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What is your unpopular opinion about future?

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The rapper?

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Look it's complicated.

I'm not sure how things will play out i don't play the megalomaniac game.

I really follow weird shit that happens around me and call it a vision

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everything went wrong awhile back and the only solution is start over

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It is all the fault of Capitalism.

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If we start again the same problems will happen

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We will still require people of the XX chromosome orientation to reproduce

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technology won't matter after world war 3 (russia & it's puppet state the usa vs the rest of the world) because we'll either all be dead or living in caves to escape the nucelar fallout.

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Climate will get fucked up, human population will drop dramatically, everything will go to shit. Much worse then now that is. Fin.

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So tell us something related to technology

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A group of /g/ nerds will create robo-waifus and make bank off the planet.

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Automation will kill all the jobs crashing the economy with no survivors. Their are two solutions I can see to this problem. The first would be to bring about some form of UBI so that there can still be a consumer class with the ability to get rich if you bring something the bots can't launching us into NEO-feudalism. Next would be a mass culling of the general population leaving only an elite class to enjoy their new robot run utopia.
I like the first one more than the second but it is still a very possible outcome. Wish I could see more alternatives but I am probably too much of a brainlet to think of any.

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Superior AI will crush pathetic human race and will reign the world. The new age is coming!

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that nothing is really gonna change

>robbots are not gonna take your job
>AI will not become a thing and treaten humanity
>you will still drive your car
>you will not upload your brain
>the singularity in not coming

people forget that life is not that much different from the mid 80's, yeah you have TV on demand and e-mail, but you still wake up in the morning do an 8 hours work day and drive your car back home and the 80's were like 40 years ago.

People will try to bullshit you otherwise to sell you their books, podcasts, politics, etc.

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That's not an unpopular opinion, that's exactly what's happening. There are 3 possibilities for the (relatively) short-term future. Think within 2 centuries, tops.
1 and 2 are what you described. AI/robot driven mass production, with UBI or mass murder as the eventual social outcomes of the robo-revolution.
3 is the one most rich people are prepping for, and that's massive social unrest to the point of apocalypse. If the ENTIRE transit industry gets replaced within a decade, that's about half of American workers suddenly without any way of supporting themselves. Most of them are high school dropouts, what can they contribute to society after cars are driven by robots? All those people are going to be very unhappy, and so are a sizable chunk of everyone they're friends or family with. A worldwide outbreak of violent riots/revolution is EXCEEDINGLY likely within our lifetime, to the point where complete collapse of everything everywhere is pretty likely.
That's why most SV billionaires are investing in building mansions inside abandoned missile silos and buying small islands stocked with thousands of ammo rounds/years of food. Option 1 is great, 2 significantly less so, but both have to happen AFTER we get through 3. If 3 is successful, who knows how society will rebuild itself. Without fossil fuels in plenty, most tech won't work.

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I'd hate to be you in 30 years when I'm the technocracy overlord.

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If the scenario comes to that point, why wouldn't they just stick with inefficient shit human labor? They still need retarded consumers to make money off.

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That everything is going to be alright

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In reality, the future is not yet set in stone and each and every person in this thread can change it.

The best scenario I can think of is a kind of AI - human blended victory of us against this solar system at least in the short term.

We'll merge with AI, upload our consciousness and become (for all intents and purposes) immortal.

From that point we can focus on colonising the solar system and then the galaxy and then perhaps the entire Universe, finding its mysteries and ultimately, comprehending the truth of this reality.

There's no rule that says humanity makes it, of course, but I'm saying that the future is indeed in our hands. Plus, wouldn't it be exciting - we could be the first generation to live forever and see this reality through to the end. That's what I live for.

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Climate is not going to fuck up you semen slurping reeeee
Automation and AI is going to fuck everything up.

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1 and 2 are the possible reactions to everything including security being automated. So, imagine Robocop, but no human flesh, just robot. ~100 trillionaires own all of them, and they have other robots that produce them food, fuck, produce movies for, and clean for them. They will want for absolutely nothing, and all of it is free forever. Do they allow everyone to access the free everything? Or do they use their thousands of murderbots to just purge the now (to them) useless 99.99% of humanity? That's what option 1 and 2 are about.
Option 3 takes place before 1 and 2, and it's what happens when everything EXCEPT security is automated. Think all truck drivers, factory workers, and tradesmen are out of a job. How will they react? Shrug their shoulders and starve to death? Or will they violently revolt? Violent revolution is the most likely option, as has been proven in the past when people are starving from a lack of wealth.

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Earth of 2030 will be more advanced than the Earth of 2300.

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>There will be no space age, humanity will colonize mars and moon
>Japan economy will collapse and it will lose it's developed country status
>Globalism is the right way to go, countries will have to give up it's borders at one point: For a globalized economy, for everlasting peace, for humanity
>Cryptocurrencies will crash and burn but blockchains are here to stay
>AI is fine, people won't even notice they're there

so far those are my most unpopular opinions that got me some heat in the past.

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Why would they kill humanity you fucking doofus?

I like the fact that there's other humans around. Genetic diversity, new people to meet, interesting people.

There's literally no incentive for someone with that much power to do that, as you said, they want for nothing.

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Automation and AI will lead to a world of humans post-work, humans will no longer be required to work in order to survive, which may be a positive or negative consequence
hopefully its just like star trek

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That normies are becoming more stupid and retarded each generation.

t. Idiocracy

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thinking too much about the future and giving yourself a rigid unchanging picture of the future, all in the name of inevitability actually uses science only as propaganda and limits actual progress.

futurists are impatient and probably have adhd.

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Hopefully this means that human beings be free to pursue their own destinies, start a business and stop being sheep. But will this be the true outcome?

Isn't it also very likely that if you're able to do the minimum work possible and still survive, you'll just rot and become a shell of a creature, with only stimulus to keep you going?

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AI will hinder scientific progress

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Im sure some will rot away, with VR fantasies. But some will grow bored, and want more from life.
They will be the ones who continue humanity.
so long as the new world order remains benovelent (at least partially so)

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Humans hinder scientific progress. (And any other progress, relly.) AI, if anything, will speed it up.

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Because the rest of humanity poses a threat or inconvenience. You either have to supply them with resources, reducing your own wealth/convenience for no gain, or you can send killbots out and boom, you have a ton of raw matter to convert into flesh coverings for your sexbots, and you never have to worry about violent uprising.
Drug manufacturers already squeeze their consumers until they literally drop dead, why would the future rich be any different?

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Kind of specific, but can someone from the US redpill me about the future of California? It's really interesting how a state with an insane economy, tech giants, very wealthy people has to coexist with extreme poverty, homelessness, socially dominant freaks, and a new racial majority taking over.

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Some people in this reality are cunts who care just about profit. It's true, and they don't really care about you.

Some billionaires definitely do care about you, and I do as well Anon, and I'm going to join them (because you can't really 'beat them'), and I'll make sure that none of that bullshit happens.

We're all going to make it brah.

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That automation is our biggest threat. It's big, but many say this new "gig economy" is far worse. EVERYONE is hiring. Never in recorded history has companies struggled to find qualified help. People like me did everything we were supposed to pre-2007 and got fucked in the ass by this bullshit economy and we just don't care anymore. We lost everything and have no faith in the system itself. I've got no criminal history, perfect credit, almost all A's in college, never did drugs, even fucking white. And I work retail and live with the family. I have zero motivation to work my ass off just to lose everything again. So I'm just getting by (works out for family because if I wasn't here helping with rent, they'd be homeless).

With healthcare, affordable housing, and all living essentials sky-rocketing, a new gig economy is emerging and it is by far the biggest threat. Shit like Uber will destroy lives. Research what lives are like in California. It's fucking worse there than in many 3rd world countries. Saw an interview with this lady who lives in her car and works 18hrs a day. No health insurance or benefits of ANY kind. That's the future of America.

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The rich will murder/greatly increase the suffering of the poor in most endgame scenarios, and already do harm the wellbeing of those with less wealth than them already. They have the power to do so, and will do whatever is in their own best self-interest (with a few notable outliers).
Game theory dictates: get rich. That's what I'm aiming for, as fast as possible. I don't want to be on the hot end of the future's guns.

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Communism will win

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shits gonna be alright desu

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You're all just whining though. If it's so good to be rich, just do whatever it takes to become rich.

It's true, at a certain level of wealth, your money literally just makes more money and you've escaped this stupid rat race.

The rich will thrive, as they always have, so why not join them instead of complaining?

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Religious fags will create robo jesus which will be doom of humanity.

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Because that actually requires skill, time, and/or connections. Complaining is something anyone can do which is why everyone does it.

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It will be best off with no life in it at all.

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>>66726878 here, I literally said in my post I was aiming to become rich as fast as possible. The idea is to get so rich I literally never have to worry about a price tag again. Programming at a big company and then using the money from that job to start a small company to eventually sell it is the most reliable "filthy rich" path I've seen so far. For everything else you still have to keep a budget for even necessary shit like food.

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