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This is a millionaire CompSci PhD genius.
He consciously chooses to use a single monitor.

/g/ somehow """needs""" at least 3 monitors.

What gives? Is it ADHD and brain damage from video games?

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What does he do

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that's a big monitor

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literally botnets.


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that's one of those monitors that people with very rare eye conditions get. they literally can't look at normal monitors for more than 30 mins without getting a headache.
ofc he uses only one monitor, he's been fucked by evolution

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Dude, That's fucking jeff dean. He probably will do fine even without a monitor. You're not seriously comparing average /g/-tard with him?

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Brain damage from videogames? Lmao.

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>But that's wrong you fucking spiral.
But that's wrong, you fucking spiral.

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who's this guy lmao

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>He doesn't recognize Linus
Fuck off Summerfag

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That famous reviewer? He's changed.

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after the two gender reconstruction surgeries he's a new xirn

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the bombardment of this bait thread encapsulates the state of this board. yeah I think Im done with socializing for a while. Im no normie so pretty much all of my interactions with people that arent in person come from this board. Now Im a chill nigga but Ive got my short comings. I can be overtly sexual, sure but Im only human give me a break. I like to flirt and make a personal connection with anyone Im investing time with. I add people on discord, I reply as soon as I can. I try to keep the conversation entertaining and engaging. Things can be going good for a little while but then its like Im too boring or something and they just forget about and ghost me. Some will even block me. For what? Im very open about who I am so why did you expect something differently? And Im a scorpio so I catch feelings fast, you know even over the internet. People arent considerate for shit and that just pisses me off and I know if I leave it will just hurt me because Im a shut in but maybe thats just how its supposed to be. Some people are just meant to be alone I guess. I tried to be nice. I tried to make friends. I gave it all a chance and more. Tell me why I should even bother sticking around when I know how every interaction will end? Better yet convince me to leave. Im never going to find anyone like me.

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They have a video gayme on one screen, some gay twitch streamer on the other and atom or visual studio code on the third. Obviously they have no idea how windows work, so they need a whole monitor for every application despite the fact that good code is never wider than 80 chars

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not your blog btw
>I catch feelings fast
you're probably a lot more selfish than you think you are
>why did you expect something differently
the part about being yourself they never tell you is that you shouldnt be yourself if nobody likes you, kek
also after writing this out i realize this may be pasta

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Nobody needs 3 monitors, I can program on a napkin if I want.
I just like three 4k monitors. Stay mad, no (You) or bump to you.

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It's entertainment. The Internet has turned my attention span to shit so I can't watch a 45 minute episode of whatever show I'm into without doing other pointless shit online. Hence, I need 2 screens because Alt Tab is a pain in the ass.

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>not programming with pen and paper or whiteboard
Lmao enjoy failing interview you cuck

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his monitor is big, my monitors are smol

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for you

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Onorable mention for the glorious eye bleeding scheme color for maximum attention span, gorgeous

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>While you mastered the keyboard, I mastered the punch-card.

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I've only ever considered multiple monitors because my eyesight is shit and I have everything set to giant font sizes. I haven't bothered yet though. For multitasking I just use virtual desktops.

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>sitting that close to a big ass monitor
He's gonna fry his brain with those EMFs.

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>>But that's wrong you fucking spiral.
>But that's wrong, you fucking spiral.
But that's wrong, you fucking spiral.

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This thread again...

Same as the Apple hater who shitposts daily

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but that's all /g/ is, it's as bad as /b/, the same 6 threads over and over....

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why on earth is he using Ubuntu? Or is it just gnome 3 on some other distro?

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>this fucking thread once more

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Ubuntu is often used by actually smart developers.

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>You will never be smart enough to sit in your comfy office looking over a woodland scenery, making botnets to ruin your world.
I can't even do scripts why am I even here?

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He isn’t PhD, but outperformance lifetime research averages CS PhD research every couple years.

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>Dean received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, working under Craig Chambers on whole-program optimization techniques for object-oriented languages.[2]

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>"I used to use 2 monitors, but now, I have only one because some millionaire is using 1 monitor
>I have no other values to be proud of so I do what other people do
How naive you have to be?

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Of course he has 1 monitor. TWO! Two coffees and Opcon Eye lubricant. Add that to a PHD in CS and you've got a god among men.

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Why would anyone need 2 monitors, tho?

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Game of thrones while shit posting...
But from what I see, colleges churn out people that pay for degrees but work the bare minimum. I call them, "google screen" because they have a degree but didn't learn anything.

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I always have preferred one monitor unless I'm on Windows since their workspaces suck.

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>work the bare minimum
I'm pretty sure that's 90% of people working a job.
There's not really any reason as a wage-earner to work more than you absolutely need to.

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References on one screen, work on the other.
Remote/virtual desktops.
Chat/music/video on one, main task on the other.

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stackoverflow u mena LUL

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I need at least 3 monitors to play call of duty in eyefinity

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Some of us do things other than spew shitty code for a living.

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