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> 32-cores / 64-threads
> 80MB cache
> 3.4GHz base
> 4.2GHz turbo
> 250W TDP
> $1835

Meanwhile, at Intel:
> i9 7980XE
> 18-cores / 36-threads
> 24.75MB cache
> 2.6GHz base
> 4.4GHz turbo
> 165W TDP
> $1979


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Intel has a 5GHz 28-core CPU that destroys that Ryzen.

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Does it come with a 1 horse power chiller?
>Btw the chiller they used in the Taiwan demo is illegal in most countries

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Guess my dream of having a threadrypper is crashed.
Ryzen it is.

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...for 5x the price

are you fucking stupid?

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Get a fucking job

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I'm working on it.
Trying to get into PhD next year.
Still way too expensive for personal use.

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Leave the buying to Americans and their credit cards

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Get a 1950x

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Wasn't new generation supposed to be significantly better?
I think the cheapest newer generation may be preferable.

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Just buy the 16c version

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What the hell is going on with the CPU market?

I don't understand shit.

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What's not to understand?
Lurk for two years before posting new fag

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Intel's CEO fucked up so badly (someone post the Google Translate picture pls) that AMD, a company that a few years ago had a market cap lower than Intel's R&D budget, is now kicking their ass. It's pretty funny and great for competition.

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That's the Canada price though, which doesn't mean it will be $1835 US, AMD jews massively inflated prices in Canada WELL beyond simple conversion.

The Threadripper 1950x is $779 USD, that's $1018 CAD. But what do they charge for a 1950x in Canada? $1400.

So you'll likely get the 2990x for something like $1500 USD

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That's the highest end threadripper. Lower end ones are like $600

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1KW CPU when?

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1950x is 16cores

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Octacosa meaning eight hundred (800) in Greek

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Intel fucked up by dragging its feet and not investing money into actual 7nm or 10nm. AMD caught Intel offguard with their Ryzen release. Now AMD is shitting on Intel's dick.

Shitting dick nipples

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muh cores, tdp, inherent hardware design flaws, architectural limits...

The more I lurk the more confused I get.

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both are US corps (NSA bitches)

This competition makes companies choose the one or the other, instead of investing in chink ARMs or other RISC CPUs

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Not like x86 is gonna die soon

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So why the fuck wouldn't you get across the border and buy one?

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Intel starts rating their processors by the horsepower required for the cooler rather than by TDP.
>how many horses you got in that rig
>it maxes out 2.3 horses at full draw
>*long impressed whistle*

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What do you want to know, specifically?

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>Intel 28cores needs 1700watt water cooler

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You guys can't just mail order from a US dealer?

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3 peak hp coolers when

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>what is customs

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That's a big cache

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Still useless

unless lenovo, hp and dell is stopped selling enterprise server with intel processors
amd is still like the niche bottom of the barrel cpus without enterprise support

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Wouldn't it still be cheaper?

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Do you still live in the stone age?

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Is Intel stuck and unable to progress towards 10nm etc due to architectual limits?

Has Intel made any effort to correct Spectre and Meltdown hardware design flaws in newer models without huge performance hits?

How close are AMD and Intel to each other in terms of single core performance (arguably the most important metric), and/or in terms of TDP?

I recall something about AMD Ryzen CPUs only using half of their chip or something. Probably not remembering correctly. The hell is that about?

Guess that's it. Except price/performance between Intel and AMD.

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buy intel's last generation hedt and overclock it.

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that's a big chip

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nah man i just procure servers in our dev projects in work

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for you.

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cute larp

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Do you guys think we'll see an even larger price drop on existing Threadripper 1950X chips? I'd love to get a 16c32t 1950X for $500.

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>the chiller they used in the Taiwan demo is illegal in most countrie
desire to know more

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1. No, as far as we're aware Intel is stuck on 10nm due to some process they used which fucked up royally, there's a great screen grab floating around somewhere
2. Nope, these flaws are structurally integrated into how they implemented out of order execution, a proper fix is needed at silicon level, until that happens all Intel processors are vulnerable, even the new 9000 series coming out
3. Intel still has the lead in single core performance mainly due to higher clock speeds.
4. Depends which chip you're talking about, a 1700/2700 should be a fully unlocked piece, while anything lower has cores disabled. Threadripper works a bit differently

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but he is right, i don't see any major companies that offer amd dedicated servers, it's all xeons

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How can a cooler be illegal? WTF?

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It uses coolant that is banned?

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Refrigerant used
Are you asking or stating something?

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>even the new 9000 series coming out
weren't they supposed to be fixed in hardware?

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for you.

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So, intel actually broke the law when they did that sham 28core 5ghz demo?

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That cooler must not have been illegal in Taiwan

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>even the new 9000 series coming out
maybe that's why they opted for no hyperthreading on anything below i9?

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Why doesn't Intel bundle the 1000W cooler needed? They could make even more money

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>But what do they charge for a 1950x in Canada? $1400.
does that include taxes?

>AMD jews massively inflated prices in Canada WELL beyond simple conversion.
why are you blaming AMD itself? the distributors are the jews in this case

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>day dreaming about having 26 extra cores that do nothing

the 8700k at 5ghz with ddr4-4000 is the ideal setup. get on my level.

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How will this thing run Gentoo?

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Only poor people concern themselves with things like legality. Are you even Jew? Are you doing what it takes for the glory of Israel? And you call yourself a patriot Goy?

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The silicon is still inherently flawed if they have to disable functions like that on everything below a certain series
Does that mean we're going to get dual core i3 with no ht desktop parts this time?

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5x the price, 2.50Ghz. You just need to buy dozen to win the silicone lottery.

*1KW chiller not included

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2990X will overclock to 4.1GHz on all cores if you can keep it cool and keep the VRMs on the motherboard from bursting into flames.

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Intel's re-releasing a quad-core i3. Not the worst, but you know it's going to be $150-$200. Why when you can get a last gen quad-core with hyperthreading for the same price?

Intel's only option for more than a fucking year is to strangle the fuck out of all it's suppliers and businesses to upgrade to new mobos, DDR4, and overpriced/underperforming cpus, just to stay in the green.

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That has to do with your stores and their profit margins cuck

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Uh so it only has a 3.4GHz base clock? WTF, My trusty Phenom II is running at 3.2 full bore right now. That don't look like much improvement to me.

Now when they crank it up to 4-5 GHz full speed 24/7 on all cores then maybe I'll consider it.

"Turbo" is just a temporary thing, you lose cores in exchange for more speed for limited time. So in the end you get fucked over. Plus some titles don't play nice with the whole Turbo feature.

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Core does not benefit from memory speed, at least not in the way Ryzen does. We had a thread the other day where an anon posted how the core actually bottlenecks ram speed.

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Kek, buyers remorse is a bitch

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You're dumb. Base clock is essentially a meaningless number. Turbo frequency across X amount of cores is what is important.

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That's why you get this bad boy for


I don't even have a Threadripper and I want it. Hell, I might just buy a Threadripper to use this.

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>inb4 you need to delid and oc it before it delivers sufficient cooling for their processors

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>le fuck the NSA
>real men prefer Chinese backdoors

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One of those 360mm Enermax TR4 coolers would work well. Still need a board that has a good VRM configuration like that new MSI board if you intend to OC that thing though.

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this is te future normalfags chosen for us...

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The 2500x seems to be addressing that market, as it will, reportedly, be a single CCX, so no inter-CCX latencies to worry about. I knew that the 7700k was a 350$ chip with an expiration date, but still, RIP.

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It won’t. The price is a pleb filter.

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Precision Boost 2 is gonna do that a whole lot better, I think, since all the TR skus are X models.

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long noses started to burn themselves

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>can be air cooled

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>c-cores don't matter!

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Soon intel will require water cooling as a standard...

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intel made a bad bet. they were hoping to have their new 10nm process working and mass producing by now but they couldn't get it to work. their high prices could have allowed to survive, but AMD, through global foundries, got help from IBM and Samsung to produce cheap CPUs with much better specs than their previous generations, so now their CPUs are simply too cheap to compete

intel is now absolutely fucked, and they don't seem to want to abandon/renew their plans, because of all the promises and marketing bullshit they spread

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That's AMDs MSRP

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>AMD -still- has lower IPC than Intel

Jesus the AMD longnose shills have infested /g/

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That doesn't explain why the same stores stock Nvidia and Intel (and every other hardware) at within 5% of converted USD cost but for some reason everything with an AMD branding is suddenly 30% more.

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You need to go back.

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This article refers to the refrigerant as R-124:
And this publication listing acceptable and unacceptable uses of various chemicals list R-124 ("HCFC 124") under table 7:
And note 2 refers to:
>[...] HCFC-124, and several blends containing HCFCs are also listed as acceptable but their use is severely restricted by the phasedown in HCFC production and consumption.

I'm not sure I should trust the word of the anandtech article, because the official website for the chiller says it uses R-134a which is apparently not banned, but still being phased out by, at the latest, 2030.
The demonstration taking place in 2018 would be very much illegal in the EU, though:
>1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane has been banned from use in the European Union, starting with cars in 2011 and phasing out completely by 2017.

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>>AMD -still- has lower IPC than Intel
5% less is not a lot, and even then, it's 2018 and you don't NEED a terribly fast CPU to do most tasks

>> No.66935888

how much lower? As fas as I'm concerned, Ryzen+ has like 99% of Coffee Lake's IPC.

>> No.66935892

b-but muh 240fps gayms

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It’s another Shoah boys

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Don't you want that 5%? So what if all your encryption keys can be leaked over the internet. Hyperthreading improves your gaming performance! You can only play as it was meant to be played on a $10k cpu goy!

>> No.66935915

I really doubt an air cooler with one 120mm fan is gonna cool 500W.

I have the 280mm Enermax AIO for Threadripper and MasterGel Maker as thermal paste. Running all cores [email protected] draws 305W and pushes temp to 80 degrees celcius (ambient is around 24 degrees). Doubt it's enough for the 500W monster

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I don't know why anyone would game on a threadripper or an x299 platform.

>> No.66935926

1950x btw

>> No.66935927

>2019: ironically, when sweden is the only nation left un-cucked

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>day dreaming about having 4-6 extra cores that do nothing
Core 2 duo with ddr2-667 is the ideal setup. get on my level.

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read the fucking article you raging faglord.

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who gives a shit
you can't program for that many cores
it's not a fucking graphics card
fuck AMD desu
I'm done with the meme
I should have bought intel
only thing that would change my mind is an AM4 chip with single core performance that btfo Intel.

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If you actually fall for the AMD meme for a desktop, you're going to be disappointed

Jesus, not to mention AMD's Ryzen series can't overclock for shit


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>you can't program for that many cores
t. pajeet

>> No.66936018

>you can't program for that many cores
[citation needed]

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>24.75MB cache
Why can't Intel into big caches?

>> No.66936035

cache is expensive and benefits mostly server workloads. Desktop Zen is a repurposed server core, so you get lots of cache.

>> No.66936038

True. Seeing how this reacts to Precision Boost Override and BCLK overclocking should be interesting.

>> No.66936081

How are the US Dollar to good boy points exchange rates nowadays? Feeling like putting a couple of grands in for mommy Su to make me some tendies

>> No.66936127

Just get a lower core TR2 when they come out.

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Buy Intel instead and earn good goy points

>> No.66936137


1950x / TR360 AIO here

On AS5, in push pull I can do 4.1ghz all 16 turning and burning and my load temps rarely push over 60. Prime95 is the only thing I can get to push it into the 90*C range which that's apparently the Final Boss of the Internet for CPU torture testing.

While gaming, CAD, Photoshop and Lightroom all at the same time it stays cool even with the fans cranked down. It's fairly impressive considering it's an AIO, and not even a true closed loop one either you can refill the coolant with two small screws in the sides. I would surmise a more traditional open loop setup would net better temperatures but for now this thing is nice and at idle I've had it below 20c.


I do. I wanted something that was a kind of jack of all trades and master of none and the 1950x was it. DOOM and Unreal 4 play at over 100fps at 1080p on an R9 290x 4gb so it definitely gets the job done. Some of your newer games take advantage of multi-core and even multi-CPU applications, DOOM would turn and burn all 8 on my old LGA775 Xeon dualie setup. That thing was titties when I built it almost 10 years ago and I was surprised to see a AAA title in 2016 run so well on it on Ultra settings.

You CAN game on the Threadripper, but if you are buying a Threadripper for the sole purpose of gaming you are a tard. The funny thing is, when I first built it, the first game I played on it, for a few hours too, was Counter Strike Source.

>> No.66936154

Yeah, I was testing with Prime95 v266.

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What would you buy for the sole purpose of gaming? And maybe also streaming.

>> No.66936301

Came here to post this

>> No.66936366

Trips of truth, intlel faggots spreading FUD

>> No.66936372

>800 coarse
wew guess intel fell for the meme

>> No.66936403

>gaming, CAD, Photoshop and Lightroom all at the same time
intel shitters will never know this feel, they're only getting 365 fps in gaymen instead of 355 kek

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>Is Intel stuck and unable to progress towards 10nm etc due to architectual limits?
No, it's because of manufacturing problems due to aiming too high in one step.
>Has Intel made any effort to correct Spectre and Meltdown hardware design flaws in newer models without huge performance hits?
Nope. Maybe in Ice Lake, so like 2021. It's horrendous. I have no idea how they're even getting away with not fixing it despite having had two new product series since Meltdown was discovered.
>How close are AMD and Intel to each other in terms of single core performance (arguably the most important metric), and/or in terms of TDP?
AMD is usually within, like, 10% of Intel, mostly because of clock speed disadvantages, but also because of slightly lower IPC. If Zen 2 delivers 10-15% IPC improvement as rumors claim, they'll likely surpass intel IPC-wise on many workloads; it remains to be seen what clock speed advances they'll get from 7 nm.
>I recall something about AMD Ryzen CPUs only using half of their chip or something. Probably not remembering correctly. The hell is that about?
Dunno. The lower-core-count parts are partly disabled binned chips, but that's true for all CPUs. No idea what else you would've heard.
>Except price/performance between Intel and AMD.
Intel's high-end is retardedly expensive. At the mid-ranges they are roughly comparable, with the edge to AMD.

>> No.66936488

>Intel fucked up by dragging its feet and not investing money into actual 7nm or 10nm.
What are you talking about? They've invested tons of money in 10 nm, which is the most "actual" 10 nm of any fab out there. They're just not getting it work.

>> No.66936504

>I9 8 cores @ 95w TDP (cough)
Extrapolating (not including how more cores = more power = more heat)

i9 @ 16 cores 180w TDP (most likely a lot more though due to the way it scales)
i9 @ 32 cores = 360w TDP (more likely requires nuclear fusion to power and be buried in the North pole)

Meanwhile TR2 does 32 cores at 250w TDP

Intel going into the oven where they belong!

>> No.66936514

They used air cooler for the 32 cores

>> No.66936533

>in terms of TDP?
Hard to tell, honestly, with all the flexibility in clock frequencies these days. It would be more interesting to know the amount of energy consumed per unit of specific work, but noone with access to all these processors seem to benchmark that, unfortunately.

>> No.66936547

>@ 2.3Ghz

>> No.66936593

>source:my ass

>> No.66936614


Boosts to 3.6Ghz

>> No.66936662

>> 80MB cache
Holy shit, could run the entire OS and software on cache if its minimal enough.

>> No.66936665

So there are no drugs in your country right?

>> No.66936666

>While gaming, CAD, Photoshop and Lightroom all at the same time
How the fuck are you doing actual work in three different programs at the same time while simultaneously gaming?

Right, you aren't. So why do you pretend it matters? You can put enough RAM to not swap these out in Intel systems too.

>> No.66936671

My bad. That's the 16 core 32 thread chip.

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>tfw my 4790K feels comfy

ah... feels comfy

>> No.66936699

Their caches used to be the largest you could get. The fact that they aren't is probably just for the same reason why they haven't made any other architectural upgrades in three years now. I have no idea what that reason is, though.

>> No.66936701

>Intel has a 5GHz 28-core CPU that destroys that Ryzen.
It destroys anything within 15 meter radius.

>> No.66936712

cachedisks when?

>> No.66936724


yeah bro 4790K is the true definition of comfy

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Intel is gonna get pulvarized.


>$8xxx dollareedoos
>For only 28 cores
>Boost clock 3.8Ghz

So where is my 5Ghz CPU Inteleviv?

>> No.66936731

3570K here.

>> No.66936745

AMD's BIOS optimization guide has instructions on how to use the L3 cache as storage, might be worth a try for fun

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>compatible with tr4
looks like i have another useless thing to spend my cash on

>> No.66936788

> 32-cores / 64-threads
> 80MB cache
> 3.4GHz base
> 4.2GHz turbo
> 250W TDP
> $1835

Meanwhile at Intel
>Manufacturing Process 14 nm
>No. of Cores 28 Core
>No. of Threads 56
>Clock Speed 2.1 GHz
>Turbo Speed 2.8 GHz
>Max. Turbo Speed (On 2 Cores Only) 3.8 GHz
Max. TDP 165W (You) wish

>> No.66936790

>risk of jailing while buying a fucking computer part

>> No.66936799

>intel ssd

>> No.66936809

Can they push that 28 core Xeon to 4.0-4.2GHz on air cooling?

I they can, that would be a true competidor to the 32-core Threadripper if they managed to price it unde $1700 (lmao, Intel is dead).

>> No.66936888

My thoughts exactly.

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>> No.66936922

That's the power of multiculturalism.

>> No.66936983

Imagine that, we've come from running the OS in ROM, to running it on disk, to RAM being large enough, to now having it on the actual cache, this is incredible.

>> No.66936990

The stuff the cooler uses is a CFC ( look up montreal agreement ). This makes it illegal to make or sell ( don"t know which ) such coolers. However, there are some still in use which are ancient by today. Just owning one or using one is legal.

>> No.66937002

Intel's 10 nm foundry isn't even ready. There's no "actual" 10 nm from Intel until maybe 1 or 2 more years. There may even be additional delays.

They didn't invest. They fucked around and tried saving money by milking the 22nm and 14nm over and over again because AMD wasn't able to compete for ~10 years.

Now Samsung, TSMC, and Glofo can all do 10nm and are going into 7nm territory.

>> No.66937234

I hope you're using proper pattern matching.
it makes more sense for Intel to go for a kill on applications that mandate this many cores:
virtualization, a webserver, or a video encoding farm...
All this is forking processes and time dependent, like no other real life program. It's all multiuser.
Name a single program that scales to 32 cores where IPC isn't also a factor.
My guess is that in the future, if you can bridge the cap from let's say 4 cores to 32, you're going to be able to reach the point where you're better off using a computational accelerator/graphics card. 2000+ "cores" being handled by a very capable CPU. Trimming latencies and boosting bandwidth is the way forwards.

AMD is a flawed company.
My APU is glued for instance. An APU is a processor that generates more heat than almost any other type since it combines graphics and CPU in one package. Wouldn't it make sense to treat it the same as their slightly more expensive parts?
It was why we loved AMD for so long, because they gave the impression that they really cared about the customer.
I'm not buying a graphics card in this market, fuck that. If I didn't want to get skinned alive and still have current hardware I needed an APU.
their graphics chip is faster than Intel's + Intel's thermals are lackluster as well.

sorry for the rant /g/uru

>> No.66937256

I'm pretty happy with my build when I'm using it and not taking bait, btw.

>> No.66937304

Is there going to be a 16 core Threadripper 2? I may not buy into it, honestly, and just wait for Zen 2. Zen and Zen+ were surprisingly good. I think Zen 2 is going to have a 2700x equivalent but with 16 cores.

>> No.66937310

>Intel's 10 nm foundry isn't even ready. There's no "actual" 10 nm from Intel
Of course, what I meant, and what I assume the one I replied to meant, was the discrepancy between node names and the actual dimensions.

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>> No.66937330

Yes. The 32-core is just a new addition

>> No.66937333

dunno but that could be neat. I saw an AMD video where the guy makes a multiseat gaming PC with one of the original threadrippers and a bunch of 480s

>> No.66937340

>being a pussy

>> No.66937351

i love cocks

>> No.66937355

cores is really for lulz, just like these sweet digits I just found

>> No.66937358

stop posting if your IQ is under 60

>> No.66937367

lol good thing it's obvious you aren't actually me since I made 2 valuable contributions to board culture and knowledge before the CD would have allowed me to make 3 posts

>> No.66937372

>every sentence must be a paragraph
kill yourself

>> No.66937380

I am a major homosexual tho
the only cock I truly think I could love again is my own

>> No.66937381

disregard this i suck cocks

>> No.66937397

>caring about CPU's
laughing at your life neetfriend

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if they actually followed your advice would you be a murderer?

>> No.66937406

Maybe you should learn how the English language works before writing stupid posts like this.

>> No.66937410
File: 102 KB, 768x768, c1a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I literally have but you're still pretending to be me, I'm not sure why though

>> No.66937438

not criminally, and I could only hope
>A paragraph is a collection of related sentences dealing with a single topic
retard's post was ONE topic
also kill yourself redditard

>> No.66937439

They were physically incapable of soldering APU if I recall.

>> No.66937444

Enjoy getting raped in prison by niggers

>> No.66937454

>ackxually i DO suck cocks!
braindead homomind

>> No.66937465

>in canada
Oh i am laughin

>> No.66937506
File: 21 KB, 181x242, 9ca2c246f023ff06049fdbb23c8b277de65b94d5a3206e9e0f9e0669a8e86285.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more like cba to figure out how, amirite
we live in a society

>> No.66937516

why wouldnt you buy literally any CPU and then literally any old GPU, would have been the exact same as a brandnew APU

>> No.66937517

>Trimming latencies and boosting bandwidth is the way forwards.
Problem is that those are often mutually exclusive.

>> No.66937527

Oh so you're a fucking leaf. Never talk to me again. And get off this American site, bitch.

>> No.66937543

>My APU is glued for instance. An APU is a processor that generates more heat than almost any other type since it combines graphics and CPU in one package. Wouldn't it make sense to treat it the same as their slightly more expensive parts?
It's also intrinsically a budget part, so of course they're going to try and make it cheap. If you care less about the budget, you'd always go for separate CPU and GPU.

>> No.66937554

>implying this hard
you probably live in california too!

>> No.66937586

>high iq means you know a lot of information
Maybe check up on your own.

>> No.66937609

high IQ means you wouldn't make such retarded posts in the first place, retard

>> No.66937629

Single core performance means less and less as time goes by from a software standpoint.

Even in the world of gayems as time is going by games are benefitting less and less from high single core speeds as developers very slowly learn how to optimize for multicore.

Which is what we want to see by the way. Intel has topped out around 5 Ghz. But their cpus are almost impossible to cool with anything outside of some giant external device that wastes power and costs too much.

That is what happens when you focus on single core speed instead of designing better multicore architectures.

The future for a long time now has been integrating more and more computing units in tandem on the same processor that's what works that is what is going to work in lieu of quantum processing becoming something other than a meme.

Intel is beyond fucking retarded to have done what they have. They focused on jacking up clock speed year after year just to keep the gamer base happy and then hit the inevitable ceiling and now have absolutely nothing for the future nothing at all. Since you can't cool any of this shit.

Same goes for the 9k series chips you won't be able to cool them adequately to ever actually reach the advertised speeds.

Soon as software catches up a bit more with multicore Intel is fucking done. We will have 7 nanometer zen by then or maybe even 5 nm.

>> No.66937636


I'm trying to feel rich and I wanted to support AMD >>66937517
it's a puzzle for sure.
in chess a lot of goals would appear to be impossible to accomplish because of their apparent mutual exclusivity, but certain individuals have made sense of the position in a live environment. everything falls into place.
I care less about the budget and more about getting high quality parts. the budget is a universal constraint for most people.
I doubt many people would buy a dual socketed motherboard and buy two of the chips in the OP, unless they were doing it as a sort of stunt or could rationalize the cost as part of a business revolving around rented processor time.
I think knowledge is measured to some extent in IQ tests. I was rated at 115 once.

>> No.66937650

did you space your post like this so your teacher could make corrections?

>> No.66937666

Do you have anything useful to say or are you paid by the post?

>> No.66937667

>1070 was cheap
>paid $55 for that ssd brand new

>> No.66937687

isnt there a better website for you? for "people" such as your self? you should stay there

>> No.66937790

>Spending over $300 for a CPU
I got my 6700k for $250 like 2 years ago and I don't understand why the general consumer or even gamer would need something more than that right now.

>> No.66937792

namefag eternally btfo

>> No.66937812

You are describing yourself really well right now.

I believe you are on the wrong Chinese mango appraising board. You see reddit r/intel is that way

>> No.66937827
File: 139 KB, 1412x1412, Muh-5Ghz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where is my 28 core @ 5Ghz CPU Intel?

>> No.66937884

They're postponing it to 21xx, when it will be installed on a very specific hyena reploid.

>> No.66937894 [DELETED] 
File: 2 KB, 125x80, aussie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


fuck intel

>> No.66937909

>in chess a lot of goals would appear to be impossible to accomplish because of their apparent mutual exclusivity, but certain individuals have made sense of the position in a live environment. everything falls into place.
Of course, I'm not trying to say that it's impossible to combine them, but it is highly unlikely that a single part that tries to combine both will be as good at either than one that focuses on that exclusively.

>> No.66937929

>no u
classic reddishit response

>> No.66937934

>I care less about the budget and more about getting high quality parts.
Yeah, but the point being that APUs, then, aren't for you, quite simply. If those are your priorities, then there is zero reason to not use a separate CPU and GPU.

>> No.66937954
File: 234 KB, 751x731, kwe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66937957

It's just easier to read, imho.

>> No.66937991

i dont know how making your post twice as large makes it easier to read, if you didnt know, text already has vertical space between every line (for the purpose of making it easy to read)

>> No.66937997

>Even in the world of gayems as time is going by games are benefitting less and less from high single core speeds as developers very slowly learn how to optimize for multicore.
Do keep in mind, though, that this is not an indefinite process. Amdahl's law and all that.

>> No.66938016

Yes, but game devs haven't even come close to hitting Amdahl's law yet.

>> No.66938039

Why do you pretend to know this? There's a critical, serial path through every algorithm. Please tell me what kind of senior developer position you have at a game engine development company that allows you to make this statement.

>> No.66938102

I'm a senior shitposter. And you haven't proved me wrong.

>> No.66938109

> general consumer or even gamer
you answered your own question. This CPU is not meant for the general consumer of gamers.

>> No.66938111

>just bread it ober the bores itll be bine
ebin xD

>> No.66938169

I already paid $800 for my 1950X. Paying an extra grand for twice the power seems a waste.

>> No.66938178

You don't collect questions into a paragraph you absolute retard.

>> No.66938189

If it's less than 100% parallel it's hitting Amdahl's law.

>> No.66938233

You're going to need liquid helium for that.

>> No.66938246

>"le burden of proof"
>checks address bar
>nope, still not on reddit

Even aside from everything else, not every game will be written by a large game studio on a big-name engine. You'll always have games you want to play that will never catch up with 10 years of parallelization research at Valve or Epic.

>> No.66938258

>you can't program for that many cores

>> No.66938267

>reddit spacing
>complains about reddit

>> No.66938269
File: 24 KB, 200x200, actually-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Using liquid helium for cooling would be really, really stupid since it has two orders of magnitude lower enthalpy of vaporization than nitrogen does.

>> No.66938293

>"reddit spacing"
>says he who wrote >>66937629

>> No.66938332

You could cool helium further than nitrogen though, it won't turn into solid.

>> No.66938338

Wtf do you need 32 cores for? Why don't they focus on single application processing speed instead of having fucking 32 cores? Is it because they are shit engineers? I wish they were at least comparable to Jewtel, but they're not.

>> No.66938350

low-quality jew bait

>> No.66938380

I'm not a Jew. I swear to G-d.

>> No.66938386

Yes, but it's not like it's the absolute temperatures that matter, but rather the rate of heat transfer.

>> No.66938392

>Jesus, not to mention AMD's Ryzen series can't overclock for shit

This always sounded like a weird complaint.

I get that being able to overclock a chip is great from a consumer perspective because you can get more for the same price. But that you can overclock a chip you've bought by a lot actually means that the architecture or manufacturing process produces chips of inconsistent quality and that the manufacturer has to sell underclocked chips just to ensure stability.

I won't say that it is a good thing that Zen can't be overclocked by a lot but it does seem that the reality is that they are basically of a high consistent quality and power efficiency.

Please correct me if Im wrong on this.

>> No.66938395
File: 629 KB, 1326x1578, jew-42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would you not want to spell out the name of our Lord and Savior if you weren't a filthy Talmud cultist?

>> No.66938407

You're not wrong. Overclockers are and will always be retarded.

>> No.66938415

Single application performance is HARD.
Just ask intel that are also going into the multicore route.

>> No.66938442

>he took the bait
Seriously though, how can AMD even compete with Intel's single core speeds? I'm not memeing. Someone redpill me on goy processors. I'm looking to pick up a new CPU in a couple months, but I'm not willing to trust AMD yet. The only reason they get any consideration at all is because of jews.

>> No.66938463
File: 167 KB, 960x720, SLAV4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


TR is not geared towards gaymers.
There is a far more lucrative segment of the world that AMD wants to capture. Nothing personal.

>> No.66938466

They will on 7nm. 14LPP/12LP is pure shit for clock speeds, but it's amazing it still made Intel lose their shit.

>> No.66938468

>Seriously though, how can AMD even compete with Intel's single core speeds?
By simply waiting until Intel fixes all their vulnerabilities.

>> No.66938473
File: 58 KB, 1324x193, ss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> 3.4GHz base
> 4.2GHz turbo
Oh, the utter inhumanity.

>> No.66938488
File: 54 KB, 367x360, a58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he took the bait

>> No.66938503

Being the top binned chips I bet it can even reach 4.4/4.5 overclocked.

>> No.66938504

AMD were using a tech process designed for smartphones basically. Good for power, meh for high frequencies.
Isn't it still for phones though?

>> No.66938516

>Someone redpill me on goy processors.
The only reason Intel is ahead is because they've had a historic advantage in fab process for many decades now, thanks to their enormous volumes, but due to their utter 10 nm fuckups, they're losing that advantage if they haven't already lost it. It shall be very interesting to see what 7 nm brings to AMD.

>> No.66938520

Not that I'm aware of. There's talk about GF targeting 5GHz with it (14LPP targeted 4GHz)

>> No.66938529

>after every question mark, make a new paragraph
must be hard being retarded

>> No.66938532

I do wonder what that spells for power consumption, though.

>> No.66938536

wtf that's a lot of SKUs

>> No.66938543

That's how a confusopoly works

>> No.66938555


For over a decade AMD was retarded and survived selling dirt cheap CPU's and whoring out making CPU's for Wii/Playstation/Xbox for pennies

Intel enjoyed their near-monopoly situation and did jackshit for 10 years

The iPhone and iPad make ARM relevant and suddenly ARM CPU's are produced by 10+ companies which bring shitty budget tablets and phones, which in turn kill the even shittier "netbooks" and intel kind of cares, but not really

Intel keeps enjoying their Monopoly on laptops as people still need to pay $1000+ for their computers to do actual work, release a new gen chip on the same 14nm every year with 5% performance increase

Suddenly in 2017 AMD gets it's shit together, releases some actually decent CPU's, get massive revenue from Crypto-Boom and start working on 8nm to be released mid 2018

and then 2018

-Get hit by Spectre meltdown
-10nm gets delayed until LATE 2018
-Phones are already on 10nm and moving to 7nm
-AMD will have 8nm CPUs by HALF 2018
-Qualcomm is making and ARM CPU dedicated to run Windows
-HP, Lenovo and Dell start making AMD laptops, even high end ones
-Threadrippers beat the shit out of Intel Xeon's on price/performance
-Intel has to beg microsoft to use their Pentium Gold CPUs on their surface Go instead of ARM, sells them for dirt cheap
-CEO drops out from having a relationship with another worker
-Intel stock rating drops from delays, rising competition from AMD/ARM
-"Claims to be shifting towards being a data company instead of a CPU maker"

Intel is fucked, unless their 10nm is everything they promise and AMD's 8nm sucks, they could be facing a

>> No.66938566
File: 41 KB, 703x142, Screenshot_20180729_202949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66938586

The "M" models have extended memory size support (1,536 GB vs. 768 GB). The F model seems to be some kind of weird OEM version, I think.

>> No.66938613

>-10nm gets delayed until LATE 2018
I see you missed the news. It's already delayed to mid-to-late 2019 now.

>> No.66938629

> 80MB cache

That's almost 4x the cache for cheaper!


>> No.66938637

>over a 40% frequency potential over 14LPP
Imagine if Ryzen 3XXX could reach 5.9 GHz. Even if they were to draw 300 W, they'd sell like hotcakes.

>> No.66938639

>a fucking fridge

>> No.66938645

That's not what I said. All the questions had the same topic, but different idea, and used in a discussion. It's not some character in a short story having a psychotic episode asking themselves several questions in a stream of consciousness manner. If anything it was more interview styled.

Again, lrn2english.

>> No.66938661

>That's almost 4x the cache for cheaper!
OP is actually wrong about the 7980XE cache, though. It's 42.75 MB (measuring the same way as for TR), not 24.75. Still a lot less, but just saying.

>> No.66938673

its specific heat is lower due to being a monoatomic gas as well and its low viscosity lends it to laminar flow which also reduces heat transfer.

there's been minor modifications to SDF and cache hierarchy while feature sizes are about identical between 12nm/14nm processes which improve single thread performance. zen has the same number of FPU execution ports as skylake (though must perform 256-bit operations via 128-bit FMA, while long pipeline stalls can exploit its higher modularity, yielding more ILP from SMT) and a technically wider (4+2 ALU/AGU) integer backend; it also has a faster front end, a larger uop cache, etc. i wouldn't call Zen a slacker on IPC by any means, non-AVX workloads are almost equivalent between kabylake/zen, but with a higher frequency and lower DRAM latency. intel processors thus excel at RAM based tasks like in-memory database and intercore communication. i fully expect that small but noticeable advantage to evaporate with node parity alone.

>> No.66938699

Fair point.
Thanks for correcting the false representation.

almost 2x the amount is still pretty incredible.
It's the same for GPUs, would you choose a 1GiB DDR5 ram GPU or a 4GiB DDR3 ram?

I'd go with the DDR3 and cache my whole game in the GPU which requires less memory writing and will in fact be faster in the end because of less pages and buses writing to and from mem.

>> No.66938705

>and its low viscosity lends it to laminar flow which also reduces heat transfer.
Well, I mean, *technically*, if you could reach the superfluidic phase, it would have utterly unmatched heat transfer.

>> No.66938717

The intel's cache is a choke point at the moment and the greater clock freqs are almost wasted.

>> No.66938718

>I'd go with the DDR3 and cache my whole game in the GPU which requires less memory writing and will in fact be faster in the end because of less pages and buses writing to and from mem.
That's not how VRAM works, though. Even your entire dataset isn't in VRAM already, you're playing with 3 FPS.

>> No.66938728

I haven't seen any benchmarked workloads where this has seemed to be the case. Where have you seen this?

>> No.66938729

4790 (not K) in my main rig... which I rarely use

t. typing this on an ivy bridge macbook while watching youtube from an i5-4460 equipped htpc

>> No.66938741


You can even run your whole OS in a ramdisk on the GPU.
Combine this with future OpenCL or mapping a tmpfs on your GPU.

It's not a perf analog but still I'd prefer more cache instead of higher clocks.

>> No.66938745


>> No.66938747

confirmed that intel RnD spent on cooling their processors with non-fermionic matter

>> No.66938770

Ok, I get that "more cores" = a good thing, depending on application. But how about the other side of it, namely older titles that are single core bound. Lots of people still play older games cause either they like them or they refuse to re-buy the "remake" version of the title, which in a lot of cases suck anyway due to how they butcher everything that made the original what it was just to get people to buy it again. What then? If your primary use is just older games and your basic everyday internet/e-mail/office applications then what good does a 10 core cpu get you? Not a damn thing. In such case speed would trump cores, as it was in the dual core era, a fast single core cpu would be better in games than a slower dual core, due to how the game only made use of 1 of them. If single core performance is lack luster compared to "older" cpu's then perhaps your better off holding on to what you got. If you have to compromise something to make it better then it's not really better now is it?

>> No.66938779

All this time thinking Intel developed CPUs, turns out their main interest was cryogenic tech, the CPUs were a side effect of trying to come up with high temperature densities to test their research

>> No.66938788

>If your primary use is just older games and your basic everyday internet/e-mail/office applications then what good does a 10 core cpu get you?
if your "slow multicore" is as fast as your fast singlecore from when the game came out then there's no downside whatsoever

>> No.66938882

>But how about the other side of it, namely older titles that are single core bound.
What about them? Ryzen is much faster than anything available when those titles were released.

>> No.66938914

What if the new 10 core CPU also has higher IPC and coreclocks than the 4 core CPUs of way back then? Your obsolete games will run better.

>> No.66939004

>a cooler banned anywhere

I get it that im probably replying to bait but are you fr

>> No.66939016

>>Btw the chiller they used in the Taiwan demo is illegal in most countries

The icing on the cake is that they ran some Cinebench tests every few minutes that lasted like 7 or 8 seconds each. Not only were they pumping a coolant at low enough temps to need condensation-controlling insulation, but they couldn't even demo the rig going all-out at more than like a 3% duty cycle.

The chip couldn't be drawing multi-kW due to the VRMs on board, but this is suggestive that the power/heat envelopes could only be maintained at very low temps, i.e., the chip's power consumption rises substantially with its own operating temperature.

>> No.66939074

you can program most things to run on N cores you pajeet fucktard

>> No.66939103

>how can AMD even compete with Intel's single core speeds

Because ryzen is better than haswell IPC, and is on par with skylake


I have a refreshed haswell processor, my friends are also on ivy bridge, sandy bridge, and og haswell. We have literally no problems with gaming and we all play VR too. There are countless people who talk about how their 7 year old 2700k is still great for everything they do.

Now think about that and consider that ryzen is literally has 20% faster single thread performance over sandy bridge. Sure coffee lake is still faster, but this is still CPUs we are talking about here.


coffee lake is 12% faster on average at 1080, which seems like a lot. But what you really need to consider and realize is that in every single benchmark both of these processors are running every single game with minimums in the 80s at 1080p. And averages are well into triple digits in every single benchmark.

So 12% faster is a fact, it also doesn't matter because you're comparing the difference between 80fps and 90. Maybe if you're crazy anal about your minimums then it would matter to you but Ryzen has a clear multithreaded advantage and if you're a gamer like me you probably have chrome and spotify and discord open while you're gaming too. A ryzen processor is going to be able to game and then run a bunch more shit in the background than coffee lake, just a fact. This will probably change here in august with intels new 8 core, but there is no way they're going to be matching AMDs value either.

>> No.66939154

shitloads more money usually provides shitloads more power.. however most of intel's chips are more money and don't provide more power.

>> No.66939259

many benchmarks amd is ahead of intel at equal clocks, its just not a large lead, so intels 20% clock advantage makes it seem bigger then it is.

>> No.66939263

imagine being this pretentious

>> No.66939373

As long as I'm correct I couldn't really give a damn. Blog about your feelings elsewhere.

>> No.66939425

>blog elsewhere

>> No.66939493

it's 40% higher frequency at iso power, or 60% power reduction at iso frequency
this means you could get something like a 2700 to run at laptop TDP levels

>> No.66939536

>it's 40% higher frequency at iso power
Well, I mean, Ryzen 3XXX isn't going to run at 6 GHz.

>> No.66939587

do the calcs, the 7LP is 40% faster than 14LPP at the same power envelope
the 1800X max turbo was 4.1GHz, 4.1 + 40% = 5.74GHz

>> No.66939590
File: 399 KB, 1400x1608, Intel 10nm fuck up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1. No, as far as we're aware Intel is stuck on 10nm due to some process they used which fucked up royally, there's a great screen grab floating around somewhere
Gotcha covered hombre

Pic related.

>> No.66939603

>the 1800X max turbo was 4.1GHz, 4.1 + 40% = 5.74GHz
That's what I meant, I just rounded it to 6 GHz. I don't believe it will run anywhere near even 5.5 GHz. I'd be exceedingly happy to find that it runs at 5.0 GHz.

>> No.66939610
File: 130 KB, 355x440, 1521873670465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you: text should all be in one, big, hard to read blob because I prefer it that way
>rest of the world: nah lol

>> No.66939640

Actual Intel *has* released a 10nm CPU. If I remember right, it's some super low-end i3 that they're only shipping with a specific model of Lenovo laptop that's only sold in China and in extremely limited quantities, because they know it doesn't fucking work and they're using this to field-test and see how many returns they'll get.

There was a post on some other hardware forum, pretty in-depth, about everything that's wrong with their 10nm designs and the details of their Lenovo partnership. Pretty sure for the finances to make sense, Intel was shipping the CPUs with a negative cost to be integrated in those laptops.

>> No.66939665

The process is targeted at 5GHz operation. The current process for Ryzen/Ryzen 2 is targeted at 3GHz and base clocks are consistently above that mark. I would not be surprised at all to see 5.5-5.6GHz for the X SKUs and 5-5.2GHz for everything else, with a boost to 5.8 or 5.9GHz.

>> No.66939685

>32 BBC sized cores
god damn, how can intel even compete?

>> No.66939707

>rest of world
normalfag, please

>> No.66939800

That would be a 7nm 1800x consuming 45 real watts, not tdp, from ~112 real watts if memory serves.

It is entirely fesible the 3xxx series will double the cores, have ipc improvements, and run 200-300mhz faster. I'm betting on true 256b AVX and a 3600 capable IMC that can overclock to 4000 (2ghz infinity fabric)

>> No.66939814

lmao intel soys on suicide watch

>> No.66939848

>Overclocking server parts
This is not /v/

>> No.66939854
File: 37 KB, 384x384, 1506387623879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>live in America
>investigate powerful people, prepare to blow the whistle
>NSA backdoors allow them to track you down
>they kill you

Compare that to Chinese backdoors
>live in America
>investigate powerful people, prepare to blow the whistle
>Chinese government sees this
>they can't hurt you; they have no power inside the US
>even if they did, they don't care about you

Kill yourself you fucking piece of shit shill

>> No.66939873
File: 576 KB, 320x238, i wanna i wanna i wanna.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They will just do pic related until coming up with an actual answer to it.

>> No.66939888

It's just so far beyond anything that any foundry, be it Intel, GloFo or TSMC, has been able to do previously. Looking at prior clocking advances from node to node, it would be an enormous leap in comparison. I don't see why 7 nm would be so special.

>> No.66939898

That's a 40% increase at the same complexity,
Using a simplified test IC.

Nobody uses a node shrink to keep their chips the same as the last gen. Thus Nobody gets the theoretical quoted perf/power scaling.

>> No.66939900

This is the first time that a foundry has had access to IBM R&D.

>> No.66939908

I got a 3550 i5 for like $130, then someone THREW OUT a computer with a bad board that had an i7 377k and 8GB of ram. I decided to get a new motherboard (had no gigabit or USB3 on an old uATX) but I literally am running on a dumpster cpu and ram.

>> No.66939909

>Actual Intel *has* released a 10nm CPU.
Very well aware, it's just that technology-wise, it could just as well not exist.
>they're using this to field-test and see how many returns they'll get.
The other theory was that they literally had to release 10 nm CPUs in order to not get sued by shareholders for not holding their previous promises.

>> No.66939928

>I'm betting on true 256b AVX
I'm doubtful about that. Zen's FPU is already more capable than you might think, since it has twice the number of pipes than what Intel has. It's a bit more segmented, but on the right workloads, it's capable of just as many FLOPS as Intel's true 256b AVX. Not sure it's worth the extra transistors and power consumption to them.

>> No.66939938

>Nobody uses a node shrink to keep their chips the same as the last gen. Thus Nobody gets the theoretical quoted perf/power scaling.
Well, I mean, if it meant that they could produce an 1800X that runs at 6 GHz, I think that would be a unanimously welcomed thing to do.

>> No.66939948

You mean the same IBM R&D that produced the PPC G5 that ran so hot that it pretty much single-handedly forced Apple to switch over to x86?

>> No.66939967

It takes 2 cycles for a zen core to process 256b float compared to Intel's 1 cycle and this is where the 12-15% performance loss (averaged) comes from. Better split ports or not it is the only real adoption barrier AMD faces.

It isn't 2015 anymore.

>> No.66939981

Ohh, look at mister smartass over here talking about entrenched vaporization magnitudes

>> No.66940014

ryzen 7 crushes that stuff just fine

>> No.66940043

>It takes 2 cycles for a zen core to process 256b float compared to Intel's 1 cycle
No, they are split into independent µops, so both can dispatch in the same cycle. And since Zen has twice the number of vector pipes as Skylake, that roughly equates to the same number of FLOPs. They are more disparate in their capabilities where Intel's two vector pipes are more-or-less symmetrical, which of course has its effects (especially since only two are FMA-capable).
I just suspect that, area- or power-wise, they may have to choose between having so many pipes, or having 256-bit pipes and registers, and since cutting the number of pipes would also severely harm scalar performance, they won't do that. They may well choose to beef up their vector pipes in capabilities instead, so that perhaps all four can do FMAs, or something to that effect.

>> No.66940063

just curious, what professional market are processors like this aimed for

>> No.66940065

>250W TDP
Yeah no fuck that

>> No.66940068

>hit aliexpress, looking for suitable cooling system for your intel core i9
>here's one, with 50cc two-stroke engine generator
>you get 80cc version just to be sure
>as your day at home ends, you take out your engine and mount it back to your moped
sounds nice

>> No.66940099

That's so it can boost to 4.2 on ALL cores whereas Intel only boosts to 3.8 on 2 cores on their 28 core Xeons.

>> No.66940101

monero mining

>> No.66940111

Prove it nignog

>> No.66940121

>tfw hopes and drems of getting a Ryzen thinkpad shattered
fuck lenovo treating the A485 as a budget laptop, i wanted a WQHD screen and a decent wifi card but no.

Whatever deal intel did with lenovo again, it worked because im just going to get a maxed out t480s instead

>> No.66940138

... prove what? The fact that Zen has four vector pipes? Just have a look at literally any source that discusses the µarch.

>> No.66940139

My bad. I meant it is clocked higher at base clock on 32 cores. Not thinking straight. Weed does that.

>> No.66940166

Anyone have a review of the idle/low use watts on newer chips? I'd gladly overbuild if the CPU idled at around the same wattage. Doesn't make sense if my cpu at non-use is like 20W now but the newer chip is 50W.

>> No.66940179
File: 25 KB, 675x438, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66940181

no, the same IBM that built 10 core mainframe cpus that run at 5.2GHz on their own 14nm node, and that after that gave all their tech and engineers to GloFo

>> No.66940208
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>-40% and they will be back where they were before AMD completely cocked it up
>jewing so hard you jew yourself
I can't wait for how much FUD everyone shits out at every fucking turn. Intel will bankrupt themselves trying to bribe everyone.

>> No.66940217

Depends on what you're coming from/going to.

>> No.66940224

>10 core mainframe cpus that run at 5.2GHz
Keep in mind, though, that these are like literally freon-cooled chips. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they draw 500+ W.

>> No.66940238

What is actually up with the huge price bump at the end of 2017? I don't believe Coffee Lake was such a successful launch to prompt that.

>> No.66940248

>AMD finally makes a good CPU since the K8 series over 10 years ago
>Every 12 year old on this board turns into an obnoxious faggot and spams this intel vs amd shit even harder

I'm half tempted to start filtering anything related to CPUs. This shit is so inane and ruining this board.

>> No.66940285
File: 89 KB, 390x352, ss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, it's difficult or impossible to find official TDP numbers for them, but...
>pic related
...18,000+ power pins probably tells you something.

>> No.66940300



Shed some light into why it boomed.

>> No.66940331

holy shit, that cooler's footprint could fit a fucking PC (Like a NUC).

>> No.66940441

Please ignore the nuclear power plant under the table.

>> No.66940547 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 575x641, 1502213714326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck off intlel shill

>> No.66940978


I do quite a few things like 4k video work and a few other CPU heavy processes. I constantly cap my 16gb ram. Was thinking of getting a 1950x and then just wait another good 5-8 years until 1nm is released.

>> No.66941149

Go back to twitter Francois Piednoel

>> No.66941163


>needs a whole horsepower to effectively cool it


>> No.66941181
File: 265 KB, 868x756, 1515192942964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66941190
File: 53 KB, 674x800, AMD_INTEL_IPC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66941280

No, you want something that can absorb neutrons and control fission rate of the core. Something like Boron that has a high neutron capture cross section is the safest

>> No.66941411

This picture is quite depressing.

>> No.66941426

Kek, is this the IPC advantage Intel faglords keep bragging about?

>> No.66941440

Then get the 2950X + 32GB of RAM and enjoy 5 years of solid performance.

>> No.66941441
File: 46 KB, 500x484, 56795788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw vishera
>tfw overclocked vishera that converts everything my PSU has to offer into heat
no reason to upgrade, h-haha

>> No.66942122

4chan IS my world bro

>> No.66942241

Zen has 2 128b MUL and two 128b ADD units. There is a cycle penalty for fusing two ops into a single 256b op which Intel does not have. Zen loses in nearly all FLOP workloads because of this.

>> No.66942241,1 [INTERNAL] 

I'm posting on WAOSU.org archive, me in the past

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