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is this the official /g/ anime?

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do you love her anon?

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watching it, and it might very well be. Late 90's is the best time ever for humanity. Peak of civilization.

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it's a great anime anon, a lot of mindfucks but its good

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And both the cyberia mix and the soundtrack are fantastic

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Lain is utterly shit from a tech perspective. It has some pretty cool stuff regarding philosophy and reality, but I think people only like it because it was their first """serious""" anime.

Prove me wrong, faggots.

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can't enjoy lain anymore because of all the depressed trannies using her as avatar

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who in their right mind saw lain as their first anime, kys faggot

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come to think of it, agent Smith in the Matrix actually says the same thing.

> mobile phones but not smartphones
> no social networks
> free flow of information
> no fucking normies and no fucking memes

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fucking legit though.

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dude I've seen PLENTY of anime and I still think it's pretty good. Part of it has grown a bit old, but still.

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I did. It's the only anime I've seen to completion.

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this isnt /g/ realted but, i recommend y'all watch devilman crybaby

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>10 episodes



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thats pretty odd desu, and id put my money on it being extremely rare among those whov'e seen lain.

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oh my god im at work and i need to download this.

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I was never into anime to begin with, but my then gf insisted that I watch some and she picked out Lain for me because she thought I'd like it. We also watched Deathnote afterwards and some other one with some weirdo highschool girl that ends up slashing the "main" character, but I fell off both of these.

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How does somebody become this impressionable?

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By lurking /pol/ and not being aware that it is satire, obviously.

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The music is very cyberpunk-like sometimes

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if you look at the culture of the time you see that zenith as well, not just anime, but music, movies, computer games

Smith almost breaks the 4th wall for a second, almost looks at the camera when he says the word "prison"

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First movie was nice, they crashed with the other two cash grabs and then they dig deeper when they cut their dicks for attention.

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thats a nice image board with cool css, but it's pretty slow compared to lain or arisu

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This little bullshit cult plagiarized Rewrite and got someone to off themselves. It even doxxed people that tried to reveal it's jewery.

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Tsuki is a tranny tho, and Systemspace is a total joke... :/

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>is this the official /g/ anime?
SEL and Love Live are the official animes of /g/

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>nico nico nii


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I use to be into anime in highschool but was never one of "those people" but now it just disgusts me. I think you have to be emotionally stunted to like anime now.

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I watched the first like 5 episodes some time ago and it was boring af

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>originally inspired by Apple computers of the time
>actually just a denpa series that uses technology for flavor
More /g/ than you can ever imagine.

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ima have sex with maki

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I cannot endorse idolshit in good conscience

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What is that post it

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I watched LL! because of Makiposters.
It was a good choice.
I guess browsing /g/ wasn't for nothing.

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The computer? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twentieth_Anniversary_Macintosh
>released in 1997
>lain aired in 1998

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just watched ep1 and thats exactly what i thought of when Lain was using her NAVi

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Here's an actual list of /g/'s official onemoos of choice:
Lain, yes.
Armitage III (TV or Polymatrix, NOT Dual-Matrix).
Ninja Senshi Tobikage.
Generator Gawl.
Patlabor (TV and first two movies, third movie is an absolute garbage and should be avoided like a plague).
Unironically Laputa.
Psycho Pass.
Persona 5 anime ("Day Breakers" pilot + ongoing TV).
Only ORIGINAL BSSM (first season and R, not S or any other garbage beyond that).
Urotsukidouji (NOT Urotsuki).
Knight Ramune series (mainly "Knight Ramune & 40" + "40 & Fire" TV series/OVAs)
Iria Zeiram anime.
Cybercity Oedo 808.
Only ORIGINAL Guyver (OVA).
Only ORIGINAL Birdy The Mighty (OVA).
EAT-MAN '98 (original TV series can actually be completely ignored and you can go straight at the sequel since it's drastically different and much better, it's like with Jojo's first seasons)
Darkside Blues.
Fang of The Sun Dougram.
ENTIRETY of VOTOMS (best watched IMMEDIATELY after completing Dougram).
Only ORIGINAL Neon Genesis Evangelion TV run (movies and other material should be completely avoided, including remakes) or/and RahXephon.
Only Blu-Ray remasters of original SDF Macross and Macross 7 back-to-back in one continuous sit (everything else can be completely ignored, even Macross 7 OVAs/Specials, though it's not bad to add them if you know the right order of viewing).
Southern Cross.
Hi No Tori 2772.
Only original first Gundam (a.k.a. 0079) OR Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing TV series (or both back-to-back). Everything else can seriously be ignored with no hesitation.
ONLY Bubblegum Crysis 2040 (original OVAs are fine, but not necessary, and everything else that relates to this franchise is trash. 2040 is best offering).
Cowboy Bebop.
Aachi & Ssipak (WARNING: lots of typical and very unorthodox Korean "humor", not for everyone, definite "acquired taste").
Wonderful Days (another significant Korean anime, though done in 3D)
Unironically Nausicaa.

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New Game.
Love Live
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.
Kiniro Mosaic.

Those are my /g/core anime.

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how much assembly/c/lisp code is in SEL. Should i learn them to get references, or its more about philosophy?
i respect you and >>66880493 you

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yea nico is the best

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good point though
the fruit parade fuck up everything

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honestly, /g/'s anime is love live
SEL fits lainchan way more

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/g/, why are they so good?

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If you're already a fat fa/g/got you really shouldn't be perma-virgining yourself by watching anime. Ironic Weebs get away with it by looking somewhat good, but anyone on /g/ is not doing themselves a favor will their riced desktop and anime girl wallpaper.

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What if I'm not fat, not a virgin, don't have anime attributes like wallpapers, figurines and other crap, but genuinely enjoy anime as a media more pleasant, expressive and vibrant that movies and tv series?

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what about ghost in the shell (not live action movie)?

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can i get a quick rundown on that cult
also do people unironically dox themselves to register

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some kind of anime suicide cult. 6.5k members before it got shut down. How it worked was a big 24 hour clock would count down to 0, unless someone new joined, causing it to reset. The idea was that when the clock ran out they'd all kill themselves and go to cyberpunk anime world. I believe it was ran by some guy named Tsuki.

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It used to be, but we live in nu-/g/ now.

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>not being a wizard

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>no BPS
shit list

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Key the Metal Idol.

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THIS. THIS SO MUCH. Cyberia Mix is literally god tier.

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Based and redpilled.

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>utterly shit from a tech perspective
can you elaborate? For an anime I think it's as realistic as we can hope for. There's a lot of underlying meanings and references to historical events in the tech world and the beginning of the internet etc. Also we see Lain programming using real languages.

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You're forgetting Battle Programmer Shirase.

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This looks pretty comfy. I'm joining.

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Pseudo sudo-intellectual garbage that was overhyped and over-advertised way out of proportion. Original movie is fine/tolerable, but TV series are absolute-effing-TRASH. Armitage III is 100500 times better by each and every aspect. If you have to know Cyberpunk equivalents, Armitage III is Gibson's Sprawl, hands down. And GITS is a fucking Blade Runner. You decide what's better, but GITS is a fucking kiddie shitshow for toddlers in comparison to Armitage III.
What makes GITS even worse, in all honesty, is that it's creator did WAAAY better works before it, in form of Patlabor for example. Patlabor easily >>>>> GITS by story/scenario structure, character development, and overall quality. The ONLY "good" thing that has ever came out of GITS TV, is SAC's very first Opening. That's all. Everything else in it is utter garbage. And don't you even deafmute me, you shitheads. GITS is a "Mister Robot" of cyberpunk-themed anime. Trash. Just trash.

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I'm not forgetting anything, there's was not enough space, that's all. Fucking 2000 signs limit.

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I'm grabbing Armitage III, it had better be good.

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For full story Dual-Matrix can be watched, but it's garbage. You'll lose nothing if you don't experience it.
As for original, Poly-matrix is same as TV OVA (yes, OVA made for TV), since it's basically a heavily altered and cut movie build from edited TV episodes, but if you want best experience it's best to watch TV only. However, Poly-matrix has quite well done 'murican dubbing with Kiefer-fucking-Sutherland back in the days when he wasn't MGS V-garbage shit, so it can be done too. You'll lose on a lot of content that way, however. It's for you to decide.
I personally prefer to watch TV OVA, then Poly-matrix with Kiefer dub, then Dual-Matrix just once for completion. There's also a manga.

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Lol cry about it

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nico nico kill youself

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This but unironically
I never watched lain and thought it was a boy because of all the stupid fags that use lain as a name or avatar on discord and shit. god i hate discord and steam and everything that people use with avatars. fags.

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>why does nobody talk to me

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New Game has C++ Programmers
(Gay-me Devs)

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C++ master-race

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Lain is a kami of information and communication, it's only a coincidence that computers use that a lot.

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>Appleshiet but no patlabor


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How about Macross plus?
You put laputa on the list so i'd say it fits.

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Patlabor is one of the first listed

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school days

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for me it's akarin

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These are though.

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>no one has posted Stella no Mahou

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Seems legit.

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Ergoproxy have a good scenario, but for me, the history got fucked up halfway through and I stopped watchin

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New game is not on the list. There is coding and /g/ stuff all over it.

>> No.66885880

What anime was it?

>> No.66885905

what anime is that?
newfag here

>> No.66885918

boku no pico

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Blame! would be good too.

>> No.66886008

Kill yourself, at least read the fucking thread.
Lurk 2 years before posting again.

>> No.66886027

/g/ had really good taste.

>> No.66886085

fuck off you fat cunt

>> No.66886135

That one episode of Haruhi.

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it's birthday was this month so you can watch it and feel special I guess.

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It is THE cyberpunk manga.

>> No.66886241

Retard, go back to whatever site you came from.

>> No.66886244

nice systemspace reference

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>> No.66886263

What is the nu-/g/ anime?

>> No.66886265

I tried it but it ended like every anime series I've watched which means I've dropped it after 5 episodes. Seems like the only anime I can stomach are the Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll movies.

>> No.66886278

/g/ and /fit/ have the best taste desu

>> No.66886287

nu-/g/ hates anime.

>> No.66886300

Is Korean humor like Japanese humor?

>> No.66886303

Don't forget
- Gunnm aka Battle Angel Alita
- DennĊ Coil aka "Snow Crash for kids"

>> No.66886309

How had i never heard of this before?

>> No.66886327

/m/ likes Nanoha and Symphogear?

>> No.66886352

Why are there two distinct systemlink websites?

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After watching it for the 3rd time and reading the PS game plot translation + re-watching the cutscenes I can safely say that the PS game was better (plus the PS Lain is cuter).
Shut up systemspace is fucking boring and dumb
>there's legitimately people who think that something like trans-humanism for the middle/low class could even be a thing

look at fucking rockefeller he had a ton of transplants and death still got him
do you guys honestly think that if technology like this could actually be a thing it wouldn't cost more than organ transplants? lmao like research on such topics is not even NEAR close to concrete stuff
No one on this fucking website could afford it even if it was a thing lol.

>> No.66886469

>there's legitimately people who think that something like X for the middle/low class could even be a thing
>do you guys honestly think that if technology like this could actually be a thing it wouldn't cost more than [natural counterpart]?

>> No.66886550

How the fuck are you going to achieve it without some expensive as heck device?
ALSO, not only that but you would need money for a alien-technology tier prosthetic body otherwise
>implying the artificial ambient in which your mind gets uploaded to would last long enough without someone in the real world shutting everything down and completely wiping you off lmao

>> No.66886614

You can tell this chart was made without /a/'s involvement.

>> No.66886653

>Infinite stratos
Seems pretty accurate to me

>> No.66886763

>Not including Steins;Gate

That shit is straight up /g/

>> No.66886777

You should learn some economics and history of technology. Research how much mechanical precise parts (e.g., in watches), radios, cars, computers or lithium batteries used to cost.
>someone in the real world shutting everything down and completely wiping you off
Uploading may or may not work, but if you get uploads you will have economic incentives to keep them alive. Read The Age of Em.

>> No.66886878

based anon

>> No.66886902

Lain is in that image retard

>> No.66886906

Lain trannies completely ruined the show for me. Used to be one of my favorites.

>> No.66886908

It's Serial Experiments Lain. Don't come back until you've watched it, at least.

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>> No.66886919

He's just paranoid about other people's genitals for some reason

>> No.66886948

Just imagining a person approximately my age and exactly my gender delusionally LARPing as Lain because they want to be her is just retarded and off-putting

>> No.66886950

I don't even like anime but lain is really good

>> No.66886959

so you're delusional and it's literally all in your head

you are letting an image in your head of another hypothetical human being ruin your enjoyment of something actually real in the physical world -- that's not healthy

>> No.66886965

t. person with a "feminine penis"

>> No.66886979

>utterly shit from a tech perspective
it's a ficitonal philosophical/psychological drama not a programming tutorial you mong

>> No.66886980

no, im just not some retard who lets imaginary things ruin my enjoyment of real things

>> No.66886997

You do realize the Tsuki thing was a bunch of basement dwelling trannies, right?

>> No.66887005

who gives a fuck

even if that's true, which i sincerely doubt, who gives a fuck

seriously, why do you care

what the fuck is wrong with you, just stop giving a shit about other people and like things because they're good, jesus fucking christ

>> No.66887027

Yuru Yuri is /our show/.
Y'all are pathetic.

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I usually don't agree with shitty memes, but this one is 100% true. JoJo is for turbo faggots.

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>> No.66887318

Of course, everyone knows /a/ actually hates anime.

>> No.66887369

Maybe you should calm down a bit, but I'll watch Armitage and Patlabor. You seem to know your anime. I'm liking Lain so far (ep 11 rite nao), even though I think it might be going a bit too far with the last-episodes-of-evangelion shit.

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Are you a faggot or something?

>> No.66887429

people who even remember systemspace or pass it upon as something remotely good should fucking kill themselves
it has nothing to do with lain and its just a mentally ill redditor plagiarizing websites

>> No.66887548

lmao do you like 3d, too?

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lmao imagine if idols were real, idolfags would be insta btfo because they'd get either completely ignored or at least friendzoned by those boring copypasta retarded girls ehehehhe

>> No.66887579

And you don't seem to understand

>> No.66887596

a shame you seemed an honest man

>> No.66887755
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>idols are not real

>> No.66887847

>>>/a/ back to your containment boards pedo weeb fag.

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>> No.66887935

I use both you clueless mouth breather.

>> No.66887950

then stay in the one I mentioned

>> No.66887967

Nea, your mom and sister are over there posting nude selfies.

>> No.66887979

Indeed anon.

>> No.66887988

In Lain's universe God was written in Lisp, and this is technically correct.

>> No.66888005

BPS is fucking shit, I don't know why you guys like it. Yeah sure, he works for obscure tech but the entire story is written by a 15 year old.

>> No.66888007

post link

>> No.66888009

Yup, it is. Lain loves ganoo/loonix

>> No.66888025

Did Yuru Yuri ever feature a payoff or is it the ultimate blue balls series ever made?

>> No.66888029

A man of culture I see. Lain, Eva, Bebop, etc... It was a great year for anime.

>> No.66888030

>BPS is fucking shit
you just have shit taste

>> No.66888080

He's right. If you actually enjoy that piece of shit you must have a really shitty taste. Love Live is a meme, that's all.

>> No.66888092
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>programming language

>> No.66888101

>haha government wants to hire techmoan
>haha instead of money he get obsure tech
>haha government walk in on him doing lewd thing
>haha he saved the day
>haha time for 15 more eps of this

>> No.66888120

>being such an enormous faggot

>> No.66888148


>> No.66888164

30yo boomer detected

>> No.66888186

it's /x/ meets vrchat

>> No.66888187

thats because there are not much /g/ related anime

>> No.66888200
File: 2.87 MB, 640x427, 1532547331919.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl-f "black magic"

>> No.66888204

As there shouldn't be, the weebs have their own containment boards and should stay in them.

>> No.66888219

nah it's overrated boring garbage and its fanbase is pretty much the worst thing internet has ever seen. besides there's no official /g/ anything

>> No.66888230
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Where do yo think you are?

>> No.66888239

Go complain to the new owner if you dont like it, pedo.

>> No.66888250

>b-but anon, muh idolshit

>> No.66888255
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Where do you think you are?

>> No.66888263

>anime website
If you don't like it >>>/r/eddit

>> No.66888266


>> No.66888272

Awww, did I piss off the pedophiles?

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You're in the wrong website kiddo.

>> No.66888287

>>>/a/ faggot

>> No.66888297
File: 443 KB, 380x524, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't like it, go complain to the new owner.

>> No.66888312

LOL, you child rapers are so defensive.

>> No.66888368
File: 98 KB, 616x311, 153258529233303742?1448588748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just a little reminder of where you are anon, don't forget it next time.

>> No.66888397

Doesn't say anything about having to tolerate kiddie diddlers.

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>> No.66888419

Maybe you're in the wrong website?

>> No.66888431

Nope, I come here for the technical discussions not to be insulted by faggot incels.

>> No.66888460

And who's insulting you?
>I come here for the technical discussions
Yeah, that's why you clicked specifically in this thread.

>> No.66888474

He's baiting you.

>> No.66888479

This is becoming pedantic.
I posted here because I'm sick of seeing the weeb trash with their anime bulshit when they have their own containment boards for the weebaboo shit, stay there and leave /g/ alone.

>> No.66888482


trannies and leftist appropriation ruined lain for me

>> No.66888531
File: 18 KB, 744x247, cd635ca2ccb6cac5ef0185ce29ea0743496adbb39965b581a9c56cd690567222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you hate weeb trash so much why are you from all website on 4chan, there are plenty of sites where you can discuss Technology without having to deal with 'weebs' or you know, you can just hide the thread a move on.That's the way 4chan is, if you don't like it, you always can leave.

>> No.66888555

Judging from your poor attempt at english you're probably a street shitter.
I'm here to discuss tech, I'm not in any other sub.
I don't go to /a/ and post technical questions do i?

>> No.66888609

Anime has been attached to this website more than you've been here, and do you expect it to disappear just because you don't like it? There are many other places you can discuss technology.

>> No.66888632

That doesn't mean you should take over tech threads with your non-related anime memes.

>> No.66888717

not necessarily
sel isn't just about computers. it may seem like it but it's just the way that the creators managed to write their message.

>> No.66888761

C'mon, people has been using anime pictures for starting threads for more than I can remember. If they stay on topic I don't see the problem, even moot say so.
>non-related anime memes.
what a coincidence you don't complain about the endless frogposter threads, the wojak threads, the recently boomer threads, they're all shitposting and mostly off-topic.

Seriously, if you can't stand an anime picture on this website you probably should leave. Just look where you are, you are complaining about anime in an anime thread, in an anime website.

>> No.66888799

Pepes are elite, the others are usually related to the thread, pics of nude anime kids are just there for pedos to wank to.
Moot $old the site long ago to go work for the evil google/NSA botnet.
If a topic is offtopic that't the janitor's job to fix.
Go to 8/c/han if you just want weeb pics.

>> No.66888809

stop giving (you)s to that kid, dumbass

>> No.66888823

Fuck (You)

>> No.66889034
File: 41 KB, 474x1038, 79E8674C-3984-4B96-80B9-83BDCB34557C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best girl

>> No.66889270
File: 83 KB, 1200x675, DbFmtRgUQAA9yln.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66889345


>> No.66889362

>Macross plus
Pretty (OVA), but garbage plot and characters. And """""movie""""" differs from superior OVA only in that there's additional sex scene/titties and coloring/gamma + order of scenes (which is actually nonsensical garbage in comparison to superior OVA). It's also garbage because it was supposed to be a midquel between SDF and 7, but completely failed to deliver any meaningful semblance to the overall timeline of the franchise. Same with Zero.

>> No.66889380

>Ergo Proxy trash
>Jin-Roh memey shit
>FLCL (just KYS already, nigger)
>Akagi (couldn't be more wrong)

>> No.66889438

Well I only actually watched plus, so I wouldn't know about the other stuff, not that big into anime normally.
How exactly is the plot bad? I'd agree if you said that some aspects were pretty contrived but other than that I don't see the issue.

>> No.66889468

SEL is a nice show but the fanbase is mostly stupid underage script kiddies who think they're on top of the hacker world because they can install rainmeter and read leet.
It's an odd phenomena. Year after year a new cast of cringery lainfags show up on /g/ and /tech/ and lainchan posting their let's all love lains and present day present times like it was some secret cyberpunk hacker lingo that entirely forgives their crippling incompetence and cluelessness.
If you can help it I'd advice you to not associate with this show.

>> No.66889476

See >>66883945.

Anime is trash. Manga =/= anime.

Not in the slightest. Just watch Aachi and Ssipak and you'll know literally everything about Korean "taste" in """""humor""""".

Psycho Pass is. Steins Gate is garbage for underage kiddie scrubshits who know no better (Betterman, for example). Only inexperienced retards that sincerely (and wholly wrongfully) think there's anything worthwhile in garbage that is Mnemosyne or Aquarion, watch Steins Gate.

>> No.66889491

...there is plenty gay shit in Hokuto, though. If you want absolutely pure, non-gay stuff from same artist, go Otokojuku.

>> No.66889517

You should watch Blu-Ray remaster (download remux from Pantsu?) of Patlabor in order of "TV -> Movie I -> Movie II" and completely skip garbage that is Movie III, before going at Armitage.

>> No.66889535
File: 1.29 MB, 418x402, SRSLY 080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imagine if idols were real

>> No.66889571

Like something bad, lol. Sure, I didn't manage to get born before 1982, but I'm fine nonetheless.

>> No.66889579

See >>66883945.

>> No.66889591

It's actually directly related to /g/'s tastes in onemoo.
Penis-onna 4 is not, but P5 is unironically fine.

>> No.66889631

>How exactly is the plot bad?
It's Stanley Kubrick's 2001, but with Mecha and no drugs. And too much forced drama that absolutely doesn't work due to it being very predictable and obvious. Macross Plus also directly copies shot-for-shot some things from Patlabor Movie I, which is not surprising considering Kawamori worked with Oshii in the past. And, again, it was technically supposed to be a midquel that connects SDF with 7, but they've completely 'dun goofed with the opportunity. It's still canon in the timeline itself, but it's plot or characters have literally 0% influence in lieu of the overall story (7 is a direct continuation of SDF, if anything).

>> No.66889668

I see where you're coming from, but I wouldn't say that it's enough to call it garbage, also drama being obvious doesn't make it bad, forcing it on the other hand does, it does force some of it, but again, to me it's not enough to condemn it.
To me, garbage would be something like the galaxy express 999 movie. Now that was forced as fuck, and full of nonsense.

>> No.66889689

Weebs need to be gassed

>> No.66889842

You sure love double lettering, huh.

>> No.66889948

Given we're well into the age of internet, the show did not impress me on a technological level (even though it got many fads of today accurately). But it is so ambiguous and weird that everyone got an opinion on it, but there's no definitive interpretation. It's a true goldmine for whatever the fuck you're into, whether it be philosophy, biology, supernatural, memes, etc.

>> No.66889965

Basically, starting your experience of Macross franchise with Plus, is a pretty bad thing, even if not uncommon (many people did it like this, not me though). You should go to Pantsu or somewhere else similar and download BD remastered remuxes of original SDF TV (watching Flashback 2012 after TV is fine too, though not 100% necessary) and 7 (maybe also OVA/specials and 7 Movie) with subs and watch that back-to-back, not this shit. Also ignore Do You Remember Love, Macross II, Frontier and Delta, they're trash. Zero is absolutely useless and pointless, though might be watched through just ONCE for mere completion. Plus was a very "product of it's time" and actually absolutely doesn't hold up at all these days, not even if watching with girlfriend/waifu on a big home theater screen while cuddling or in a company of friends. It's absolutely obsolete now. Pretty, but hollow and worthless, even as a waste of time. So far, in the entire Macross franchise, only original SDF TV series and 7 TV + OVA/Specials + 7 Movie have any actual worthwhile merit and power behind them. They've fucked up badly with Frontier, and Delta is an absolute fucking trash all way through and through. So, for any truly sophisticated Macross watcher that has any dignity at all, franchise ends at 7 so far, since there's nothing else of worthwhile enough quality out there so far. Watch SDF, then watch 7 TV while splicing OVA/Specials in-between (the order is kind of messed up since they were made/aired between arcs of TV series, google up info on where to put them in the player's list) and adding Movies as end episodes (DYNAMITE, the one about space whales, is the most latest part of that timeline in the franchise, so you should always end it with that).

>> No.66890057

Ginga Tetsudou 999 movie is not nonsensical or bad at all, IF you know where it originates from. And for that, you should watch additional material prior to that, such as Maetel Legend and Space Symphony Maetel OVA, even though they were made later. This is because Maetel/Ginga Tetsudou 999 franchise has very many off-shoots (such as Emeraldas and Harlock, for example) and side-stories which actually ALL affect main series and interconnect with them in one way another, and what makes things difficult is that some of these were made in random order many years apart between releases, thus building a one true correct order of watching Ginga Tetsudou 999 saga is an absolute fucking NIGHTMARE even for such hardcore fans as me. What you should know firsthand and foremost, is that first Movie is NOT actually bad or nonsensical any, it just relies on you knowing established facts/events from other additional material and there's also a direct sequel for this movie ("Adieu"), which adds greatly to the first and makes it wholesome fully. Basically, you didn't watch Maetel Legend and Space Symphony Maetel, that's why you got confused greatly with first Movie. This happens all the time, so not surprising. But the movie itself is NOT nonsensical garbage. It's just that you personally didn't had prior knowledge accumulated before watching it.

>> No.66890107

>/x/ meets vrchat
Lain isn't nearly as terrifying as that sounds.

>> No.66890112

>>It's not contrived
>I fell in love with you because you spoke to me one time while I was serving you dinner, and as such I sacrificed myself to save you
Now that one could be explained by missing material, but then it doesn't make much sense that she watches them leave from a distance, rather than being with them when they leave the train during the movie.
And then there's the worse one.
>I love you like my own, but I can't bring you with me when I get my real body and we will never see each other again because I won't look the same, even though, let's be honest here all the women (except for the old ones) look basically the same in this show, and even if they didn't, you'd probably still be pretty okay with it.
Nah mate, it's contrived as fuck.
If the movie doesn't stand on it's own then it's a pretty bad movie, and her leaving him like that in the end is just nonsensical.

>> No.66890123

She uses Lisp you brainlet.

>> No.66890174

>If the movie doesn't stand on it's own then it's a pretty bad movie
So I guess 95.82% of all movies ever made (animated and live action alike) are bad for you, then. Oh well, figures.

>> No.66890189
File: 120 KB, 602x693, anime-costs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Makes sense, as anime costs a lot to make. Are there any tru-/g/ manga or VNs?

>> No.66890191

You can't just dismiss it like that.
It doesn't make sense that she would just up and abandon him like that, he still doesn't have a place to live, he's still wanted (as far as we know, the movie never tells us), she'd have to be a sociopath to do it.
These are glaring issues.

>> No.66890261

>leftist appropriation
What do they see in Lain? Its themes aren't exactly Marxist.

>> No.66890288

Like them or not, Jin-Roh, Memories and FLCL are good anime.

>> No.66890336

>It doesn't make sense that she would just up and abandon him like that
Again - it does if you know what happens in other additional material. And there's a direct sequel to first movie, so, no, it all gets resolved.
It's like you're watching Orphen while not knowing it takes place in same Kanzakaverse with Slayers and Lost Universe (while Orphen itself was NOT made by Kanzaka, it's still completely happens in same universe AND affects some of Slayers' events). Or if you're watching Betterman while not knowing it takes place in the same universe with GaoGaiGar. Or if you're watching Grendizer while not knowing that it's ACTUALLY a sequel to Mazinger.

>> No.66890376

Jin-Roh is "good anime"? They've completely fucked up EVERYTHING in the canon and continuity of Kerberos story. It has no excuse whatsoever to exist at all! That piece of shit is NOTHING like the original Kerberos stories. It's a fucking blight on the franchise, a black sheep.

>> No.66890381

>It makes sense if you watched the other stuff.
Prove it.
Explain to me how it makes sense that she'd do it. That she would just leave him, because muh body and totally won't see eachother again.
The fact that it's resolved later doesn't matter, the very fact that she would choose to leave him like that, because of muh body, and claim that they'd never see eachother again is still a bullshit action.
If there really is a good reason to do it, tell me what it is. And tell me why they never even hinted at it in the movie when it's such an important plot point, important enough that the ending is bollocks without it.

>> No.66890387

I want a Texhnolyzechan. I think Texhnolyze is immune to becoming a kids' meme.

>> No.66890417

>If there really is a good reason to do it, tell me what it is.
Movies are just adaptations of the manga.
They're nothing more than just one big single story which was cut in two parts due to running time/budget constraints. That's why your arguing doesn't make sense - you treat it like it makes no sense due to possibility of it ending just at the first movie, while in reality they've planned to make it all one big story from the very beginning and thus the resolve was there initially from the very start. The thing that you're calling an "ending" of the first movie, is really not an ending at all, it's just "end of side A, please turn videotape/disc onto side B" kind of a case, an intermission. If you never watched second movie, which directly continues where first one left off, that's only your problem, man.

>> No.66890430

Kids made a meme even out of Grave of Fireflies and Barefoot Gen, so no. People always find something good to completely fuck up with their retardation.

>> No.66890432

FLCL is trash.
The characters are unlikable and the plot is pure unintelligible nonsense. The art style would be redeemable, if they didn't switch it mid-episode for no reason.
Dropped after 1.6 episodes.

>> No.66890458

>Avoiding the issue still.
Just fyi, magical happenstance is not a good way of handling a story. And things that have not yet happened should not affect the characters choices, the second movie DOES NOT MATTER when it comes to this specific event, it hadn't happened yet.
You never explained her motivation, this tells me that even you know that it's bollocks.
Keep in mind that it's okay to like bollocks, I still liked the movie, but ignoring reality like this is just retarded.
It's good bollocks, but still bollocks.

>> No.66890467

Okay, it's a good _standalone_ anime.

>> No.66890477

>Kids made a meme even out of Grave of Fireflies and Barefoot Gen
Not sure if I really want to know, but what?

>> No.66890479

There was never an issue to begin with. You created it artificially out of nowhere inside of your head.

>> No.66890483

Nice reference but isnt SS something entirely different?

>> No.66890491

>Literally just flat denial.
How about this then.
While they're on Titan in the movie they make it a big deal that just that gun that the kid gets is a warriors gun, it can kill mechanized people.
Yet towards the end of the movie when they fight the count those same men stage an ambush, and in that ambush they kill mechanized men.
Explain this to me.

>> No.66890495

With that ending? PUH-LEASE. It absolutely ruins the overall experience, a fucking letdown all way through and through.

>> No.66890500

What is it?

>> No.66890505

>Flat denial
Yeah, that's exactly what you're doing right now, indeed.

>> No.66890524
File: 59 KB, 400x400, 24305216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wow this is just sad.

>> No.66890525

Some dude fucmed over Tsuki

>> No.66890540

Its different now, things have changed a bit since ST normies(such as myself) took over

>> No.66890547

>he's a Touhoufag
Sigh...what else could I expect, really...sheesh.

>> No.66890570

>h8ing 2hu

>> No.66890577

Don't respond to him. He's clearly off it.

>> No.66890593

Nice samefagging.

>> No.66890680

But that's not BPS

>A: Hikkimori
>2: l337 haxx0r skillz
>D: Incestuous paedophilia

A much better representation of you faggots

>> No.66890746

what's the non Mr robot series/anime then. I've been liking Mr robot from an emotional perspective and tech has been just fine

>> No.66890754


>> No.66890770

>no fucking normies
>What are "all the retards still trapped in the Matrix"?

>> No.66890836
File: 149 KB, 323x316, 2018-07-17_17-36-53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

take it easy

>> No.66891050

>plot is pure unintelligible nonsense
>dropped after 1.6 episodes

>> No.66891070

>what's the non-Mr.Robot series/anime then
Kodomo No Omocha, Kimagure Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, EL-HAZARD, Gankutsuou, Excel Saga, Lolo & Pepe, Kochikame, Time Bokan/Kiteretsu Daihyakka, Cutey Honey.

>> No.66891128

And all the fears you hold so dear

>> No.66891151

>some weirdo highschool girl that ends up slashing the "main" character
Bakemonogatari is kino, baka

>> No.66891176

mite be school days though. This is shit.

>> No.66891190
File: 61 KB, 750x563, deep-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It has some pretty cool stuff regarding philosophy and reality, but I think people only like it because it was their first """serious""" anime.
Lain was one of the first anime I saw, and even then I disliked it. Its so-called "philosophy" is meaningless and obscured. To say that the whole Schumann-resonance-thing they're pulling is on "tenuous" scientific grounds would be complimenting it; only a complete scientific ignoramus could take that shit seriously.

>> No.66891226

Probably unification of mankind and the cession of individual existence, which leftists understand as the root of all evil. (There are people who are different than me, which is unequal, unfair, and most importantly infringes on my right to be exactly as I want without reality impeding on it.)

>> No.66891227
File: 249 KB, 650x686, 0cf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

clothes are technology

>> No.66891231

I am in the market for a good show to marathon this weekend. Is this Lain thing solid?
Note, I don't like the anime tropes for weebs and the jap market. Basically I want a "western" style characters and plot, without all the monologues, exposition dumps and cringy theater over the top stuff that nips like.
Also I hope its not too depressing.

Thanks /a/.

>> No.66891239
File: 356 KB, 2000x2000, makian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course it is. See pic related.

>> No.66891240

Try Studio Trigger.

>> No.66891266
File: 826 KB, 1280x1408, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, LL was bad idolshit. Imas is orders of magnitude more enjoyable.

>> No.66891282

School days is essential daily viewing material for volcel confirmation bias.

>> No.66891284

What the hell are you talking about? The big 24 hour clock says when the world is unlinked, not when you should kill yourself. It doesn't even matter when or how you die. Can you fucking stop spreading false information?

>> No.66891302

>To say that the whole Schumann-resonance-thing they're pulling is on "tenuous" scientific grounds would be complimenting it; only a complete scientific ignoramus could take that shit seriously.
Well, it appears you've been fooled by the well-crafted backstory, despite its improbability. In the world of Lain, rumors and conspiracy theories are ingrained so strongly in the mind of the Wired users that they've become truth. But only in that world, not ours.

>> No.66891310
File: 239 KB, 500x419, wat-11.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not a programming language

>> No.66891330

SEL would be exactly what you would expect it to be, except it's still very Japanese at heart. I wouldn't see a Western show pull out the same story in the same style.

>> No.66891378

>In the world of Lain, rumors and conspiracy theories are ingrained so strongly in the mind of the Wired users that they've become truth.
Well, yes, that's basically the excuse they use for everything, without good underlying reason, and to no good effect.

>> No.66891402


>> No.66891425

Its seinfeld with qt yuri middleschoolers. So no. No pay off. There isnt a plot.

>> No.66891433

Dude, if "scene i" doesn't tie up with "scene i+1" in a meaningful way, I seriously doubt watching the whole thing would make things any clearer.

>> No.66891439

The underlying reason is to bring about the merge of the Wired with the physical world, the effect is no good because it basically leads the current world to destruction instead of evolution.

[SPOILER] (Hence the final reset) [SPOILER]

>> No.66891525

Then stop acting like you actually know how it works and spreading misinformation. You're misleading people into believing it's an actual suicide cult. It's not even a cult, you don't even have to believe it's real and still register. In fact, a lot of people who registered don't believe it's real.
All you have to do to register is draw something (anything) on a piece of paper and write a code on it, then upload a photo of it to the website. You don't dox yourself or whatever lies someone else posted earlier.

>> No.66891562


>> No.66891599

I remember watching that like a decade ago. If memory serves right, an underaged boy's grandfather was allowing that underaged boy to get fucked by an adult man.

>> No.66891618

Technology killed God. Without that fact, the story of Boku no Pico couldn't even be told because it would just be improbable. So, it's totally technology-related.

>> No.66891628

And the boy wears lady clothes.
So I'd say it's pretty /g/.
Also there's 3 of them, personal favourite is 2, maid outfits are so good.

>> No.66891634

You seem to be a prancing homo fruit weeb, so I'll take the time to ask you.
What was the one where a younger boy meets an older girl(male) under a bridge?

>> No.66891636

Lain is a slut

>> No.66891638

I named my k8s master nodes lain in honour of our lord and saviour

it's a great album
the entire OST is top tier work music

>> No.66891642
File: 332 KB, 944x531, 1522268870110.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Texhnolyze is the true thinking mans anime. Shame they don't really make anything like it anymore.

>> No.66891675

You'd be sadly mistaken, I don't actually seek these things out, normally I just go on nhentai and grab whatever interesting I see first.
If you find out, do let me know. It sounds pretty good.

>> No.66891676

domo kaguya-senpai

>> No.66891711

>you don't even have to believe it's real and still register. In fact, a lot of people who registered don't believe it's real.
So, what's the point? What is the appeal?

>> No.66891842

You can view it as an ARG if you don't believe it's real. Or just another place to talk about things. I just check on it from time to time to see if there's anything new regarding the lore.

>> No.66891910

>I just check on it from time to time
systemspace.link or systemspace.network? Which is supposed to be the active one?

>> No.66891942

looks like link is the official one after getting that message on network

>> No.66891955

systemspace.link is the official one. The .network one is just a mirror.

>> No.66891979

>Your browser sent an invalid or no HTTP referer.

>> No.66891991

skip it and do Patlabor for TV

>> No.66892059

>first aired the day i was born

whoa #fate

>> No.66892127

Its just an autism anime club with a ton of suicidal trannies. Plus its fucking dead, why are you even discussing it.

Their discord was cancer btw

>> No.66892251

The discord servers were cancer yeah. Now it has a rocket chat server, which looks ok.
The site is still being updated, so it's not actually dead. I just wonder what it's going to say when the countdown is over.

>> No.66892284

I'd say Akira is the pinnacle of animation

>> No.66892301

Dunno about pinnacle. Definitely one of the best though.

>> No.66892307

Fate is a good franchise.

>> No.66892313

>I just wonder what it's going to say when the countdown is over.
The underage autismo who made the project will thank everyone for their donations and close it?

It might get updated by 1 person but the project is dead.

>> No.66892327

>watching anime
can you stoop any lower?

>> No.66892336

Disgusting filth. Go play in your fapanese weeaboo containment boards FFS.

Uh-huh, and Flickr is still a real-time chatroom based photo sharing browser game.

>> No.66892341

Posting on a anime website is definitely worse than watching anime.

>> No.66892356

Flicker is a business sim.

>> No.66892362

Serious question, did you first arrive on 4chan through /pol/? And was it somewhere in 2016 or later?

>> No.66892371

Thanks man :D

>> No.66892496

it's only good for the waifus desu

>> No.66892506

/b/ called, they want their normie retards back.

>> No.66892519

clothes are bloat and botnet

>> No.66892534

>suicidal trannies
You don't have to repeat yourself.

>> No.66892571

you have to go back

>> No.66892576

This is the second time today I have seen this shit. Why won't you subhumans just go away? All you fucking do is come to this anime site and whine that there's anime everywhere, instead of fucking off to some subreddit or discord safe space.

Also you're a fucking obvious pedophile.

>> No.66892691

this thread is yet another proof that nice things always have an absolute imbecilic fandom. end your miserable lives, retards. all of you, weebs and weeb haters, are one of the main causes of /g/'s death.
ps: rewatch the anime, dumbasses. if "lel lain is a l337h4x0r who uses computers like me xd" is all you understood from it, you haven't been paying attention to the story.

>> No.66893268

If the show was meant to be taken seriously its protagonist wouldn't be a cute little schoolgirl.

>> No.66893458

You're fucking buttblasted. They aren't leftists they are autistic trannies who believe they are leftists. Read a book before you try to talk politics. Absolvation of individuality is not leftist, it's philosophical.

>> No.66893501

The thing is Japs only take cute little schoolgirls seriously.

>> No.66893512

>no berserk at /fit/

>> No.66893529


>> No.66893575
File: 12 KB, 880x131, absolute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66893882

>Absolvation of individuality is not leftist, it's philosophical.
It is the philosophy that underlies all of leftism, regardless if you count leftism as hardcore Marxism or as modern-day SJWs.

>> No.66894492

unlonk the werld

unleck the breast

>> No.66894592

>any other sub

have your (You) you little shit

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