good.
Basically what I want to do is turn the RPi0, into All-in-one device.
I've already got lakka on MicroSD card with retro games, I hook it up to TV in the hospital I work with and let the kids play some oldies.

>> No.67088883
File: 1012 KB, 4912x2760, hz380eisudd11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UMPC thread? Why not post old UMPC from my addiction.

>> No.67088899

that's the joke

>> No.67088917

Dude, you have problem.

>> No.67088947

>what are your thoughs about UMPC's?
Completely fucking useless. It isn't the early 90's we have tablets and phones.

>> No.67088970

I'm highly tempted to get a GPD Pocket 2, but the original GPD pocket keyboard is an abomination that I couldn't stand when I tried it at a store.

I'll get it if the new keyboard is actually workable.

>> No.67088975

I know...this is my "drug" addiction for over a decade which I slowly collect here and there when people trying to get rid of them for dirt cheap. Now, they're way too expensive for what you're getting. If anyone ask, here the list of unit below.

GPD WIN1 (with hand grip and cooling mod)
IBM PC110 (Own 2 pcs and a docking station not in the pic)
MR-1 General Dynamics (IX750)
Sony VAIO VGN-U71P (2 pcs and a docking station)
Sony VAIO PCG-U1 (2 pcs)
Toshiba Libretto U100 (2 pcs)
Samsung Q1 Ultra (3 pcs)
Toshiba Libretto W100
Fujitsu Life Book U810 (2 pcs and docking stations)
Sony Vaio C1 series (Picture Book) (3 version: PCG-C1VN, PCG-C1MR/BP, & PCG-C1MSX)
Samsung Q1b
Sony Vaio UX Micro PC (VGN UX380CN and docking station)
OQO Model 02 (and docking station)
Kohjinsha DZ
Sony Vaio GT3/K

>> No.67088992

Being addicted to heroin is much cheaper.

>> No.67089004

smartphones are the new mini computer

>> No.67089488

Smartphones dominate the ultra portable space right now. If I required an ultra portable with a more traditional form factor I would grab the new Surface Go. As it stands I’m pretty satisfied with my 12” Surface Pro.

>> No.67090845

Your waifus are shit!

>> No.67090970

He is right, unfortunately. I've been repairing smartphones for 3 years now professionally. If you didn't properly clean the mobo, it will short out eventually.

>> No.67091668
File: 49 KB, 580x326, 20150713_164449-1-100596303-large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have pic related in mail. with termux and a vpn i can do everything i need on my droid.

>> No.67091682

What is that

>> No.67091742

ms universal foldable keyboard

>> No.67091756

Wouldn't that be about the same size as just using the manufacturers casing?

>> No.67091767

or void

>> No.67091894

Have to admit, cool a concept the GPD pocket is, when I really myself "what do I need" the surface go fits much better

>> No.67091946

So...you want a smart phone?

>> No.67091995
File: 420 KB, 1024x1024, teclado-bluetooth-aluminio-para-ipad-iphone-dynacom-D_NQ_NP_845611-MLA25716732525_062017-F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice, but i prefer this one (is less thin tho)

>> No.67092017

if you find a x86 phone tell me, meanwhile, no

>> No.67092027

hardware is getting more efficient, but software isnt

>> No.67092067

12" is the absolute minimum size for a real keyboard. netbooks can stay where they belong, inside 2009

>> No.67092081
File: 1.66 MB, 2560x1920, 1525742591163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this looks OK
this looks squishy

>> No.67092190

10" is my bottom line

>> No.67092215

I remember they were pushing these 10" 2in1 tablet things a few months before I finished school.

I nearly had an aneurism typing on those things. However, my daily use laptop is a 12" 16:10 and the keyboard is glorious (especially because it's pre-chiclet)

>> No.67092251
File: 736 KB, 1440x900, pbg4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My main laptops also a 12" 16:10 model. I wish the PowerBook G4s weren't borderline unusable, these are perfect

>> No.67092394

I bet she fucks like crazy

>> No.67092432

I was surprised how usable the ULV C2D in mine is with something light like i3.

>> No.67092464

Yeah, mine's got a ULV C2D too. Works well enough that I replaced it with the same machine when it broke.

>> No.67092695

Microshit foldable keyboard

>> No.67092801

Meant the phone

>> No.67092826

oh, that a phone

>> No.67092836

Reeeeeeeee tell me

>> No.67092931

sorry idk, im not the owner of that phone, now im curious too, i like the screen because is more square than new phones

>> No.67093125

It's a winphone. Compared to the keyboard it seems big. So I'm guessing it's either a lumia 950 xl or a hp elite x3

>> No.67093765

A lot of threads like this out there. Glo HD is superior to the Aura 2 which was a bit of a downgrade.
But its still a modifiable Kobo and thats what matters most.

>> No.67094438


>> No.67094643

>gpd pocket
I think many people miss the point: "phones/tablets are better". No, not if you want a real computer and a keyboard.
I think it's great if you have the use for a machine you can keep in your pocket. Of course that's not optimal but you can plug a real monitor/screen/mouse if required.
I think that's useful for a system administrator.
I liked the trackpoint on the thinkpad, when I didn't have access to a mouse. It seems that doesn't exist on the GPD Pocket 2 though, and I'm not sure how the last minute gadget they added is supposed to replace that. Any input?
Also, if you have USB to mini-DP port adapter, do you need a driver of some sort? (which means OS-specific).

>> No.67094658
File: 119 KB, 1600x900, computahs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the end to all computings has already arrived

>> No.67094676

What part of "pocket" did you misunderstand?

>> No.67094690

It's like carrying your notebook nigger

>> No.67094732

They don't make 'em whiter than me. And I'd rather carry a 5kg laptop with power than a braindildo that will be obsolete in 3 years b/c of the business model.

>> No.67094750

wrong thread dumbass, laptop thread is the other way, this is the UMPC thread, if you want to post little laptops and netbooks fine, but dont be rude, fucking idiot

>> No.67094763

>not a umpc
>ultra mobile portable computer running a desktop OS
>somehow rather a phone despite no calling capabilities

>> No.67094846

idk if we can consider ARM a umpc, he has a point, but yeah is still debatible

>> No.67094883
File: 357 KB, 1920x1440, openpandora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Pandora mainly runs software found on a Linux PC (Libreoffice, GIMP, Chrome, Firefox, mpv) and not software found on Phones. Furthermore it can run x86 software through static recompiles+wine (Diablo II, Starcraft II) as well as ARM ports (Jedi Outcast, Serious Sam, RtCW). In fact the OpenPandora is a single board computer in a shell. Would you consider the Raspberry Pi a phone? I think not.

>> No.67095718

The point is that you can use a phone and a bluetooth keyboard to do everything an arm umpc could, at a higher performance and a lower price.

>> No.67095900

I'd almost consider an iPad if it didn't mean reinvesting in my software.

>> No.67095965

i didnt say arm is exclusively a phone, i just said it may not be a umpc

>> No.67096103

Battery impact of having a hi-res screen is basically negligiable, normal browsing stuff like what you'd do on that kind of machine will never ever stress the GPU even in those resolutions.

>> No.67096554

So tempting. I'm this close to ordering a GPD Pocket2

>> No.67096571

no i didnt faggot. i only spilled enough beer to make the keyboard keys not register. there is an adhesive backed plastic cover underneath the keyboard so that fluids cant drip on the mobo. and the mobo is pristine too.

>> No.67096581
File: 47 KB, 369x351, 14503119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.67098349

you stupid fuck, i can run linux on my s8 too, and better. its not a umpc.

>> No.67098369
File: 1.03 MB, 3024x2268, 20171018_200753-3024x2268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like how only 3 of those are technically umpcs and the rest are shitty netbooks, you failed.

>> No.67098397

and i can emulate x86 on my s8 much faster, jesus fuck you are retarded, its a shity phone with a keyboard, realize you wasted money on a phone and not a umpc and leave the thread, you dont have an actual umpc on your hands.

>> No.67098401

That's a nice design tho.

why do people seem to hate wide?

>> No.67098495
File: 416 KB, 1289x803, 1533968345094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What you can say about it? Sometimes I edit code from smartphone, cause there are no complucters around. Want portative external keyboard

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