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>else if

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>do while

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came here to post that

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>if (x == true) {return true;} else {return false}

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if (...) {
} else

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>if ... fi

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elif master race reporting in

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int i = 1000 / 0; // (calls ourFunFunc)

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z-index: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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$ type elif file
elif is a shell keyword
file is /usr/bin/file

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>cat file | grep

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Wish I thought of that

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op ? faggot : straight

Get on my lvl.

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What's wrong with abort?

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>tfw I literally did this on my matlab script back then

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In a perfect world it would be
TerminateProcess(hwnd, true, true);


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Yeah, nice bully thread. So what if people don't do it in your perfectionist way? It doesn't mean they're bad coders. These are all perfectly acceptable pieces of code because of the fact that they work.

Maybe if you incels stopped over-focusing on the unimportant details, you could get laid.

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MS's PatchGuard shit uses loads of tricks like this, it's all been reversed by now obviously but it's always neat seeing how an OSdev tries to protect their shit.

Anyone still reading just google "KiFilterFiberContext", you won't be disappointed.

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>a perfect world
Satan pls.

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Why? https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Program-Termination.html

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Why the fuck do I laugh every fucking time I see a crying kot?

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(async () => { ... })();

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Won't a compiler just simplify this?

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This is why I hate JS.

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>implying every language is compiled

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The sad part is the people who would need such optimization are ones to not use compiled languages.

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I think MATLAB would deal with this. It is smart enough to skip calculations of there's a multiplication by zero for example.

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Only SHIT languages are not compiled. Every decent language has at least JIT.

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But even then, they still need to at least parse that shit, right?

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>FORTRAN 77 does not have a do-while loop but it is easy to construct one using IF and GO TO statements.

true programmers

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You shouldn't rely on the compiler to make your code less shitty.

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>perfectly acceptable pieces of code because of the fact that they work
this is the most pajeet thing I've ever read
>get laid
I do get laid though.

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Doesnt cobol use this go to bs too?

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>(case <list of conditionals> )

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>class Faggot

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>not cond

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