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There are a lot of threads on /g/ where people are looking for tech purchasing advice.

I know it's a topic that's frowned upon on here, but it's so common that we may as well have a general thread. And one that's not restricted to ThinkPads.

Has anyone bought a new laptop recently? What did you get, and what's it like to use?

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I'm looking for a laptop for college, I can drop up to $800 on it. I'd like it to be good enough to handle games like FighterZ and Overwatch, preferably with an i7 processor.


This one does not seem bad, thoughts?

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can i play csgo and lol smoothly on razer blade pro full hd gtx 1060 for two years?

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>For college
Just get a Thinkpad
You can do an of that on a thinkpad

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I have a ThinkPad x60 but it has problems with overheating and I don't have a battery for it. wanting to get a laptop mostly for ssh and dickin around with shitty arduinos. preferably a light laptop. may just get a new battery for the ThinkPad if someone can help with the heating problem. I tried opening it but couldn't get the screen removed which is required to actually get to the processor. can anyone reccomend a 2008 MacBook? Kinda into the black version.

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youre only gonna get 2 valid answers

macbook pro with retina display


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MBP 13" 2013. Before that Macbook 2006. Don't think I'll be getting a new MBP though

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if you don't have macbook pro at college everyone will laught at you
you are a big boy now so buy some serious hardware not junk shit you are used to

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>Has anyone bought a new laptop recently? What did you get, and what's it like to use?

I bought a red dell g5 with ubuntu
- i7 8750h
-16gb ram
-1050 ti
-128ssd+1tb hdd

installed w10 pro, and it runs like a dream

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Was thinking of buying the vivobook s15

Honestly seems pretty good. I'm going to uni in the fall. Any thoughts?

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>laptop for college
>only concerned with gayming
You are going to fail.

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I'm looking for a laptop that I'll be using for software engineering in college. I'd also like it to be convertible for watching movies and what-not.

I'm currently looking at the HP envy x360 and the lenovo yoga 530

The envy costs 800 euros with:
- 15.6 inch
- i5-8250u
- 8 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD
- 2-in-1, full aluminum body

yoga costs 730 euros with:
- 14 inch
- Ryzen R5 2500u (about the same as the i5?)
- 8 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD
- 2-in-1, aluminum + plastic (can't find reliable sources on what parts are made of what)

Thoughts on this?

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Most acer laptops look like plastic pieces of shit for some reason...

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Currently running pic related. It's alright since I stopped using Windows, but I'm thinking of upgrading since it does kind of suck.

Am going to use it for programming, office stuff, browsing, shitposting, watching anime/movies/porn and playing a few games.

Dual booting Win 10 (need it for a few things) and Linux (will be used 99% of the time)

Is a Dell Latitude 5590 (i5 8250U, 512GB SSD) for 900€ a good option for that?

Feel free to suggest other Laptops under 1000€.

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900 for that laptop seems like a good deal, considering that that configuration costs 1200 euros here in the Netherlands.

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They are plastic, but not that bad actually.

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sometime after haswell, acer decided they would stop making pieces of shit and ever since they have improved the quality of their pieces of shit

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Well my most recent laptop purchase was the 2014 macbook pro. So far I like it. Running win7 on it as the main OS.
Do I recommend it? Definitely.

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do you even need a graphics card to run those games?

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I have an Aspire One from 2009 and its pretty good.

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Based on reviews, I'd go with the Yoga 530. The HP Envy seems to have a very dim screen, which isn't great for watching movies/Netflix.

The Yoga 530 looks like a pretty nice device! I'm looking for something similar to you and that fits all my wants/needs.

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It really should have its own board. Call it /consumer technology/ or something

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get an elitebook you fag

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Mbp is junk

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Looking for laptops with an i5 (7th or 8th gen preferably), 8 gigs of RAM, and good for running Linux, at a fair price. How is the DELL Inspiron 5370? And are Mac's good for Linux? Because they have the ideal price, and the specs I need. Basically anything with minimal configuration, especially when it comes to wifi drivers, because its very infuriating to deal with those kinds of problems. Looking to run something like Debian, Manjaro, or Ubuntu. Are Chromebooks any good? Also, Lenovo Thinkpads? I've seen one with 4 gigs of RAM, is it enough? Would like to do a litttle bit of gaming with light esports titles like CSGO, low settings min 60fps.

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Easily, I game on a gtx 1050ti OC, i5 7500, and I average 150-200fps on max settings. But I use a desktop, so yeah laptop performance will be a little less.

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yeah i know they are not demanding games but i dont want laptop to fucked up after two or three month later.
i always played on low settings because of cs 1.6 habits so i probably dont even play anything more than medium settings.

pic rel or razer blade pro gtx 1060 256gb

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Update on this:
I also found the HP Pavilion X360 for 800 euros with:
- 15.6 inch display
- i5-8250u
- 8GB RAM / 1128 GB Storage (128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD)
- 2-in-1, full plastic (?)

70 euros over the Yoga, but with a lot more storage for movies and what the likes. The problem is, I cannot find a review on the version that I'm looking at (pic related)

The reviews that I find on "HP pavilion x360" seem to be an older model (bigger bezels). So I don't know if it's cheap plastic or actually durable, but that's the same with the Yoga since I cannot find a review that actually highlights what the laptop is mode from all-round.

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>pic rel or razer blade pro gtx 1060 256gb
Personal choice man, if you have the cash go for the alienware. CSGO should run ez pz 400fps on low settings with this kind of hardware.

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I don't play games and only do some light desktop usage, browsing YouTube, discord and Skype and eBay. My display is my 4k tv so I need something that has 4k capable output. I won't be using the laptops monitor at all, just it's video output. Need something small and quiet to replace my ricer desktop. 1TB of storage and under $1000 would be nice. I'm Canadian.

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I'm a designer / illustrator. I need a laptop with great to perfect ARGB color coverage, at least 6 hour battery so I can work outside, processing power so I can work with big files and a good dedicated GPU so I can try my hand at 3D and game a bit on the side.
It's fucking IMPOSSIBLE to find something. Macbook is a hard no. Dell XPS has the shittiest quality check I've seen. Asus' Zenbook has terrible displays. Razer Blade is out of stock and I've heard has awful construction quality. Is there anything out there for me? Seriously.

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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between:

- Yoga 530 (Intel)
- Yoga 530 (AMD)
- Yoga 710

I looked at the models on the Lenovo website but the general specs look largely the same? Help a scrub out, won't you?

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difference between the two 530's is just the configuration. It can be configured in all sorts of ways. I'd personally just go for whichever one is cheapest of the two.

Can't really comment on the 710.

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Just bought an Asus vivobook. Specs are nice and it all fits into a slim stylish and light form factor. Only issue is cooling. Fan gets loud as soon as the CPU usage gets to around 50%. Cooling is just poor but I guess that's to be expected

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Looks like you're asking for too much out of a laptop. Try taking out your gaming graphics requirement and just looking for the other things you need

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GPU is mandatory. I do design work.

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thanks my man but alienware is $300 cheaper, did you mean go for razer?

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Alright, so what I've found is that either the webshop I am looking at or HP made some mistake, since pretty much every review of the new model talks about aluminum. Perhaps it's plastic that just feels like aluminum, which would be fine for me. Anything is better than this piano black plastic I have now.

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Go for an msi gs65 or aero 15x, both come with 144hz panels and the 8750h plus weigh half as much as the alienware

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Im interested in the Librum laptop line from Purism. They advertise to be the only laptop vendor which produces modern laptops that ship with 100% open source software, including drivers and boot firmware. They also have hardware kill switches. Does anyone have experience with these laptops?

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There's no laptop better than the MacBook.

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*space heater

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>There's no laptop worse than the DongleBook

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True for ...-2015 only

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It's a shitty heater to be honest. It could boil your water, sure, but it can't disperse the heat at all. Damn Apple can't do anything right.

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Are those any good? I'll upgrade the RAM and storage myself.

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How is the x1 carbon? What's the best gen? I have an x220 that I love but it's a bit underpowered for some of the stuff I do and the screen is absolutely abysmal

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Why the 8gb SSD?
That seems so small it's pointless

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That's probably just a hybrid HDD.

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Just got a macbook pro 2018
- core i9 8950HK
- radeon pro 560x
- 32gb ddr4 2400mhz
- 1tb pcie ssd
It's fast as fuck, and outperforms my ryzen 7 desktop built last summer. Even handles some gaming (fortnite, rocket league, minecraft) pretty well on bootcamp, while staying quiet and cool to the touch. Costs a fuckton, only real downside

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>cool to the touch
Satan pls.

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talk with your doctor about those dead nerve endings my goy

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It surprised me too, because the internal temps get pretty high (100C). But somehow the keyboard deck is cool
The underside gets warmer if you use it on your lap, neither side gets close to as hot as my (now underclocked) XPS 13 9350 though.

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where is the power button?

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It's to the far right of the touch bar. Doubles as touch ID sensor

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pic with bread or fuck off shill.

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>where is the power button?
A $79 dongle.

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ah right, thanks
>knocking at your door
>hi this is applel design would you like a job?

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>uses shit like "cool to the touch" unironically
oy vey

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No bread in the apartment, but here's the XPS 13 I mentioned.

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I would rather you post a pick of the $100,000,000 laptop you claim to own.

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He meant it figuratively, go... GUYS, like a cool movie!

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That guy here, Nice man. why do you own two laptops?

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Did you look at the image retard? It's a picture of the MacBook pro with the specs on the screen, with the xps 13 to the left. 2/10 got me to reply

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Multitasking Apple-style.

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I had the XPS for about two years and wanted a new machine that's better for dev work. I mostly felt limited by the small screen and small hard drive

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Are there any avaiable lapblet devices for purchase nowadays that have the same mechanism of the Thinkpad X60 ? Are lapblets even worth buying or should i stick with a normal tablet + usb keyboard case

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doesn't Dell come to your house and fix that shit if it fucks up?

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Not sure why you're ruling out the MacBook as it seems to fit your needs quite well, but perhaps the ARGB coverage isn't high enough? In any case, you're pretty much screwed if the MacBook and XPS aren't good enough for you. No laptop with a dGPU is going to get above 6 hours of battery life AND have at least XPS level quality. Not saying you're asking for too much, just that the current laptop climate is shitty.

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I have €800 to spend on a laptop in Europe. I want:

>14/15.6" screen
>Great keyboard
>Excellent screen for watching Netflix/movies (this is important, dim display is a no-no)
>A quiet fan (or one that isn't whizzing constantly at least)
>Snappy, responsive type of laptop

I have basic bitch computing needs, but hoping to get something durable and ln-lasting.


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Bought a 2018 silver 15 mbp but immediately regretted when it saw the space grey in person. So the silver is going back.

Holy fuck the space grey is a piece of art.

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Buy a Mac. It just works.

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Honestly the space gray one is so much nicer, I don't see how anybody could get one in silver. Imagine how good dark mode will look with Mojave.

What do you think of the touch bar?

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Dont get a gaming laptop for college. If they're good enough to actually play games they'll usually be large and heavy. Carrying it from class to class will get annoying after a week and trying to put it on a desk will be a nightmare. Honestly all you'll need is small sleek notebook, something inexpensive, and build a desktop for your dorm/apartment.

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Silver is a classic and more wear resistant than grey, but it's just so outplayed at this point, especially if you've owned a silver one before.

The grey looks significantly better in person since the way it refracts the light can't be shown in photos. It's gorgeous. The one thing I don't like about it is how there are no good slim cases for it. The frosted cases looks good on the silver, but on the grey I'm forced to use a glossy plastic cover. I need it because I've already accidently rubbed the bezel against the wall while on the bed. I'm clumsy and hate babysitting new toys.

The Touchbar is okay. That shit is definitely going to burn in. I'm already using it a million times more than I used the function keys on other laptops. Since the purpose is to replace function keys, it does the job perfectly.

I really love true tone as well. It's like flux but not artificial. I never get the feeling like it's too piss yellow or not yellow enough like on those static filters. I think it's the best feature so far.

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i want to nakadashi iori

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>dell xps 13 i5-8250u version
>8gb ram
>256gb ssd
>£1100 on amazon
>acer swift 3 i5-8250u version
>8gb ram
>256gb ssd
>£650 on amazon
Whats going on here, surely the screen can't account for a £450 difference?

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>ITT: people who are too gay to get a thinkpad
When will you guys realize that ThinkPad is the only way to go.

>> No.67017562

Thinkpad screens are awful

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>Caring about screen on a laptop

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I had the 9560... 3 times I had to replace it then asked for money back.

>> No.67017734

Looking for a laptop mainly for programming on Linux.

I have a T420 which I always treated it well and it was never dropped and I'm kinda disappointed with how long it lasted. Several cables that go through the right hinge must be broken: Thinklight can only turn on when the lid is almost closed, I had to disable the Webcam and BT module in BIOS, otherwise wiggling the lid would cause a crash. Depending on the lid angle wifi reception can be very bad.

>> No.67017740

Yeah, I usually use flux but surprisingly true tone is doing really well. Part of that could be because I usually use a lamp at night which has yellow-ish light, but who knows.

I have no doubts that the right side of it, with the system controls, is going to get burn in. I like it, but it's a bit annoying having to look down at the keyboard because I otherwise touch type. I've been finding stuff like switching between tabs and opening new tabs really useful, especially being able to see all of my opened tabs. Also, touch ID is really convenient and hasn't given me any issues so far.

It was definitely an expensive purchase, but so far I think it was worth it.

>> No.67017756

>getting a laptop if you're just going to hook it up to an external display and keyboard/mouse the whole time

>> No.67017948

I currently have a T520 and looking to upgrade, any recs?

>> No.67017977

Are you satisfied with thinkpads, and just looking for a better thinkpad?

Or are you looking for different manufacturers?

>> No.67018018

I'm fine with Thinkpads, the T520 did its job during school and casual use. But I feel like I want something more lighter in comparison. I was hoping the new thinkpads or other brands will fit the bill

>> No.67018133

If you want to go really light, you could always look at a MacBook. It should hold up for school and casual use, and you always have 14 days to return it if you're unhappy with its performance.

Price is obviously a concern, though, which I can understand.

>> No.67018184

download notebook fancontrol it allows you to easily manage the fan profiles

>> No.67018249

help me /lpg/

i want a laptop with a high dpi display and 8 GB RAM. Either 1080p @ 11" or 1440p+ at 13". Don't care about brand, processor, or storage. Willing to buy used but 3 years old max. Can I do it for <$500?

>> No.67018280

ThinkPad x220 for 100$
Upgrade the panel, storage, and ram for another 100-200$
Around 300$ you can have exactly what you want, only thing is that it's like 7 years old

>> No.67018377

do they make a 1440p+ compatible panel?
not crazy about thinkpads. My main goal is a good screen and the color reproduction on them is shit

>> No.67018395

>still thinks that someone needs a portable device with 4k ultra hdr
The state of Mac fags. use laptops for productivity and desktop for entertainment

>> No.67018873

Eh my bad, go for Alienware.

>> No.67018945

I have an xps 15 that I put an ssd in, just the standard 8gb 1080p one
great linux compatibility and I've had it for a couple years now, my next laptop might be the 13 inch one

>> No.67019627

What if I don't game?

>> No.67020224

Then have a cheaper at home pc

>> No.67020564

Screen, build quality, weight, battery and SSD speeds can account for a lot of the price difference. If you don't care for any of those the Acer would probably do you just fine.

>> No.67022306

Bump for interest.

>> No.67022367

Ofc you can

>> No.67022380

My friend literally had nova 3 and platinum playing on a pentium laptop so not necesarily, but it helps

>> No.67023051

What is the best laptop out there that still fully supports Windows 7?

>> No.67023193

They were once so shit I can't believe they are still in business

>> No.67023487

The state of retard thinkshit owners. They literally prefer bad screens.

>> No.67023581

Is there anything with an nvidia 1050 that isn't >$1000 and doesn't look like an autistic gaymur machine?

>> No.67023858

There's literally no reason why I can't just use a MBP alone if I don't game.

If I want the desktop experience, I can output it to a 5K monitor at home. Enjoy purposely gimping yourself with a bad display

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File: 419 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180805-102941_Samsung Internet Beta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends, do you trust asus?
If not, get the $1500 XPS 15

>> No.67023958

Are there any 7-8 inch laptops other than the gpd pocket?

>> No.67024025

Ok, now how do I get $1500?

>> No.67024026


Depends on your budget anything below 1000 doritoes is garbage tier and your better off with an iPad

>> No.67024259

>If I want the desktop experience
You ain't getting that from your celeron tier performance from that overheating shitbook.

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File: 3.99 MB, 2976x3968, 15334828339892364644171726428019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got myself a GS65 last week. Should I ruin it with stickers?

>> No.67024490

How is it? How's the battery life? I'm thinking between an XPS 15, Razer Blade and GS65.

>> No.67024497

Yoga 530? Thoughts? Is it a good laptop?

>> No.67024526

It's your laptop, do what makes you happy anon.

>> No.67024611

so many choicessss

razer blade pro 1060
msi gs65
aero 15x

alienware 17
asus rog strix scar ii

or just a $1.500-2000 desktop

>> No.67024721

At that size you should really just look for a tablet with a keyboard.

>> No.67024729

Battery life is great, I'm getting around 4 hours under full load. Just like most newer laptops the Linux support is not that great but there's a whole page on the Arch wiki for this laptop telling you how to configure it so it saves you a lot of time. Also having no numpad is nice.

>> No.67024776

I just bought an HP Envy yesterday and I'm very happy with it. I bought a Pavilion about a month ago, too. It's a nice machine, but the screen was a little smaller and I didn't like (what I think) is the plastic body, so I give it to my dad, who didn't have a laptop at all before then. The Envy is very sleek and the screen is gorgeous. Someone mentioned dimmer colors, but I'm not noticing that as of right now. To be fair, I did look at a Yoga in store and thought the trackpad and the keyboard felt significantly better, but I didn't feel like shelling out the extra for that model.

I think the only difference between your Envy and mine is the one that I have is running 12 GB of RAM. I think if you went with the Envy or Yoga (not the Pavilion), you won't be disappointed with either choice.

>> No.67024968

Was the pavilion that you looked at specifically the newest pavilion x360 that came out in june, or just a pavilion? I still cannot find a review that shows the model that I'm looking at (the one with dark palm/keyboard and bottom.

The reviews of the new pavilion x360 that I HAVE found said that it was metal or atleast felt like metal, but they didn't look like the one in my country (Netherlands). I'll go to a hardware store in a few weeks and hope that they have most laptops that I am looking at on display.

>> No.67025119


This is the one I picked up. I got it on sale/clearance for $550. I'm not sure if that's the newest model you mentioned, but you can at least take a look to confirm. I could be totally wrong about the body.

>> No.67025216
File: 167 KB, 1506x995, 1074821 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the model that I saw in the reviews. Pic related is the one that shows up here. The reviews had that camera in the same place and said it was aluminum (or felt like it).

The model that I see here has the camera above the screen. I'll search HP's website some more to see if they have different versions.

I wouldn't mind if it were plastic, considering that my current laptop is covered in scratched used-to-be-shiny piano black plastic, so anything is an upgrade. It just needs to feel sturdy and not squacky.

As I said, I'll go to a hardware store that sells the same looking model, but with slightly different specs, hoping that they have it on display.

>> No.67025250

I think you wouldn't mind it, then, to be honest. It doesn't feel flimsy and or like it's going to fall apart. I don't know what you plan on doing with it, but if you're just going to slap Linux on it and do some light coding and browsing, then you can't really go wrong with it. That was one of the cheapest laptops I could find with a 1080p display, which is one of the biggest reasons I picked it up in the first place. Good luck!

>> No.67025339

Yeah, just going to use it for programming in college / watching movies. Probably the heaviest programs will be android studio or some other IDE, which my current laptop can handle as well. Thanks for giving me some insight!

>> No.67025636 [DELETED] 

There is no reason to have a portable device that is made for anything other than productivity as the main function, if it wasn't entertainment then keep it at home

>> No.67025749

Looking for a Laptop under 1000€ to replace my cheap HP.
Should have a 15" screen, 512GB storage (preferably with a free 2.5" slot) and a Ryzen 5 or 7 or a Coffee Lake i5 or i7.
Going to run Manjaro.

>> No.67025922

but anon, space is not grey

>> No.67025999

Not him, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you haven't seen that Apple fixed the throttling with a software patch. As I posted earlier in this thread, my new i9 mbp outperforms my ryzen 7 desktop (single and multi core)

>> No.67026106

How's a Thinkpad E585, 8GB RAM, 256 M.2, 1TB mechanical HDD for 730€?

>> No.67026186

I want x86, a good keyboard and linux support

>> No.67026203

Go for a Desktop desu.

>> No.67026209

My Mommy said I could get a Dell laptop for school. I was looking at some choices which one should I get?



>> No.67026400

Apple - MacBook Pro® - 13" Display - Intel Core i5 - 8 GB Memory - 256GB Flash Storage

Would this be good for college as freshman cs major?

>> No.67026423

Fagbooks arent good for anything

>> No.67026694

Price? 256GB isn't going to be enough for dual booting. And those SSDs are proprietary so you'd either have to spend an 1k extra for a 1tb upgrade or get an external hard drive. And those dongles are a pain in the ass.

>> No.67026896

The color gamut on regular fHD thinkpad screens is around 50% sRGB and 30% aRGB, absolutely disgusting to look at.

Any manufacturer save for maybe Acer offers better screens.

>> No.67026948


>> No.67026957

oops. $1250 before tax

>> No.67027056
File: 24 KB, 451x432, The Great Hollow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to need a laptop for DAW work alongside programming, out of these three which one is the most preferable?

Dell Inspiron 13 7375 2-in-1
Acer Aspire 3 A315-41-R9J1
Lenovo Ideapad 15.6 (81D20001US)
I'm leaning a bit towards the Dell due to the IPS and the extra ram, but I've never been fond of Touchscreen types of laptops.

>> No.67027103

I've got around 2400 USD to distribute between a laptop and a new gpu, probably going to wait until black Friday to buy anything at that point would I be better off waiting for the 2019 generations of laptops or taking the deal?

>> No.67027297

>Implying you need to dual boot when you have the best operating system

>> No.67027324

Mind posting specs for all of them?

>> No.67027453

My bad.
Dell and Acer have a Ryzen 7 2700U, Dell has 12GB of RAM though, not 8 like the Acer, both has 256 SSDs. Dell screen is 13.3, Acer is 15.6, Vega 10 for their graphical capability
Lenovo has a Ryzen 5 2500U, 8GB of RAM, and a 15.6 screen. It does has a 1TB HDD though.
The Dell is 800, while the Acer is 700 and the Lenovo is 600
The Acer and Lenovo have Ethernet ports, while the Dell is purely wireless which is pretty gay.

>> No.67027659

Single channel RAM hurts the performance. But you get 2 slots so make sure to get 4+4. Screen is awful, if you're fine with that. Go for it.

>> No.67027739

The dell throttles hard so the performance gain from the ryzen 5 to the ryzen 7 isn't much. You can replace the thermal paste and gain some performance though. This model is based on the older 2016 inspiron so the screen isn't as good as the newest 2018 models (they are dimmer and the color representation isn't very good, something like 50% sRGB and 50% adobe RGB).

I don't know much about the Lenovo one, their keyboards are usually pretty good.

I know nothing of the Acer. I don't like 15.6" laptops, but the bigger size does allow for better thermal dissipation.

>> No.67027743

I'll try to keep this short and sweet anons! Thanks in advance for any replies!!

Looking for a college/uni thin laptop (like everyone else). Trying to keep it cheap and go used/refurb. No real heavy use needed, just something that handles multiple tabs/programs and simple word processing. I'd like high screen quality, good specs and good battery life.

Coming off a 2011 13" Macbook Air (256GB SSD/i7/8GB ram) that busted (but held up during my first degree), thinking about switching to Windows. Decided between a Zenbook and the Air back in 2012. Bought the Air because it was the thinnest with the best battery life and seemingly the best trackpad at the time. Frustrated at the high cost of replacement, not being able to upgrade, the overheating and being limited to over priced Apple accessories which is why I'm contemplating the switch.


>Macbook Pro 13: Would probably buy an older one (new ones are underwhelming even though space grey is cool), but specs are limited for the price and used market is hot. I do like Mac OS but don't need it for anything really. It'd be easy to switch my stuff over and pick right up but I'm kind of over Apple.

>Thinkpad X1 Carbon/T480s: My favourite contenders, but new ones are over my budget and I'd have to settle for low spec under budget unless I find a great used/refurb deal. I understand if I go T I can upgrade things as I go which is a huge plus, but it's thicker.

>ASUS Zenbook: Best bang for my buck, I can get one out of the box with i7/512GB SSD/16GB ram which would be plenty and I wouldn't need to touch anything except the battery in the future. I've just read some bad reviews about it and heard ASUS CS is shit.

>Dell XPS 13: Seems to be a crowd/Youtuber fav but I'm just not attached to it at all. Am I wrongheaded?

>> No.67027890

I'd go for the Acer because of the bigger screen, ethernet and better thermals (Inspiron throttles pretty badly IIRC)

>> No.67027908

Alright, that sounds good then. Thanks for the assistance brehs.

>> No.67027909

Would probably just get another 8GB stick
How shit is the screen really?

>> No.67027959

What are the best sub-$1000 laptops with a brilliant screen and keyboard? Preferably 14".

>> No.67028078
File: 176 KB, 813x1402, 1506088523913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keyboard gets a microscopic amount of dust in it
>keyboard dies
>middle of semester
>run to applel gaybar
>they need to ship it in for replacement
>get a shitty refurb back
>oh sorry all your data's gone because your original machine got wiped to be refurbed
>fail all classes
>get put on probation
>desperately trying to survive next semester
>go to starcucks and get vente light onions latte dark roast frappuchino
>spill it on keyboard
>entire mac dies because it's a piece of shit with zero moisture protection
>SSD is soldered to the motherboard
>all data is a total loss without spending $50,000 on data recovery services
>fail all courses
>get expelled by college
>forced to move back into mom's basement and jerk it to a portrait of steve jerbs and your dead fruitbook

>> No.67028102

Wow this fruitbook by applel sounds really bad

Should've gotten a MacBook

>> No.67028136

I want to code with her

>> No.67028573

Do this.
Buy the following.
Used Thinkpad t430 $80-130
New ssd $20-100 (make sure the read/write sp bandwidth is good, some of the cheap $20 ssd match hdd performance when it comes to read/write bandwidth.)
Used Thinkpad t420 keyboard $20
Used i7-3630QM 4/8 cores/threads (If needed)
8gb memory stick (if the thinkpad doesn't already have 8gb) (x2 if 16gb is needed)
take your wonderful t430, upgrade it's cpu replace/add memor, swap the keyboards, istall the ssd, and lastly install your gnu/linux OS.
Don't forget to rice.
Optional ac adapter for greater wifi bandwidth (presuming the network supports 802.11 ac) $20
Also Optional thinkpad docking pad, and external gpu if you're a GAYmer/need more performance for cudu/opencl/CAD.
Now, enjoy the best possible laptop.

>> No.67028620

What's the best laptop with a capable discreet graphics card that doesn't look like gaymer shit? Preferably under 15 inches.

>> No.67028639

Looking in the market for a new laptop to replace my 2011 ProBook.

2016 or newer
8gb or more
FHD (1080p) or better display
Intel i5 Skylake series or better (i7, i9)
13 or 14 inch

* Easily removable exterior battery
* Quad core
* Bezels aren't a big deal but no disgusting gamer bezels
* Battery life is decent

Price range $400-750

>> No.67028653

Get the minimum-spec 15" with a 512GB SSD.

Don't forget that you can resell the beats solo3s for $150-170.

>> No.67028915

>reddit spacing

>> No.67029000

>minimum spec macshit
What's the PC performance equivalent of that? A celeron chromebook?

>> No.67029055

I don't know, does that get geekbench 5031 single core and 22400 multi core?

>> No.67029079

>2 microsecond benchmark
>pretending macshit can even watch a 2 minute youtube video without catching fire

>> No.67029085
File: 589 KB, 2928x3262, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I get this second hand for $88.5 usd?
Is the price reasonable?
And should I be aiming for this or the kobo aura h20 edition 1 instead?

>> No.67029112

Enjoy your coil whine XPS or screen flickering Surface.

>> No.67029160
File: 290 KB, 500x384, 1510945627945.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoy your dead keyboard, zero liquid resistance, overheating, throttling, and exploding batteries on your fruity toddler toy.

>> No.67029212

Are Chromebooks a meme? I'm considering getting an Acer Chromebook 14. Worth it?

>> No.67029777

Just wanted to be clean anon, nothing to do with Reddit, more my rabid cleanliness OCD

>> No.67029807

>Enjoy your dead keyboard
4 year extended warranty on the old ones, fixed on the 2018 ones
>zero liquid resistance
Are you telling me to buy a computer so I can spill things on it like a 5 year old autistic retard?
>overheating, throttling
Fixed by software patch
>exploding batteries
That was completely a phone issue and wasn't even an Apple phone issue

Terrible bait, or just a brainless pants shitting thinkshit shilling fucktard who can't read basic tech news

>> No.67029879

Recently bought a Dell XPS 15" 9570 with i9. It sucks. Loud coil whine, randomly ignores keypresses, wireless card continually needs to be reset, screen occasionally goes black for half a second. Customer service a complete fucking nightmare. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

>> No.67029985


I'm >>67029879. I contacted Dell about the coil whine my laptop makes, they pretended not to understand what it was despite the fact that it's a super common problem with their laptops and has been for years. Asked me to send them a recording, which I did, then they asked me to send them a fucking video. Don't have any decent means of making one so I sent them a link to one of the many videos of Dell coil whine on YT instead. They said they'd fix it, but the necessary part wasn't available. After about a month they said they'd send someone round but couldn't say what time - I had to take the entire day off work. Then at 3PM a Pajeet turns up...


Unsurprisingly, the coil whine is still there.

>> No.67029992
File: 64 KB, 960x540, huawei_matebook_x_pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fool! You forgot the option that beats out both for less!

>> No.67030157


Go to the docks and suck off sailors for money

>> No.67030196

Check the review on the 5480, its something like 220 nits, 56% sRGB coverage and 30% adobe RGB. You usually notice bad screens when they're below 70% sRGB and good screen have 90% or more coverage.

Viewing angles are fine.

>> No.67030250

I've owned nearly every >$700 shitpad before moving onto a MacBook. Every single one of them was shit.

The worst part about them are the awful screens. Even if you decide to upgrade your panel with a drop in or even use custom pcbs that merges pcie lanes allowing for higher ppi panels, all compatible screens are absolute fucking trash. It's pure eye cancer.

>> No.67030279

>outperforms my ryzen 7 desktop
You forgot an SSD in you desktop or what? Simply not possible in this form factor unless you fucked something up with the desktop.

>> No.67030293

What budget/midrange Win10 laptops actually have a decent screen? I'm willing to spend up to 700/800 euro on a laptop, but the screen quality is so shit on most of them.

I have a Sony Vaio since 2013 and the screen (although shit) still looks better than the ones on many new models.

>> No.67030412

Flat out lie.
>b-b-b-but who needs that
Damage control.
>fixed throttling
Flat out lie.
>completely a phone issue
Flat out lie.

Why do you feel the desperate need to lie to defend your chinkshit fruit toys iToddler?

>> No.67030465

MacBook nvme is actually after than any single available nvme drive out there. You would need 3x $500 nvme drives in raid to match the speed.

While it doesn't have to do with the MacBook, the new Intel hexcores boosts up to 3.9ghz sustained with adequate cooling. That's 3.9ghz, 6 individual cores, on a laptop, faster than the previous generation Broadwell-E desktop HEDT $600 chips - on a laptop. A MacBook can't obviously sustain that clock it, but something thin a light like a Razer book can. 2.9ghz sustained still isn't something to scoff at.

A used Dell precision. They're like ThinkPads that actually holds up to the hype. Replaceable cpus, mxm socketed and (important, because soldered mgpus gpus can't be flashed) flashable gpus. Robust cooling systems that will never overheat, and a wide selection of amazing non shit screens.

The only problem is that it isn't ironically retro so it looks like you're using a shit laptop by choice. The Dell logo looks like trash and their entire lineup sans xps all look like consumer Walmart trash. But the value cannot be beat. It's got a huge following on notebook check forums as well. A real tinkerers laptop, unlike ThinkPads.

>> No.67030485

>paying to be part of a chinese botnet

>> No.67030494

b-b-but apple is overpriced!

>> No.67030511

>buy new macbook pro
>eat over the keyboard
>it breaks

wtf apple???

>> No.67030523
File: 158 KB, 1600x900, 1532582217490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Real computers don't have this problem.

>> No.67030999

Everything you said is verifiably false and now I am 100% sure you are baiting me

>> No.67031015

I'm the anon with the ryzen 7 build, I have an 860 Evo SSD for windows and a Crucial SSD for Linux. Both around 600MB/s read/write speeds (being generous here) whereas the MacBook pro SSDs are around 2500MB/s. Most reviews on YouTube mention this

>> No.67031039

>implying your [insert any laptop model here] isn't manufactured in China

anon, you appear to be in denial about a product that costs less being better than what you purchased. The solution is to not be retarded next time.

>> No.67031040

>Shit, it turns out I have no arguments available! I know, I'll just say he's lying and call him a toddler for the 8th time!

>> No.67031081

>itoddler gets caught lying and has no argument
>declares victory anyway

>> No.67031123

Why are you eating over your $3000 laptop?>>67030511

>> No.67031518

>Can afford $3k+ machines

>> No.67031527

I know! I'll just keep calling them toddlers with no substantive arguments, that means I win right?

>> No.67031616

>facts are not arguments

>> No.67031697

buy a pixelbook

>> No.67031953

that is a gud laptop. the hdmi 2.0 will be needed to hookup 4k monitor. i wish my laptop had one.

>> No.67031983

i have a thinkpad yoga14 and it has two broken usb3 ports , a 3 cell battery that lasts 2 hours and a shit tier wifi antenna, dont believe the chinese hype. thinkpads are shit

>> No.67031992

too bad it has a shit tier screen from 2007.

>> No.67032037
File: 107 KB, 450x450, 7851_9_hd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having a Sager Np7851 built this week. I7 8750h 16g ddr4 GTX 1060 250G M.2 and 1tb hdd. My issue is the name Safer on the lid.
I'm going to either wrap it or add a decal. The NP7851 HAS some aero lines so some decals/vinyls might come out not so straight. Any recomendations? Carbon fiber wrap seems cool, or maybe a side profile of Venom.
Anyone have a Sager/Clevo barebones and bought somethi g for the lid?

>> No.67032047
File: 71 KB, 450x450, 7851_7_hd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Different angle

>> No.67032056

Don't xotic offer sagers without any branding?

>> No.67032060
File: 18 KB, 276x261, gnu-head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just get a big GNU vinyl and slap it over the logo.

>> No.67032066


>> No.67032102

I got a T480s with the maxed out non-CRU parts (i7, dGPU, WQHD screen) for ~$1400. It would have costed me ~$1100 going for the i5 and no GPU so I might as well max it out.

Still waiting for it to arrive to see if I won the QC lottery or not.

>> No.67032137

>Thinkpad X1 Carbon/T480s: My favourite contenders, but new ones are over my budget and I'd have to settle for low spec under budget unless I find a great used/refurb deal. I understand if I go T I can upgrade things as I go which is a huge plus, but it's thicker.
the difference in portability is so tiny (200 grams and like 3mm) it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't go for the X1 since there's a lot more potential issues with it compared to the T480s.

There's a 35% off sale right now with the perks portal.

>> No.67032140

They do, I just gotta better deal on the branded.

>> No.67032146

lmao 99% of people will have no idea it's associated with Free Software.

>> No.67032238
File: 89 KB, 1896x500, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a laptop for work, and I'm tossing up between these two.

My workmate suggested the one on the left, but I'm not sure if it's overkill or not.

>prices in AUD
>I work in game dev using unity, so doesn't need to be insanely powerful

>> No.67032253

Msi, although he has a ryzen 5 processor for $600

>> No.67032357

i have a kobo aura HD but i'd definitely go for an H2O now. I like the idea of not having to worry about dust in general (not just water) squeezing under the bezel or something.

if you're trying to save money, you might as well just get a cheaper new one under $88. How important is it really that you have slightly crispier text? I mean if you like reading enough that you care about that you normally wouldn't be batting an eye getting a premium ereader in the first place

>> No.67032374

it's a toy but if all you need is to take notes on it and occasionally watch videos, then why not

but if streaming/videos are your priority, getting one with a decent screen is pointless since you might as well get an actual laptop/ultrabook refurb'd.

>> No.67032375

>does not state any facts
>posts this

>> No.67032564

Give an actual argument as to why MacBooks aren't a good laptop if you can pay the premium.

>> No.67033278

B..b..but, muh thinkshit!

>> No.67033718

Is the surface go better than the eve v?

>> No.67033774

hp pavillion.
with windows it ran like shit, with linux it runs like water.

>> No.67033795

Broke boi

>> No.67033805

Taking notes, doing light homework, YouTube. It's good
Anything else, it's not gonna cut it

>> No.67033876
File: 1.94 MB, 1800x4500, 1524237393347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trackpad impossible to click near upper edge & loose at bottom
>flimsy diving board piece of shit
>even applel admitted it's shit and went back to non-click touchpads
>shit tier 1mm travel chiclet kb
>OSX has horrendous battery management
>applel's solution is to cram in a heavy 95WHr battery
>even XTREME GAMER laptops like razer blade with 4X the CPU/GPU power and 70WHr battery matches it in battery life
>gets BTFO by 55WHr Windows laptops in battery life
>huge battery takes up the space where a cooling system would've been in a laptop not designed by the world's thinnest and lightest gay hipsters
>abysmally crippled cooling system leads to constant overheating
>constant overheating leads to chronic throttling to 800mhz
>screen assembly HELD TOGETHER WITH GLUE
>retina meme for "pros" have have <70% aRGB
>glossy mirror screen impossible to use with overhead lighting
>blurry as shit retina meme scaling
>shitbook air even worse with 1366x768 TN eye cancer
>systemic battery explosion problems for over a decade

>same problems as above plus:
>can't use any existing TB3 devices
>can't use USB and wifi at the same time
>memetouch emojibar
>soldered ram
>soldered SSD
>tamper tape on battery screws
>applel falls for their own thin meme and uses 54WH battery
>2 hour battery life
>no USB-A
>no escape

>ultra shit tier zero travel kb
>keyboard louder than WWII cricket
>keyboard fails and requires $1000 repair if a speck of dust gets under a key

>it's 2018 and moving folders around in finder will STILL cause massive data loss

>macshit literally has the build quality of a $200 acer for 10x the price

>macshit is good
Can we finally put an end to this meme?

>> No.67033954
File: 31 KB, 230x192, 1525430549360.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you guys think about the HP spectre series? I'm looking for something light for a travel laptop

>> No.67034018


>> No.67034310

Is it that bad if its just for shitposting, programming and watching movies/anime/porn

>> No.67035432

I was looking at the UX430 but the Amazon reviews are very bad. Product quality issues?

>> No.67036131

HP have pretty solid keyboards, even on their lower end models. They have a nice tactile click to them. Not sure which ones have good screens though.

>> No.67036442

my employer just told me to name a laptop and they will buy, give me your biggest and best suggestions for unlimited purchase budget.
laptop for use in programming work (R, Python, etc) and I expect a lot of more mobile tasks to be piled on me now that I am getting a dedicated laptop instead of just a tower, so it not being infinitely heavy would be nice.
I do not drive a car, it has to be portable enough for commutes.
please help!

>> No.67036642

Honestly if your employer is paying for it you could always get a maxed out 15" MBP. 4TB storage, 32GB ram, i9, all of that. It'd be like $6000 but you're not paying it, and it's 4lbs I believe.

>> No.67036739

okay anything that is not a mac, I rather my hardware lasts a year and doesn't disintegrate from being used

>> No.67036765

Maybe look at a top of the line Surface or XPS 15, then?

>> No.67037280

Surface Book?

>> No.67037638
File: 603 KB, 1920x1080, 1519981124304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Having a really hard time deciding between a Thinkpad E585 (R5 2500U) for 730€ and a Latitude 5590 (i5 8250U) for 930€.
Latitude has a bigger battery, better cooling and a 512GB SSD (and a free 2.5" Slot), the E585 only has a 256GB + 1TB mechanical, but Ryzen sure is nice and it is also 200€ cheaper.

>> No.67037657

Dell XPS 15, Latitude, some T, X or W Thinkpad, HP Elitebook

Can't really go wrong with those

>> No.67037675

Budget around $300; willing to go up if necessary, but wanting to keep it around $300ish or less. I'll mostly be using it for Microsoft Office/Office analogues and programming so the bar for specs isn't terribly high, but I want FHD resolution and would prefer it to be thinner if possible.

>> No.67038191

You're not going to get a good screen at that price. If you can use Office online, a Chromebook might be better for you - something like an Acer CB14 or something?

>> No.67038280

Best to look for one on sale or something.

>> No.67038348

There's a HP for 250 Reichsmark with a FHD screen
I assume its a similar amount of $
I'd also take a look at Acer, their cheaper models tend to be pretty good for the price.

>> No.67038474

I'm going to be travelling and living in a 5th wheel RV for a while due to work, I'm looking for a new laptop for personal use. I'll be using it for general web browsing, streaming videos, and some light gaming. I was thinking about waiting for the Thinkpad A485 to drop and get one of those with the Ryzen 7 2700U but I'm not sure how well the APU's GPU will handle games like Subnautica or Skyrim. I don't need to play on max settings but getting 40-60 FPS on medium with 1080p resolution would be preferable.

>> No.67038557

You could save more money on the E585 by just getting the HDD and buying a SSD separately to install afterwards. Then you could get whatever size / model SSD you wanted.

>> No.67038601

Buying retail, so no configuration. And you can't order one without an SSD from Lenovo either.

>> No.67038634

Skyrim should run really well. Subnautica runs somewhat alright according to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIYq6gcECbQ
Keep in mind that the Acer Swift has somewhat poor cooling so you can expect slightly better performance.

>> No.67038668
File: 60 KB, 846x783, e585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really? On the US site you can build one with only a HDD, only a SSD, or both HDD and SSD.

I wonder if the A485 will actually have the Ryzen running at max TDP or if it'll be a gimped 15W package like on the Acer Swift.

>> No.67038697

German site only has 128GB and 256GB SSD
Also only a 1TB HDD option.

>> No.67038734
File: 341 KB, 1280x720, 1511699869437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need advice on buying a laptop for college / watching movies sometimes / very very light (indie) gaming.

I'm willing to drop about 1k to 1.2k on it. I really like the Windows Surface Laptop, but I've heard it's pretty overpriced for what you get.

Any advice?

>> No.67038769

Now that some "gaming" laptops are relatively small, light, and look reasonable, I've been considering getting a really top of the line one as my only computing device (except for smartphone...) instead of upgrading my desktop at home.
That way it's available at home, when I travel, at my parents', maybe even at work.

>> No.67038862

Microsoft Surface have dogshit reliability.

>> No.67039341

So I've heard, no replaceable parts and shit?

>> No.67039391

No, it's basically impossible to repair. And it has a high rate of failure on top of that.

>> No.67039396

Why don't you get a top-spec XPS 15? It seems like everything you're looking for, plus it has a conservative design and great screen.

>> No.67039939

alright /g so my girlfriend is going to uni now and she needs a laptop for CAD, photoshop and illustrator and the like
She found one she can afford which has an i7 8th gen but an nvidia MX150
will this suffice?

>> No.67039988

It's very good for programming and shitposting, it's bad for anime and movie watching. But maybe your standards are low in that case it's fine.

>> No.67040031

Theres an Asus ultrabook that goes for 750 bucks and has 100% sRGB coverage and I think around 80% adobe RGB. It comes with an 8th gen i5, the only problem is that asus build quality isnt as good as other manufacturers, its probably good enough though.

>> No.67040111


>> No.67040353

I snagged an hp omen 15 @wallmart with a 2 year warranty for $550+taxes..

16gb ram
1tb 7200 drive
And I added a 500gb m.2 SSD ...

Bretty happy with it .

>> No.67040432

My 11 y old cousin that lives in Britain asked me to suggest her something for 600 pounds. What do I suggest for that price? I know nothing about gayming laptops.

>> No.67040455

> XPS 15

I advise against this:


No idea what alternatives are like though. My last laptop was a 2015 Razer Blade 14" which was great, but I've heard their newer ones have quality control issues.

>> No.67040488

coil whine

>> No.67040513

Dell G3 with GTX 1050

>> No.67041531

What's a good budget college laptop? Just something for note taking and HD Netflix.

>> No.67041631

thinkpad x230 maybe

>> No.67042970

probably that new surface go, if that's all you're really doing

>> No.67043108

Can you install linux on surface pro?
I wanna have a full on /g/ machine off the botnet and learn to use linux so I wanted a thinkpad initially but I also wanna learn art and how to draw for /agdg/
Do I get a used surface pro?

>> No.67043530

They sound good, but ideally I'd like a 14/15" screen. They are too small.

>> No.67043643
File: 171 KB, 2000x1536, mbp13touch-space-gallery1-201807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>13" MacBook Pro: Touch Bar and Touch ID 2.3GHz Quad-Core Processor 256GB Storage
I assume this is fine if I just want to do some web browsing, document editing, video watching and programming?

>inb4 aplel
macOS is by far the best desktop OS I have ever used out of 5 Windows versions and countless distros.

>> No.67043839

Which Windows machines come with true (or the best) high resolution screens? I thought I could settle for 1920x1080 but after seeing the Zenbook with it beside a Macbook Retina (whatever that means) Pro it was severely underwhelming.

>> No.67043841


>> No.67043888


>> No.67043928

Ha, gottem!

>> No.67044063

x201. Weighs the same as a macbook air, tiny and cute, 16:10 screen, and all the memepad bonuses.

>> No.67044076

I'm very happy with the 15" model, so I imagine that you'll be happy with the 13" too. I'd spring for the 512GB SSD, though.

You're remembering to get a student discount or avoid sales tax (unless you live in NY), right?

>> No.67044127

Yes, and I'll use a NAS for all my media, so I don't really need the higher capacity, not unless macOS takes up a significant portion of it. Thanks anyway.

>> No.67044164

>Thinkpad X1 Yoga
>6500U, 8GB ram, OLED Screen

How far do you suppose i can push this thing graphically? Like for game dev, would this become a mini furnace if i try to throw PBR/ShaderGraphs at it?

>> No.67044191
File: 320 KB, 1080x1692, 1516639287670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trackpad impossible to click near upper edge & loose at bottom
>flimsy diving board piece of shit
>even applel admitted it's shit and went back to non-click touchpads
>shit tier 1mm travel chiclet kb
>OSX has horrendous battery management
>applel's solution is to cram in a heavy 95WHr battery
>even XTREME GAMER laptops like razer blade with 4X the CPU/GPU power and 70WHr battery matches it in battery life
>gets BTFO by 55WHr Windows laptops in battery life
>huge battery takes up the space where a cooling system would've been in a laptop not designed by the world's thinnest and lightest gay hipsters
>abysmally crippled cooling system leads to constant overheating
>constant overheating leads to chronic throttling to 800mhz
>screen assembly HELD TOGETHER WITH GLUE
>retina meme for "pros" have have <70% aRGB
>glossy mirror screen impossible to use with overhead lighting
>blurry as shit retina meme scaling
>shitbook air even worse with 1366x768 TN eye cancer
>systemic battery explosion problems for over a decade

>same problems as above plus:
>can't use any existing TB3 devices
>can't use USB and wifi at the same time
>memetouch emojibar
>soldered ram
>soldered SSD
>tamper tape on battery screws
>applel falls for their own thin meme and uses 54WH battery
>2 hour battery life
>no USB-A
>no escape

>ultra shit tier zero travel kb
>keyboard louder than WWII cricket
>keyboard fails and requires $1000 repair if a speck of dust gets under a key

>it's 2018 and moving folders around in finder will STILL cause massive data loss

>macshit literally has the build quality of a $200 acer for 10x the price

>macshit is good
Can we finally put an end to this meme?

>> No.67044277

Feel free to suggest something better instead of a copypasta of stuff that is either a non-issue on a newer model or irrelevant to my needs.

>> No.67044340 [DELETED] 

Pajeet, we've told you that your Xbox 360 can't handle any more games several times now!

>> No.67044350
File: 18 KB, 827x201, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's 2018 and moving folders around in finder will STILL cause massive data loss

>> No.67044547


>> No.67044578

The sad truth is that the only laptop that is comparable to the mbp is the surface book, and that shit has its own problems.

>> No.67044610

The surface pros are pretty good. I bought a refurbished sp3 with pen for 400 bones. Loving it.

>> No.67044690
File: 421 KB, 3328x1698, mxp2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dell XPS, Thinkpad X1, Lenovo Yoga... pretty much any business laptop seems to offer a high-resolution display these days. My personal favorite is pic related with virtually no bezel.

>> No.67044828

Is the "New XPS 15" any good?

>> No.67045119

People will continue to shit on the mbp until they try one, it's as simple as that.

>> No.67045218
File: 172 KB, 989x1005, 1514577559265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67045261

Okay faggots, recommend me laptop with AMD CPU (A12, Ryzen 5) with HARD DRIVE and 13-14" screen.
And with decent cooling system... And sloted RAM. And battery that will last 6-10 hours.
I need it to compile stuff (so 4 cores are good to have) and to play some gamez (so this is why AMD, because even on their E2 chips they had pretty good GPU for price).

>> No.67045645

People actually believe this shit?

>> No.67046538

Thinkpad E485
R5 2500U (2700U option isn't really worth it desu), two RAM slots, alright cooling, about 7 hours of battery and it has a 2.5" SATA slot and a 1TB HDD option

>> No.67046852
File: 854 KB, 900x1026, lSs5dZo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty out of the laptop loop. I've been using a 2014 Macbook Pro for a while, but Macs just aren't for me anymore. Too many things annoy me, so I'm looking for new laptop, 700-1000 dollars, I'm just not sure exactly where to look. I used to hear good things about Dells and almost bought an XPS 15, but upon further research I see many people saying the quality has been slipping and their tech support is a joke. The number of times I've needed to call tech support in the last decade can be counted on one hand, but I don't want to risk if if the machine's quality is iffy.

What I'm looking for is:

- 13-15 inch laptop
- Preferably a 1TB HDD, but I can deal with a 256 GB SSD if need be
- Something with decent ports, but I don't think this is a big issue with Windows laptops anyway.
- Something with a fairly decent screen, but it doesn't have to be 4K or anything, just as long as it looks good and doesn't have shit viewing angles.
- Good build quality

I don't plan on playing games very much on it, and when I do, mostly just games from the 80s-90s, maybe early 2000s once every few blue moons. I just need a general use laptop. Anyone have any ideas? I've been looking, but it seems I always find something that has some flaw or another.

>> No.67046865

Mactoddlers actually believe macshit is good?

>> No.67047589

recommendations for 4k video editing?

>> No.67047842

Dell Precision if you want a lot of performance and have a high budget

>> No.67047933

Surface too weak, Dell is no-go, I'm not in the US

I'm curious about the ThinkPads. I deployed thousands of T410s and T420s when those were brand spanking new as part of an old job, and I feel like we had a bunch of driver trouble with those.
Did that get sorted?

>> No.67047934

under 2k?

>> No.67048008

older Xeon are rock solid and with Patience You can eventually find a good deal, Dont get a dell, the BIOS isnt right.
Why Xeon? its the boatload of RAM You can stuff into said laptop.

another option is a 300-700$ old server

Im Guessing You Traval? Heavy laptops are Heavy and Laptops like to break.
Maybe a 500-700 ryzen laptop should be an option?
Go to a store, look around, put Your hands on every laptop.

>> No.67048038

have a latitude 7490, great laptop for anyone interested. only complaint is it gets slightly hot(45c under moderate load on average) but i live in an area that has 35-40c degrees in the summer so that's probably the cause

>> No.67048770


>> No.67048785
File: 504 KB, 500x500, 1457847316545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting a product named after a cardinal sin
I shiggy diggy

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