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Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave.

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they are doing this to hide the race of the management since it's 100% white

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So many questions...

Why is just the head an emoji and the body a real image? Why are all the emojis awful resolution except for craig's? Why is the emohi skin color different even though you can see on the neck that it's really the same and doesn't match with the emoji?

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>Tim Cook
>Brown eyes

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Infinite Jest

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why would someone deface that page?

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>xbox avatars

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4chan board of directors

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>Broke German Enigma
What a pussy, who do you break something like that

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Jonathan and Dan have seen some shit.

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the real one

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What an ugly piece of shit

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now you know why they put cartoon faces on their website

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Alan Turing was literally a Trap

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>avatar looks 30 years younger

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lmao jonathan
>what yer looking at, m8?

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they use the existing male avatar face for it.

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>Turing was convicted and given a choice between imprisonment and probation, which would be conditional on his agreement to undergo hormonal treatment designed to reduce libido. He accepted the option of treatment via injections of what was then called stilboestrol (now known as diethylstilbestrol or DES), a synthetic oestrogen; this treatment was continued for the course of one year. The treatment rendered Turing impotent and caused gynaecomastia,[127] fulfilling in the literal sense Turing's prediction that "no doubt I shall emerge from it all a different man, but quite who I've not found out".[128][129] Murray was given a conditional discharge.[130]

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>Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave
I bet he regrets he didn't think of this faggotry first.

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Is apple so gay because of white executives from US and UK and femoids?

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Any rule 34 of this?

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at least Ballmer doesn't look like a generic 14 year old male with a fake facial hair

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>Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave.

Bones don't roll, son, they just rattle.

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that second image is of men

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Cancer saved Steve Jobs

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all white still so it isn't that bad

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Ive looks like a school shooter.

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what the fuck is that? Seriously, something is fucking wrong here.
White does not even begin to describe what's going on here. It's so white, that the white we know as a skin color is inadequate to describe this white. I'm not even talking about racial make up these executives, I'm talking about the unearthly and too be quite honest, alien, white glow of their skins. It's as if they were all dipped in bleach and painted in this special new ultra-white paint NASA is developing to allow spacecraft to fly near the fucking sun.

This scares me. I'm afraid apple is about to introduce a new ultra-white skin cream that you must apply to match the aesthetics of the new iphone.

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They probably did that so trannies don't have to look like Fred Flintstone in a dress.

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why is everyone looks like barbie doll

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Look at this Jonny, is so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

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Underrated post.

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One of the most based technology companies there is, I bet Apple-haters are /leftypol/

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I knew there was some truth to the programming socks meme. Glad I bought my pair

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They are using the Animoji app

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you mean applefags

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Not a single pajeet , that alone is very impressive.

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Cook is jewish

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they did this for kids writing their one page essay on their favorite company in 4th grade
makes them more relatable and not ugly old weird people

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the chad chest hair

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What? Phil the Shill doesn't look like that at all.

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>It's real


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I think Jobs has been rolling in his grave for a while now. This merely sped up his rotation, nothing more.

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>People who failed to get in Microsoft
Based on the design fails of Apple products, all of them is a complete idiot.

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He is a complete beta.

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Homos always look like their face was morphed with that of an old lesbian.

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He was born in Alabama and was baptised. Go back to /pol/ you filthy amerimutt

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Cook is old and look like a woman in a way.

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its like that 1984 apple ad in which all of the people look the same

(its all the same anime in OPs pic)

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Cool meme, amerimutt.

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Your soul, IS MINE.

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Waiting for Samsung to follow suit with their creepy uncanny valley AR emojis.

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That's racist!

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target acquired

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I hate this graphical style so much.

>What you want famm?
>Gimme that soulless corporate PlayStore adware look bro
>I gotcha fammilam

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Pretty sure he hasn't even started decomposing. With chemicals the body get's treated the decomposition only starts after 20 years.

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Steve Jobs would literally kill them if they tried this on his watch.

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Angela looks like a cold bitch.

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the cringe is real

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Bet he still gets more puss than you.

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I like how they moved the women to the top row to seem more diverse when literally everyone on the next row outranks fucking retails

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Most college leftists own macbooks and iphones u mong

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Kek, nice trick.
Show them as cartoons so you can pretend they are more diverse than they actually are.

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Tfw is up with Cue and Maestri. Are they twins or something?

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shit already looks passé, I see people cringing in 10 years from here.

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>not white

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steve jobs played with photo booth filters on stage at a keynote for like five minutes, i don't think he would give a shit about this

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Eh, general counsel is usually listed second or third after CFO. I'm surprised Ive isn't higher up given that he is literally the only reason Apple makes any money

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>Why are all the emojis awful resolution except for craig's?
Good one, really made me think. I am clueless.

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>Amerimutts are white

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Ehm, no, sweetie. Hes probably so dead that even if he were alive with body like that he could roll or move.
You statement is false.
Steve Jobs was marketer and world is better place without him.
Good riddance, I say.
Now if only someone would bomb all headquarters of apple...

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It took me a minute to realize that these face emoticons are just in front of their usual mugshot photos.

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Jews aren't white

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Besides Cook they are in alphabetical order

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Steve Jobs was such a greedy lying asshole that he's probably just saying he's rolling.

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It's just a fucking meme (for now).


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this is what usually happens when you hire based on ability

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Yup, he vowed to destroy Dropbox cos they wouldn't sell to him..

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>that tails rape comic

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No what usually happens is you end up with jews

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La luz extinguida...

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Why can't they use actual pictures of themselves? Is it because most people are ugly and animated versions are more flattering than the real thing?

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kyll whity amirite

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he looks like a baby with stubble

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Woohoo lads we say we're white when it's convenient.

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About which part? About how Tim Cook personally uses Windows?

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>All the other kids with their gnu Linux....

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They protect his face of unauthorized data mining bots, and the fact outside of Tim Cook they are really nobodies.

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