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>no sqt


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also, anyone mind helping me with this >>66896376?

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I have some spare laptop SODIMMs, am I going to regret putting them in my desktop?

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What is generally considered better practice when writing bash functions: Passing arguments as $1, $2, ... or just using global variables?

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whats /g/s approved music program

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Is there any online or desktop solution to store files with added metadata? for example to add keywords and own description to each file, and search in that metadata? (for data hoarding)

Also I remember there was an ftp site, with ions worth of ebooks and more in mainly programming topics, but I cant find it.

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Is Scrum a methodology or a framework? Google has mixed answers, forums/articles says framework, Wikipedia says methodology.

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What software should I use to encrypt a disk on my PC? I know there was a famous one that got compromised some time ago.

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osu lazer can run on Linux with mono, no need to develop your own version

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Got hold of a dell optiplex 7020 from a mates work. It has windows 7 still got passwords on it. Does that old magnify command prompt trick to remove the password still work?

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Written in c# hahahaha wincucked again

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Welcome to the dark timeline of is*.4chan.org

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using globals is always degenerate

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buzzwords are whatever you want them to be my fellow devops ninja

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How much should i pay for a Macboor Air A1465?

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Would using 50% concentrated isopropyl alcohol to remove thermal paste be a bad idea?

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Will it work? yes.
Is it a good idea/the same than 90%+?
No because its 40% water, which is what people avoid while cleaning electronics.

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So I have a file.AppImage saved to my root, I did a thing to make it executable but when I'm so goddamn new at Linux, what do I tell Ranger to open it with? Running Debian and I think after I get used to it I'll switch to Arch so I don't have to do weird workarounds for newest versions. LMMS 1.3.1 is the newest in the Debian repo and it sucks compared to 1.2.

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getting some awful throttling from an open directory i'm downloading via wget is there anyway to speed this up? it's just a bunch of pdfs

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bought key for win 10 pro on kinguin (with security), says key invalid, notice it says use phone to activate, cant find where i call


yes, i know i am an idiot

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I'm trying to make a vector library but the rotations are fucking me up. say i have a vector at (2, 2), it's heading is pi/4 rad. If I change the heading to pi/2 rad, it should be at (0, 2) but instead I get (1.7319121124709868e-16, 2.8284271247461903). My question is, how should I handle the rounding error?

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You are an idiot first for not pirating windows.

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Random question, does anyone know if every dns server went down all at once would .onion sites still work? I'm pretty sure they would but I'm just now beginning to familiarize myself with the dark web and tor.

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Also should I move it to my user? It's a digital audio workstation and I'm hoping to get it set up with JACKd, I managed to get the older version working with ALSA but one issue at a time. I'd actually be okay with a latency sacrifice to be able to use the new version if I can't manage to get it set up. Like I said, I'm hella new at this I installed Debian from .iso like three days ago after failing the Arch install test.

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I have a GTX 970 that I've had since 2015. I wanted to upgrade earlier this year but GPU prices have been stupid. Lots of the AMD cards have been affordable but basically the same power as what I have now. I'm not sure if Vega is a meme or not.

Is this the year to actually upgrade or will it still be a shitshow. I mean the 11XX series cards.

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first time i did that with xp it kept fucking with me

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11*5's are coming out next month

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You just run MSToolkit once which you download from a safe source (Like Mydigitalife forums).
Done, its activated permanently, its not hard.

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Yes they would.

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You could always just upgrade to the 10xx series after 11 comes out. When 11 first comes out its prices will probably start bad then get worse.

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Vega is not exactly a meme but its not worth it at those prices.
If you have a GPU right now just wait for the 1100 series.

>Why not a 1000 series GPU or Vega
Because the upgrade is too expensive to be worth it.

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Probably been asked a million times but

What is the active directory equivalent on linux? I see LDAP but does it have all the same functions? Users/groups/permissions/etc for the whole domain?

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samba ad

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Is the human mind an algorithm?

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thanks fren

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If a CPU has a base speed of 1.9GHz and a turbo boost speed of 4.2GHz, assuming that there is ideal thermal conditions, the CPU should preform ~4.2GHz in performance under a heavy work load correct?

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>Like Mydigitalife forums

do i for some reason have to reinstall windows from scratch again or can i just use this now?

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You just download it, click the windows icon, activation, EZ-Activate.

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Is it possible for malicious code to be executed in a .log file? Wondering because of those malicious spambots trying to embed js into IRC clients.

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Just reinstall windows

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Possible? yes.
Likely? no.

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If its stock W7 yes.
If it was updated no.

Still just reinstall windows.

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How would it actually execute? Would you need to open it and run it like an exe?

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wtf is this magic, doews it actually operate like windows too? updates and all. i wont get an annoying star that never goes away saying your copy of windows isnt legitimate?

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Can NTFS not be expanded "backwards", or is it just the windows disk manager's asperger's acting up? I know I should just live boot into parted or whatever but I'm lazy

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I'm using python to just read a text file and count how many words have been seen i.e. frequency and I'm storing those values in a table via sqlite3. Pic related is the table and the only transactions. Without any interactions with with the database the program runs through a million words in barely over a minute. With the transactions it can't even finish, even after an hour, just completely refuses to finish.

What am I fucking up?

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Depends in the exploit used, but you need to be running a old IRC client and stock windows 7 install for it to work for the standard ones.

It pretty much activates windows using the Microsoft KMS Activation service.
There is no difference between a normal install and a cracked install this days, even when it comes to microsoft programs related use.
Microsoft just wants people to use Windows 10, reason why they don't care if its cracked or not.

You can update, use microsoft services/accounts/ onedrive the appstore, etc normally.

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well god damn, thanks anon. i feel like a retard but now im a retard with a working copy of windows

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Just turned on my new kindle (2k16 version) and it says i defo *have* to connect to wlan and ""register"" the device in order to use it

Is this true or can i actually skip thru this and start adding mobi's right away with the USB cable somehow?

Also how heat-resistant are these things in general? It's going to be 40 degrees celsius tomorrow and i plan on taking it with me outside

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I wanted to see what was on it, which wasn't alot besides tools for shit. Still going to reinstall it and such though, just dont know what to do with it

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You can check what is on it by using Linux in a USB and opening the HDD.

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Guy here says there's no way around this? Is this true?

Man this really sucks

Should've come as a warning on the packaging that it's an useless bricked device without an amazon account

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methodology, im 90% sure

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windows isnt detecting my 2nd drive tyhough it still appears in device manager.


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Assign a letter to it.
Open partition manager.
Right click drive.
Assign letter.

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If you are using AMD Storemi then it mixed the 2 drives to work as one.
SSD will be cache then HDD will be the storage.

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is this a scam?


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im stupid

im trying to get storemi to work but i keep getting this showing up. do i have to reinstall windows onto mt HDD and start from there?

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I did, but I wanted to go on it proper and take a gander. Speaking of linux, reckon I just dual boot? Since its only going to be sitting there and only have a couple games or something for the kids.

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Could or couldn't be.
HP Office PCs have horrible problems because the PSUs used have planned obsolescence so they die fast.
Also its not saying which GT 1030 it is using so it could be the DDR4 version which is nothing like the GDDR5 version, think of it as a GT 610 when it comes to performance.

Avoid it.

Want a cheap computer? Look for a Thinkcentre M92p for $100-150 and put a low profile GT 1030-GTX 1050Ti you buy from Amazon, not from Ebay.

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>gen 2 intel Core
Welcome to /g/. That's really disgusting tho

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Fucking great now win7 won't recognize it when i plug it into the USB port

It does charge but doesn't show up at all in My Computer

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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You can only use AMD StoreMI with SATA SSDs up to 256GB.

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Are you using an MBR windows 10 install or GPT?

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anybody having trouble closing utorrent?

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i thopught it partitions larger SSDs and leaves the remainder as a virtual drive

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i believe gpt but not sure

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Why are trash bags black?

I was taking out the trash today and that question popped into my mind

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Yeah alright nvm it was the cable most definitely

Changed to my trusty motorola micro USB one and it recognized/pulled the drivers immediately fucking neat

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When are the new gpus rolling in?

When are ddr5 ram coming?

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Lool the damn thing actually only has 3,04gb storage apparently (of which 2,82 are allocated as useable by windows explorer) whereas on the packaging it's advertised as 4gb

Ah well even the biggest epubs i have rn are only around 27mb, should be alright with calibre compression

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has to do with what platics theyre made out of/dyes used

if youre asking the deeper question about what causes them to appear black, id reference you to look into spectroscopy and band gap models of valence electrons.

essentially black bags have chemicals that have loose electrons which easily absorb light in the visible spectrum

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mbr i believe according to this

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No one wants to see week old garbage decaying in a transparent bag.

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i3 noob here, whats a good setting to set my inner and outer gap at in gaps?

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what is the most hipster video player that's better than VLC?

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What I thought was.
Is the colour black because of the natural colour of the plastic they use for it? Is it tar?

Or is it dye? Why use dye on a trash bag and not just let it be some random ugly colours. It's a trash bag, no one gives a shit if it is pretty

Interesting stuff what you mentioned btw, are you a physicist?

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delivery driver, due to apaty.

buit i have degrees in physics and chemical physics

its definately not tar. many plastics have metals embedded to change their properties (flexibility, strength, etc) and a by product of the plastics and/or their additives can change the appearance.

also trash bag or not, a marketing dept. will never be ok with an ugly product

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>reddit spacing
get filtered

thanks, just set it up.
what about the most functioning hipster photo viewer?

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osu! lazer is open source and peppy said it will run natively on linux, so all you need to do is wait. On the other side, osu! win run perfectly through wine with ThePooN wine staging's patch.

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sick answer bro, upboated

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You might want to convert to GPT if it doesnt let you initialize the 4TB HDD.
MBR has a 2TB limit.

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pls someone help

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Why would anything change? You are using uTorrent 2.2.1, right? Right??

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Hold up there. So you're trying to get disk 1 to show up, not disk 0? Why do you have the properties for 0 up? And why havent you FORMATTED 1 yet?

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>end process won't end the program
wat do?

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Replace your shitty ad-ridden executable with god-tier pre-3.x.
Turn off update notifications since nobody gives a shit that 3.x exists.

Torrenting reached perfection in 2.2.1. 3.x was just an attempt to monetize a piece of free software by changing it to feed you ads and developing a "premium"version with antivirus and video player and other shit that doesn't belong in a fucking torrent client because you have better options for those.

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Or just use a different client, grandpa.

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What's a good Android app for monitoring and warning of phones cpu and battery temperature? I'm not rooted.

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so I just reinstalled windows onto my HDD and took it off of my SDD so I could use storemi (sasd is bigger than 256GB)

but now windows wont let me have a resolution over 1080P (it was just a 4k natively before I did this )

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the seller got suspended

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There's nothing out there as good as uTorrent 2.2.1. Picking another client would just be changing out 3.x ads for some other annoyance.
He may not be a major pirate and so the little annoyances may not touch him, but why take the chance and suggest them when 2.2.1 exists?

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do you have a bin at home. make a bin at home and add !usr/bin blah blah at the first line in bashrc or zshrc your wish
just put it in ~/bin/file.AppImage
then run chmod +x file.AppImage

it's global now.

>what do I tell Ranger to open it with?
read up arch or gentoo wiki on setting up ranger configs .
source bashrc (not needed but i do it)

now it will

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...or don't use utorrent?
no matter what version you use it'll all be malware.
you do realize transmission and qbittorrent exist, right?

>> No.66899020

i've just always used it, super simple and straightforward, didn't even notice they put in a buncha ads for the most part.

>> No.66899049

no, I was showing that my boot drive was MBR in that image

1 wasn't formatted because every time I try to use storemi it fucks it back up.

found out storemi wont work on larger SSDs unless windows is on the HDD so i just reinstalled windows on my HDD >>66898988

but now my fucking screen res went from 4k to 1080

>> No.66899058

Not the guy you're replying to, but what don't you like about qbittorrent? I switched long ago and never looked back

>> No.66899063

MBR was on my 1 TB drive. 4 TB drive was unused/unformatted so far

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I'm looking for a new online video downloader and it has to an online web app please

https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/video-converter/ takes FUCKING AGES to attempt to download 1080p videos and I need something more reliable and spiffy that'll download 720p/1080p videos on the jiff

>> No.66899110

>There's nothing out there as good as uTorrent 2.2.1.

If uTorrent didn't go to shit you would update it to the latest version just like you do with all your normal software.

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>something is bad because the new version are bad
anon do you have autism?

>> No.66899147

How much would it cost to hire some to organize my reaction images?

>> No.66899197


I already have it
You either teach me how to download 720p/1080p videos the dirty quick and easy way or point me in the direction of some web apps

>> No.66899207

>and it has to an online web app please

In 6 years an `AI' will do it for 75 cents

>> No.66899212

>go to search engine
>how do i use youtube-dl to get 1080p video
>read results
>use youtube-dl

>> No.66899226

Open CMD.
Youtube-dl.exe thelinkofthesiteyourvideoison.com/video
Done, it will download.

>> No.66899229

It has poor connectivity and a random assortment of bugs that they rotate with a new selection of bugs every update.
Torrenting became a solved problem seven years ago with the release of uTorrent 2.2.1, and since I'm a reasonably large pirate who seeds 24/7 I don't really feel like taking time out of actual torrenting to sit here playing beta tester for several days after every new release figuring out what the latest version just broke.
I was there for uTorrent's birth, going through the poor connectivity of 1.4 and instability of 1.5, marveling at the difference when 1.6 dropped and suddenly everything just worked and you could see every peer and max your connection 24/7, then going through the regressions of 1.7 before they got ironed out in 1.8, and then the polishing of the 2.x release into 2.0.4 and finally 2.2.1. I don't need to do that again.

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use windows

>> No.66899244

if my friend connects to my steam game via the "connect to steam" Can he see my IP with an application or anything?

>> No.66899250


A web app, that can be used via web browsers
Come on, now, for Pete's sakes


I DON'T use Windows... LOL
I just use an Arch based distribution

I'm cufrntly in search for a 1080p script for youtube-dl.....

>> No.66899262

Then Open terminal.
$ youtube-dl thelinkofthevideoyouwant.com/video

>> No.66899292

>reading comprehension

>> No.66899321

>I just use an Arch based distribution
>I'm cufrntly in search for a 1080p script for youtube-dl.....
if you can't get a foolproof program like youtube-dl working, what are you doing on an Arch derivative?

>> No.66899345

also its not a dedicated server or anything

>> No.66899374

whats the best software for updating drivers? checked the wiki but there was nothing

>> No.66899380

hey all, what is the best piratable lightweight video editor? nothing fancy just easy to pick up and learn for simple videos
must work on windows

>> No.66899388

Other than GPU drivers you usually never do that.
Its a If its not broken don't fix it case.

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i bought an old monitor for 20 bucks. idk wether to use the 5:4 or 4:3 resolution.

>> No.66899403

Shotcut? its free.

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How do I start programming? I know nothing.
I don't want to make a career out of it but I'd like to be able to make little programs or convenience features for myself and at least put it on my resume that I can do things in languages and show a Github(I think?).

>> No.66899455

He clearly said piratable. How is he supposed to pirate it if it's free? Baka.

>> No.66899458

See Winrar.

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yeah such a great software to support

here is a link to get qbittorrent

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>> No.66899497

Those aren't resolutions, they're aspect ratios. It looks like the 1024 is your actual resolution, unless something's wrong with the reporting.

>> No.66899499

you fucking raging moron the point is supporting software that does that is pathetic just like your sorry ass life

>> No.66899517

Are Vpns legit or are they scams? Government arrested me for snooping around in Dark Web and I hope to avoid them snooping on me

>> No.66899528

>using 2.2.1 -- a piece of free software -- is supporting 3.x

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Everything you just said was retarded. VPNs are legit but what you think a VPN should do for you is so wrong on every level in every way that I cannot recommend you do anything besides reconsider your level of expertise and current goals.

>> No.66899544

Are there any umpcs with 4g?

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>> No.66899553

I just want to use stuff like Kodi without getting into trouble. I am done surfing dark web

>> No.66899559

damn nu4chan is fucking gay

>> No.66899568

Is there a way to stress test a PSU? I think mine is failing and I don't have another pc handy to see if acts the same in another build.

>> No.66899579

Ok thanks

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how come wen i make new folder in google photos it keeps disappear

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Not realistically since they can flake out in more ways than just failing to keep voltage under load. A PSU may sit there and love being under full load 24/7 but when dropped to idle start flaking out and giving you reboots.

What's it doing?

>> No.66899603

No with a computer.
Yes with a tester.

>> No.66899616

*also, post HWMonitor voltages at idle and then running something like Prime95 + Furmark combined. (if your PC doesn't shut down for that)

>> No.66899622

Kodi is mostly passive streaming. You shouldn't have any problem in most countries unless you use a pluggin that torrents. It's pretty easy to find out and avoid the few that do.

>> No.66899657

Depends on how steam works. It probably routes things through steam's servers but there's a chance both your computers do connect with one another directly and yes, they'd be able to see your IP using a traffic monitoring program.

>> No.66899665

Who cares if your friend knows your IP? How else do you expect people to connect over the internet?

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I don't understand monitors. I just rotated my Asus VG-whatever-Q24 or something 90 degrees clockwise, but when I look at it it's like looking at those shitty monitors that looks black and washed out when you look at it from the side. I don't know what to call this. It doesn't look this way when it's horizontal.

Is there some setting in the monitor's settings itself that will make this look normal?

>> No.66899798

Just pick a language and watch/read basic intro tutorials. The idea when you first start is to get a grasp on the general overarching stuff. How do you write a program and get it to run? What are variables? functions? loops? control statements? Each language has their own way of going about things but don't be too fixed on the semantics or syntax of a language until you understand the basics.

Github is a website that lets you store your code online so you can back it up or work on it from anywhere. By default it allows anyone to view and download your code which is a cool thing if you're interested in working in groups on something. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the program known as 'git' which is a version tracking program that helps manage and track changes to files. It also helps groups of programmers work on a project simultaneously by keeping track of all the changes everyone is making to the project.

>> No.66899827

Are places like coursera good for some entry level education like programming?

>> No.66899830

I need a simple way to draw on videos to censor names out and such

>> No.66899847

Yeah, I liked Treehouse. Can say with confidence that it taught me web dev. Then I went to college and had a bit of a leg up on others. I'm currently using Udemy to learn React Native. Point being, it's all about the instructor and the course.

>> No.66899853

Thanks man! Turned out I needed FUSE to open it. I do need to slow down and reread some wikis and get some basics down.

>> No.66899960

yo please help

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Thank you anonymous. I'm not 100% sure what some of that means but I think I can work with it.

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i have a ts file recorded from an IPTV stream and I want to extract the teletext subtitles from it. how do i do this? i want to extract a specific page number.

>> No.66900029

Not him but, Learn Java, Learn C, Learn C# or Phyton, C++, then the rest if you ever need to use it for something.

>> No.66900032

TN panels have characteristically poor viewing angles, nothing you can do

>> No.66900045

Is Scrum a methodology or a framework? Google has mixed answers, forums/articles says
framework, Wikipedia says methodology.

>> No.66900113

I used to work for the world's leading company in blow-molded high density polyethylene products. It's a dye and it's the cheapest. otherwise it would just be like a milky white stock resin kind of color. You're a big guy.

>> No.66900136

It's almost like it's true that Arch users are superior.

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Ok. Should I do it in that order? The Googles say Python is the easiest one to start with. I'm downloading an IDE for it right now because a video told me to.

>> No.66900180

are 7-8 inch wide laptops a thing?

>> No.66900186

im aware of the gdp pocket before any of you mention it

>> No.66900195

python is fine
ides are fine

>> No.66900236

What are some decent $20-50 PC speakers?

>> No.66900238

>What's it doing?

The video card shuts down under load. The thing is, the video card doesn't heat up, it's not a temp issue, and I tested the card on another system and it worked fine. It's not driver related either.

>> No.66900244

Python is the most practical to learn.
Java is easier to learn because it was designed for retards reason why so many indians learn it.

>> No.66900250

Is Python any good at programming robutts and stuff? I've been learning Python for about a month and I'm beginning to doubt if this is the language I should be learning.

>> No.66900253

Other than 2-1 tablets, really rare.
Panasonic makes them, Mouse too, but they are for Japan only.

>> No.66900260
File: 34 KB, 500x493, 1486070983231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, good. I didn't know the IDE was optional though. I really wish I could afford a mentor.

Interesting. I am somewhat retarded. I can do the whole As in school thing because I'm not lazy or scatterbrained but sometimes I struggle with not fucking up relatively simple tasks.

>> No.66900303

Arch users are universally faggots

Python is popular for robutts, yes

>I really wish I could afford a mentor.
come to >>>/g/dpt we will insult you for free

>> No.66900330

I don't think that Java is easier than Python.

>> No.66900390

So the latest version of Chrome removed the flag to use the old bookmark manager and now it only has the material design abomination, what's the best bookmark manager extension that acts more like the old bookmark manager? The only allowed you view many more bookmarks in the same screen space, cut and paste multiple items around, etc.

>> No.66900448

Hmm... a problem on the 12 volt line would normally shut your entire computer down. But PSU is still the most likely culprit.

>> No.66900492

how the fuck can i make my youtube player as big as before? they apparently changed it to be configured with my screen's size but it made the player smaller

>> No.66900508

Im about to release an app and i want to open source it.

What is the license that keeps the source code open forever and obliges future versions to be open as well?

>> No.66900538

GNU Public license is a herpes license for FOSS

MIT and BSD basically lets people do whatever they want with it so long as they give credit

>> No.66900543

GNU License?

>> No.66900564
File: 257 KB, 630x630, stugsnotdrugs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am about ready to put a bullet through my laptop but i don't have the cash to replace it.

Also windows 10 is cancer. Oversimplified in ways that make it useless, yet bloated with extra shit i never asked for. Worse still im using it in Japanese (bought it here) and it seems to be even more simplified because asians hate having options.

As for the laptop itself. It has an intel i7, and two graphics cards. One is the Intel HD 3000, the other is some Radeon 6700 (from what i can gather, the AMD catalyst control panel is so useless it doesn't actually tell me anything).

I am not a huge gamer, i mostly want to use this for work and maybe HOI4 or the combat mission games.

What can i do to save this steaming pile of shit?

>> No.66900588

Thanks guys

I will go with the GNU General Public License 3.

Hopefully this will scare devs away

>> No.66900608
File: 456 KB, 800x698, CQbED5pUkAAzX9K.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come to /g/dpt we will insult you for free
It's not the same as having someone peaking over your shoulder and telling you everything you missed, but I'll be sure to show you all my terribad programs once I learn to write one. Thank you.

>> No.66900711
File: 20 KB, 800x800, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My desktop speed is shit compared to my notebook's. Using a wifi USB adapter like pic related, plugged on USB 3.0 port, starts out normal but after a while can't get more than a few kbps, then disconnects.
What do?

>> No.66900725

do ethernet or get a wifi adapter that isn't crappy

>> No.66900744

Hey simple question here regarding how long I should leave my PC turned off for - seems like it needs a break

hexcore i7 5280k (?)
16 ddr4 (didnt feel like dropping more at the time)
30tb hdd internal, 10tb external via usb
Bought a 240mm or 280mm corsair h110i (sorry it's been a couple years but the largest at the time) cooling system
512gb ssd samsung 850 pro (?)

I used to use it for encoding movies but now I use it at as a server for my media via plex. I've had it at my girlfriend's apt for about 10 months now bc I got her to get fios (I'm on all the top autist private trackers)

Anyways, this shit just stays on, recently went 3 months before rebooting it (I watch via plex remotely at my own apt, as do some friends literally across the world)

My girlfriend didnt get an air conditioner until last week when I bought her one after seeing every drive was near 40c including an external at 52c

I just got to her apt tonight because we have been living at mine lately. I don't want my PC to crap out. I'll go as far as to safely say my PC has been off for no more than 2 hours the past 8 months (I know it's real bad)

I just turned it off (mainly cause plex crashed hard and I cant remote reboot bc I have to unplug external hdds in order for it to boot)

What should I do? Is an hour off enough?

>> No.66900774
File: 357 KB, 1000x1000, akari_kyouko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will putting loli stuffs on my desk at work make the HR lady yell at me again?

>> No.66900780

>implying weebs have employment

>> No.66900793

Figs cost a lot of moneys my friend.

>> No.66900797
File: 66 KB, 528x792, Attach0_20180709_234036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my PC has been off for no more than 2 hours the past 8 months

>> No.66900808

It's HR's job to yell at people, probably you specifically, so yes. But you should just ignore her and do what you want.

>> No.66900822

If I want to build a website and I have some pdf files which I want to be searchable, say by author or title, or year, what do I need to know? SQL? Javascript?

>> No.66900824

You will make it, just follow some good tutorials and at first you can just do it exactly as the guy does it.
Almost noone ever had a mentor, not even friends who were already good at programming, we stil made it somehow.

>> No.66900830

Leaving a computer off for a long time won't really do anything for it unless you're overheating it beyond normal usage. Leaving it on for a while might wear out certain bits like the fans, hard disks (if they are in use). Windows can get unstable if you don't reboot it for several months. Probably reboot once every one to three months, and if you're not going to use it leave it off.
Keep your work stuff safe for work.

>> No.66900843
File: 1.87 MB, 6000x4000, ea3afcrf6kt01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is 10pm too late to redose on edibles

>> No.66900848
File: 691 KB, 890x1200, 1518828188678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The HR lady doesn't like me a lot. I can't ignore her though because I get fired if I don't let her yell at me.

I know not to let any nipples show. She made that abundantly clear last time. What about pantsu though?

>> No.66900865

Thanks mate. I'll reboot it after this smoke.

If only I knew how to remote turn her ac on. If I went to elec engineering school instead of finance I'd jerryrig some contraption that could press the buttons on the remote.

(She wont let me set the ac to 85F and power saver even tho her fucking heat turns on when we're here and it gets to 67F or like 20c even tho I pay the fucking utilities and rent whenever she even begins to start about money)

>> No.66900881

Sorry anon, no application of technology can solve the problem of two people with different temperature preferences

>> No.66900883
File: 214 KB, 480x460, 1462693449471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will try, anonymous. I'm not a teribly clever man though. Thank you.

>> No.66900888

Is it that hard to pretend to be normal for a few hours a day?

>> No.66900922
File: 811 KB, 3840x1024, 1365894121339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You might get away with it if it's one that's a bit less lude, and a swim suit instead of underwear. Looking through my wallpapers (I don't keep any I think are lude or would be embarrassed to use), black rock shooter is the best example I can find. You can probably get away with luder if it's artsy. Try lurking /w/

>> No.66900939

I want to use the same headphones for my games console and PC at the same time, can this be done?

Want to listen to podcast/music on PC while playing games.

>> No.66900949
File: 1.30 MB, 1275x906, beac7baead35362f1d0fc89c46e38732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I approach using the wifi connection from my noisy muslim neighbours?I just wanna use it lighty like researching a code or something.I can't pay my bills right now.

>> No.66900951
File: 58 KB, 582x475, 1508989384092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Immensely. I get very upset without my figs but they won't let me work from home.

I have a wallpaper cycle already, I'm talking about a desk fig. The HR lady said it was ok as long as they were clothed but I want a loli which is why I am asking you guys about it.

>> No.66901016

You need a mixer. You can make a passive one with some resistors and connectors if you have an amp at either the inputs or output.
Use the internet you're on now?
Same rules then. Nothing that is blatantly lude, probably not underwear unless it's artsy or small enough that you can say its a swimsuit. If it's a loli, probably safer for it to be fully clothed if it is very clearly meant to be a child.

>> No.66901041

I have a few days left before they turn it off.I also have a archive of downloadable shit so that isn't much of a problem either.

>> No.66901051
File: 46 KB, 484x365, anime_tiddies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So are you super important to the company or does your autism give you discrimination protection or what?

>> No.66901054


would my shit work with one single pin broken in my mobo? is a VSS one (ground)

>> No.66901069

broken pin where? The CPU socket? Power? Front panel?

>> No.66901128

Depends on if it's that section's only ground pin. CPU cores draw a ton of amps so they have a lot of pins dedicated to power and ground, and losing a pin there is no big deal, but if that goes to some low-powered part of the silicon and it's the only return for it then that's not going to work.

>> No.66901143
File: 468 KB, 3921x1648, IMG_0042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, I guess that's reasonable. Thank you.
Would all of my Shinobus be ok?

I don't know. I have very little interaction with my coworkers but from what I've seen of their commits I am basically the only person here actually doing anything.

>> No.66901167


My bad, CPU socket. It has some other VSS pins arround btw, all ground.

>> No.66901193
File: 123 KB, 750x1334, 1496519892265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does such thing as "Bios recovery mode" exist?

>long mode
I recently have my pc die on me after trying to set the ram speeds at the advertised speed (3000mhz). Loading the xmp profile would make my pc reboot or sometimes not go past the post screen.
I got suggested to raise the soc voltage which I did (to 1.150, nothing dangerous) but when I started to try raising the speed of the ram I eventually had my pc never start again. I just get the led indicating it's on but nothing happens aside from the fans spinning.
The possible cause I got told is the APU I'm using (Ryzen 3 2200g) being too new and the mobo (a B350 asrock) being too shit, so after having the OC fail, the bios got into recovery mode but it won't start because of the APU I'm using, and that using an older CPU would start my pc right away and recover my bios. I just don't have one.

By the way, I already tried clearing cmos, trying one ram module at the time, unplugging everything, etc.

>> No.66901258
File: 31 KB, 488x381, Captura-9-488x381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it true that worn out SSDs switch into read-only mode?

>> No.66901271

Tried the jumper pin?

>> No.66901297

Depends on the workload. If it's 1 core and turbo is for 4.2ghz then yes but chances are most other background tasks may interfere dropping it to 4.1 or below (as to what the turbo bins are i.e. 4.2ghz 1 core 4.1ghz 2 core 4 ghz 4 core and so on until i.e. all core load being 3.8 or something, would have to look up how it turbos based on it's core load. For example my i5 2500k with default turboboost had 3.7ghz 1 core, 3.6ghz 2 core, 3.5ghz on 3 and 3.4ghz on all cores with a base of 3.3ghz (which you can lock the cpu max clock to by setting CPU performance to 99% in windows power settings).

>> No.66901299

Only true for 2009 to late 2D NAND 2013 SSDs.
If it uses 3D NAND you wont hit that limit in 5-8 years.

>> No.66901302

Have you tried different ram? If you have two sticks try each one alone then if both didn't work try another confirmed working ram. If the pc still didn't boot then try another zen 1 cpu to upgrade the bios.
Also check the troubleshooting leds on the mobo

>> No.66901310

I'm getting "invalid assignment left-hand side".

var button = document.querySelector("button");
var box = document.querySelector("box");

button.addEventListener("click", changeColor());

function changeColor() {
if(box.style.background-color == "red") {
box.style.background-color = "blue"; <--- error this line "invalid assignment left-hand side"
else {
box.style.background-color = "red";

>> No.66901325

You dun fried your APU's memory controller. (probably). The 2200g doesn't support 3000MHz.

They may.

>> No.66901336

>Does such thing as "Bios recovery mode" exist?
No, most boards rollback the configuration if it can't boot

It appears that the left hand side is not valid for assignment.

>> No.66901339

why would a log file have the execute bit set?

>> No.66901353

I want to make a quick shortcut or gesture command for my android phone that will set an alarm for "8 hours from now". How would I do this? I have a couple google bucks if i need and paid app.

>> No.66901357

no, 'expanding backwards' requires moving critical data, which can't be done while the filesystem is mounted
while technically possible, i don't know of any tool which can do this directly, you need to move the whole volume "backwards", then expand normally

>> No.66901362

they work but unless you're getting letters from your ISP or a hacker like that denuvo guy, you shouldnt need one.

>> No.66901368

For clearing the cmos? The one you switch from pin 1 and 2 to 2 and 3? Yes, I did.

I don't have any other sticks. I did try each of the two sticks I have in each slot, one at the time. Nothing is solved.

About the update, bear in mind I already updated it (paid a technician to do it for me because I didn't have a gen 1 Zen CPU) and I had my pc running and everything. I was trying to get more out of the ram and graphical processor side of the APU, first of all because those ram sticks were fucking expensive and I want all the 3000mhz, not 2000. And second, I wanted the extra performance so I can get overwatch to not go under 60fps like it was.

>> No.66901377

Why is theming not a thing in android without rooting? I just switched from windows phone and that at least let you pick light or dark. On Android Oreo there's some bits that get dark themed but it's inconsistent, like notificatios are always white unless the app makes them different.

>> No.66901390

corrected to var box = document.querySelector(".box"); and to backgroundColor. Got some different errors now.

>> No.66901402

I am a college student.
I don't want to use much of those papers and folders anymore.
So I thought I begine working with OneNote.
Sadly, I don't have a surface computer.
If I just want to take notes, program and also watch a few videos, what is the solution here?
The surface convertibles are definitely overpriced.
It would be different if I could pay them a monthly rate.

>> No.66901408


>> No.66901410

i used a lain wallpaper at work once
people thought i drew it because i operated the vinyl printer (even though that wasn't my main job)

>> No.66901424

Please help me, how do I make all of my audio files play at the same volume? Device is a Galaxy S8 and the player is my car (bluetooth)

>> No.66901430

Just checked AMD's website. You're right. Just fuck my shit up.

What's with all the stupid YouTube videos showing they use 3000mhz or sometimes more on this same APU then? Fucking hell.

>> No.66901447

It does with AMP (Which is AMD XMP).
Which motherboard?

>> No.66901454
File: 98 KB, 469x700, cRLHV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any wget experts here? I'm tryign to scrape the ~500 shows from https://electronicexplorations.org. I'm using

wget -r -nd --limit-rate=1m -A '*.mp3' http://electronicexplorations.org

So I'm scraping recursively, not creating subdirectories, rate limited to 1mb/s, grabbing all mp3's. Yet when I execute this it only grabs about 160 of the ~500 shows. I've gone to the site manually and can download the missing shows the normal way so I know they're there. Plus all the links to where the shows are on the site are uniform. They are all the same .mp3 format too. Does anyone have an idea as to what is happening? Worst comes worst I can do it manually I suppose.

>> No.66901468

add replaygain tags to your files, and use a player that supports them (like vlc)
and yes, you can add them to flac files
try r128gain (supports many formats, and can be run recursively on a directory)

>> No.66901471

Will Samsung music "listen" to the tag?

>> No.66901473

golden chips
More often than not, the memory frequencies listed on spec sheets only mean "guaranteed to work"
You can theoretically set any clock and timings you want but they're not guaranteed to work.

>> No.66901476

Asrock (don't bully pls) AB350-HDV.

>> No.66901481

-- oh, and bluetooth won't get in the way
from the phones' perspective, bluetooth is just an output device, like a soundcard, the gain is added by the media player before it's sent to bluetooth
no idea, check if it supports it, or just test it

>> No.66901485

When you turn on the pc do the fans turn on for a while then turn off by themselves or do you turn them off?
Also Look at the troubleshooting screen or leds on your mobo (they should be on the side or bottom of mobo and the ram ones on the top or bottom of ram sockets)
If the rams ones aren't turning on then it's ram problem. If the CPU led is on the entire time then you fried your memory controller my fren

>> No.66901488

What's your budget?
The new Surface Go will be $399
An iPad is $300 for edu customers
An Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is $329, pen included
Or you can ask /tpg/ about an OG convertible thinkpad

I still use paper.

>> No.66901494

>No VRM heatsinks at all
>Cheapest MOSFETs around
That shit is a timebomb with a overclocked APU.

That motherboard has troubles with anything above 2933MHz if it can somehow run at that speed.
You literally bought the shittiest board around.

The Ryzen 2200G suports even 3200MHz RAM without problems if you put it in a proper Board.

>> No.66901496

pps. replaygain tags won't recompress or otherwise modify the music data
the way it works is the replaingain tagger decodes the file, determines it's average volume, then tags the file with an appropriate gain adjustment so the player can then adjust the gain during playback such that all files end up with the same average volume

>> No.66901500

The fans just keep spinning.
My mobo has no leds or speakers.

>> No.66901503

Also remove CMOS battery and turn the computer on.

>> No.66901512

is all thermal paste created equal?

>> No.66901513
File: 42 KB, 601x711, helpme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what settings do I pick?

>> No.66901554

There's maybe ~5°C difference between the very best and worst thermal pastes, not including write-in candidates like toothpaste and mayonnaise

>> No.66901555

i'd leave things with the defaults unless you have a reason not to (like if your preferred player only supports older tags, then change the tag format to suit)
i'm not an expert on this, since i don't listen to music much
unless you're seeding the files or something, i don't see any reason not to enable the overwrite option. a player which doesn't support the tag will just ignore it, so adding them is entirely harmless

>> No.66901556

I knew it was quite shitty, just didn't know how much. The budget was tight and any other b350 mobo was beyond what I wanted to spend (the asrock crap was about 50 bucks when I got it, any other brand was 80 and above).

I don't know what difference can that make, but I will try anything at this point.
It seems I will have to try and get the APU replaced by Amazon anyway if the replies I got here are right.

>> No.66901568

You arent supposed to cheap out in your PSU and motherboard, you can cheap out in everything else because you can replace it easy.

ASRock boards are shit in general.

>> No.66901572

Doesn't work with files that have moonrunes in the name....

>> No.66901606

I knew about the PSU, I didn't knew about the MOBO.

In the remote chance I don't have to replace anything, what should I do? Stick to stock speeds on everything?

>> No.66901608

works here;
Input #0, ogg, from '[20130610] 【Hatsune Miku】 World is Mine _ ryo(supercell)【初音ミク】 (jhl5afLEKdo).opus':
Duration: 00:02:56.67, start: 0.007500, bitrate: 124 kb/s
Stream #0:0(eng): Audio: opus, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp
ENCODER : Lavf58.12.100
R128_TRACK_GAIN : -3942

are you using a UTF-8 locale? i can't speak for the windows version...

>> No.66901616

what are the very best and the very worst?
~5°C kind of seems like a lot.
price might be worth it.
especially considering i can probably get many repastes out of a single tube.

>> No.66901621

Yes, also RMA the board and buy something different.

>> No.66901629

I have this odd problem of which i haven't found the solution on google. Whenever my gpu reaches 50°C or above, horizontal lines similar to those you saw by looking through a digital camera at a CRT monitor appear.
They are visible especially on black backgrounds and in games.
In some games which support vsync, if i turn that setting on, the lines seem to disappear but they are still present on my desktop,browser,etc.
My gpu is an amd r7 370.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.66901632

I am using Windows. I'll try it on my Linux laptop. Thanks for your help

>> No.66901637


>> No.66901648

imagine being this delusional
I was there too. uTorrent 3 was garbage and it became the known rule that 2.2.1 was the standard. then in the vacuum of actively developed clients qbittorent and others came into their own. you're living in 2007 and refuse to wake up. don't be like this guy don't let your friends use outdated depreciated software.

>> No.66901659

There are only two big categories though.
- Non-conductive.
- Conductive.

You want non-conductive. Just go with Noctua for example and you are good. Don't overspend, but also don't cheap out too much.

The very cheap ones dry out a lot faster, lose their conductivity. Paste is cheap. Get a proper one.

>> No.66901672

qB is still shit. They wouldn't be releasing bug fixes month after month if it didn't have bugs.
Get back to me when they haven't needed to update it for 7 years because they finally figured out how to write a torrent client.

>> No.66901676

Fried GPU? Don't think there is much mystery here... Remember when people put GPUs and Xbox360s in the oven?

Just get a proper card next time. Start ignoring the shill posts and threads on /g/.

some torrent-tards are mental. been staff on a huge site.

>> No.66901687

Just tried turning it on without battery. No changes. Fans spin, HDD spins, but nothing happens. Shit is dead.

>> No.66901700

When I extract a subtitle file from an anime episode, modify it, and then manually load it when watching the episode in MPC-HC, it doesn't end up getting loaded at all, because I guess MPC-HC just assumes it's the same file, and sticks with the original one already packaged with the episode.
Is there a quick and easy to workaround for this? I know I can use MKVtoolnix to get rid of the old subs and insert the modified ones in their place, but I'm hoping for something less tedius, like maybe just a single parameter I can change in the sub files so MPC understands that it's a different file and is willing to load it.

>> No.66901701

Are you sure your case didn't came with a button speaker?
Anyway, buy a proper motherboard this time, shitty ones fail really fast (Also ASRock in general).

>> No.66901715

I'm finally fucking finished with my retard of a Sony Vaio laptop of almost 5 years and deciding to buy an actual computer. Problem is that I don't want to lose all my shit on my laptop. Can I transfer the hard drive into a new computer or do I have to save everything somewhere else and then just transfer it to the new hard drive?

>> No.66901731

Well i guess i will stick with it until it completely dies and then get a nvidia. I didn't buy this gpu because of the /g/ shills, it was actually my brother's until he got himself a gtx 1060. Thanks for your help.

>> No.66901732

Just name it the same as the episode and it should auto-load. If not something is wrong with your config.

>> No.66901758

oh, there's a r128 component for foobar2000, you could try that as well

>> No.66901762

If you buy a new HDD just plug it together with it.
New Laptop or desktop?

>> No.66901764

You'd need to run it like a bat file or powershell script to even have a chance of being worried.

>> No.66901772

thanks anon

>> No.66901773

You know when I said 'buy a kobo you idiot', that's what I meant. Return the kindle and buy a kobo.

>> No.66901787

>uses arch
>looking for a script for youtube-dl of all things
Nigger just tell it to download 1080p

>> No.66901816

You really should be able just to plug in your old hard drive into your new computer. The magic of desktops is that they support multiple drives.

>> No.66901847

I'm buying a new desktop and the hard drive is in the laptop. I was thinking I could just take the old hard drive out of my laptop and put it into a new desktop but I'm a newfag to /g/ so I thought I would ask. Or maybe I misread what you said. Probably that.

>> No.66901855

>"I just use an Arch based distribution "
>"Arch based"
he's probably using manjaro

youtube-dl -f "(bestvideo[height<=1080])+(bestaudio)/best" <uri>
this will get the best 1080p or under (if there's no 1080p one) video

>> No.66901871

A normal desktop can use up to 6 HDDs at the same time.
What i meant is using it together a new one.

Like 1TB WD Blue for OS and your old laptop HDD as a secondary drive.

>> No.66901891

Ok I get what your saying. Thanks my guy.

>> No.66901962

Oh, OK. I assume a tool like parted/gparted will move the critical data and everything, right?

>> No.66901976

When I burn soft subs to a DVD it reformats them during conversion and looks pretty shitty. Is there a way to get around that besides using hard subbed sources?

>> No.66901983

yes, you can use gparted to move/resize
be warned that moving the start of 'c:' can break boot though, keep a windows boot disc around just in case you need it (not to reinstall, but just to fix boot)

>> No.66902000
File: 324 KB, 3289x1053, speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, most laptop drives will plug right in. The 596GB Hitachi here in the top left is a laptop drive.

>> No.66902016

Gay shit. Thanks for the info

>> No.66902019

Are you hardsubbing them for conversion or using VOB subs?

>> No.66902045

np. also, i'm not sure if that warning extends to EFI setups, i don't have much experience with that
rebuilding the BCD is easy to do from a windows setup disc

>> No.66902048

I was just throwing them into the program as the .srt file and letting it do the work but I guess hard subbing them prior to conversion could work. Any suggestions for what to use?

>> No.66902074
File: 114 KB, 680x559, 05B12ABD-3BE6-45FA-A500-0F89D9566BA4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we now have the technology to effectively replace all frail human body parts with superior machinery that works better and stronger?

>> No.66902106

dvd subtitles will look shit no matter what you do, because of the way they work (they're stored as 2-bit bitmaps with 1-bit transparency, aka, 3 colours + transparency, no room for antialiasing.. what do you expect from a 22 year old format?)
you can hardsub using ffmpeg (-vf subtitles=source.srt)
see http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#subtitles-1 for more information, such as controlling what font is used
they will look much better, though still of course limited to the video resolution, and they can't be turned off, obviously

>> No.66902108

leg prosthetics is kinda a thing. arms are rudimentary. that's about it. they print a few stuff for internal organs and whatnot but there are no artificial replacements.

>> No.66902114

Try different SRT to VOB sub converters first and see if any have better results.

>> No.66902122

It's not the year 2027

>> No.66902124

dunno, I would write a scraper in python with beautifulsoup maybe.

>> No.66902161

There is:
- Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro
- Samsung tablets (latest whatever)
- Older Samsung Note tablets (I have a 2014 model, has 2K res lol)
- iPad Pro. The regular one has a laminated screen, which is ok for regular use, but makes pens painful. Also the pencil costs a fuckton. Just don't.

- Well, you get a digital note. I used "Lecture Notes" on Android.
- You can use colors.

The lecturer or professor will be always too fast, so you always end up with a filtered note. I found it best to just make a full audio recording from start to finish, take pictures of the board as well and copy 1:1 as much as possible.

So while it felt cool as shit, it was not at all that useful. Thing is, they just put so much information out there. But then again, I only did CS, probably a med student could benefit from all this. And hell, I think it's the best if someone takes all the notes, then spends time to process it all. But I had uni from the morning up until the evening. When are you supposed to do this when you only have 24 hours in a day, and you also have assignments, exams, homework, and you also gotta study?

>> No.66902174

May or may not.
- Get an MLC SSD. Fuck TLC, 3D, tri-quad-optofuckyou-layers. MLC is required for our use. I also put MLC at least into any customer computer.
- Some SSDs had bad firmwares in the past. But luckily, that era is gone.

>> No.66902198

Well, Kali linux is a good starting point. Check around what WIFI devices you see.
See what encryption they use.
- Is it no pass? Well, duh.
- WPA? You can crack it in no time.
- WPA2? Check the name of the device, it may be one with a known "WPS bug" where you could use a script/tool to force connect your ass to the router.
- No luck? Get a high-gain and/or directional antenna for your wifi. External wifi if need be. I am sure you could hook up to any network with that, let's say an open McDonalds one for example. But, whatever, anything works. It just gives you so much more options. Before you bitch about price, the antenna is literally a copper wire, and the directional antenna is literally tinfoil + cardboard.

Those are the chances.

>> No.66902219

Would I lose much in video quality if I'm converting once for the subs and then converting to an actual DVD format for burning?

>> No.66902232

there is really no brainwork involved in robotics of that sort. you are just sending out raw commands, like "move forward". you don't code the whole thing from the ground up. python and the "libraries" take away the bulk of the work. building the thing also is easy, you can buy kits, they are made "ready to be used". you just wire them up, and the internet is swarming with guides (video, pictures, you have it all.)

I would worry more about being a lazy ass.

Well, PDF itself is not something the browser opens. Browser opens a Javascript thing or Adobe's plugin, and displays the PDF there. So, decide, what do you exactly want?

- Just show which PDF files have the searched text in them?
You could do that in PHP: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1882318/search-through-pdf-files-with-php
You use a tool to convert PDF to text, then search it through.

However, me as a pleb, I would prefer to see a visual interpretation of what it found. Like online PDF indexing sites. I suppose you need to render the PDF in some ways for that with PHP and also render a screenshot/visual interpretation. Now that's hard.

>> No.66902235

you should do them at the same time, ffmpeg can encode dvd-compliant mpeg2 streams

>> No.66902242

Depends on your settings, just don't go below your source rates/values.
(You can always check those with MediaInfo.)

So the first time you burn the subs (I use Avidemux but anything works really), don't go below. Then, the DVD software (I guess Nero) will convert it to DVD format anyway.

>> No.66902251

- Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, etc they all have their theme engine/support.
- You can install "Substratum" that can theme AOSP/etc without root.

>> No.66902266

Alright thanks, guess I'll just learn to use ffmpeg and try it out. Probably makes for better quality conversions than the automatic free crap I've been using anyways.

>> No.66902303

-- also, if you must use something else to encode the dvd video, you could have ffmpeg output a very high quality intermediate, as a quick example;
ffmpeg -i source.mkv -vf scale=720:576,subtitles=source.srt -aspect 16:9 -c copy -c:v libx264 -crf 12 -preset veryfast intermediate.mkv

idk what you're using, but the last time i authored dvd's (quite some time ago now), i used ffmpeg for encoding, and dvdlab pro for authoring (really easy to make professional-looking menus with it)

>> No.66902329

>- Some SSDs had bad firmwares in the past. But luckily, that era is gone.
Kingston disagrees with you.

>> No.66902334

Mostly DVD Flick since I can drop a file and hit burn and it converts then burns in 1 click. I'm not entirely happy with the quality sometimes but my friend says they look great and they're for him, but since I'm trying to make subs look nicer I might as well try to up the video quality as well.

>> No.66902345

I have 2x256GB ultra-cheap, discounted kingston V300 running about 5 years now. ran them in RAID0 with no TRIM for 3 years. took the raid apart, did trim. back together. still running strong. best purchase I ever made hands down.

>> No.66902348

Built my pc today and was running benchmarks. Ran Aida64's stability test and it was interrupted due to a hardware failure. so I checked memtest84 and Im getting errors sometimes(tests 7 and 8) runnning the memory at its XMP profile. Everything else in the computer is running at stock, a list of my recently purchased components:

any ideas? just updated my bios before running the memtest

>> No.66902357

Are you running it at 3200MHz?

>> No.66902385

Are there any real differences between the IPS montiors?
I'm specifically looking at the
>aoc ag271qg
>asus pg279q
>viewsonic xg2703-gs

As far as I can tell they all use the exact same panels and any advantages in one can be achieved with changing settings in the others?

>> No.66902393

there's a lot of things you can do to squeeze more quality out of dvd, it depends on how deep you want to dig into placed like doom9.org
i used to make watchable whole-season anime dvd's, up to 10 hours on a single-layer disc
assuming you aren't going that far, using 2-pass encoding alone is a major step

>> No.66902450

Does he not have a computer?
You know you can just burn them onto a DVD-R without converting, right? MPEG-2 with VOBsubs is just for hardware player compatibility.

>> No.66902472

How do you rice your firefox super nice? like change tab appearance, icons, and make the browser really unite with the rest of your de rice? I use i3, so is it just a gtk theme or do i need to dive deeper into css and stuff?

>> No.66902508

yes, at the appropriate timings. others who have reviewed the same RAM have stated OCing up to 3466 with no problems.

also just ran Aida 64 again, seemed good on a stress test with FPU, cache, and system memory over 5 minutes, But when i added stress CPU into the mix I had hardware failure after 3 minutes (thats about the time duration its been failing at)

currently stress testing CPU only

>> No.66902510

Yes, a lot of differences. Check reviews.

>> No.66902518

Viewsonic doesn't use IPS but VA which is a shitter IPS monitor and slightly better TN monitor.

Out the 3 the ASUS one is the best all around except maybe price.

>> No.66902535

No, he doesn't. He has a very basic setup with a shitty DVD player. I tried a regular disc with just the data burnt (which also works on just about everything these days) and it wouldn't play so I'm stuck converting stuff. Like I said he hasn't complained about quality but I would like to make it better.

>> No.66902543

Every store that has the Viewsonic says that it's IPS though?
And I've seen a lot of people claiming the Asia is the worse of the bunch, despite the premium price, unless there's a smear campaign.

>> No.66902606

Install linux or downgrade to 8/8.1 or 7.
If you choose 8/8.1, get the embedded version because they don't come with store apps installed. Activate using KMS.

>> No.66902740

as anon said, go 8.1 ... I also do that on my ROG G750JZ. there is absolutely no difference between 8.1 and 10...

>> No.66902745

Alright so objectively Arch's rolling updates can create instabilities, and Debian's release freezes can be annoying for the person who doesn't want to use firefox-esr (52) and be spoon-fed programs from years ago. So what is the compromise? I've got Debian with FF61 but my dick is raw from slapping duck duck go, and the latest version of my digital audio workstation via AppImage, but optimally I'd like to have a distro that is a balance between the two as far as "edge" goes; not too hectic, but not literally made for servers. What is there?

>> No.66902794

i find maintaining arch easier than debian
yes, debian has a stronger guarantee of having everything just werk, however;
- that goes out the window once you deviate from the official repositories (including pulling from newer debian versions).
- arch is more stable than people give it credit for, if you can deal with the very occasional breakage on your own without reinstalling everything, you'll be just fine.
- fuck dist-upgrades

>> No.66902811

-- basically, pick debian if you're setting up a machine for grandma or your windows sysadmin to use, arch if you're familiar with linux and want to use up to date software

>> No.66902846
File: 129 KB, 794x960, 1530409557238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm transferring my hard drives to a ryzen build, will I have any issues with two MBR partitioned hard drives?

>> No.66902857


>he doesn't have a computer
I'm not sure what to say

>> No.66902874

What's a good Firefox-based browser that supports legacy extensions? I'm sitting on 54.0.1 and now feel like switching.

>> No.66902896

Same guy has also bought, sold, re-bought, sold, re-re-bought old consoles a bunch of times, then gotten rid of them when he needed a few bucks, even though I've let him borrow my Pi + controllers and he thought it was amazing. Only now after being out $500+ with no consoles or games left to show for it is he considering getting one. Trying to suggest what to do with money, you can't always budge someone until they've wasted enough.

>> No.66902934
File: 996 KB, 1920x1200, rei2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, this actually goes in line with what I was thinking but I'm so new to Linux that I was intimidated a little by crashing. I mean, I did try to install Arch coming from windows 7. Just using a program to create the iso was an effort, but fun. But after about four times reformatting and starting over and getting stuck on grub issues I gave up and went with Debian with no DE for the first time. So yeah I'm not exactly familiar with Linux but I've certainly found work-arounds while still remaining as terminal-based as possible.
>- that goes out the window once you deviate from the official repositories (including pulling from newer debian versions).
I haven't had any major fuck-ups yet but as time goes on entropy sets in.
>- basically, pick debian if you're setting up a machine for grandma
I think my experience using Debian (and note that I actually installed, again, and again, and again, trying out GNOME, then xf-whatever and the other DE, and decided that I wanted to hard-mode) I've found that in this actual particular case, yeah, I'd give grams Debian with GNOME in a heart-beat. Literally can't fuck up, until she wants to play the new desktop version of candy-crush that all her cronies' sons installed on W10 and I'd have to find a work-around. Therein-lies the compromise I suppose.
But yeah since I have everything working for now I'll go until everything breaks, then I'll fix it for points like I've been doing so far, then install Arch when I'm bored.

>> No.66902979

None. There are no proper forks. Palemoon tried to fork it, but one furry will not be able to keep it working.

>> No.66903002

what you describe fits my experience as well
the comment about giving a windows sysadmin debian wasn't just a jab at windows users, that's exactly what i did, it didn't take me long to realize that being gud at windows doesn't mean shit in linux, i needed something that didn't cause hangups during normal use, and debian is perfect for that.
but as i got more familiar with it.. and started to deviate from a standard configuration, i soon realized debian is only stable as long as you don't fuck with it.
and yea, there's always compromises, there's nothing that'll provide the stability of debian *and* all the latest software at the same time, as debian gets it's stability from testing everything together over a period of time before releasing anything
so the reason i use arch now is because going against the design of debian by installing all kinds of current release software just doesn't really make sense, and i'm experienced enough to quickly handle whatever i break along the way

>> No.66903011

Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS is supposedly out. But I can't get my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to prompt me to upgrade. I tried update followed by dist-upgrade but did not work.

>> No.66903018

on that note, don't feel like you should start on arch to learn more about linux, unless you enjoy working out problems (...which i do, as long as it's not on my main system)
i think you'll know once things are far enough along that arch makes more sense, if you are the type to deviate from the standard

>> No.66903046

What about Waterfox?

>> No.66903047

Lets say I want to set up a phone to accept calls based on a whitelist.
1) Is it possible?
2) What problems it might cause?

>> No.66903093

Yeah absolutely making the switch to Linux in general has been the funnest thing I've ever done on a computer. It's like going through a forest in the dark and every time you touch a tree it lights up. This problem solving more than makes up for dicking around with Fallout 3 mods on windows. I still don't have anything really really bad to say about windows, you know, everything just is the state that it is, but I like the challenge of fucking with all this. I mean, Debian with no DE has been a trip but in a while I'll probably go farther and do arch. I mean fuck, I've been having so much fun digging myself out of holes that I've thought about getting more into programming. I fucked with html/css back when I was a Tumblr dickhead getting that sweet blog via cut/paste and it just kinda made sense naturally while still having an element of problem solving.

Anyway, this shit's comfy and I'm grateful for /g/, I've been lurking for a long time for no raisin and I'm glad I finally delved in for myself.

>> No.66903128

sounds like you're basically me from 10 years ago, keep messing with things and you'll figure out what fits soon enough

>> No.66903138

Hell yeah my dude

>> No.66903147


>> No.66903150

I was the same when I was starting with Linux, tinkering and breaking things.
However it's bit inconvenient when something breaks at work on Linux station or when you're doing some important work. Then it's a huge setback.

>> No.66903161

>It's like going through a forest in the dark and every time you touch a tree it breaks everything or you need 3000 other dependencies which can't compile and if you ask why you're a fucking retard who should git good


>> No.66903178

it's always a risk to mess with things on a production machine, no matter what you're using or what you're messing with
ideally you want to keep your messing-around-with machine and work machines separate, though inevitably you will need to change something on your work machine (updates, new software, etc). try to test these things on your non-production box first so you can learn how to avoid or fix problems with them
this isn't specific to picking up linux, either. any gud windows sysadmin will tell you to test new windows/software updates on a testbench machine before rolling things out to production, basically the same rules apply here

>> No.66903272


holy what the fuck
my timings are 16-18-18-38

i reduced my tRC from 75 to 56 and my system is MORE stable?
(got 56 from 18+38)
but srsly, wtf

>> No.66903275

Naturally I was't implying doing fun/exploratory stuff on production machine. But, say, in order to use/try out certain tool (as suggested by your supervisor/boss) that requires certain drivers/dependencies which then have unpredictable results. I can't really tell my boss to wait until I get home and try the software on my own non-production PC.

Both my colleague and I are really basic linux users. He had to install graphic drivers to allow some functionality he needed for his work - couldn't boot up anymore. I needed to install some dependency/library to allow me to use certain software; since then everything keeps crashing randomly - Firefox, IDE and often entire system crashes. Can't uninstall the library either because I would not be able to use the software.

>> No.66903316

7zip vs windows 10 zip default whats better? what performs better?

>> No.66903328


>> No.66903355

How would I know if my manager is remote desktop viewing my work computer? It's some apple laptop with the latest macos version, I have local admin. There's no domain or whatever.

>> No.66903439

Zip is old, fast, and compatible with everyone and their grandmothers. The compression is bad, but that's the price of literal 90s tech.

>> No.66903511

1989 tech.

>> No.66903537

Open porn site and see if he turns to you with anger and shock.

>> No.66903629

Without making it open to the public, how do I set it up so I can use VLC to access the music from my computer while at home? I don't know literally anything about networking whatsoever.
Sometimes I wanna just chill in bed jerkin my gherkin to my weeb shit and listening to some vocaloid on my phone desu

>> No.66903644

if anything, you should be paid to get a macbook, they're fucking horrible

>> No.66903868

Hey fellas, I just got contacted by my boss, asking if I could do some promotional videos for our site.
I just need a few minutes of audio, because he's planning on making a YouTube channel for the company for whatever reason. I'm getting paid to do this, so I'm not complaining.
I've never made a video, and with 2 really energetic preteens, and a loud-music-loving 17 year old in the house, it's hard to sit down and record peacefully.
I can't do it during work hours, so home is about the only time I could do it without just doing it in the car (obnoxious background noise) or while I'm jogging (background noises and being worn out). How would I go about recording any amount of audio cleanly?
I know I can edit it, but I'm a novice and wouldn't be able to get the kids audio out of the background.

>> No.66904049

You could record in the car (not running), or a closet, or your office after hours, or tell your kids to quiet down for a moment. I guess the practicality depends on how long the recordings are.

>> No.66904082

If it's for work, why can't you do it at work?

>> No.66904206

New thread?

>> No.66904250

Yeah, the recordings are only meant to be a few minutes, maybe 10 tops. I cna't imagine 10 minutes of silence from the kids, so I'll probably just sit in the car I suppose, and figure out audio editing because it'll sound like I'm talking in a box or something.
Not a clue. The boss is a bit of a dickhead at times. Wants it done for work, but doesn't want work hours spent on it. It could be a really lazy day at work, and I'd still probably get called in to his office about wasting time.

>> No.66904403


>> No.66904403,1 [INTERNAL] 

> I was the same when I was starting with Linux, tinkering and breaking things.
> However it's bit inconvenient when something breaks at work on Linux station or when you're doing some important work. Then it's a huge setback

I think you're right about it.

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