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Is the hobo build obsolete? What would you buy/build today on the same budget?

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I got an i3 Ivy Bridge NUC with 8GB RAM and 128 GB SSD for $100 on CL last year.

So something like that.

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That's pretty amazing. Why was the owner welling it so cheap?

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yer spending 70$ on that shit is retarded you could buy a decent computer from 2008-2010 from 50$ like a fast core2duo or some thing with way more ram and even a decent gfx card for the era.

for 100$ you could get some old i5 4core office computer that if you put a decent gfx card in you could literally play any thing out today at the same fps of 1000$ builds.

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most of my mates who bailed from xboxone got old i5 computers from their work and put modern gpus in them i think they literally got the computers for free because they have high paying jobs and the IT guy was just like fuck it. so they basically get a really good gaming computer for only the cost of a GPU.

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the secret with the second hand computer market is its all about gpu. for what ever reason people with old systems just google the current price of their gpu and add on like another 100$ for the rest of the system. if its just a system with no gpu or a really bad office one that shows up on ebay as costing like 20-30$ or some thing people just sell thous computers for 100$ even if they have a good cpu because people are too retarded to work out cpu numbers and get confused. there is ofcouse some retards that try and sell first generation i7 for massive amounts but i3/i5 usually sell for nothing as long as they don't have a good gpu in the system. don't bother asking for the price with out the gpu in system builds thou if the system came with a good gpu the people generally assume the rest of the computer is expensive.

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Just buy a Raspberry PI, something similar

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I have a Raspberry Pi 3. It's fun but it's really going to test your patience if you use it as a desktop.

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>hobo build
are you donating a pc to Terry A Davis

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>no keyboard
>no display

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Looking at it I would expect this to get beaten by one of the single board computers, not sure which one is optimal though.

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this. only dev machine you ever need, just get a rack machine and ssh into it if you need big iron. or get a (((VPS))) like a good goy

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I wonder if that's because the CPU is weak, or the lack of RAM.

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>same budget
I'd save a couple bucks more. You can get a used prebuilt with an i5 2500 for $90.

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Depends on what your expectations for desktops are. My desktop requirements stopped growing circa 2000. I aim to cut shit down to that level of bloat on most of my machines. Browsers are the only thing outside of my control that I can't minimize. Still trying, in 2018 I've realized that CSS can be largely abandoned, with some tweaks to drop back to web1.0 by default.

Display's easy enough when you've got a HDMI or even VGA/RCA out. I think you could probly even manage VGA over USB or GPIOs easily. OEM shit keyboards are ~$5

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>My desktop requirements stopped growing circa 2000
You may think so, but you are probably mistaken. If you want to watch videos encoded with modern codecs, run LibreOffice, read large PDFs, work with 3+ megapixel photos and not hate it, a P/// machine with 512 MB RAM simply won't cut it. You could throw an SSD with a swap partition at it to help (I've done it with similar configurations), but then you end up firmly in the present.

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Lets make a 100 dollar watercooled pc :v

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for 69 usd you could get a old office quad core dell optiplex with 500gb hdd

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PDFs are really godawful and handled poorly by 90% of all readers. Libreoffice isn't very heavy either. Video is the only case that actually applies and there are ways around that too like hardware encoder/decoders (which applies to raspis) and just less compressed encodes. Hell, youtube still supports SD video universally.

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What oil is that even. Olive oil? would it work

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If you wanted to short out your entire system and ruin it forever it would work great.

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What sort of laptop could I get for €750 that would be goof for using programs like max msp, processing, and some form of lite DAW? Kinda stuck really

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I bought a used Mac mini, though full disclosure: i paid about $130 more, but it's a C2D with 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, DVD SuperDrive, and a mini DisplayPort to HDMI and VGA dongles. I use it as a seedbox, Plex server, kodi box, HTPC. The only thing it doesn't do is Blu-ray, but my xbones has that covered.

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mineral oil

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But which? A RasPi 3 would be slower than a hobo build.

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>Bailed from xbones
Literally the worst time to do that. It's getting closer and closer to PC gaming to the point where the next xbox will probably offer the exact same experience. I used to be hardcore PC gaming masterrace, but my best friend bought me the Xbox one S for my birthday so we could play games together now that we live 500 miles apart, and it's been a blast. The main games I played on PC were Fallout 4, Skyrim, Bayonetta, State of Decay, and GTA Online and so far playing them on Xbox has been absolutely no different from PC.

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There are lies, damn lies, and consolefag cope. PC has been consistently a gen ahead for 15 years. Even today games on consoles get 30 fps locked, have no AA, use lower texture sized, limit lighting and shadow effects, etc. The difference in easy to render games is nil, but for realistic simulation games the gap is huge. The only time it isn't is on shitty ports where the devs didn't to have 2-5x better hardware.

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Yeah but PC games were just ports for ~20 years and got fucked up for desktop users too.

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I am vaguely familiar with what you are talking about, but are you saying it's possible to dock a thinkpad as a rack terminal?

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You can definitely build a hobo build under $100 (int. cpu motherboard, 2-3 GB RAM, usb flash drive storage only, cheap psu, cheap rubberdome kb, cheap optical mouse). Only casuals use cases. You can grab a 21" 5:4 monitor for additional ~$30-40

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>would it work
Sort of. Cooking oil doesn't conduct electricity, and I don't think it dissolves anything the computer is made of, so it should be fine for the components.
It doesn't flow very well inside the case, though. As the oil heats up, it rises to the top, but that's slow. Not a lot of heat flow compared to regular old air cooling, or the kind of liquid cooling that uses pumps.
Also, there's nothing pumping heat away from the oil, so unless your computer runs cool to begin with, it'll heat up over time and work even worse. There's a lot of oil in there, so it should take a while, but eventually your computer will be a deep fryer.
Also moving the computer will be an absolute nightmare.

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its probably haunted

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Yea im actually looking into that. Any good sites for buying optiplex type pcs? I know there's thinkstations and HP pcs too but not sure whats the best. Im going to stick a 750 ti in.

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You can legit get better computers than what's in the OP from the garbage.

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No, he is referring to getting beefier hardware along side the thinkpad, preferably in a 19" rack form-factor, that you can SSH into to control, as you get money along the way.

You can buy very cheap and relatively powerful old rack servers on eBay. (They are only a little power hungry).

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The problem with consoles this gen is that Almost all console games suck and will charge for online. I too bought an Xbox One 3 years ago and enjoyed it alot but GWG has been getting worse recently and im not interested in most current gen games. You can pirate old pc games from GOG and actually enjoy them. All the games you listed can run on ancient pcs from a decade ago.

>GTA Online

pic related

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>21" 5:4 monitor for additional ~$30-40
Where? You probably meant 19".

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Niño rata detectado.

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$40 atom windows tablet

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Last I checked, you can't connect three monitors to a Thinkpad.

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RPi, sd card, dollar store usb keyboard and mouse, usb charger, and a cheap monitor off ebay.

Easily under $100.

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Last I checked, you only have two eyes.

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>on CL
If you're buying used then of course you can get much better than that. That wasn't the challenge.

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Last I checked, my eyes could rotate in their sockets.

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>therefore you can only really use one pixel anyway

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the dock added another display connector iirc, screen +2 maybe?

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You can buy that build for like $30. But yes a $100 will get you a pretty sweet build.

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Are docks standardized over the Thinkpad line?

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They're not ALL 100% compatible but there are models which share the ultra-base whatever. I only had one for x60/61 and am not really sure how many that affects.

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>All I ever played was ports and multiplats that were also on Xbox
>Thus everybody that plays games on PC will be equally served by an Xbox
I'll be honest with you man, I'm kind of enjoying all these emulators, RTSes, simulators, my Vive, a mouse and keyboard and better framerates. Plus the ability to use this machine for things other than recreation when I need to do other things. Consoles are fine for what they are but an xbox one is not a drop-in replacement for a lot of people's PC vidya use.

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My T420 and T60p docks are different. As is my ultrabase for my X220T. Not sure about the dock connector, it's likely the same, but it's made to fit a certain-sized machine. Not sure how newer ThinkPads.

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kys retard just fucking kys

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How bad are these?

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But why server equipment instead of just a standard desktop? I have run off of SSH on one before.

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>But why server equipment instead of just a standard desktop?
Why server equipment instead of what? I can't hear you over the fan noise.

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So none of those things were actual requirements, just a preferred way of using SSH? I think it might just be easier to attach an EGPU to your thinkpad dock.
I dont think you will have a good time trying to upgrade parts of your server.

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>So none of those things were actual requirements
Not him, but of course not. Of course you can run SSH just as well on desktop hardware; it's not like they're categorically different in some way. The point was having access to more performance when needed, and if you're not planning to have a console attached, then server hardware is generally easier to tuck away and manage without having to connect peripherals -- that's the main point of server hardware.
>I dont think you will have a good time trying to upgrade parts of your server.
Socket compatibility is generally about the same as on desktop hardware.

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mostly obsolete. there's an electronics fair held twice a year here and they sell refurbished elitebooks for next to nothing. i got an 8460p for 170€ two years ago and in 2012 the thing was over 1200€. nothing beats that convenience

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>protect your investment
>literally $9

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Go to the tip shop and buy one of the million core2quad ex business machines they have for 5 bucks.

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>run LibreOffice
Literally just run M$ office 2003, way less bloat even through wine.

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wtf is a tip shop?

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Probably an Australian only term, I'm not sure.
It's a place right next to a landfill site where the best items that people have thrown old are recycled and sold to the public. This often includes fuckloads of ex business PCs that the IT department were too lazy to sell for the company instead just throwing them out. It's great because the people working at these places are mostly tech illiterate blue collar boomers who give even decent items away for dirt cheap - just the other week I got a gtx 980 from their misc. PCB bin for 3 dollars, it works just fine.

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I'm in Adelaide and never heard that term lol

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I'm pretty sure they're technically called 'Resource Centers', tip shop might be a colloquialism for my local area.

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>I got a gtx 980 from their misc. PCB bin for 3 dollars
Impressive. Where I live it definitely wouldn't have slipped through like that.

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I live in bumfuck Tasmania which probably explains it.

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Nice, although the $12 PSU will probably set your house on fire (maybe why it's called Enlight).

Or at least ruin the mains quality for you and your neighbors (imagine living next to an audiophile spending $10,000 per power cable and shitting all over his power supply).

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>Let me just buy this 15 year old pile of shit and install a $70 SSD, stick two used $45 sticks of RAM in, and replace the battery and charger for $95
>There! Only a grand total of $300! I'm so much better than those retards buying a $250 inspiron laptop with newer, vastly better hardware
Thinkpads have been dead for a long time unless you just want some rugged piece of shit to tap on as you go around, new ones are shit, old ones aren't worth their cost unless you REALLY want one.

Raspberry Pi's and other stick computers killed the hobo build.

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Maybe if you only care about multiplatform AAA mainstream stuff. PC still has a vastly superior selection of niche indie and small dev games and that's what keeps me there. (And I'm not talking about pseudo-retro tumblr indieshit, I'm talking about FPS, RTS, Tycoon games, ARPGs, sims, etc.) Out of the last 100 or so games I've played I'd say less than ten were released on anything but PC, and many of those were substantially better experiences on PC. (Kingdom Come because it runs like shit without an SSD, anything Bethesda because of modding, etc.)

You can get a refurb desktop with a Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, and an 80GB or so HDD for about what that hobo build costs. They're about equally useless for doing anything on the modern internet, though.

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Even the ancient mid-2000s thinkpads ran up into the core2duo range. Perfectly usable today for like $20. The real killer was screen res that was mostly inoperable.

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>i5 4core
Nah that will definitely not play anything at 144 fps lol.

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Oh, goodness no, it's an Albany expression.

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Bruv, you could pick something from the trash and it would be better.

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How? I have an i7 7700HQ which is similar in performance to an i7 3770

I can get 144fps easily in games like Black Ops 3 and DOOM

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The mineral oil pc builds use fish tank bubblers to cool down tank.

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>Raspberry Pi's and other stick computers killed the hobo build.

No anon that hobo build is still better than a shitpi. Thinkpads are great but getting an office pc is still the best option.

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You can actually get dual core/i5 pcs with 4gbs of ram for $70 and less.

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That is not the challenge of the hobo build.

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Wouldn't a raspberry pi 3 be a lot better than this?
> wireless network built in.

Yeah, you need a power supply for the pi, and a cheap SD-card, but if you take some time to optimize the desktop, you should have something very usable for not much money.

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I built a quad core machine with 8gb of ram for 84 bucks.

dq67sw and i5 2500

>> No.66705856

bruh i could get a computer with double the specs for free from some garbage can or a goodwill for 10 bucks.

>> No.66705890

I bought a Dell with a core i5 (old, not sure generation), 4GB of DDR3, and 3 new WD blue 1TB drives for 200 bucks. It's my NAS

>> No.66705913

Oh I also have a Toshiba Satellite A105 in decent condition that I got for free. I upgraded the RAM to 2GB from 512MB for free as well. It runs Lubuntu and is plenty quick. For the paltry price of $0 I have a poverty spec laptop that honestly does everything I expect from it.

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>Literally $9
No it isn't. It's literally $9.99, which is a penny away from $10. Still kind of pointless to buy a protection plan for something so cheap, but if you're going to say "literally", then use it right.

>> No.66706958

They may be only a little power hungry, but boy do those 1mm, 15 million RPM fans scream. There's a reason those things are kept in proper server rooms.

>> No.66706972

there are core2 systems selling for $30 on CL right now

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I convince my friends to buy a new computer. Then I buy thier old one for dirt cheap

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Can confirm i saw someone once trying to sell an AGP card for 120 euros

>> No.66707687

Go to cragilist anon or a literal dump, you will find shit that dwarfes those parts in no time.
Go buy yourself food with that 70$, fo real though

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You can get a raspberry pi for <60$ and it will be better than the shit in OP

>> No.66709112

Have you actually used a RasPi?

>> No.66709488

take another look at the specs in OP
>800MHz Via C3 CPU

>> No.66709641

It's an ancient image. The OP says
>What would you buy/build today on the same budget?

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You can find perfectly working computers dumped if you stroll your city enough.

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>same budget
I'd use odroid or just invest twice as much to get Beelink S1 or Beelink BT3 Pro mini PC.

>> No.66710348

Asus Tinkerboard. $59. 1.8GHz Quad Core and 2GB RAM.
Intel wise, lattepanda.

>> No.66710352

>he doesn't use his workstation to whip up a batch of fish and chips at lunch time

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that build was shit even at the time it was made, today's equivalent would be the RPi. Which is what can be "built" on the same budget today. Used computers were always a better deal but that's not what the infographic was about (it was always a joke).

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