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Fucking rofl.

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>security rules don't apply to me, they're for little people
>classified information? throw it with the charmin
>p a s s w 0 r d

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Nice Samsung Galaxy Smartphone you got there OP!

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This is so good. These guys are so funny.

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can't all be jjokbari.

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More like
>I am borderline tech illiterate so I will copy what the previous administration did.

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this is a tech topic, you fucking retard

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epic high level hacks that only russian bots are capable of

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>Barely one step up from nigerian prince scam

Clearly this was the work of the absolute highest levels of nation state cyber warfare

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it was her turn

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i wanted it to be a new stuxnet but instead we get this

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fucking really? lel holy fuck what kind of tech illiterate idiots are employed by the state

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Based russians utterly outplayed the amerikanski pigs.

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What the fuck? You Americans investigated this shit for 2 years and THIS was what they came up with? HAHAHAHAHAHAH

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>muh russian """""hackers"""""

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I live under a rock. What document are you guys screenshotting

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Müller indictment against 12 RUSSIAN ELITE BOT HACKERS

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This is the kind of shit I did as a kid when I was phishing MMO accounts -- even made painfully bad spoof websites that mocked the real Runescape ones. The DNC and this Russian "hacker" investigation gets more sad and pathetic with each passing day

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I'm pretty liberal but this is the hardest I've laughed in awhile, just imaging some old fucks at the DNC getting tricked by this child's play is bringing a tear to my eye. Good god we need to get old people out of politics.

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This is what hacking is nowadays. Tech guys are usually competent, so it's the users who know better who fuck things up.

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I heard they browsed their personal email while under VPN, thus allowing the FBI to fingerprint them.

Although they did hack us, the Russians were super sloppy doing it.

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If russian hacking is this sloppy I wonder how sloppy best korea hacking is

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I would hesitate to call this a hack, and certainly not an "election" or "vote" hack like they've been touting it as. We've known that the DNC and Podesta got phished for years, for them to spend millions of dollars and the past two years on what was supposedly a huge case only to end up with this. Well, it's quite disappointing. And since they're Russian nationals they will never see a day in court (just like the previous indictments targeted at the Facebook advertisers).

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I disagree. It is very substantial. Substantially hilarious, that is.

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reminder to make your screenshots in PNG and process them with pngquant --nofs

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The Democrat party deserved to have their data stolen, the incompetent fucks.

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>there is people ITT who believe "hacking" amounts to typing 1337 komandz in the terminal
No, you retards. Unless they're targeting a previosuly infected machine or a machine with a known exploit, hacking amounts to bamboozling other people into giving you their credentials or opening an infected file to gain access to their machine/network, which is exactly what the FBI claims they were doing here: >>66731281
>b-b-b-b-b-but its ok becuse hilary is crooked & ebil so dis be ok
Regardless of what you think about that political party, about Hillary and even though they were deeply inept because they didn't follow any serious security procedures; it is very serious and bad that foreign actor(s) attempt to attack and/or interfere with a US political party.

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this is why old people should not be allowed to use computers or the internet. they just can't be trusted. not once did someone successfully scam my runescape account when i was 8.

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Who are quoting?

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you do know that Americans themselves influence the elections of other countries on the regular to a much greater scale than what happened here? something like 70 elections in the past 50 years have been directly influenced by american intelligence bureaus. so pardon me if i won't shed tears that some retarded dems got tricked by low effort phising techniqued that even a teenager could pull off

this holier than thou attitude is exactly why people hate you americans so much

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So is this just gonna be swept under the rag? And the same Russian hackers narrative continued?

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I personally condemn every attack on other countrie's sovereignty. The USA is not good on that regard, but by saying "the USA does it so other countries can too" you're not condemning the action, you're saying it's okay to do it.

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America's fault for normalizing it then, don't play hard ball with other countries for decades and then cry just because you got a slap back. your country made the rules of the game.

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fuck off this is hilarious

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no, its more like those with glass houses since Obama/Clinton literally did the same thing to Israel

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This has nothing to do with Trump. But good job indicting some dudes who will never set their feet on the American soil. Taxpayer money well spent!

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I honestly can't really blame them because they've been investigating this dead end for 2 years now and have wasted away millions of dollars doing so. They have to indict someone, or else everyone's going to blow their heads off screaming. Well, more than they usually do, anyway.

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They should've statted a war to find nuclear weapons, impose taxes on economical and political allies for no reason and then build an useless wall on the border. Now THAT'S taxpayer money well-spent.

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Hey, I don't like the Israel prime minister either.

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