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>Post your questions here



>redirect anons making their own threads with >>>/g/sqt

>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Windows questions?
>Where can I get Win10 LTSB?
>How do I activate Win10/Win7?

Previous thread: >>67043377

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Good thread.

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I want to use cheap ass ram as swap space, and I don't want to mix cheap and expensive ram, I also don't want to buy two additional sticks of the expensive ram, so I came up with this idea:

>buy 16GB of cheap ass ram
>put it in a pcie card.
>the system threads the new RAM as persistent storage and not as volatile memory.
>use said RAM-Disk as swap space and it will not interfere with the "expensive" RAM.

Is this possible?
Is this a bad idea?

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Is Ubuntu really a botnet?

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I'm an indecisive faggot and need some help deciding on a Laptop.

Thinkpad E585 (R5 2500U, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD) for 730€ or Latitude 5590 (i5 8250U, 512GB SSD, 68Wh Battery) for 930€?

Going to run Linux on it with a small Windows partition for a few things.

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This has been done before. Gigabyte made something called the i-RAM back around 2005 which was essentially a PCI card with four DDR1 DIMM slots, a backup battery, and a SATA interface. Only one or two people implemented this since, and they were aimed at professional or "enterprise" markets and priced to match, Gigabyte was the only one who aimed at enthusiasts. If you were to make something like this today it could be blisteringly fast, especially if you gave it an x16 PCI-E link or the like, but probably not enough faster than modern SSDs to justify the stratospheric price per gigabyte, and dealing with the volatile nature of DRAM.

Depends on your threat model. Canonical's done some questionable things. A few years ago they had a (now removed) feature that, when you used the little search widget in Unity, sent the query to Amazon so products could be shilled to you. Nowadays they have an analytics thing that phones home. Like everyone who writes such spyware they swear up and down that its only technical information, its all anonymized, its only so they can find and fix bugs, yadda yadda. Its opt-out, I believe there's a question about it in the installer that defaults to "yes, I agree to this". So not as bad as Microsoft, who only let you turn your telescreen^H data collection down, not off, but if you're strict about privacy and take the position that the OS maker has no right to know what you do with your machine, still shady. Oh yeah, and the default MotD setup includes a script that pings Canonical, I believe so it can notify you of security updates and such. But which has the side effect of letting them know you exist.

If all this shit makes you say "fuck no", or just gives you an uncomfortable feeling, install Debian, they're much stricter about things like this. Essentially the only thing they tolerate is an opt-in (not opt-out) package-installation survey.

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Really weird question over here.

Is there any piece of software, registry setting or whatever the fuck that can put the taskbar -only- in the secondary monitor on Windows?

Let's say that I have a setup where I'm kinda forced, by someone's decision to make a software only work on primary monitors, to switch monitors around so that the one I work with the most becomes secondary. I know 7 doesn't do this multimonitor taskbar, and unfortunately 8 and 10 show a taskbar with limited functionality on the secondary monitor. In a situation in which I wouldn't mind if the primary monitor didn't even have a taskbar at all.

I know on linux with some DEs it's just a matter of adding and removing panels, but the way windows operates is of course a pain in the ass.

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So, I have a script running on one of my site that does some monitoring, it has access to the internet.
Now, if that script finds what it is looking for i need to know it ASAP. And not the "Email me" kind of ASAP. I mean some way to make it wake me up in case I'm sleeping.

Any good ideas on how to do that? I'd ideally need some sort of alarm(think alarm-clock) going of on my phone, that doesn't trigger for normal messages/emails.
I'd use something like Twillio(which i could use to call my phone) but i'm paranoid about the script breaking and them overcharging me for it (since its kinda iffy to set limits on Twillio).

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PCIe card is going to cost more than the difference of the price of the 'expensive' ram.
Just sell your ram, and max out whatever you can with the cheapest shit you got. You don't need LED ram, faggot.

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Is rust a meme?

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>Nowadays they have an analytics thing that phones home.
It's optional and anonymous. Just as anonymous as posting here. O

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>PCIe card is going to cost more than the difference of the price of the 'expensive' ram.
You mean the PCIe card costs more than 200 Bucks ?
Because currently I'm using CL14 3200T noRGB RAM.
And I can't just buy one(!) additional stick without destroying timings, nigger.

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There used to be a piece of software called Ultramon that added, among other things, a bunch of taskbar customization to Win7, if anything could do it that's probably it. With 10 you're probably just SOL.

Define meme. Stamping out memory vulnerabilities is a worthy goal, but modern devs have short attention spans and are very intensely novelty-seeking, so they always think the answer is to make a whole new language. Supposedly the community is shit, too.

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I'm talking to a guy on IRC right now that thinks we should rewrite all C/C++ code in Rust because C "has too many bugs"

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I wish to root my phone and put Lineage on it, but it seems like a certain update to the stock rom doesn't let me root. Google says the ability to root was patched in that update. I figure I should flash a previous version of the official ROMs to be able to root. The question is: Does it matter which variation I use for that purpose, or does it not because of the fact I'll overwrite it later with a custom one?

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>You mean the PCIe card costs more than 200 Bucks ?
Find me a PCIe card that adds ram, faggot.

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You don't need to root your phone, you need to unlock its bootloader. It doesn't matter if the stock ROM won't give you root if you're able to overwrite the stock ROM with another ROM that will give you root.

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>And I can't just buy one(!) additional stick without destroying timings, nigger.
Yes you can faggot. Just mount it as a different disk.

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I'm clueless in matters of custom ROMs and moderately sleep deprived. What does that mean? I have an LG G3 and LineageOS's instructions say that stage 1 is rooting. Looking up a downgrading guide, I found the following statement: "It’s this exploit that allows us to gain root access, which allows us to unlock the bootloader, which allows us to install a custom recovery, which allows us to install a custom ROM."
They say root comes first, bootloader unlocking comes second. Having a completely untempered device, can I unlock the bootloader without root?

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>Yes you can faggot. Just mount it as a different disk.
Are we talking about the same timings? Column Access Strobe (CAS) latency? CL ?
You say I can use 3 sticks without fucking up my timings by 'just mounting it as different disk' ?

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Any program to make bootable usb stick work with UEFI? I use rufus - doesn't seem to work with any distributions other than Debian, Kali Linux and Sparky (all Debian based).

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>You say I can use 3 sticks without fucking up my timings by 'just mounting it as different disk' ?
That's what you're doing with the PCIe card, genius.

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How do I get this notification to stop popping up? I don't need my email app running in the background.

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Search for 'close background app on exit' followed by your device name.

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Well I still want to be able to get notifications, I just don't need them immediately. Right now I have it set to update every 15 minutes. I think PUSH notifications mean it gives me a notification immediately when I receive an email right?

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Just change the delay time.

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But I don't want it wasting battery by being in the background. It's fine how it is now giving me updates every 15 minutes, I just don't want the notification to keep popping up to tell me to change it to push.

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you misunderstood >>67053227

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What do I do to this little shit? It's stuck like a fat girl in a Smart Fortwo. It's an old HP laptop my neighbors left in a shelf for two years so I don't know what kinda shit made it get stuck. First time I'm having trouble with a keyboard.

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Flip the tab at the other side?

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I consider myself a real life Sheldon Cooper so yes, I did try both ways. I'm smart like that.

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I want to add certain objects to a map, how would I go about that?
Basically, where I live buses are the main route of public transporting, the issue it's not displayed on most online maps.
How do I add the routes they take to it?
And I don't mean like to the site, more like to an offline copy of it.

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What did I misunderstand?

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use osm/osmand
you can customize how the maps are displayed in osmand, as they're vector-based, not prerendered tiles
osm is also open/publically-editable, so you can add your local bus routes if they're missing, and your changes benefit others who use it

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When I was building a computer ~6 years ago I vaguely recall people saying not to clone an HDD To an SSD due to fragmentations? Can't seem to read anything on that.

About to upgrade a friend's laptop and was wondering if I could just clone his HDD to the SSD without issue.

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>And I don't mean like to the site, more like to an offline copy of it.
Go to their office and get a fucking map of the routes you autistic faggot.

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How do I do that?
I was hoping for something like a layer, and an interactive line that says the route of the bus, also if more than one bus go through the same street the lines would be merged, like railroad?

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How many packages are usually installed on a Debian Stable install with Xfce? Does 1376 after NVIDIA driver sound about right?

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This is super stupid, but is there any non-retarded pdf to doc solution?
I know there are many, but they are all fucking retarded

All i want is to extract text so i can reformat.
But no..

PDF -> DOC : It saves images of the shitty background and put them all over the document
PDF -> TXT: Somehow it reads bad the text, even when i can copy paste the shit with no mistakes

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number of packages is a meaningless statistic.

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Number of packages doesn't matter.

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aside from using adobe's premium paid software to export as DOC, no. Adobe made that as painful as possible in order to push their SAS business model for their software.

Honestly, your best bet is to use a screen grabbing tool and saving each page as a picture if maintaining quality is what you are after.

also, good luck with any of that if it is a ((Secured)) .pdf with copying and exporting disabled.

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you can enable visibility of bus routes with Configure map > Transport in osmand

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im looking to extract the text, then reformat it so it takes less pages, cause i like printing them to read under the sun

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Why won't my monitor show overdrive settings in the osd?

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Anyone know of an archive.org clone? Or clone of something similar like archives.fo? I found https://github.com/schollz/web-archiver but it's incomplete and hasn't been updated in 3 years.

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any ideas how to fix these borders on most videos in chrome? seems to happen on all mp4s in the chrome player but no webms, all twitch streams, and some but not all youtube videos, with no obvious rhyme or reason

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Thanks, but I meant how to add a route.

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So I'm considering getting a Matebook x pro for school and personal use but I know there are some privacy/ security concerns surrounding Huawei. I guess I'm wondering if using linux would eliminate those issues if I decided to dual boot with windows 10. I'm completely new to linux fyi

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What's the name of the song at 6:30

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Does anyone still use IRC?

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Anyone got experience with recent Thinkpad E? Mostly concerned about build quality.

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Is there an imageviewer that lets you scroll to go to next/prev image (like Photos in w10) and lets you zoom in to original size when left clicked (like Google Chrome)

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This isn't that stupid, but I have an old all-in-one desktop computer. What should I do with it?

pic related

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The wifi signal strength in my Dell Inspiron 15 has gradually decreased over the course of several months to the point of needing to be physically beside the router to have strong signals. Before it had no connection issues.

All drivers are up to date. No major system updates (e.g. upgrading to windows 10) have occurred.
All other laptops in the house don't have connection problems. The weak connections have happened in other people's houses.
This laptop is dual-booted (Windows 8 and Ubuntu 16), and I experience the same connection problem on Ubuntu.
Nothing in my house has changed in terms of furniture that would block the wifi signal.

I believe a faulty wireless card is the cause of the problem, but I would like the input of more tech savvy people before I make a decision.
If it is a faulty wireless card, would a usb wifi adapter be a solution, or do I need to buy a new wireless card?

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Is there a way to add thumbnails to webms metadata? I convert webms and sometimes they don't have thumbnails. Icaros works well for explorer but when on my phone looking at them, some thumbnails just do not show up.

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Hi /g/ I need help.

My hard drives are not detected in the bios. It did that after that I reset the CMOS because I install a new power supply and my PC couldn't boot (it was a black screen)
After resetting the CMOS, it said "insert Boot media in selected boot device and press a key". So at this moment, I knew something was different.
Therefore I insert my laptop ssd which contains Windows and I finally can boot in the computer.
However, I went to "Disk management" and all my disk except C drive (laptop ssd) weren't shown in disk manager.

What happened ? Can I recover my disks ?

Thank you

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Moving soon and I need a free program to plan out where stuff has to go. Is there a program that allows me to use custom made furniture added by others, and make my own? A 3d function so that I can look around in the room is a must.

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I installed some drivers on Win98 but now the OS is completely black upon restart. The BIOS and splash screen are visible, but the login and desktop screens are completely dark. Clicking enter signals the login noise, so I know it's there I just can't see it.

How do I reverse my actions here?

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How the fuck do I enable gpedit in this day? Nothing fucking works.

>> No.67055396

Do anyone have an updated list of chrome/ff extentions to install?

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even his non-lewds are lewd

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Is there a music player on Android that can stream from my NAS but also pre-cache some stuff on demand for when my commute goes underground? Sounds like a simple problem but I can't find anything. I could always download some songs manually and then switch between local and streamed songs as needed, but having the two players/sources would be clunky and I'd prefer a more straightforward solution.

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can the botnet infect me through a VM?

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What is the ultimate anti-Apple company?
>hates longevity, pushes for obsolescence
>hates functionality, removes headphone jack, USB, disc drive, etc.
>overprices everything to infinity
>has a shitty userbase
>shitty outdated/overpriced hardware
>DumbOS made for 50 IQ'ers to slow down their devices unless latest model
>shitty batteries, can't even take them out
>retarded software that gets less functional with each update

My closest guess is Huawei, but I'm not sure on them outside smartphone performance. Sony laptops are fine, too.

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What do you mean by botnet? If it's actual malware, it can infect you through your network the same as from any other machine on it, if your VM has a network adapter. Malware could also use stuff like spectre to spy on some stuff outside the VM, or other exploits to break out of it. So, if you want to play with serious malware, it should be on a network that's airgapped from anything you care about, on dedicated hardware you don't care about.

If you mean stuff like (((telemetry))), adware, etc., those are pretty harmless and will only be able to spy on stuff inside your VM.

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any way to use <frameset> on html5
iframes are retarded

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not him but how can you tell your router or network is infected with something serious?

should i just buy a new modem or router?

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What's the best book to read to learn the basics of Latex?

>> No.67055988

Beginner's BDSM

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>having problems with realtek network drivers since long ago
>essentially whole system lags every few or dozen minutes
>was frustrating initially, got used to it over time
>find the courage to attempt another fix
>search for the newest drivers
>download, remove old drivers and install the new one
>notice it's for Win10 and not Win7
>installation goes wrong, pops up some errors
>restart anyway
>get some message that driver installation failed
>network card works though
>so far managed to not have lags for 4 minutes so I could FC a song in osu!
Am I going to be daijobu? Does Win10 actually have different (from Win7) API for drivers?

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How to tackle heavy interlacing with ffmpeg? yadif alone isn't enough.

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nevermind that, any way to make iframe take EXACTLY 100% height and 90% width, the remaining 10% being empty space to write on on the left?

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Can someone tell me why streaming any sort of media is bad? I get hounded for streaming a single ep of any anime. Some anime is super hard to find. and I also do not have the hard dirve space for it. So why should I download it all when some site like kissanime or gogoanime has it or cruchyroll or hulu. What's so horrible about using some site? Hell, even youtube and amazon. No one will tell me why

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>Get the retarded idea of building a WHERE condition in JavaScript so I can POST it to a PHP file so it can insert it in a PDO query.
>The condition is made fine but once I POST the fucking thing the PDO ignores the values because I don't wrap them in ' '
>Add the ' ' to the JavaScript maker
>Once I post it now thanks to the ' ' it ignores everything after the first '
How do I unfuck this up without rewriting everything?
pls im retarded

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What internet provider do you have? I never had this issue.

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This morning I had the issue with my Windows 10 PC where it forces me into a temporary profile and won't let me log on to my own. I followed the instructions outlined here. https://www.eightforums.com/threads/youve-been-signed-in-with-a-temporary-profile-fix.38817/

In hindsight I realize I probably should have renamed the .bak SID. but I'm still hoping there is some way to recover my application settings.

After rebooting my PC I no longer log into a temporary profile although it looks just like one. None of my desktop icons are present and my personal documents are missing. They are still present on my hard drive as the amount of free space I have is still the same. Looking under users there is a folder for "Logan" (me) and another folder "Logan.LOGAN" which I assume is the user folder for this "new" profile. the user folder "Logan" has all of my documents and stuff in it. Is there any way to transfer the application settings, files, etc... To my " new" profile? Is there any way to go back to my old one? I don't mind transferring everything, but I'm hoping there's a way to recover my old account. My system restore points don't seem to be working

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charter why?

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My new laptop has issues with it's audio jack (crackling on the left side). Apparently it's a widespread issue with the model. so if I were to get a replacement there's a good chance it would have the issue as well. What's a good usb dac that's small enough to plug in and forget about?

>> No.67056478

If I have two instances of Chrome installed (regular Chrome and Chrome Canary - installed in different locations) is it possible for the data to be crossed?
For example, if I have both of them open at the same time, can the extensions installed on one read the data from the other?

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File: 1.60 MB, 640x360, 2 many nukes were enough.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If an HDD firmware was infected with malware does that means theres no way to get rid of it? Even with DBAN?

>> No.67056490

Which laptop is it? I need to know what model to avoid since I plan on buying one next week.

>> No.67056556

yes, it's calm and non threatening. I like it.

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Question about piracy (I'm uh, doing research on piracy. Yes. I would never be a pirate myself.)

Pirating Windows XP used to be really easy, you just downloaded a CD key and typed it in.

Am I right in thinking that pirating Windows 10 is much harder?

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Is apple really that gay?
I want to get macosx cheetah so I can play around with it and play bugdom but they hide the iso.
Literally why?

>> No.67056681

chinkpad x1 carbon 6th gen.

>> No.67056682

can i use a 24inch 1080p tv as a second monitor?

>> No.67056724

Hey /g/.

I'm using an LG aristo, problem is I'm out of space.

I want to download a file to my external SD, but this piece of shit OS refuses to recognize the SD when it's exfat, and FAT32 is trash.

Is there anything I can do, or should I just toss this useless fucking phone in the trash?

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File: 1.80 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 22.48.16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apple is patrician, pic related

Anyway I googled that game and apparently they released it on Windows too

>> No.67056777

I'm trying to IVTC 1080i 29.97 footage to 1080p 23.97 using RipBot's Avisynth settings, and it seems to be deinterlacing properly but not converting back to 23.97
wtf do I do

>> No.67056823

nevermind figured it out
I was converting w/ a CF of 0 (lossless) so it apparently can't decimate to 23.97 FPS that way
guess I'll leave my PC on tonight and convert w/ a CF of 1

>> No.67056904

i haven't built a PC since 2012, i haven't been keeping up with the news, and i'm looking to build a brand new rig. what's new?

are there any upcoming hardware releases i should keep in mind?

>> No.67056969

Having the classic "internet flickers every hour to half hour" issue on my computer (wi-fi, windows 7, only computer in house affected). Problem didn't go away when router/modem were changed recently, so its probably on my computer's end. Anything I can do that isn't a fresh install?

>> No.67057033

What's the smallest non-Chinese laptop I can readily obtain? Doesn't matter if it's Windows 98 era.

>> No.67057069

wasn't the older acer aspire models really small?
I use to have one and it was tiny.

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>cpu usage rarely goes higher than 50%
>memory usage never more than 4 gb usage out of 8 gb
>ssd rarely more than 10% usage
>wifi up/down never goes higher than 300 kbps (i have a 56 mbps connection)
>still took 3 minutes to load this website

>> No.67057116

Yeah, but acers usually have abysmal build quality

>> No.67057129

How do you download a zeronet site?
I have the "mirror this website" checked but its been over a month and less then 1gb of date of 11gb has been downloaded.
Is there a faster tool to do a full download of the zerosite?

>> No.67057139

So I have an old thinkpad I got from a friend
it has windows 8 with the classic shell installed
but it's been telling me to activate windows for a while now but I have no idea how to get the product key
any ideas how I can get the product key? I need it to activate windows so I can update and upgrade it

>> No.67057149

Mines lasted 2 years before I broke it in a car wreck
Of course they aren't the greatest but they get the job done.

>> No.67057178

if it came pre-installed with windows 8, there should be a key on the bottom of the laptop.
if not, use microsoft toolkit
disable your antivirus before even downloading the file or you'll get a false positive

>> No.67057210

Damn son, you dropped $1300 on a thinkpad?

>> No.67057255

bruh just uninstall apps lmao
but seriously, go to settings -> apps -> all apps and uninstall/disable everything you don't use. every phone comes with bloatware these days.
e.g. built-in browsers, facebook, calendar, email etc
rooting your phone lets you uninstall system apps and custom roms let you control pretty much everything

>> No.67057283

Is the .Net Framework a standard library, a virtual machine, or what? And why the fuck is it called that even though it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the web?

>> No.67057338

Ok, so looking this up myself, apparently it refers to both a standard library and an interpreter and it's called that because of Microsoft marketing in the late 90s. Both of these answers are kind of dumb but not anything particularly unexpected.

>> No.67057356

I need a decent, cheap usb WiFi adapter for my pc that doesn't require a disc tray to install drivers.

>> No.67057357
File: 57 KB, 577x725, taiwanese-prison-1533233935446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so I have some weird ads being injected into google search, no matter what I search for in google on chrome and the first results get pushed down and some ads are put in place when i mouse over them
im on ubuntu too i thought this type of shit didnt happen on linux

>> No.67057369

>cheap usb WiFi adapter for my pc that doesn't require a disc tray to install drivers.
That should be easy actually.

>> No.67057376


>> No.67057390

The past 2 I've ordered came with driver discs, even though it was mentioned nowhere.

>> No.67057402

Wow that sucks. Have you tried just plugging and trying it anyway? Have you tried going to the manufacturing site and downloading drivers from there?

>> No.67057405

I'm trying to update an early 2011 Macbook Pro. I can't update from Lion to High Sierra because I need at least Mountain Lion to update again for whatever reason. I can't update to at least Mountain Lion because I need to review my account information. I can't review my account information because I need High Sierra to do this.

Here's are my stupid questions: What fucking idiot designs a system like this, and how do I get around this shit now?

>> No.67057416

its anime autist elitism, don't take it too personal.

>> No.67057429
File: 240 KB, 540x540, 1474789219345.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm connected to a router that has my network drives. This router does not connect to the internet

The issue with this is that I am connected to the internet via wifi. When I connect to both, the wired connection seems to take priority and then I lose access to the internet

What can I do to stay connected to both and still use the internet?

I'm using Debian

>> No.67057453

I got a good discount. The thing's actually pretty nice except for the audio issues. Linux support is also great after some tweaking. If they fix the audio I'd say it was worth the money.

>> No.67057484

It's about the quality, you'll never quite find the same quality on a stream as you will from the original file. People are overzealous about it though. As long as you're willing to take the quality drop for the convenience it's fine, just don't act like it's totally the same you swear like some counter-elitists do.

>> No.67057518

I'm not going to say it's better or worse but I will say, once you hit about 900p, most people can't tell a difference from there. It's like audiophiles claiming they can tell a difference between 192 and 320kbs when in reality, you need studio monitors to tell a difference. Unless you're running a high end monitor, you're not not going to see that much of a difference. It's like playing online. You're going to have frame drops.

>> No.67057954

my acer q87h3-am motherboard + 970 strix doesn't show video, using an 24 to 12 pin atx adapter will solve the issue?

>> No.67058059
File: 32 KB, 650x421, NAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In terms of networking virtual machines, what's the difference between "NAT mode" and "NAT Network mode"? (pic related)

>> No.67058085

Someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong.
I just want to install Dragonfly BSD on my laptop.
I have tried three different USBs (that have booted and installed successfully with different distros) using dd and etcher on all three USB ports. And every single time i get /no loader, even booting from qemu.

>> No.67058113

Don't mind me. Just testing this emoji shit that Google Chrome added.

>> No.67058124

Huh. Doesn't show in 4chan. That's good.

>> No.67058351

Does anyone make a wireless router that also works as a POE injector?

>> No.67058436

Is there a standard of what a client should send a server to request a specific action?

Let's say my server can perform printName(string) and countTo(int). What would my client have to send to the server for it to know which function to perform? Is it the standard to just send a JSON with something like { "func" : "countTo", "value" : 10 }?
The question is less about how to perform this action and more about what is the preferred way of handling this type of client-server communication?

>> No.67058464

look up REST API
you use http verbs, path parameters, and query parameters.
a json payload shouldn't be used to tell the server what function it runs.

>> No.67058466

Im getting this when i try to run filezilla
I just compiled the latest version.
What the fuck does this shit mean, all my shit is updated
21:26:30: Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected.
The library used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1011,wx containers,compatible with 2.8),
and your program used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1002,wx containers,compatible with 2.8).

>> No.67058475


>> No.67058586

>ABI 1011
>ABI 1002
try updating ABI manually.

>> No.67058617

im trying to look for a good controller on amazon for my computer, ps2 blow garbage. So im looking on the 360 side. Thinking of pulling on this one

or this one


>> No.67058770

That would be the gcc package?

>> No.67058827

we're moving to azure AD.

we're currently using enterprise realvnc that's set up to use domain authentication through a vpn, no cloud connections.

when we move to azure, assuming the domain name stays the same, will the non-cloud connection vnc still work without having to set up a vpn client when i'm not in a domain network environment?

>> No.67058898

i would assume as much

>> No.67058921

Is it as easy to game on a linux distro as it is on Windows?

>> No.67058935

Is WIndows 7 really that much of a botnet compared to Win 10? If what do you do to remove yourself from it on Win 7?

>> No.67058943

Didnt work, also found a libc++abi package in the libc++ group.Reinstalled gcc and libc++ group and then rebuilt filezilla and still getting the same error

>> No.67058978

try uninstalling and reinstalling all packages (including filezilla).

>> No.67059000

hi, im not really that advanced at tech shit so im asking here.
I just got a new laptop for school and it came with windows 10 but i want 7 because thats what im used to.
What the best way to pirate windows 7?

>> No.67059024
File: 107 KB, 1174x904, pcspecs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PC gaming noob here.

I made a list of most of my current PC parts and I want to know if a 1080 TI would wreck my PC. Also, I want to know if I should upgrade anything else.

>> No.67059055

has anyone tried the new amd drivers and msi mortar b350 new bios update?

>> No.67059058

What do you mean wreck your PC? Always go for the best GPU you can afford. I don't think the i7-4770k would bottleneck it but I genuinely don't know that much. My i7-4790K is fine with my GTX1080SC

Also with newer games, you might need more RAM. Don't quote me on that though 8GB may very well still be enough. Hopefully helped somewhat.

>> No.67059062
File: 159 KB, 639x481, PS2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the "best" anti-virus? new laptop should be here too and I'm not sure what's worth spending money on, if there is anything that's worth spending money on.

>> No.67059067

Also I personally would get an SSD for gaming, they help hugely with the load times

>> No.67059070

I know that if you're playing an intensive game, the fans on your PC will get loud...How do you know when the fans are doing "normal" function vs being overworked? Is there a certain point where you can tell the fan gets too loud?

>> No.67059091

When I mean wreck I mean "can the rest of my PC handle a 1080 TI?"
I was thinking that I needed more RAM.
What does SSD mean? What kind of part is that?

>> No.67059108

Solid State Drive. No mechanical parts and much faster load times. They will help especially for gaming. Prices have also gone down quite a bit

>> No.67059136

Oh I didn't list it because I couldn't find what exactly that part was but I do have some sort of Samsung SSD.

>> No.67059166

What type of Mac should I get for iOS development? My employer is paying for it so the only thing I care about is speed. I don't plan on using it for anything other than iOS development because I hate Apple products

>> No.67059294

How can I download all the available stories on Instagram?
I'm following quite a lot of chicks and would like to be able to see their weekly stories, e.g. once a week.

>> No.67059327


>> No.67059359

How do I make my server accept HTTP requests from my client?

>> No.67059481

How can I make a /quality/ OC webm from a bunch of png?
I am doing ffmpeg -i image-%03d.png video.webm as mentioned on the wiki https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/FFMPEG_An_Intermediate_Guide/image_sequence but my output is pixel soup

>> No.67059486

Same shit.

>> No.67059491

if your really still here, i reccomend a macbook pro 2013, thats the last good macbook pro. Keep it off your balls though, can cause alot of problems

>> No.67059547

I updated my router's firmware and immediately the stupid piece of shit doesn't fucking work. I've put in multiple DNSs and it doesn't connect to any of them. What should I do?

>> No.67059560

Buying used isn't an option. Has to be from Apple's website

>> No.67059650
File: 370 KB, 900x1165, defender_of_the_woods_by_zerohavoc-d8if4hl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New to linux, is running 'apt-get update' enough to get kernel updates on Debian?

>> No.67059733

Yes. Remember that stable doesn't follow the mainline kernel, they pick an LTS release and stay with it, it only changes when security updates get made to it. If you want a new kernel every two months you need to go to backports. Or use testing/sid if you what the whole OS to be bleeding-edge.

>> No.67059741

or rather, run apt update and then apt upgrade. Update fetches information about what packages are available, upgrade actually gets and installs those packages.

>> No.67059752

Guys help I was being redirected to a website called undeveloped.com randomly. I am on firefox on linux as far as I know I didn't do anything strange today. I tried switching my DNS server to google to see if maybe that is the issue but I am scared.

>> No.67059758
File: 1.27 MB, 600x560, 1533518546466.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the chances my old Windows install to boot and work on new hardware?

>long version
I had to change my MOBO and CPU because they got busted. They were fairly new so I asked Amazon for a replacement. I'm using the same model of CPU but a different mobo model. I just want to backup my save files from a couple of games and other shit I downloaded before moving to a clean install.
In case it doesn't boot, can I access those files with a usb version of, say, Ubuntu or are they under admin rights to view and copy?

>> No.67059819
File: 38 KB, 600x779, Screenshot from 2018-08-08 09-56-49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

using antergos Gnome on my laptop but window previews don't seem to work on the dock even though I find the option is enabled in settings

>> No.67059858

Yes, you can mount the hdd and access those files with a live distro.

>> No.67059875

well shit it says one of these libraries is out of sync with the program, just sudo rm -rf / and pour milk on it for good measure.

Seriously though, did you purge all caches and completely wipe everything mentioned in the error, then reinstall them all after updating the system after rebooting the system?
as in:
sudo apt-get remove --purge c++ abi wx filezilla etc. #or equivalent in your pacman
sudo apt-get install (all the files you need)

>> No.67059889

I built a PC and installed Win10 legit bought from the store. It was a OEM version. Got it from Frys, that probably makes no difference.

Point is that had to be like 2 years ago. Today built a cousin's PC, using the very same OEM disc and key to install. No issues on either his PC or my PC.

Do you get multiple installs for OEM's? Or it's just a matter of time till Microsoft kicks one of our PC's?

>> No.67059896

Cool. Thanks.

>> No.67059908

Yeah, it seems to be some fuckery with the abi with the wxWidgets from searching, but i removed everything related, down to gcc and libc. I even built them all from source manually instead of using precompiled binaries. Used a new directory structure just for them too, no caching was used. Its exclusive to filezilla nothing else is throwing this problem

>> No.67060089

inspect the source code, otherwise contact the people responsible for this mess.

>> No.67060253

When buying a refurbished computer is a low power on time good or can it be faked?

>> No.67060269

Generally lower power also means lower quality. Unless you don't care much if the computer dies, it's better to invest in a decent wattage.

>> No.67060270
File: 1 KB, 406x52, 402314515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to replicate this font in st. I think this looks beautiful in xterm but I cannot get it to look the same in st.
$ appres XTerm | grep font5
*VT100.utf8Fonts.font5: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--18-120-100-100-c-90-iso10646-1
*VT100.font5: 9x15

setting the font in st to either of those does not produce the same results, is xterm font handling special?

>> No.67060363
File: 36 KB, 278x278, 1523080426833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the script that adds the google/iqdb/wait links to the top of images? If it's 4chanx where is actually at in the menus? I'm an idiot and lost my backup setting file after resetting it and now I can't find out where they are

>> No.67060389
File: 100 KB, 976x280, 2018-08-08 07_45_06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67060424
File: 53 KB, 1759x356, 8579917894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is "Misc Fixed" in both xterm and st. right is xterm.

>> No.67060433

Oh thanks anon, it looks like it's oneechan fucking it up

>> No.67060434

windows defender plus occasional scans with mbam free. virustotal.com for scanning installers.
also install umatrix and ublock origins in your browser.

>> No.67060437

It's not that kind of power, power on time is the length of time the hard drive has been in use, hard drives are supposed to go like 40k hours

You mean apart from clicking that little arrow drop down to image search google/iqdb?

>> No.67060486
File: 37 KB, 500x425, 1532671370631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to auto-sync my android screenshots? I use sharex on pc and have it set to upload to custom server (catgirlsare.sexy). how could i do this on phone?

>> No.67060544

there are various ways to add to osm such as with vespucci (android) or just using the editor on the https://www.openstreetmap.org website

>> No.67060554

I literally removed everything but base and base-devel and then reinstalled (exported a list of all installed packages), and this motherfucker is still pulling this shit

>> No.67060586

you said its a problem with filezilla, inspect its source code or just issue a bug to the devs so they can do their fucking job.

>> No.67060619

Gentoo has a thread on it up from yesterday,no luck there either

>> No.67060627

really? just windows defender is enough for a basic anti-virus?

>> No.67060634


>> No.67060675

since when? wasn't it always considered to be pretty awful?

>> No.67060705

>wasn't it always considered to be pretty awful?
Nope. It's fine.

>> No.67060714

fine, but not good? what if I want 'good' antivirus?

>> No.67060723

look up the current detection rates. every year another av suite is the 'best'.

>> No.67060736

Make it run on a rpi. Attach speaker to GPIO and have it make a fuckton of sound.

>> No.67060743

I hate using my phone for music, what's a good mp3 alternative?

>> No.67060749

ipod classic 6th gen
sansa clip
some fiio

>> No.67060775

It is as good as an anti-virus can be. There is no good solution when you compromise your system except to nuke it and start from scratch. You are probably not prepared to do this, so yes, Windows Defender is fine.

>> No.67060784

>Probably CBR

>> No.67060811
File: 29 KB, 422x750, Kari-Cummins-skin-cancer-photo11-422x750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure I'm going to get shot down for this, but unironically
clamav, winclam and clam sentinel

ran it on a win2k12r2 server which got FUCKING PUNISHED and because it was a server it was the only free non pirated option.

Came thru with a shit-eating grin time and again.

>> No.67060820


>> No.67060831

How bad of an idea is it to store credit card numbers in CRM software?

>> No.67060947



Isn't that Cal, a female character?

>> No.67060956

>do I need to buy a new wireless card?

>> No.67060965

Just setup your house as you're moving in, like the rest of us.

>> No.67060983

Reflash the firmware.
Use another box between the modem and router, like a pihole or pfsense box.

>> No.67060989

Where do you folks keep up with your tech news?

>> No.67060991
File: 61 KB, 634x737, 4D8A1F6D00000578-0-image-a-12_1529713912654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or you could NOT be an autist and just put your stuff where it's functional and/or aesthetically pleasing.

>> No.67060994

anything that interests me gets posted on /g/ 5 minutes after being published.

>> No.67061024

Make it call you, and act if you see call from your script.

>> No.67061026

They're fine, don't worry about it.

>> No.67061032

Or if you have a rooted Android, use tasker to set up something like «make a loud noise if received message from Script».

>> No.67061042

He's talking about Rustle.

>> No.67061044

Greenify may help with that. Or may not.

>> No.67061050

This >>67060994
and sites like hardforum or pcper.

>> No.67061174

Why the fuck is Paperwhite Kindle still 120 fucking dollars? Where can I buy a working one for cheaper? Maybe I should look for something else? I'm barely getting back into reading, who knows if it'll last, but I need something decent that's better than my iPhone 6.

>> No.67061205
File: 194 KB, 1080x1920, girl1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any laptops that are relatively inexpensive (maybe sub 400) with the following? Can't find any.

> IPS 1080p
>prefer touchscreen and 2 in 1
>13 inches or less no 15
>good battery life
>8GB ram

>> No.67061210


I take it Rustle is the name of the artist?

>> No.67061217

I have a 2012 mac mini as well as a pc with GTX980.
Want to get a newer 34" 3840 x 2160 monitor
The mini will go 2560x1600, if i got a new monitor would the mini upscale to fit? or nah?

>> No.67061224

my moms laptop is on linux mint 17.3.
i've read that 17.3 will only be supported until next year. is upgrading to mint 19 as easy as installing all the updates from the update manager?

>> No.67061290

You asking for too much. Screen or RAM alone will put you out of that price category.

>> No.67061299

>would the mini upscale to fit
Yes, but it will be blurry. Leave it at 1920x1080 — perfect 4× scale.

>> No.67061310

What are some good phone upgrades from the galaxy Note 4? I've had this thing for years but it's time

>> No.67061311

Is there anything that comes close? I'd be happy with some of the thinkpads but I just can't go back to horrific nasty laptop tn panels.

>> No.67061345

Why not use the LTS versions?
Go to their site and read how to upgrade it.

>> No.67061419

Doubt it.

>> No.67061492


>> No.67061561

what should I study if I want to build from scratch a scalable site that can deal with millions of concurrent users without shitting its pants? which are the particular data structures and algorithms?

>> No.67061578

pasting from fglt

maybe i am a little paranoid but where do i put my GRUB when installing manjaro as dual boot alongside win7 on BIOS/MBR drive?
will GRUB allow me to even boot into windows when i will set it to install to MBR? isnt there some machine code that needs to stay there or something?
dont have repair CD for windows so whatever goes bad im in trouble i guess

>> No.67061635

Why do so many sites tell you about their cookies now?

>> No.67061643


>> No.67061649

Very stupid question here. I'm using a Ryzen 1600 coupled with a GTX 1050 which causes a bottleneck. Is that an entirely bad thing? I can't quite remember but I recall reading somewhere that's it's not really that bad given the processor can squeeze as much power as it can from the GPU because its much more powerful than the GPU.

Is that true?

>> No.67061679

Bottleneck is a meme.
You just can't use your CPU for 100% in graphically demanding games, that's it.

>> No.67061680

just networking and how packet switched networks work. data structure and algorithm doesn't really matter on the application end without being relative to TCP/IP because its not like you are going to have a theoretical network you can build you would deploy it on the internet as it exists today.

>> No.67061691

>causes a bottleneck
What does this mean?
The 1050 is less powerful than the Ryzen 1600?
Then don't use it.

>> No.67061709

lol its definitely not. Microsoft doesn't keep up with the latest virus definitions at all. There was a point in time years back when they kept up with the industry but they feel behind years ago.

>> No.67061759

that's a perfectly reasonable GPU / CPU combo. In the event you were absolutely CPU bound for some particular game you would only be like max 10% worse frames than comparable CPU from Intel.

>> No.67061786

really? can you recommend me a book/site/youtube channel/udemy course to learn it?
I was looking for a course about scalability then I found this one that had "build your scalable website using the right algorithms and data structures" in its description, it led me to believe that all I had to learn was specific algorithms and data structures

>> No.67061808

>What does this mean?
I tested on a bottleneck calculator site which showed the GPU is way too weak for the CPU. While not surprising (that was my intent with my build - budget was very little), I'd just like to know in what way will this affect gaming-wise. So far, I've not seen much of a "bottleneck" as games have been running better than the previous processor I was using (Ryzen 1200).

>You just can't use your CPU for 100% in graphically demanding games, that's it.
I understand that but if you're using say a low to average GPU with a good CPU wouldn't that be able to efficiently utilize the GPU to its maximum capacity.

>> No.67061824 [DELETED] 

I need a good laptop for under 1000 burgers
I need something powerful enough for rendering and animations

>> No.67061833

>CPU wouldn't that be able to efficiently utilize the GPU to its maximum capacity.
GPU and CPU are two separate parts, they don't have any direct dependencies on each other. GPU will be utilized to it's fullest if you don't hit any other limit (RAM, CPU etc) earlier.

>> No.67061846

>GPU and CPU are two separate parts, they don't have any direct dependencies on each other. GPU will be utilized to it's fullest if you don't hit any other limit (RAM, CPU etc) earlier.
Right. Pretty much answered my question there. Thanks.

>> No.67061863

Is rooting a cellphone safe? What precautions should be taken?
I'm sick of googles shitty bloatware factory installed on my phone, but need to root to remove it.

>> No.67061867

Should I buy this, /g/? https://www.humblebundle.com/books/cybersecurity-wiley-books
It's 700$ worth of books for 15$, but at the same time, everytime I've tried to read on a computer for a long time, it has always hurt my eyes and I ended up reading only a few pages. But at the same time, it's 15$ for 700$ of books....

>> No.67061898
File: 1.99 MB, 3351x2219, swings-and-roundabouts-4f006c2ad8eed_hires.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you can't read it what's the point of "saving" $685?

Or put another way - if $15 is enough money to you that you're hemming and hawing over it then maybe that $15 could be better spent on food, rent, bills etc.

>> No.67061929

I need a good laptop for under 1000 burgers
I need something powerful enough for rendering and animations

>> No.67061939

Good point, but at the same time, I could maybe search for info now and then using the search function when I need it.
Maybe I could also print a few pages to make it easier for me to read?
Oh, how I hate these kind of decision....

>> No.67062016

here you go

dld with wget.

>> No.67062020

I bought a wd my book duo and every time I copy a file it's super fast then at the last few megabytes is slows to a crawl and doesn't seem to ever complete. What the heck could be causing this? Is it a faulty drive? I ran some of the included diagnostic tools but they said it was fine. I also restarted my computer at one point and it worked perfectly for a while but now after unplugging it it's back to how it was. I tried restarting my computer already but that hasn't worked this time.

>> No.67062061
File: 34 KB, 404x251, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just tried a very small file and it worked fine, then a large one and it did this for maybe 20+ seconds before completing. Earlier today though it was flying through files no problem.

>> No.67062079

Is there a way to god damn send my chat history from my old phone's WhatsApp to my new phone manually? This retarded app only has a restore function when you're first setting it up, and it restored outdated chat. It then both locks you out of your old WhatsApp and puts a delay on sending SMS codes, so it takes hours to get back into your old phone's WhatsApp to create a newer backup, then hours to get back into your new one. When I thought I had it correctly set up and did another restore, it found a backup within the new phone and just loaded that up automatically, so now I'm literally seething and would have to take another day to try again.

>> No.67062110

A TV is never designed to display text, you will have hard time reading anything - but I guess it will be OK for media consumption.

>> No.67062120


>> No.67062164

Just installed debian and I'm stuck on 640x480 resolution. Trying to install:
but apt-get install firmware-amd-graphics has no installation candidate

why can't I just get a resolution over 640x480? every window I open takes up more than the whole screen and I can't change window size.

>> No.67062196

Just as slow, if not slower, which means it's not an OS issue.

>> No.67062231

even the generic vesa driver should get you more than just VGA resolution
i'd recommend keeping the vesa driver installed as a fallback

>> No.67062254

Is it possible to change/refresh the decryption key of a file shared on MEGA (better if it is possible with an API)? So that who has the old decryption key cannot download the file again.

>> No.67062335


>you will have hard time reading anything
The fuck are you talking about? [email protected]" will allow you to read any text you want no matter how the device called — monitor, TV, fucking dishwasher.
TV may have more lag due to image post-processing, but that's it.

>> No.67062451

whats a good cheap vpn to use?

>> No.67062516

Choose one, mate.

>> No.67062521

pls consider answering, im to shy to ask on forums and face the humiliation

>> No.67062530

fine , then a good one?

>> No.67062539

I want to upgrade my computer in order to fasten my video editing.
I'm about to buy a 5820k + x99 motherboard combo for a good price (260€)

Is this a good idea considering I already got ddr4 from my 1151 platform ?

Going ryzen would be pricier for me

>> No.67062541

Any tips on finding a good secure powerful router?
I need one for a office with about 15 people connecting at a single time.
I want to get a new one asap but I also want it to be secure and it feels like not a day go by where I don't hear about a bunch of security problems with routers around the world.

>> No.67062631

How much can I abuse Google Drive with multiple accounts before it stops me?

>> No.67062651
File: 61 KB, 800x600, pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to make it so that your phone automatically responds with "The manager will soon respond to your call, please stand by", or something similar when somebody calls you, replacing the usual beep sound?

>> No.67062658

>replacing the usual beep sound?
Only your provider can do that.

>> No.67062703

Okay, how the FUCK does this output 3 I shit you not

x = [[1, 2], [3, 4, 5]]
func = [lambda z: len(x_) for x_ in x]

>> No.67062730

Are there any providers which are willing to supply such phone numbers (virtual phone numbers) online? What is the cost?

>> No.67062779

simpler version of the same effect
x = [0, 1]
func = [lambda z: x_ for x_ in x]

>> 1


>> No.67062815

Which bootable USB installer is best for Debian?

>> No.67062858

openvpn and vpngate

>> No.67062964

i have a little babby server that sends random bytes to a client over LAN
how do i make it work over the internet? keywords to google etc?

>> No.67062980

port forward

>> No.67063028

This is the absolute bare minimum to produce a file. You told ffmpeg what to use as input and what the output should be. To achieve good quality output you need to be more specific and tell the encoder what to do (the default values for VP8 are really poor, not sure about VP9). As it stands right now, a webm done with this command couldn't even be posted, as the default video codec for webms is VP9 now, which 4chan still doesn't support.

ffmpeg -i image-%03d.png -c:v libvpx -b:v 1M -qmax 50 -deadline good -cpu-used 0 -an video.webm

-c:v libvpx ... use VP8 encoder
-b:v 1M ... set the average video bitrate to 1Mbps (variable bitrate mode). As a rule of thumb: video_bitrate = size_limit_in_MB * 8 * 1000 / video_length_in_sec
-qmax 50 ... ensure a minimum quality for each frame (overrides -b:v if necessary)
-deadline good -cpu-used 0 ... encoding speed settings. Produces pretty much the same result as the default -deadline best, but can be up to twice as fast
-an ... suppress audio, since it's only allowed on /gif/ and /wsg/

See the links in https://pastebin.com/tGujsLAt for more info.

>> No.67063234

>Is rooting a cellphone safe? What precautions should be taken?
Just depends on how you root it. If you have full control (as in, you are root), then it's fine.

>> No.67063272

man xandr

>> No.67063289

man xrandr

>> No.67063298

Yeah, that's a good deal.

>> No.67063313

What's a good home printer/scanner combo?
Cheap, and easy setup (think something for grandma) on Windows.

>> No.67063358

Set the client to have a static private IP address, forward the right port to that address in the router settings, set up a dynamic dns updater on the client, so that you can keep track of your network's public address. Otherwise forward ports to your server and set up the dynamic dns there, so you can establish a reverse connection from your client, regardless of where you go.

>> No.67063376

What can i use to download netflix shows

>> No.67063395

You can spend fucking 3$ for a subscription. How does that sound? =)

>> No.67063538

I found out my company has been doing across the board 2% raises for our department for the last 2 years. I'm currently at 8 months and was hoping for a performance based talk. It's not worth it to me this early in my career to have a low static raise structure, is walking into the compensation meeting with a competing offer letter too ballsy?

>> No.67063602

>is walking into the compensation meeting with a competing offer letter too ballsy?
Not ballsy at all if you're seriously thinking about taking it.
Otherwise, you'd be a fool to do it, because when they see through it, you won't get shit for raises in the future.

>> No.67063639
File: 53 KB, 479x499, g pls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I un-stick the quick reply window from the side of my scroll bar in 4chan X?

>> No.67063646


>> No.67063717

I dont want to stream i want to save them as drm free files

>> No.67063846

torrent them like everyone else.

>> No.67063880


>> No.67063891
File: 195 KB, 850x1051, 1508961835790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do i need a 3d lut for madvr?
my monitor is srgb and the icc profile works so i'm not sure why would i need it

>> No.67064035


1. you want amd
2. wine gallium 9 for dx9
3. wine dxvk for dx11
4. qemu vm

most games might work but it's not click and play like in windows, lutris might help

>> No.67064059

That's like one of the oldest negotiating tactics of all time. You just have to be 100% prepared to follow through if they flip out that you are entertaining other offers.

>> No.67064082
File: 1.24 MB, 2944x2385, IMG_20180803_144548~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What connectors does this hard drive have?

>> No.67064095

fucking IDE you dumb zoomer.

>> No.67064102

Ive got a real stupid question.

Win 7 -embedded

I created an image for thin clients. Isolated, locked down. No domain. No internet access. Users now need addons for IE.

I need to change a local group policy - the setting is currently “enabled” in a non admin group policy

I cannot export anything from my test device. I cannot use a VM.

If I create a script to change the value, group policy will change it back when ita read.

I feel like this is stupid, but I cant figure out an answer

>> No.67064122

Answer me this as well then. Is there a maximum storage capacity for old pre-millenium PCs to accept?

For example, will a 1999 PC accept a 500GB IDE hard drive?

>> No.67064213

I think old versions of Windows have a problem with drives over 2TB or something like that.

So if it's 500GB then yes it should be fine.

>> No.67064233


>> No.67064314 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 976x262, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck jsut happened. National company that i applied to asked me to apply again with some additional shit. they sent me a link to an url shortener which leads to a coinhive website and then redirect to what i was supposed to see. Is the person sending me this mail trying to mine me or is this some kind of blockchain captcha? http://bziu.pl/xbSa

>> No.67064384

Nearly all job offers in my area are for java/javascrip/sql/httml/css, Is there hope or should I give in?

>> No.67064400
File: 8 KB, 224x225, he does it for free.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's going on with /g/ janitors today?

>> No.67064437

just dropped my external hdd today almost 3 feet from the floor. when I plug it back, it runs normally without any weird click or other noise, but should I still be worry?

>> No.67064448
File: 38 KB, 720x697, 34386266_1301891626609805_4978230570556325888_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ you're so dense. Just stick it in and see if it works for you. How do you think faggotry was invented?

>> No.67064474

Might have lucked out. If you want to check it, run crystaldisk or badblocks on it.

>> No.67064492
File: 417 KB, 1584x1188, 1474401355633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to scrape some links on a site. There's a specific class for all the links I want to get.
Then I need to get the google cache version of each link and grab another link - again identifiable by the class.

Can this be done easily with a script in the browser? I've done similar stuff, but only in c# and with regex shit.

>> No.67064514

Good email apps for Android phone? gmail is meh, email by edison retarded, bluemail works good on tablets, but not phones.

>> No.67064544


>> No.67064547

No, thank you.

>> No.67064559

Is there a way to "defresh" a website in Chrome?
I will sometiems refresh a site like YouTube because it gives me new recommendations, but then when I hit f5 sometimes I see an interesting recommendation in the corner of my eye, but it's gonbe after the refresh and I can not bring it back.

>> No.67064596

Because I have yet to buy it you fucker. I don't want to spend unnecessary money. Can you understand that?

>> No.67064674

Is it possible to edit memory in Android like I do with Cheat Engine on Windows? I just want to get money on PvZ 2.

>> No.67064717

Why the fuck are you upgrading something that requires IDE?
2TB limit, if they even make IDE drives that large. It's a windows thing from that era, so if you're using ext4 (*nix), the sky's the limit.

>> No.67064774

He wants to see how many days are needed to copy 500 gb of data on/from ide hdd obviously. He doesn't even know how IDE connector even looks like. Someone should record selling FDD connecor instead of IDE to these zoomer retards.

>> No.67064800

People say here the limit is 120GB, but even if you had a drive that's bigger than that, you could partition it with no problem.

Thanks, I'll check them out.

>> No.67064829

new thread

>> No.67064831

Thank you.

>> No.67064852

In having to rerun my entire houses Ethernet because this contractor didn't use outdoor wire. He did such a fucking shitty job.
And I'm having to do this the day after my dad got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
How fucking lazy. He didn't hide the wires at all. He used wires that can't withstand water and sun.

The up side is that he did such a shitty job that even I, someone who's never ran any cables before, can do better than him.

Fuck contractors. I thought it was a meme but it's not.

>> No.67065009

zip-tie the new shit you're using to the old shit. Then, as you pull the old shit out, you're installing the new shit.
Put up an ad in the local classifieds, or wherever you hired your contractor from. Say you will fix ethernet wiring jobs. Offer 70% of what he offered to do it for. Get yourself a weekend hustle.

>> No.67065116

so what I should be looking for in crystaldisk?

>> No.67065201

Do the test thing. I don't know what it's called, I don't use windows.

>> No.67068288

already have that driver installed and can't get over 640x480

"sceen cannot be large than 640x480"

how can I get a new graphics driver? using amd a4-5000 apu for video

>> No.67068961

reallocated blablabla

>> No.67069111
File: 365 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20180808_223647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the name of this old 40GB hard drive connector?

>> No.67069418

Pls help anons
>be me
>a bit on budget
>have an old Lenovo idea pad Z710
>optimized RAM to 12GB and disk to SSD (both right after the purchase of NB itself)
>never played vidya 'cause doctors thought I'd have epillepsy
>no simptoms now.. wanna start vidya
>buy Stalker - Pripyat on Gog
>it freezes the whole system all the time
>the same happened a while ago with Unity and Godot 3D

I mean the notebooks parameters are not THAT BAD, are they? Could it be some applications in the background? Antivirus maybe? Or shall I check if everything is physically alright in the NB?

>> No.67069477

IDE, underagefag

>> No.67069794

Have you looked at used or refurbished ones on ebay? If you can find something with a 1080p IPS screen, reasonable battery, SSD, and socketed DDR3 RAM, you can get extra RAM for it cheap. DDR3 because DDR4 is expensive and comes in newer machines that would be more expensive anyway.

>> No.67069850

All a bottleneck means is that one of your parts is capable of performing better than it is, because another part is holding it back. Your CPU would work fine with a better GPU, and your GPU would work just as well with a lesser CPU. So if you're just now planning the build and will use it for gaming, you could make better use of your money by adjusting your specs. But if you already have the machine, all it means it that a better GPU would be a good upgrade to consider if you're not happy with its gaming performance.

>> No.67070086

External drives are a meme. Often the USB to SATA converter has issues like this, and an increasing number of them now integrate that into the drive itself so you can't even rip out the drive and put it in a dock if the converter fails. Better to get an internal drive and an enclosure or a dock.

>> No.67070102

Root both phones and use Titanium Backup. It copies the app databases and data directory directly. Haven't tried it with Whatsapp but it should work.

>> No.67070123

Download. Delete. Upload.

>> No.67070392

A CD key might let it install, but cracking the activation takes a lot more technical expertise than it used to. Just buy a key, they're like $20 on the grey market.

>> No.67070474

It depends on the age of the PC. There were quite a number of IDE size limits.

525 MB, often found on stuff like 486 and older.
2 GB, found on some 486 and Pentium.
I think there was an 8 GB one too.
Those are all due to BIOS limitations, and can be overcome with a program like OnTrack.
128 GB, due to lack of 48-bit LBA. That can be harder to overcome.
2 TB, the hard limit on IDE.

>> No.67070828

Not the best game to test your system on. The stalker series is known for its many bugs and frequent crashes. You'll have a hard time finding games that'll run fine on a laptop though.

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