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>buy phone
>BUY IT. Means I OWN IT.
>Don't have root privilege
why is this a thing /g/ ?

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It's a built in safety feature so you don't accidently fuck yourself over. The vast majority of phones are easy to root and if you can't figure out how to then you don't need to be using root. It's sort of like the safety gaurds on a table saw: 99.9% of people have no business taking them off and they usually end up hurting themselves when they do.

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You don't own it. You own a piece of hardware that's useless on its own and a license to use its software. Blame copywrong law

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>buys phone that can't be rooted
>doesn't immediately return it as defective

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Because root privilege can be inherently insecure and they want the majority of their users to have secure devices and let the minority of powerusers fend for themselves.

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stop buying apple products if they don't fit your use case.

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Find me how to root Kodak Ektra without 'one-click spyware' kits.

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>buy phone that that doesn't allow root privilege
>why did i buy this
Lol idk dude

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If I have to do the work for you then you're not capable enough to use root. Learn your shit or stick with normal phone usage. Don't expect all tech solutions to come in one-click service packages, son.

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I don't think you own the phone. There's some trick they pull where they still own it.

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So you don't know how to root Kodak Ektra, got it.

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>wah /g/, tell me how to root my phone so I can hardbrick it then blame it on you

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Faggot I don't buy a new phone every year so all I've ever rooted was HTC Desire Z and Xiaomi Redmi Note 2. So either prove your intelligence by giving me proper files for Kodak Ektra or stop shitting on people for not being able to do something you can't do, fucking boomer.

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buy a better phone. not all phones can be easily rooted.

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Will do, bought this because it was a steal deal(80$ for a new one,warranty included).

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your purchase doesnt mean you own it
this applies to a majority of things

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The fact that you can "hardbrick" it is part of the problem with phones. On Desktops and laptops, if you fuck up your Linux install, you can always reinstall using the following process
>download iso
>flash it to removable storage media using dd or some gay frontend.
>power off the device
>put the storage media into the device
>boot up while mashing something (usually F12)
>select to boot off the removable storage
>proceed with installation process

Phones (generally) do not allow you to do this. You are a slave to whatever the manufacturer put on it, outside of some occasional custom rom situations.

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In other words, there needs to be a BIOS/UEFI sort of system standardized for smartphones and tablets. Just from reading about it, it seems you have to "unlock" the bootloader in order to maybe be able to install a different distribution of the OS. Outrageous. On other systems, you don't even need to touch the bootloader to do this. That BIOS menu is before you get to your installation of GRUB

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You can hardbrick a laptop or desktop too. Try cutting the power during a BIOS update or flashing the wrong BIOS. Phones can usually be unbricked from a hardbrick using some manufacturer-specific junk over USB. Problem is, manufacturers don't want to release files needed for this

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>what is secure boot

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Yes it's called a monthly fee silly namefag.

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Enjoy your chink government backdoored phones moron.

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Every single phone without custom ROM is backdoored. Difference is chinese goverment can't use any shit of mine against me unlike my goverment.

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All phones are backdoored. The baseband processor is an irreplaceable blob that has whole access to your CPUs memory and have had many security issues in the past.

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Tell me more about rooting, I just moved from iOS to Android a few days ago

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Kek don't buy shit phones and you won't have a shit experience

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